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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, December 18, 1889, Image 1

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VOL. l.-N'O lsfi. THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. WEDNESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER IS, ;$5.00 PER ANNTTM THIS IS COLUMN. As soon as lie gets over the rush of customers he will fill it with his usu al announcement. IN THE CITY. Another Large Sale. Mr. S. R. Van Duzer t has bought the corner lot fronting the immense and beautiful live oak, Monroe and Crawford streets. The price paid was satisfactory to all parties. Mr. Van Duzer is showing great faith in Thom- asville and her future, and the kind feelings that prompt this confidence arc fully appreciated by our people. Choico Real Estate. Mr. George Fearn offers some choice real estate, city, suburban and county property, in his column this morning. There will be some start ling developments in the railroad sit uation in Thomasville within the next six months, and now is, therefore, the time to buy real estate. County Court. Hattie Hall, colored, was tried be fore Judge Mitchell in the county court yesterday, for larceny from the person, snatching a purse of money from a man’s hand. She was fined $20 and costs or six months. The fine was forthcoming. Hotel Brighton. Attention is called to the card of Hotel Brighton, an elegant apartment hotel, situated next door to the Masu- ry Hotel and opposite the Mitchell House. This house is clecan'lv and comfortably appointed and will open on the zot'i of this month f»r the ac commodation of guests. A Change. Mr. I.orick P. Dupont, who has been in the employ of the S., F. & XV. Ry., for a long time, has arrived, and will take charge of the railroad yard at this point. Mr. Dupont will prove a valuable addition to our town. Mr. B- Hortman, who has had charge of the yard for some years, will go on the road. In the County Court. John Lamb, colored, plead guilty to vagrancy, before Judge Mitchell, Monday, and was fined $,p and costs, or 9 months on the gang. John Lamb is a festive gambler and appear ed for mercy from the court on the ground that he was a benefactor to the town, inasmuch as he brought money to the town Irom abroad. A Christmas Fox Chaao. A fox chase lias been arranged to come off on Christmas day. A superb specimen ol the celebrated "Reds” lias been secured for, and a» the Reds” are the fleetest runners or earth, some rare sport may be expect ed. The gentleman riders will be de barred from contending for the honor of capturing the brush, and to the ladies will be accorded this privilege. All lady riders will be invited, and the gentleman can follow them in the race after sly Reynard. The full particulars of the hour and place ot the meet will be given, to al low the ; ladies and gentlemen who wish to join the chase, to make all necessary preparations for mounts. Mr. W. C. Sparks is in the city. His health has improved and he will go on the road again. Capt. R. P. Doss was in the city yesterday, and he was looking and feeling well Remember the cow law, keep your pets off the streets, or they will be impounded. The soft South wind came up Mon day night and for a lime it looked as though rain might fall, but yesterday morning the sun was out as bright as ever. Things Here and There. New York, Dec. 14, ’89. Editor Timca-Enterpri*e: A few days since, an elderly lady came into my office and said she had seen a pamphlet containing a scries of letters which l wrote for the Times-Enter prise, and she wished to know something more definite about the advantages of the place as a winter resort. She had some thoughts of going to Los Angeles, Cal. I gave her a picture of Thomas- ville and its surroundings, told her I had been to California, and had visit ed nearly every southern resort, and that on the whole I preferred Thom- asvillc to them all. I told her that the best evidence of the satisfaction to visitors which Thomasville afforded, was the fact that for seven or eight years past T had met large numbers of the same visitors every year. The lady concluded that she would go to Thomasville, provided I would he her escort, to which I cheerfully consent ed. I well remember the first place of amusement f ever attended. It was in the town of Georgia, Vermont, and the amusement was a circus, was about eight years of age. The circus was about two miles distant, and (lie hoys in the neighborhood had all gone. I ashed my father if I might go, he said "no,” and with him that was the end of the matter. But on this oeeasion he relented. I went sighing and sobbing to my .task, not daring to ask a second time. Fina’ly, my father said, “Do you want to go verv much? you have no money.” don’t care for that,” said I, “I can hear the music.” “Well, go,” said lie, “and get all the good yon can.” started, hare, footed, “across hits,” and if lightning was ever put into a boys heels, it was put into mine. I was not long in covering the distance, All the crowd were inside, and, not having the 25c for admission, I sat down on a stone to enjoy the music. And it was music to my ears! A whole hand ! Soon the door keeper saw me, and said, "Boy, come here. Have you got any money?” "No, sir,” said I. “Well, you may go in,’ said he, and in I walked, as proud ns if I had had a gold mine in my pocket. I expect to meet that circus man in heaven, for all good and kindheart- ed men go there, where I shall not fail to thank him for his kindness toa poor, pcnnyless boy. This little inci dent has actuated me many a timo, when I have given laughing gas exhi bitions, with chemical and philosoph ical experiments, and seen a lot of ragged little hoys around the door without a penny in their pockets. “Go in, take off your caps and keep still.” The inlltieucc and example of a good deed. This is the season of good cheer. Our streets and stores arc crowded with ladies making their Christmas presents. I venture to say that in the city of New York alone, a million of dollars is spent in Christmas pics- ents every year. Every one receives something, and every one gives according to their means. A snow storm has just commenced, ntid as it comes from the cast, it lo> s as if it might he a big storm. G. Q. Coi.tox. LEARNING A TRADE. The number of fine rigs on the streets increases daily, and the faces of our liverymen grow brighter. Those that go out after the festive quail find the dry weather a great drawback to sport. That Jackson street crossing at the depot ought to be put in better shape. Married a 10-Year-Old Girl. Memphis, Tens', Dec. 14.—William H. Bailey and Sallie II. Wallace, of Waterford, Miss., were married to-day at Bolivar, Tenn. Both parties arc wealthy, and an odd legal fight is promised. The girl is less than ten years old, wears short dresses and seems childish in everything save an unyielding determination to assert her marital rights. Immediately after the ceremony both parties were arrested and are being held in jail. Just what can or will be done in the premises is not known. No verdict in the Cronin case yet. It may, after all, turn out to be a mis- trial. This would be unfortunate. Boys Should Learn a Trade and Then “Stick" to It. 80 you have decided on learning a trade. Good. Learn it. Don’t go and waste your time for six mouths or a year trying to find out why you were ever borne. Think the mutter over first. , from th* You are satisfied you would make raph'”LT v !’j!ahifui7ui^ no rest at nijjlit, no |icac« by day. Finally, we were adrlscil to try the (Intfcnra Remedies. The effect was simply marvellous. In three or four weeks a eonipleto cure was wrought, leav- lliL-the little fellow's person as white and healthy asthmiL-h 1m had never been attacked. In my opinion vour valuable remedies saved Ids life, and to day he is a stromr. healthy child,perfect. |y well, no repetition <>r the disease.having ever occurred. CEO. II. SMITH, Att’y at Law and Ex-l'ros. Att'y, Ashland,O. a good painter. Good. Go right in to the business to win. Having made up your mind, don’t halt for a mo ment. Be determined to make the best painter that ever lived in the United States. This may not he an easy matter to do, but then there is nothing in this world worth learning that is obtained without effort. Remember you have the making of yourself in this matter. Mother nml father have given you a good constitution, skillful hands, capital eyesight and glorious youth— splendid capital to begin life with. Just think of it. Here is a big world all of yourewn, if you choose to take it, and with your health, youth and strength to start up will). Boy, you are a lucky dog, and if you don’t win and become a tip-top painter before you are twenty-five years old, it will he all your own fault. It’s worth something more than money to ho. at the top of your trade. Every one can’t be a good work man. You can if you only try. It is no trouble whatever to he a “Botch.’ It is as easy as Being a tramp. “Botches” often become tramps. Now you are not going to ho a “Botch. I sec by the sparkle in your eye that you don’t admire “Botchcraft.” That’s right. Bo a man, ami form a resolution to "learn well and thor oughly nil about your trade that is worth learning.” This is (lie wuy to get at the top of the heap. There is lots of room for you at the top. You may get there just as well as anybody else if you lmt strive. Aim high, and though you may not bring down an eagle you may pluck some of the best feathers. The best fellow to help you is your self. Trust him. He will always stand by you, and if you do him jus tice, he will prove a good and lasting friend. While at work, “work.” You owe it to yourself to bo industrious and steady; to your employer to study his interest, which is, in n measure, your own. Never idle away a mo ment that you can place to your employer’s interestduring work hours. Read up all that you can pertaining to your trade. You will find thiy interesting, and in time you will rather read concern ing your trade than of scalping Indians or wild cowboys. It won’t hurt you to join the 5’. M. (!. A. One or two nights spent in the society rooms will do you good, and as there is generally a good supply of books and magazines there, you will not he as "clever” as I think you are, Baby oneSolidRash Hii'ly, painful, blotchrri, mnlicloiiM. So rr»i by tiny, no pence byjafghl. Doctor* iiml nil remedies fnileil. Tried CTntlcii- rn. Ififfeet .tlurrelloti*. Mare* hi* life. Cured by Cuticura Our eldest child, now six years of ago, when an infant. six months old was attacked with a virulent, malignant skin disease. All ordinary remedies fail ini', we called our family physician who attempted to cure it; but it spread with al ii, oh t Incredible rapidity, until the lower por tion of the little fellow’s n Boy Covered. With Scab3. IV, ft • by i My bov, aged nine years, lias been troubled all his life'by ft very bad humor, which appeared all over his body In small, red blotches, with a dry white scab on them. Last year lie was worse than ever, being covered with scabs from the top of his head to his feet, and continually growing worse, although be bail been treated by two pboBlcians. As a last resort. I determined to try the Cuticura Remedies, and atn happy to say they did all that I could wish. I'sing them according to direction, the humor rapidly dis appeared, leaving the skin lair and smooth, and performing a thorough cure. The Cuticura Remedies are all you claim for them. They are worth thetr weight in gold. GEO. F. LEAVITT, No. Andovor, Mass. Cuticura Rocolvent. Tlio new Blood Purifier and purest and best of Rumor Remedies, internally, and Cuticura, the great Skin Cure, and Cuticura Soap, an exquis ite Skin Rcautlfier, externally, speedily, perma nently, and economically cure in early lifo itch ing. burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, pimply, scrofulous, and hereditary humors, with loss of hair, thus avoiding years of torture and disfig uration. Parents, remember this: Cures in childhood are permanent. .sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50c.: Soap 2.1c.; Resolvent, $ 1.00. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation. Boston. r fy.Send for “How to Cute Skin Diseases,” Cl pages, .10 illustrations, and loo testimonials. Baby’s^:, It; pros HOW MY SIDE ACHES. les and Back, I lip. Kidney, Pains Rheumatic, Sciatic, harp and Shooting I’ftins, n one minute by tiic I’m- Inherited Illood Poison. How ninny people there are whose dis tress from son s, aches, pains and eruptive tendencies are due to inherited blood poison. Had blood passes from patent to child, and it therefore is the duty of husband and wife to ktep their blood pure. This is easily accomplished by a timely use of U. B. It, ( Botanic illood Bubo). .Send to thu Blood Balm Co., Uhmta, for book of most vincing proof. James Hill, Atlanta, (la., writes: “My two sous were alllirted with blood poi which doctors said was hereditary. They both broke out in sores and eruptions wl 15. 15. B. promptly controlled and finally cured completely.'’ Mrs. S. M. Williams,Kandy, Texas, writes: ••My three poor alllirted children, who in herited blood poison, have improved rapid!} liter a use of 15. 15. 1*. It is a Godsend.” .). Ii. Wilson, Glen Alpine Station, N. 0, Feb. Id, 1885, writes: “Bone and blood poison forced me to have my leg amputated, i!,d on the stump there came a large ulcer, which grew worse everv day until doctors mv, in, up to .lie. I mil/ 120 pounds when I began to take 15. 15. 15., and i'J bottles increased my weight to It pounds and made me sound and well, lever knew what good health was before Raisins, Currants, Citron, etc, for if you do not win something from I making your fruit cake than it does, CASH GROCERIES, While not in the ring yet, arc in town by a large majority, and can point to friends and acquaintances in nearly every household in Thomasville. Are you one of its friends ? If not, make it’s acquaintance at once, for it will save you money. It’s competitor; will, sometimes,—wlu n you stand by and make them do so—meet it’s prices, hut just as soon as you quit watching them they will charge you the same time prices. .Send and get it’s prices and compare them with your book, and don’t fail to find oat how much more it’s competitors charge for Citron, etc, them.—Builder and Wood-worker. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. Cor sun, Rooms, Dec. 10, 18S0. Council met in regular session, mayor opkins presiding. Aldermen Hayes, Mitchell, Merrill, Jorgcr rid Whiddon were present. Minutes last meeting read and confirmed. (Mi motion of Alderman Merrill, the water ml sewer committee was instructed to put the sewer through the block between Jack- :on and Jefferson street?, provided the hold* •rs of properly on that block will grant right of way and furnish pipes. Committee on the Parnell claim granted further time. On motion ot Alderman Mitchell, the Mayor w^s requested to stop the nuisance of emptying bath-tubs on the streets. Alderman Hayes reported that Mr. Shef field had made a deed to the land, and on motion, his claim of $.*50.00 was ordered paid. The matter of placing the park bonds was referred to Alderman Haves and W. M. Hammond and C. P. Hansel!, for report at next meeting. Mayor Hopkins was authorized to sell two of the mules belonging to the city, ami buy larger mules. Following accounts were passed for pay ment. Griffin k Sturdcvant $ O.fio Moore & Williams 152.82 Moller k Hawthorne .*50.75 A. F. Prevatt 10.15; Council adjourned. K. T. MacLeax, Clerk. Respectfully, M. I\ PICK KIT. liurltlcuS Arnica Nalrc. The Best Halve in the World for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Fleers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by S, J. Cassels, Drug Store. Latest Designs! LARGEST STOCK! 1 Lowest Prices I —FOR— FOOTWEAR —AT— Worth Knowing. Mr. W. II. Morgan, merchant, Lake City, Fla., was taken with a severe cold, attended with a distressing cough and running into Consumption in its first stages. II** tried many so-called popular cough remedies and steadily grew worse. Was ••educed in flesh, had difficulty in breathing and was unable to sh op. Finally tried Dr. King’s New Dis co*, cry lor Consumption and found inline- din*e relief, and sifter using about half a dozen bottles found himself well and has had no return of the disease. No other remedy can show so grand a record of cures, as Dr. King's New Discovo;y for consump tion. Guaranteed to do just w hat is claim ed for it. Trial bottle free at S, J. Cassels’ Drug Store. EARLY O ATS. All parties to whom I engaged the early oat for seed, are notified that 1 am ready to deliver the same. The yield having proven better than I expected, 1 can also furnish a few other parties. Apply as soon as possi ble. if you would he supplied. It is the best early s»at that I ever planted, and yielded nio'c than the old reliable rust proof oat last season. J. T. CHASTAIN. Near Post-Office. ELEGANT STOCK OF FANCY .'.SLIPPERS FOR Ladies and: GENTS. A. DESIRABLE IAS GIFT. AT City Shoe Store, Near Post Office.