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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, December 18, 1889, Image 4

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BETTER THAN GOLD. RESTORED IIEIt HEALTH. Fox 25 years I Buffered from Voile, cry.dpcUis And other blood offer lions, taking during that time great quantities of different medicines with out giving mo any perceptibio relief. Friends Induced me to try S. S. S. It improved mo from the etart, and after taking several bottles, re stored my health os far as I could hope for at my age, which is now seventy-five years, Mbs. 8. M. Lucas, Bowling Green, Ky. on Blood and Skin Pleases mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC J'O.. Atlanta, Ga.' N. S. Eaves, CONTRACTOR anil BUILDER* |ThemasvlJle, Georgia. lake ets f.-l . pub- I will be glad . construction of all classes of buiidi lit and private, In either brick or I will guarantee In every Instance to give satisfaction. Designs and plans drawn and careful estimates made. MY Motto—Good, honest work nt fair prices. If you want any building do»# call •n me. I will submit estimates whether contract is awarded mo or not. I refer to the many public buildings erected by me In Tl omasvllle and elsewhere, and all parties fo whom I have worked Gfllen & iml Contractors & Builders TIIOMASVILLE, GA. Wo will ho glad to make contracts superintend, all classes of buildings, or private, in cither bri<-k or wood. W nlsh plans and speclflca loiis If rcqulr you want any building done call on u we will submit estimate awarded us or not. Wo ' faction in all our work. Wo ref. buildings erected by us In Tho to all partin' for whom wo Shop on Fletcli --C A R,B ON ATEDTWITH - NATTJBALGAS Imported from the .Mineral Springs on the Rhine, Ger many, on draught at L. SCHMIDTS. Tho New Johnstown Horror. Johnstown, Pa., Dec. 15.—The opera house horror of last nigh as terrible as was first reporter sidewalks and steps of the ; present a s : ck( inn;; sight. licit'; cred with blood. Ten bodies arc now lying morgue, and five more of the are reported to have died this r at their homes. The cause of death, in all r one, was crushing at the doorway leading to the street, in the'frantic ef forts of the people to get out ul the building. A heavy smoke rising from .1 smaii fin ding near die opera house, caused some one to ring the fire alarm near by. Some one in the gallery, said to have been a boy, yelled “fire, and a panic ensued—men, boys and women jumping from the gallery on to the heads of the people below. The gal lery sent broke with a crash, increasing the fright, as it was thought that Un building was falling. A hundred and fifty or more people crowded into the narrow stairway at once, and were pressed upon so closely that those in front fell in the doorway. The stair way was full of struggling people, and the indescribable scene and uproar could be heard squares away. Tilt- police fought back those who were trying to get out by walking ovei unfortunates packed in the stairs. Headquarters tor Drugs! HEW : OFFERS tin ASLEE? ON TE*E TRACK. A little child, fir head on n mi In.: The train was slim fit ranker rushed (' \ of piny, had pillowed Ills <1 track and fallen asleep. L upon him when a passing: horrible death. IVrhaiw „ track, too. You arc, ir you are neglecting tho hacking cough, tho hectic flush, tho loss of appetite, growing weakness and lassitude, which have unconsciously crept upon you. W’nko up, or the train will tie upon you I Consumption, which thus insiduously fastens its hold upon its victims while they are un conscious of its approach, must be taken In time, if it is to be overcome. I)r. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery has cured thou sands of cases of t prnanuitced to lie of Consumption, oi promptlu 'ii'fiiwlol. i.< most fatal of maladies, d ‘riven n fair trial. It I* r-fit or cure in every easo money paid for it will bo ^ Weak I.unes. ^pitting of Blood, Short ness of Breath, Bronchitis, Asthma, Severo Coughs, and kindred affections, it Is an effi cient remedy. Copyright. 188*. :>jr World’s I>i ». Med. Ass’n. Florida Trunk Lius. FLORIDA CENTRAL <£ I Peninsular R. R. Standard Time Used—Kov. 17.1809. 3 I T |_S' h'*p 11 55a Lv 13p 1 15p Lv ~»P 1 25 p Lv ioor>i» -JlJpLv 11 05i> 2nop Ar 1130p 320pAr 1210a Dp ai- ii Fcrnandina Jackson’ Callahan Baldwin 11 le Ar f*25p duustk Glen Snriiufs Mineral W ater For the Liver For sale at and Kulnevs L. SCHMIDTS. The Drummer’s Home. NEW Gulf House, TIIOMASVILLE, GA., New and Modern Throughout. Ele gant Rooms, Single and en Suite. S. T. PHILl’OT & CO., dSv2o-tf Proprietors. WOLC OTT UAEilr, TIIOMASVlI.I.H, (IA. Caters to families desiring a QUIET AND EXCLUSIVE HOUSE, For the winter month?. Locate! on the HIGHEST ELEVATION in Thomusville and surrounded by LARGE GROUNDS, w-th Tennis, Archery. Croquet, Etc. j. s. Real Estate Agent, THOMA3VILLL), GA. Office •Ter Keid A Culpepper’s Droz Plorc, Broad St. I am now prepared to buy or pell, for other parties, all kinds of town or country real estate, and have on iny list a good assort ment of both kinds. Strict and close atten tion to the business will he my aim, and I respectfully solicit a share of the business of the community. eagffStf 2 30a 4 00a 4 45a 520a ■ r *«l. in-’p 71-P 7 l"|. II27|. \r \r \r \r \r Ocala Wildwood Tavares Orlando Ar 12 55j Ar ill 49: Ariil 22; 1 ‘ P 10 45j • ! i’-u 1 * 1 Geo!! 31 11 •1 A MPA 111 VIS |<> . | 12 ;:o 8 ir»i> 1 25 p .V Jacksonville Ar 5 2 -p iKiua G 42 p Wildwood Ar ll loa 0 40a 7 00p \r r.inasoffkce Ar 11 2sa Mop 7 20:. \r Smnterville St. Catharine Ar . .>;.p 7 231> Ar Ar 1102a G 20 p 930a 7 lap 8 05i. Ar Laoooeliec Ar 10 37a r, 15,1 1020a \r Dade. City Ar 1020a 12051. 9081* \r Plant City Lv 9 15a 2 30p 23 13 |CK .Alt KUV invis ON./ 14 1 « 815 n 1 15p Lv Jacksonville Ar 6 2.-.| f. 2 .p 0 3oa Lv Waldo Ar, 2 Op 11 05a 8 00a 4 40p 5 50p G 25 p Ar Ar Ar Gainesville Archer Bronson Ar 1 5 lA.ia/u, A1J11 10 00 a 8.‘.Op Ar Cedar Key Lv] 9 0oa y 1 w 1STK.ItN I.IVISIO V. 1 2 i" M-.l 7 3Ja Lv Jacksonville Ar 2 1 p . 2oa offered for an ’.so of Catarrh In »v tho proprietors iy. Only 50 cents. PROI ICSSIONA!. CARDS. W. G. PATRICK, Homoeopathic Physician & Surgeon. Dili.-. liVi-r L. Slaycrman Si Hr#, Broad St. U-ive .i! Mr... Bull’#, nor of Craw- Thomasviile, fulcedind 1148a Ar i 10 4da Ar .[II 4ta‘Ar l lOOpAr i 203p Ar . 3 «4p Ar i 1 U0p| Ar Lii i Oak Madiso Monticello Tallahassee Quincy liver Junctio 7 00j V, 10, 11,1.’, 13, — M, dally Nos. ;i. 4. 2.1, '.’1. 30, 31, daily, except Sunday. FKKNANDJNA AND No.GO I No.0 I J’NVILLK IIUANCII. | No.5 [ XoJB U3oa I 4 00p I Lv Jacksonville Ar I 8 f»0a i 1 i'-Up 11 05a I 530pJ Ar Fernandina Lv | 7 15a | 1 ~570760, G1 daily. — 7:30 a. m. train for Atlanta, Cli. nooga, C’lneinnatti, Louisville, Nashville, Chi cago and all points North and Wi Georgia Soutuern k Florida Kail Jacksonville 9:15 p. ui. 7:30 a. m., New Orleans Ex pres and quickest lino to all Middle Florida points, Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans. 7 :30 a. in. an I 8 :15 p. in. trains sect through to Thoniasvlllo, Montgomery, Nashville, St. Louis. Cincinnati. Chicago, and all points North and West. Arrive nt 2:45 m. and 7.20 a. in. 1:15 p. in. Mall and Express for all points South, Gainesville, Ocala. Leesburg, Tavcr Apopka, Orlaudo, Panasoffkeo (St. Catharlnei Dade City, Plant City, Tamp p. ni. K:15p. m. Local, connects through for all points South, Ocala, Osiucsvllle, L« csbi Tavares, Orlando, Tarp *n Springs, Koutl land, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. Arrives 7:29 a. m, ,9:30 a. in. Cumberland Route Express, c neats at Fernandlua wltli steamer City Brunswick dally for Brunswick, Macon, At lanta, Chattanooga, Igiulsvllle, Cincinnati. j; IJ1 M M<-1 ST TO SI-I, Ifliysioisui Surgeon Thomasville,. Georgia. OFFICE,over Stark’s, corner * Broad and Fletcher Streets. I.oulHvllIe, St. Louis ai d Chicago. Arrives 1:30 p. m. 4:00 p. m. Fernandlua Mall and Express, daily, connects Thusday with Mallory Steam- ors for New York. Arrives 8:50a. in. D. E. MAXY.’ELL, A. O. MACDONELL, Gen. Manager, G. P. A: T. A. N. S. PENNINGTON, Traffic Manager. SHRUBBERY, DIXIE NURSERY. H. H. SANFORD & CO., Proprietors. This is the proper time to transplant and set out all kinds of roses, bulbs, plants and shrubbery. We have all kinds of these plants, Ac., and a first class Landscape Gar dener, who will attend to the proper laying out of lawns, gardens, yards, Ac., and of all plants, Ac, 1’lans and estimates will be made on notice given us, and we will take pleas- iti giving any and all information on the subject. novlMtf II. II. SANFORD A CO. Merchant Tailor. Gentlemen wanting fin v and good goods, good work and fit in execution of garments will find it to their interest to call and see me, up stairs, over Doctor Casaelj’drug store, Thomusville, Ga. Cleaning and repairing done at short notice. Ldeclm B. W. Rimsky. DR, M. M. T. HUTGHINGSQN of Ln.ko City, Fla., 30 Years in the Practice of Medicine, (lir.T. liis ju-.l'-' service to the citi zens 1)1' Th"!i:M?ville mul summiMling roim- trv. ('Hire.'Jral floor ever A. C. Brown’s store, mill A. (’. Brown's resilience on Dnw- son street. clAwiim Sept 17. DR. A. 15. COUCH, Modern - Pathology, - New - Remedies, DIRECT TREATMENT, Offers his professional services to the citi zens of Thomasvi 1 le and surrounding coun try. (ifYu*<>. over Stf-yermnn’s store, llroad street, Thomasville, Ga, D-J-dAwly EBID & O'0*Ll i lPI > SE"S 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga :School anti Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Sheet Music, Etc. <1 BEAR IN MIND t> OK- -THAT THEY HATE THE- Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store IJST GEORGIA. Where yoa can find fresh and pure drugs and get prescr day or night, by competent Pharmacists. Thor ug prescription department and guarantee goods and prices KEI15 <& €I!E.I B EFI a ESe, 1SO-1M Broad at iptions campotinded at all hours r euly S<|*ibfe'« preparations in the TO THE LABIES. Before you buy you Winter Dress Goods, it will pay you to give us a call. REWARD We have just received another lot oi the latest patterns of Dress Goods and Trimmings. If you are in need of a Corset, we can supply you with the well known brands, C. P., P. D., J. B., and WARNER S. We call special attention to our com plete stock of Ladies and Misses Hose, which we guarantee to he fast colors. 1 If these goods fade, bring ’them hack and get your money. Come and look at our Plushes, Jackets, Wraps, Cloaks, Underwear, Blankets, Comforts, Etc. L. STEYERMAN & 8B0XBER LEADERS OF FASHION. I. W. <_'. SNOWIIUSS. B. F. HAWKINS jglNOIHUIASS & HAWKINS, Attornevs-at-Law. J> II. COYLE, I). I). S., Resident Dentist, Thoniasvlllo, * Georgia. Offers bis services to tn citizens of Tin asvllle and vicinity. Office liours—From 9 a. m. to 1 p. ra„ and Offlco -On Jackson street. yy, D. MITCHELL, «R. O. MITCHELL Jy^ITCHELL & MITCHELL, Attornevs-at-Law, ThomasvlllP, • • Ooorgla. W. BUUCK,, M. D. Office, up-stairs. Coiner of Broad and Fletcher streots. [aug 15-’85-3yl T. S. DEKLE, M. D., Residence nolla streot. Telephone alls. Office in Hayes Building. -Corner College avenue and Mag communication, No. 25 for night J)Il. JOEL B. COYLE. dentist THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA. OFFICE, Broad;St..'.over Tickctt’s. g mclendon, Attorney-at-Law, Thomasville, - -Z3 * Georgia. Prompt attention given to~ali; busincss^en- usted to him. Office—Over Watt’s store, coiner Broad and ckson Ktreetrt. ^ To SPORTSMEN \ ’rilKTIIOMASVIl.I.K (itX WOBKH, line 'luur from Watt.,on Jackson St., Is now fullv supplied with ml kinds of Sporting floods, Guns, Pistols, fishing Tackle, Am- munition, Ac. LOADED SHELLS Always on hand and loaded to order,at short jotice and on reasonable t»*rnis. REPAIRING- 4.*’all kinds on guns, pistols, &c„ executed ii the best style, and satisfaction guaranteed. GtN.H FOK RENT At reasonable terms, to responsible parties, nov27d&w3m Piney oocls JHotel, 'X’liornn.Bville, Gra,. Jf. A. BOWER, Proprietor. Now open for the season of 1889-90. \V. E. DAVIES, Manager. All modern improvements. Steam beat and open fire-places. Thoroughly first class in appointments and ser vice. Fronting Paradise Park. Tlioinasvlllo Variety [WORKS. Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, Prop’rs. Manufacturers and Dealers ROUGH DHL LUMBER. ED LATHES, PICKETS, SHINGLES, MOULDINGS, Ii HACK ETS, SCROLL WORK, MANTLES, BALUSTERS, STAIR-RAILS Newel Posts, OFFICE, CHURCH & STORE, Furniture. STORE FRONTS. Wire Screen Doors and Windows, Sash. Doors and Blinds TO 0111) Eli. STAIR BUILDING, AND INSIDE HARDWOOD FINISH A SPECIALTY. Jffi-CORRESPOKDENCE SOLICITED. MEAT MARKET We desire to notify those who are winter ing in Thomasville, as well ns our old cus tomers, that we make a speoialty of keeping the VERY BEST OF MEATS of all kinds, which we sell at reasonable prices, and de liver at any residence in the city. A per sonal inspection of our market on Jackson street (the staud formerly kept by Mr. Bone) is invited. nov5tf F. P. IIoux & Bro. ILL IN THE RL, WITH THE Biggest and Best Stock OF DRY DUMBER IN SOUTH GEORGIA.* I have five hundred thousand feetjof Standard Mouldings, Which I will sell nt a rare bargain, in fact it will save purchasers money to see me be fore placing their orders for lumber of any kind. Jos. L. Beverly, (Successor to Fife it Beverly.) MEIGS? — CxA. GUANOS! j. n. McKinnon,' At the old stand of Bass k McKinnon, an nounces to the public that lie is prepared to till all orders for guano at prices that will compare favorably with any others, and fle shes all who intend buying to give him n call and get prices. lie will handle, espe cially, the old and favorite brands of JXO.nEItRinAN A CO., ACID PllOSriIATIt, KAIMT And a few tons of a SPECIAL FERTILIZER FOR MELONS, VEGETABLES, Etc. Other guanos supplied when desired. nov27d&w4m The old Cooke place, «n Madison street, lot 105 feet front on Madison street and runs back to S. F. & W. li. A large but not new house, price $2,500. Terms easy. One and one-half acre corner lot on Stephens St., beyond Albany railroad; 2 houses, 1 2 stories, price $2,000. Terms easy. The Bill Bryant place, on Jackson st., in Fictcherville. opposite the campus and near the depot and the South Ga. College, a large lot, fronting 117 feet on Jackson street, and running back 700 feet. G-room dwelling, nice little pear orchard, first class neigh borhood and a very valuable lot; price $2,000. Terms made to suit any bona fide buyer. A new 4-room cottage, on large lot in Fearnside; price $1,400. Terms easy. Corner lot in East End, new 5 room house, besides dining room and kitchen. 1’ricc $1000 Terms easy_ Lot mi Young St., 210x210 ft, four loom bouse, all lor 81000; J. cnsli, bal ance in two payments, with 8 pr cent interest. A bargain to any one wish ing h cheap home. 3 beautiful vacant building lots on Haves and Calhoun sts. 70x190 ft., at $250 each, On easy terms to those who wish to improve them. Elegant residence lot on Clay st., near Hardaway, 70x 207, first class neighborhood: price only $4oo. 5 small tracts of land, from l0 to 25 acres in each piece, in less than two miles of tho courthouse; price $30 per acre. Easy terms. Besides the above,* I have many city lots, improved and unimproved, for business or residence, inside or outside lots, big and small lots, lovely suburban places and farms and plantations all over the county for sale. Any prospective buyer, who wishes to get the best and most for his money, would act very imprudently to purchase at lcast"before talking’with meJj 1. 4 room house in Fearnside, unfur nished, nt 810 per month. 4 unfurnished rooms, up-stairs, new and elegant neighborhood, Dawson street, at $20.00 per month. No children wanted. Large Furnished House, close in on Jackson street; 8 1-2 rooms. Price, $500 for the season. Upstais of house on Calhoun street. Furnished house in East End, 5 rooms besides dining room andjdtchen, at $5U per month. E. I, MAtte, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Thomasville. Georgia