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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, November 02, 1889, Image 3

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1886. In Wbich Every One is Interested. We mean our elegant NEW STOCK of J. S. Turner’s, Jas. A. Banister’s and Stacy Adams & Co.’s Shoes for Men, and Bennett & Barnard’s and E. P. Reed & Co.’s Ladies Fine Shoes, of which we are SOJL.E AGENTS. CUETEIGHT & X) ANIEL, Local Schedule; Passenger for SaTonnnbi.I Passenger from Savannah ..l ] fast nuUI for BmmtuuUi ‘ ' “ from “ i “ “ from Savannah .........X Passenger from Albany J 200pm S20pm OJOam iflpm T20am 400pm eoopm 8 00am _ 030am THOMASVILLE AND MONTICELLO. Freight accom. for HonticeUo.....Lv.. .8 48 a m » ■« from 11 ....Ar..!8 20pm Fast mall tor “ ....Lv..,208pm Moquette Carpets, Velvet Carpets, BodyBrusselsCarpets Tapistry Carpets, Three-ply Carpets, Two- ply Carpets, All Wool Carpets, Four-fifths w’l Carpet Three-f’ths w’l Carpet Half Wool Carpets, One-Th’d w’l Carpets, One-fo’th w’l Carpets, Cotton Carpets, Hemp Carpets, 108 BROAD STREET. - Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock P. M., Nov. 1, 1889. Stole a Horse and Buggy on Cirous Day. A horse and buggy belonging to Mr. H. M. Coachman, who lives two miles this side of Boston, was stolen from Davitfs stables Thursday after noon. The circumstances of the stealing were* ns follows: Two of Mr. Coachman’s sons had driven the horse to town, and put up at Davis’s stables, where there were also quite a number of other teams belonging to other parties. Late in Maximum for 24 hour). Minimum “ “ . Rain-fall Winter Indications: Light rain tomorrow. Statimary tem perature. GIVEN AWAY! Northern visitors continue to drop the afternoon a negro walked into the stable, and pointing out the team driven by tie Coachman’s, represent- 1 Barrel Flour. 1 Box Tobacco. 1 “B” Ham. 1 Box Cigars. FREE TO ALL, One Entire Floor stable men that the negro claimant was a fraud, and bad played them a sharp trick. Mr. Davis recovered both the horse and buggy yesterday morning. The buggy was found near Mrs. Eliza Jones, and the horse three miles beyond on the same road. Nothing was damaged. The author ities hope to have the thief in a short time. County Court. Lovelace Patterson and Neil Wiley were tried before Judge Mitchell in his court yesterday. The former was charged with larceny from the house. Me was found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine of $33.50, or in default of the money, to work six months on the gang. Wiley was lined $30 or six months for carrying concealed weap ons. DEVOTED TO elephant in the menagerie, a gentle man who is no longer young, remark ed : “That is the first elephant I ever saw.” The crowd turned its attention to the man who was looking at his first elephant with wonder. The gen tleman who made the remark, after waiting a moment to take in their surprise, added: “But I want yoa to remember that I saw him thirty- five years ago, and have seen him three times since. They tell mo he is now over a hundred years old.” The tower of the Gulf House is being painted blue. Mr. H. L, McDonald and bride, of Pelham, were at the Whiddon yester day. Mr. McDonald, who is ticket agent at Pelham, has many friends here who wish him and his bride all possible happiness. Two extra coaches were attached to the Albany train yesterday morning, one for tho State fair at Macon, and tho other to acommodate those going to Albany to see the circus. The colleges and schools were given a holiday on Thursday. This was not only kind, but wise, for but little study ing would have been done. And we are sure the pupils will show their ap preciation of the courtesy by extra study. The two arc electric lamps shed_ a flood of light on Broad street on Thursday night. The police and everybody else was glad to see the lights. We hope they will be perma nently lighted at an early day. Every body, so far as we can learn, would like to see the change of lights on Broad and Jacksou streets made. The able and interesting paper on Georgia pine, read by Hon. S. G. Mc Lendon before the Forestry Congress, in Philadelphia, will appear in to-mor row’s Times-Enterprise. The paper has been spoken of very highly by the press and all those who heard it. Nu merous applications have been made for a copy of the paper. It will be issued in pamphlet form by the Times- Enterprise Publishing Company. We hope every farmer in the county will carefully read the communication of Mr. John I Parker, on the subject of no-fence. Mr. Parker is a practical farmer, and be treats the subject from a practical standpoint His position is simply impregnable. It will bear the closest scrutiny and critidsm. Again we ask the farmers of the coun ty—espedally those living south of the railroad—to read the article. 8sed Oafs. -".V r Mr. J. T. Chastain notifiea parties who engaged-the early seed oats from him, thot he is now ready to deliver them, and that he can still fill a few more orders. See local notice, and if you want an early and a good oat, send in your order. Tho Largest Stock! The Best Assortment! Tho Newest Styles! v ; The Lowest Prices Go to the court house to-day and hear the no fence question discussed. Stables for sale. It is a fine opening j for a live man. Livery business pays s in Thomasville, and pays well. < The Stuart registered sixty arrivals ^ Thursday. j The Whiddon entertained quite a j large number of the show folks. ( The Farmers’ Alliance held a meet- f ing at the court house yesterday. ■ Mr. B. K. Smith and wife, of Al bany, were at the Stuart yesterday. 1 Mr. J. H. Turner, of tho Atlanta ] Constitution,was in the city yesterday. , Mr. S. C. Jones, agent of “Lost in 1 Loudon” was at the Stuart yesterday. ; Mr. G. A Lamb, of the St. James ' hotel, Tallahassee, was in the city ’ yesterday. ! Sheriff Nelson, of Colquitt county, was in town this week. Frank is making a good officer. Mr. John Oliver killed a large rattle- , snake on the Albany branch of the S., , F. & W. Ry-, Wednesday. | Capt. Wm. Hammond went up to 1 Albany yesterday. P. S.—The circus showed in Albany the same day. The advent of,November was greeted yesterday by booming thunder, an overcast sky and a much needed t rain. Mr. John MaoVicol, wife and two servants, were at the Stuart yesterday en route to their home in Tallahassee. Mrs. Herton Branch, of Mitchell county, is spending a few days here, Ought to give us the Carpet trade of "~of this section, AND WE ARE GETTING IT! MACINIF1CENT LINE OF Prices before buy ing at ALSO A FULL LINE OF Cost Prices, and we will Straw Mattings. The Times-Enterprise didn’t be come demoralized by. the circus. The boys stuck to their coses like heroes, while everybody else was taking in the sights. Every business house in the town should dose for a few hours in the afternoon of the 15th. Shut up, go out, and mix and mingle with the people from the country. Lowlow advertised two or three bus iness houses in his usual humorous manner. Next to an advertisement in the Times-Enterprise; it was fie best send-off they could have had. Not an arrest in town on Thursday. And there were ten thousand people, whiles and colored, on the streets. 'Thomasville is une of the most orderly towus in the state. We are proud of Floor Oil Cloths, YOU the guest of Mr. and Mrs, George W. Carroll. Nine now recruits, who received sentences at the superior court, were added to the chain gang yesterday afternoon. Mr. S. M. Beach, ot the Mitchell House Pharmacy, has just returned from a delightful visit to Pearview, the country home of Mr. Jim Blachshear, near Duncanville. the record made by both white and colored. A grand marshal of the day and a 109 & HI BROAD ST