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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, November 05, 1889, Image 3

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wmm. THE DAILY TIMES-ENTEBPRISE. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER B, 1886. In Which Every One is Interested. We mean our elegant NEW STOCK of J. S. Turner’s, Jas. A. Banister’s and Stacy Adams & Co.’s Shoes for Men, and Bennett & Barnard’s and E. P. Reed & Co.’s Ladies Fine Shoes, of which we are SOUS AOENTTS. CTJRTRIGKHT & DANIEL, 108 BROAD STREET. Looal Schedule. Inssenger for 8avannali *. *. .Lt. Passenger from 8avann&h...u.-Ar., Fast mail for Savannah.... .At.. • “from “ .....Ar*. “ “ from Savannah Lt.. Passenger from Albany Ar.. Passenger for “ Lv. Freight and Acorn, for Albany Lv.. ** *• •• from “ At. Freight and from Wayc..Ar.. II it 11 ninff T.v . Moquefcte Carpets, Velvet Carpets, * BodyBrusselsCarpets Tapistry Carpets, Three-ply Carpets, Two ply Carpets, All Wool Carpets, Four-fifths w’l Carpet Three-f’ths w’l Carpet Half Wool Carpets, One-Th’d w’l Carpets, One-fo’th w’l Carpets, Cotton Carpets, Hemp Carpets, Weather Bulletin Tor the 24 hours ending at 7 o’clock P. M., Nov. 3, 1889. Thipbbatobs. Ta-o jj® 2 p. m I 1 . “ Laid to Rest Ono of the largest funeral proces sions seen in Thomasville for years, followed the remains of Mrs. Sarah Pauline Mitchell to Laurel Hill cem etery, on Sunday afternoon. The services were conducted beside the grave by the Rev. W. J. Williams, pastor of the Baptist church. They were deeply itnpressivo and appro priate. The deceased was a universal favorite with all who knew her. Kind, gentle and loving herself, she natu rally won the love and esteem of others. She will be sadly missed by all, but more especially by those who were so closely a 'ied to her by the tender ties of kinship. Mrs. Mitchell was a daughter of the 'ate Col. W. H. Reynolds, n prominent citizen of Thomas county, who died many years ago. She was born in the city of Macon, Ga., on ihe 24th of September, 1832. She removed with her father to Thomas county, when n girl, and hce she was married to Mr. Benry Mitchell on the 30th of dune, 1832. She uo’.ted lie-self to tho Baptist church in the year 1873. aud remain ed tne to her vows uniil the day of her death. She was noted for her indomitablo energy, and above all for her untiriDg and faithful devotion to her household, aud to the relief of the suffering and distressed, when ever it was in her power to do so. She leaves a husband, seven boys and four daughters, death having visited the household only once, in taking from them, a short time ago, her eldest daughter, Mrs. A. C. Browt. She leaves, also, to moprn her death, two brothers, Capts. J. C. and W. H. Eeynolds, and three sis ters, Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. Cromar- lie and Mrs. Ball. She has had bora to her fifteen, whom she has loved and cared for with more than a grand-mother's love. A truo, noble, self-sacrificing, good woman has been called to her reward. And it will be great. Haximnm for 24 hoars. Minimum “ “ “ . .Rainfall Winter The Gillien Opera company is in’ the city. / Mr. John Watk ; ns left yesterday for Atlanta. Chestnuts from the up country are on tho market M-. H. 0. Pickett returned last night from Macon. Mr. E. B. Carroll, of Camilla, was in town yesterdry. A new baggage car has been put on the A'bany train. Secure your seats at the opera house, for Friday night. Mr. C. G. Guernsey, a byciclist, of Macon, was in the city yesterday. Capt. E. S. Law was called over to Cambridge on business yesterday. Eev. J. L. TJndaiwood, of the Camilla Clarion, was iu the city yes terday. Mr. Norrie Harley, who has been unwell for some time, resumed his duties at Watt’s yesterday. Air. I. A. Soloman, the popular agent of Cora Van Tassel, was in the city Sunday. Mrs. Love Wildor loft yesterday for a visit to friends and relatives in Albany. Thomasville will be well supplied with novelties nnd Christmas goods this season. * , Mr. C. 8. Sims, of the Savannah Morning News, was in tho city yes terday. A new safe from Herring, & Co., New York, ! was placed in the new* Gulf yesterday. i Mr. Sherman, chief engineer at the Piney Woods, is back from the North for tho season. Mr. R.C. Tenney, of Elmira, N. Y., is at the Whiddon. Mr. Tenney will spend the winter here. Mrs. Mattie Davis returaed lest GIVEN AWAY! 1 Barrel Flour. 1 Box Tobacco. 1 “B” Ham. 1 Box Cigars. fE££ TO ALL. ne Entire Floor BROAD ST OF OUR The Marshall House, As will be seen by reference to our advertising columns, the old favorite, the Marshall House, of Savannah,has been leased by Maj. M. L. Harnett, so favo. ably known ns n hotel man of Savannah, and now, and for somo years past, the proprietor of the Har nett House. Maj. Harnett will move to the Marshall House and give his personal supervision to that house, although running both the Marshall and the Harnett. The Marshall is one of tho best hotels in Savannah, and is in first class condition. Fence or No Fenco. There will be a public meeting in Boston, on Saturday, the 23rd inst., to discuss the fence question. All are invited, whether for or against fence. A number of speeches will ho made. Let every one attend who feel any interest in the subject. Mayors Court. Only three coses were before the Mayor yesterday morning. Fannie DEVOTED TO The Largest Stock! Tho Best Assortment! The Newest Styles! The Lowest Prices Among the recent arrivals at “Oak Hill,” wo notice tho names of Mr. and Mrs. W.-vron Currier, of St. Louis, Mo., aud Mrs. W. Scobio aid Mrs. C. B. Baker, of Pittsburg, Pa. The mayor, Marshal Spair, and County Surveyor Rogers, laid off the continuation of the boulevard from near Col. McIntyre’s to the Jones bridge road, yesterday. There w'll be a minstrel show at Cairo, on the evening of tho 22nd. Cai o always gets up! ajgood enter tainment. We hope Thomasville wi" send over a good delegation. her appearance. Ono case of drunk and disorderly with a plea of guilty, was disposed of by fiuiug the offender 85 and cost. Mi* Thomas R. DeVoe, son of Mr. Geo, W. DeVoe, President of the Peo ple’s National Bank, leaves this city to morrow for Denver, Col. Mr. De Voe is a young man of unblemished Ought to give us tho Carpet trade of of this section, - - . AND WE ARE GETTING IT! MAGNIFICENT LINE OF Mrs. M. H. Randall returned home on Sunday night, and is preparing to open the Randall House at an early day. . Miss Mattie Ball, who baa been spending some weeks at her old home in Quincy, Fla., returned home yes terday. f Mr. M. C. Stegall and family, who have been spending a lew days in the c'ty, returned to their home in Bain* bridge yesterday. • Messrs. C. L,’ Bailey, and J. T. Adams, represening Brunswick, was in the city yesterday. They were at tho Stuart. lion. R. A, Connell, ut Whighatn was iu tbc city yesterday on his return from Atlanta. His fertilize? distribu tor, which he had on exhibition at the Slate Fair, was given a merit of honor by a committee of prominent farmers. Conductor Watd, who has been on an inspection tour for the past month, has resumed his old run between here and Albany. The fine oak trees in front of the Gulf, which were damaged by the fire, were cut down yesterday, by permis sion of the town. This leaves ao unobstructed view of the new Gulf. Miss Bora flekle ang brother, J. R. Dekle, two of Thomasville’s brightest young people, spent a few days with iheir sister, Mrs. Allic, Glenn, last week.—Cairo Record, Attention is called to the advertise ment ot Wertz & Bro„ who have re cently fitted up their place and are anxious to do all kinds of repairing. See their advertisement for particulars. Prices before buy ing at sure to make his mark in his new Western home, to which he is attract ed in the hope that it will benefit an asthmatic affection he is troubled with, the result oi an attack of scarlet lever some time ago. We wish Mr. DeVoe all the success bis meiils deserve.— Daily News, New Brunswick, N. ). Mr. T. R. DeVoe spent four winters in this place. By his affable manners and noble qualities, he gained many sincere friends while in Thomasville. They hope the people in Denver will deal kindly with him, and that health and happiness will attend him in his new Western home. The colored citizens of the plater neighborhood! have called a meeting at Jerusalem church, near Rose Hill, to raor-ow, to discuss the. fence ques tion, Rev. J. W. Carter, E. Z. Ham ilton aud others will make speeches. All are invited. Yesterday was a perfect fall day. T(io air was cool, crisp and bracing, while a cloudless sky overhung the "Sunny South.” Hereafter preaching will take place at New Hope church, on the 2nd Sunday, commencing Saturday before, instead of on the first Sunday, as heretofore. Services will be held there thp oomiog Saturday and Sun day, by Bov. Wm. Eeynolds, who has recently been called to the pastor ate of that ohurch. A meeting ot the General Benevo lent Association is called at the library to morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. A full attendance is desired. Mrs. S. L. Hayes, Miss Julia Stark, Preside^ night froma pleasant visit to' fHendn in Atlanta.; : ; ;,, u (j.; . Mrs. 0. <1 Ha 1 !, of New York, arrived Suuday to spehtDhe w'uter. She Is at the Whiddon. gee the advertisement of Messrs F. P. Horn & Bro, who have a first class meat market colored fire FOR SALE. Ono lavge, fine gray lioisc, six years old, ono second hand boggy (n good order, one second hand two horse sorry. I’you want a bargain aoply early to ll-r-ei.d Geo. Feap.v. ALSO A FULL LINE OF “Blocks of 5” puzzle, 10 cents, at Reid & Culpeppers. nor3.3L Harrison and Blaine puzzle, 10 cents, at Reid A Culpeppers. pov3-3t. Cost Prices, and we will The Vigi’ants, company, were out for monthly prac tice, yesterday afternoon. The County Commissioners were in sets’on yesterday. -Only routine busi ness was transacted. Mrs. Hal Morrison, and little son, Mastet Hal; Jr., were.iu the city yes- Straw Halting?, Floor Oil Cloths, We desire to notify those who are winter ing in ThomasTitle, as well as onr old cus tomers, that we make a specialty of keeping the VERY BEST OF MEATS or all kinds, which we sell at reasonable prices, and de liver at any residence in the city. A per sonal inspection of our market on Jackson street (the stand formerly kept by Mr. Booe) is invited. nov5tf F. P. Hons A Bio. terday on tbeir way,to Baiubridge. Misses Ceneilla Bower and Minnie Boulmao, of Bainbridge, were in the city yesterday. Mrs. Shelby Davis, ot Quitman, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Spaif! in tfijs pity, Col. C. j. Muooerlyd t or Bainbridge, was in the city yesterday, en route home from the Grand Lodge. A number ot new tenement houses are going up in the city. Many ot the colored people arc building hotqes of their own'. ' " Mr. George Fearn appears before our readers this morning witit an at tractive ac|vejiise'ne,it, offering some handsome bargains in real estate. MONEY WERTZ «& HONT, Having recently remodeled and improved our place of business on Jackson street, we are now better prepared than ever to do all kinds of repairing of furniture, tranks, va lises, keys, cutlery, musical Instruments, guns, pistols, locks, and in bet any kind of repairing. All work warranted satis factory in every particular. sc 5oc4t THE PRIDE AND OLD TUIR FAVORITE HOTEL Qf SAVANNAH. ODER THE PERSONAL HA5AU1OT 0? Boctl tt.L. UABRE1T. Leaders of Styles and Low Prices. 109 & 111 BROAD ST St., ThomuYille, Qtk