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The enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 186?-1865, July 26, 1865, Image 3

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under the hws of the land. 3d. That all liotous or tumultuous as embla <r cs of tho people, and also all as eomblages lor unlawful purposes and un lawful objects, will ha dispersed ; and to this end, if necessary, the military pow r oft he Uuited States will bo invoked. 4th. That the idea, if any such is en tertained, that private property will be distributed or parcel id out is not only delusive but dangerous and mischievous; and if auy attempt, should be made by •any person or persons to cftoct such- an object by violence'or unlawful'.means, it will only secure to him or them speedy and merited punishment. 5.. To the end that the people may qual ify themselves as - voters,'it wifi doubtless bd the pleasure of tho commissioned offi cers-In the service of United States, to have the oath of amnesty, administered Under the rules and regulations prescribed by the. Secretary of Slate of the. United States; and in this work, I mrat earnest* iy desire, and solicit the oheerml co-ope ration of the people, so that Georgia, may speedily be ‘delivered of military • rule that she may once again regulate her own domestic’ affairs’,'and'again enjoy the blessings of . civil government, and bo heard’and felt by-her Senators and Hep esentatives in the councils of t-h'o nation. Done at Millcdgeville-, the Capitol of the State,, on this, the loth day of July, ID the year’of o„ur ; Lord, 1865, and the • ’ eighty-ninth year of American Inde pendence.. . • ’ ‘ ‘ JAMES JOHNSON. Provisional Governor of Georgia. ‘By the Governor: L. If. Bitiscon, Secretary. ‘ ‘• Select'your Best Jiaii. ‘ The-time’is rapidly approaching when the people'of Georgia will be dulled up on to make selection of men to repres ‘sent.their interest in sd/ercM’ conven- . tion’. The meeting that is to’ take place on the.-1 tli Wednesday in October next, j dno ordinary one. It is very different .from conventions u.-uaky assembled for attending to business whiob tho .change irig v/au’ls of *the State may have .requir ed. ’Never ,in the history of Georgia, was tho exercise of in ore -wisdom, sagae '• iry aud states uiahs hip u o'ces ? ary.M en who are .cap’ahio of- rising above passion and prejudice, and all cons id oral ion-s ci ] pelt*, men of clear heads and- honest j hearts should be selected. The nndigi * j'iiiled- scrambling- and. strife for office j which has .characterized political contests .in times past should be discountenanced. **The office should seek tlie man, not the mad’/ ’ It will n'ot .do, on this.; occasion, to • regard trie desire of any j .man; or Qvcii to consider his past polit- j career but the - question should be, ! is ablest, wisest and mos'fsuited for j the .great work the convention will be ! called upon, to’ .perform. According as j the fitness, for the work- shall be fo.und i ’ greatest, the seLctioii should be made, ■aud it should be made witfi the greatest unanimity. There ‘are no parties in j Georgia now —none whatever. . Every member -of the convention ; shouM desire-'for Georgia,- the position she heretofore occupied among her sis_ fer. States of the Union —a- position of sovereignty-, where her voice was heard and’ felt in the councils of the nation. • ‘ When once the machinery of the j State government is in motion, tho task will be comparitivelyeasy to regulate it. But’the duty of the convention wall be to originate the machinery itself, and to’ adapt it’ to the great changes that have taken place in our social organization.— As the establishment of our State policy will depend upon the convention-, the • importance of.the work, and the charac ter of the men best calculated to-, serve the people- are apparent. Then let us ■determine to bury all personal feeling of anuhosity or prejudice, and bring, to • bear the exercise of calm judgment in Tie selection of delegates. — Telegraph. A Frenchman, resolved to be rid of. life;- went a little before high tide to a post setup by the seaside. • He had pro -vided himself with a ladded, a pistol, a bundle of matches, and a vial of prison. Ascending the ladder* he tied one end of the. rope to the post,- and the other end around’ his-neck ;.’ then, lie’ took the’ • poison, set his clothes do fire; pul the •muzzle •of ’the pistol’ to his-head and kicked away ‘ the ladde’c/1 In kicking down the ladder, he slunifcd the pistol so that; the bail’ misAJtl his head arid cut through the . rope- by which he was suspended ; he fell into the sea, thus ex •tinguishing ’ the flames of his clothing, and the. sea water, which he involuntary • ly swallowed, counteracted the poison,, and thus, in spite of his precautions he remained unhanged, unshot unpoisoned, and drowned. Mcvican PcEicy of Government. ’ A special to t lie \\orld says some v-- important statements were made id V. official quarters to-day, with regard to | the policy of the tavern merit on. the 1 Mexican question. /The story comes in , such a shape that it cannot well. bo. credited, and is :. first, that tho ‘ - .ve-v'- meat will not permit her Fi Austrian, or foreign soldier of an- sori, > in the service of Maximilian, to - -a lu d— i ed on the Idexiean’coaßt, with^tentering a- firm and decided protest ; second, unci . what, is-of gravest importance, that the government having stationed in Texas an .army of* 100,000 men, wi!J • keep j|| there to act as a'corps of observation, and’ to exercise such physical and moral -pres sure* as shall ultimately compel the- with drawal of Maximilian trogi M-exied. ... j • This, army hag been so disposed that it i ’ overshadows, especially .ori. the . Kio Grande, the. Mexican frontier, and-keeps j tho foreign levies of the new Emperor I , in ah .-incessant .state of a pprohension an and activity. - If a collision should coiiic the- United States wouidGuive at. hand lore. ■ sufficient to. maintain its dignity,-arid | make ifeprisuls. The transferor the con- i fedeiate battery to the .Imperial General ; Mejia is another matter now occupying j official attention,'arid’ a full and -scat'ch- j tng invest igatfiou is into- the : matter of the alleged sqle. • . If General SJaughte'r did'diapose of aJ Confederate battery to the j a.i stated, it will be demanded and <-• b- ; finned • isSndejsitoqdthat 1:1,000 or j i 0,0- )-Ce:.':’'derates are in the Mexican j ■ gerv ice t near .the-Texas ber/e'r, and ‘it is i •definitely settled tli-a-t if.these arc trod blesoine, theywill be puni lied, tfv-en-'ifi: the pursuit should throw our-aWny aCrot..... the border. •’ . . • ‘ ‘ ‘ ! , _ TAO DDO 123 *&f ’ J Stl3• W crSd* .. ’ j The A ort/i L ‘-it ink. Geeieic, disc ours. \ I ing on the-doom of the world, .has the * €j • • .7 folio-wing remark’s-: • ; ■ • • • * * jt* 1 . “ What this change is to be, wc'darn not even conjecture, but.we see in the ‘ •heavens’ themselves some ’traces of firs- i tractive •elements -and some” ind : ca.:ions i of their power, the ‘fragifi uits ‘of broken j ? plauets-’—tho .dei-eut* of meteoric* stones ] ! unoti our globe—the • whirling cbinets ;■ wielding'tlici.r.loose material’ the a o!af ! surface —the .volcanic ■ .ei apt i. n-s .m our] j'owra -satelite —the appearance of new ■ stars ant. disappearance <W dii'ers/arc . foreshadow* of'that-impend ng cbavulr sion.lo which the system of the -.-vogh. 1 ■ doomed • /Thus placed on a rjlangt which { . ! is to be .burned Up’i .and under heavdi •- i which-arc to pass uwav ; thus residu ! were, on the cemeteries, and dw*l ] lipg upon the- mausoleum*'. df locajer ’ worlds, let us learn the lesson* of ham Hi • ‘ . ; ty a'ud wisdom, if we have not. already •■been taught, in the school of revc^atidaA . i • ‘ J-eflT. Isavis-i£s j-- V-FotiTRiCSS Mcmiok,Tt.iday; j;une 2d,. As iuporrect statements ‘(not einana- i ;• ting from this point) have appeared in ! several-journals, regarding qtlie health and- condition of J flfer- .. would inform the pub! if'his it al li at .the-present time is much better th;ari | when landed-here irom offi. the. steamer'-; .CTnlaf this-morning he was Sees by our'; ■ irformant engaged in smoking, and ao-'d parentjy in a calm state of mind. ■ He is .pots ia irons, ‘and- his quartets arc .very j comfortable. - * • •! ’ Jes: arson's Te-n Rules.—Never: put j off till, to morrow what cau be’ done - to day. ‘Never trouble another for what you yourself. Never spend your money nefore you have it. Never’ buy what you do not want because it is cheap. Bride costs-us more than hunger', thirst • and cold.- We seldom’, repent of having eatin too little. Nothing is troublesome that we-do willingly.- How'much pains aud evils ‘have cost ’ which have- never I happened. Take every thing’ by the j.smootfie’ handle. When angry,- eou-nt .j ten before you speak; if very angry,'a hundred. •• ‘ • • . O e • •’ It is asserted That a man's finger - ncils grow their full -length in .four .months .1 and a half And a mail living 70 \ T .eurs ! renews, his nails .177 times.’ Allowing; i each nail to .be half ‘an inch long, 1 o has j grown 7.feet and nine inches ‘of-finger - nail, on each finger, and on fingers arid thumbs-an’ aggregate of 77.'feel and 6. inches. ’ • • • . Here is a beautiful little’ paragraph which we find in’ one of ou exchanges': u If there is a iiian who can eat his bread . in peace with God and man, who has brought that bread out of the earth. ‘ It. is cankered by no fraud; it is wet by no tears; it is stained by no blood/’ a Beautiful! Fable* • There ki •can fable’which says: On a sultry, hot summer day, an honest old man was plowing his own field, when 1 suddenly under the shade of an oak, lie beheld a godlike figure approaching him. • Tlie nr, n started bsck - < T am Sollmon, ,; Sßid ! r t .:n g voice. .‘What art thou doing . ‘ o'd fflHft'f . ‘. • | ‘lf.thoa art Solemoo,*’waa the re* > ’.v, -‘how capst though -:i>k no ? • When j I was n youth thou send ico :o’ s he tint. ‘ I’saw itsxpethod of living, and it ! taught me to bo diligent,'industrious, and persevcreing, and gather the super fluous Tor a stormy day. Avjiat 1 then learned, 1 etd! contuiue’ to uo/ . ‘’i'houhast studied, thy Ift&ou but half/- replied the spirit,, ‘go once more to the [ ant and learn’/f it. also; how to find fst and quiet ih the Winter cf tby vt ars and I bow. to enjoy that which thou hast hoarded up. •’ [ There, rs a world of wisdom in this fa •ble, .and’ there is no Tesson in human | philosophy that should be more palpably ; | Impressed .c it “the understanding; Rich- J ; cs are.desirable, but .their greatest use .is to’ make, the decline of life • happy, and ! be, who. after acquiring, fails to enjoy them,’ is certainly, pitied. It is an I imposition on one's .self', to toil in the : summers heat and Winter's cold to uccu j niulate property and -then be too parsi monious to .enjoy if. One of the reat j est privileges, one .of the most glorious I conditions - that-a human being ‘ can en j' -tjo/be — : to withfiniw form j dne irom Mammon, to. leok up to God it and be .truly, at’peace with himself and | all nfp.'iklffd. -The a.iit toils through the ! spr'ug. time aud summer, but when • the ci>!d vdir-ls oi"autumn .(Mime, when - the ‘ s-o>v ; o ‘.whiter fail,-it nestles down’ in’ : its warm chambers, !i”os on. what'it has tceumti ated end we have no doubt eh rjo vs its ■.Tiort-e-xisteneei ‘ .What a strik ing lesson, and how Worthy to be follow * cd by man* • .- . • ~ .. it . A • M- —— My son, wl.iat.would you do’ if your’ • father should be suddenly taken from you? *'• IS ware'and, ciicw tobacco/’ ••’ ‘J . * 0 : I*l ew Advertisements. ■ •iFtIT MAMt (V y ik! 10li I 0 1 Olt [J 9 ; ■ V ‘'-CHEAP’ ! \rr in a qij DPTfaFQ ::i 1 \J • r ii: t,’ m*IE l MI > TK.BIGNED has just received a-new *i supply 1 oi’ijeicct • 113 £l TG O OIJ S AT TH E O!. D STAN DO F l R: W;IM 11. Ik aJ v j’ •- * j To'whioh be.i. :te.- a e>nof all vzho .wish j ar/deSc.i- .... y■ . . fa • ran torn rV. (•’- ~ ••’ • • ’ . • wa-; • ‘■ :an exchange it j.’ to l\ v ‘ -. a- m . hP t i “ • ‘ prime nec^ssi jty with.a • • . liniea and sea | sons,an/. a-V ■• . . .- ... .../isaj.iylii?’ stock iiitt I The itndersigned yvill Mso act as ! .CODSrsrG-iSTETD'- ; .DELIYEH,3TOBE Oil FORWARD all goober m-erchanise consigned to liis care- JOHN TRICE. Fine Chewing Tobacco, FINE SMOKING TOBACCO, Belle Boyd, “ ’ -SE-G ARS, • . . * ‘ • ‘“.car’Olin:a-belle ” sxuff, •. . f‘AUNT FANCY'S” ’ • ‘’- ‘ For sale by . - DeWITT & STEGALL.. ’ July 5, i 365... . ts _ ’ PESFUMEaf: L.Y ON’S KATIT A R ION, HAIR RYm iraii/i©M ! COMBS BRUSHES &c. For stlc by. • . • • • . ... * • DeWITT ‘& STEGALL i ’ July- 3, 1865. ts Carbonate of Magnesia. COOKING SODA, : ‘ • - / EFSOM SALTS : ‘ SULPHUR. • RACE GINGER, For sale by . DeV/ITT & STEGALL ] July 5,18&5. ts <4 WARE HOUSE AT , ( <3r&L m rWIHE copartnership heretofore t-xi JL tween K R Kv;n.< in- ‘ * J P:;ri;~Il v : ; -he i.:..! ‘ *: ‘,.vv. ill i •' ; *>e the V\ ~re House iU*U % * . Commission Business . i* ■in TiioinHsvill.e. on Ms own account. InconnOO: lion with the ware house a good Itaessey Cotton Pres has .been constructed tor repacking purpose® and to aid him in the. business the unclerrigued • has engaged tile vulnable services of Mr. If. M. Ban. ‘ Nothing but the customary rates of iIMiHII I‘|S tiUmlbSiSl Wlt.i 84- CHARGED. ‘ This Ware House is situated about one hua-* * dred yards from the Railroad depot at TUomas vills, and-beliefing that he can give general sat- ■ isfactioii,the undersignedsolicits the'patronage of cotton planters and btoy&ra. . WILLIS J- PARNELL • July -19,1865. \ tiu ‘ ■ IID.QUS.,’ DISTRICT OF SOUTHERN ©A. Blacksheah, July-Bth, 1865. 1 General-Order, ? • ‘ . ’ < No. 8, ) ‘ . . It, having been reported to these Head Quar ters ‘.hat the arms of the ath-. Georgia Cavalry, . never were turned over to the United States. aU .th on ties in accordance with the terms of surren der pi’ General Johnson’s command, ‘it is hereby ordered that all persons formerly belonging to ■ j-sadd ragimeht, having arms iu their posses ion • will at turn them over to’ the. Commander of: J the United States forces at’ the nearest Ppst. All persons having in. iheir possession any Karins, accoutrements* Amnnition; -fcG, belonging i to the late’ C. £>. Government,, must tuna thorn over to-the U. 8. authorities at -oiiee or be tried-, .for theft and- severely punished. • ■ • By Command of • BrcvL Brig. Gen. WASHBURN, ’ • -’ ‘ • • ..W;ll..Kellea, • ‘ A. A, A- Gen July 19,.i8<>5-. ts * • .: .sO’UTIiERISr’ [•• • , ‘ ‘cfA : y- • \mtt ‘mmmmi j . ‘ ‘ CAPITAL 1100,000! rpIIIS COMPANY is .now'*)rganiied, and w* X are prepared to make liberal advances oa .OOW-tfjQISF • . and other produce consigned to our Agent in . I r - vvg fs ■* *r*<r &.** -j . . Wij* ft. V L... ft. ftp JSpi, • • • •’ The present value of Cotton in Liverpool is from i ‘ to 46 cts., per pound for GOOD UP LAND COTTON, and front ‘59 to OOcls fo{ • GOOD LONG COTTON, ; .JaL S3 ’ i’We advance one half its value -in Gold or its equiv ! oleut in .Cu'.'rcme.y.* ‘ . ; • . • . I • We solicit orders for goods from tho twH'vnrtT'’' 1 > ‘r-.Trnn o rz-s.rn. r'pmnp rt f'/f d:\i > X or y\t t KhS’ Ujidi — Juj (j V> -0 u>> ;m V j Jj ixJi, Aid)'J Jj'tLiUi bL/ The strictest attention'paid to the smallest or ders for goods from . FRANCE & GEK.TIAXr. • E. T. PAINE, Agt. . ‘ ‘ • RICHARD P. FLOYD, President, y Southern Export and Import Company. further particulars apply to • • J. G. .PITTMAN, • Jul-y 12-6 m ‘ • ‘ . Thomasville, Ga lID. QUS-,DIST.,-OF SOUTH GEORGIA. • • . ‘ .. Darien, June 12thj 1865. General Order l ‘ . . ‘ No 1. . • $ . ’ • *’ . ‘ I. Pursuant to-orders from Head-Quarters, De- . partment of the South, I hereby assume coni ■ maiid of the District of Southern Georgia, - com- • prising as follows: all the counties lying South of North line of -the counties'of Liberty, Tatnall, Montgomery, Laurens, Pulaski, Dooly, .Sumter, Webster, and Stewart. ‘ • • 11. The following are announced as the staff of the General commanding, mid will be obeyed and • respected accordingly: • • Surg-, S. C I>uo-wn , Chief- Medical Officer . Maj., J. -M. Wiswell. Provost Marshal. ’ Capt., John. Gar-wood, Commissary. Capt., J as. 31. Thompson, Provost Judge - Lieut,, W. 11. Keller, A. A. A. GenL Ligut-., Henri Daniels, Aid-de-camp.- • Lieut., E. H. SrditGis, ‘ if • .E. L. Clark, A. A. Q. M. ■ • H. I) WASHBURN, - Brevt. Brig. Gens. • July 1C 1865. ts ‘ HEAD QRS. POST THOMASVILLE,. > Th o M Asvi L.LE, Ga., July isf., 1805. ) ■General'Orders, ) . ■ ‘ ‘ . • No. 4. J ; • * . UNTIL further orders, a County Court is hereby authorized, established and appointed within and f.jv Thomas County, Georgia, with such jurisdiction, in connection with the Assist ant Provost Judge of this Post as may be ?- : signed to it from these Head Quarters, or from Head Quarters, District Southern Georgia. ’ • The following persons, being loyal citize is of • ” said County, will constitute the Court, to %Vit ■ Henry H. Tooke, of Thomasville.. Ansel Dekle, . “ • A. P. Wright, _ “ ‘ ‘• “ Recording officer and Cleck, .Lcdibeua Dekle,.- of Thomasvilie. * . * •• .- The Couii will convene atthe Court If 6-use .in Thomasville, and will be in session each Saturday and at such other times as may be nec- . essary for the transactioii of such business as • may properly come before it. ‘ . WM. K- KIMBALL, • Col. 12tb Me. Comd’g. Post R. B. Ivendali, Post xidjutant. Mug s7 MEDICINESTPAi NTS, OILS, Ga.ASJ?, In store and for sale by I)kWITT A STE.GALW July 5, 1865- ■ l£