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■ TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 1891 ATHENS WEEKLY BANNER — I .'Published Dally, Weekly and Sunday, by THE ATHENS PUBLISHING CO. RKMSBN CRAWFORD ManaglnglMlton 0 D. FLANIGEN Business Manager. day of rest. Nearly all of the lead ing newspapers of the North and West are nrging with mach rebuke I to the opposition that the World’s Fair should be opened all day on Sunday. What do they offer as an excuse tor such a sinful policy ? was opened. From the time of the lease until the session of the legisla ture there was a steady decline. When that body met Central stock was going down, and before the in troduction of any railroad bills to amount to anything, had gone below Th* Athens DAILY BANNER Is delivered by carriers In the city, or mailed, postaftclree, | Forsooth, they have the face to bring par. to any address at the following rates: trooper year, SAOuforslx month ,$l.50for three mouths The weekly or Sunday BAwm*|lJBOper year, SO cents (or 8 months. Invariably Cash inad- ^Transient advert semepta will be inserted at the rate of ll.o p r square lor the first Insertion, and Weems toreaeli subsequent insertion, ex- coj^ con ract advertisements, on wnleh special Local notices will be charged at the rate ol 10 eants per Une each Insertion, except when con tracted lor extended periods, wh n special rates will be made. dressed to the is should be ad- PAT WALSH’S OPINION We frequently learn much about local affairs from afar. The following is quoted from an interview in the New York Tribune with Hon. Patrick Walsh Patrick Walsh, of Georgia, is own er of "The Augusta Chronicle,’’ and has been connected with the news papers of thiB State for over thirty years. He is in a position to know the sentiment of the people of Geor gia, and is reported, to'be an unusu ally shrewd observer of political af fairs. He is here in the interest of the Augusta Exhibition, which be** gins on"November 2. He eaid last night: "There is no North and South with us now. . That feeling is only maintained by a few people. Of course we have not many Republic cans in Georgia, but we have a great many members of the Farmers’ Alli*> a nee. Every man has the right to the free expression of his own opin ions. That is the reason why the sub-treasury scheme has obtained such prominence, and undoubtedly ihat is why Mr. Cleveland is not popular with us. Before he wrote his letter against free silver the peo pie of Georgia were almost unani mous in favor of his renomination. But it is different now. I don’t know who our people favor—Gorman pos» sibly.” Mr. Walsh has with some correct ness sized up the situation down here as regards Mr. Cleveland’s strength with the Farmers’ Alliance, though there are many of our agri cultural people who would vote for Mr. Cleveland even in the face of his stand on the silver question. Mr Cleveland is a Democrat. The far mers of the South know he is a Dem ocrat, and while his views may per sonally be different to those of a ma jority of Southern Democrats upon the free coinage question, still the people feel that they could trust Mr. Cleveland to lay aside bis own per- the question of finance into the mat ter and say the fair will fall Bhort of paying expenses if the doors are not opened on Sunday. They also deolare with a great effort at philan>* tbropy and charity that the Exposi** tion ought to be opened on Sunday. for the benefit of the poor wage- earners who cannot see the sights in the week days. And has it come to this ? Must the Nation’s great fair given, please God, in commemmoration of the dis covery of oar great continent and celebrating that era in the world’s history whioh dawned so fair and bright—must this occasion, based upon a cause almost holy in itself, be made to serve human avarice in violation of a Divine command ? The question is fair. Let it be an swered in the same spirit that prompts the asking before this reck less step is taken. As to the matter of serving the poor by opening the fair on Sunday, it is well to be frank and deliberate Was it the hostile legislation that caused the decline ? Or rather.wasn’t it the pure and un adulterated weakness of the West Point Terminal? GEORGIA IS INDIGNANT. The whole State of Georgia is inn dignant at the mere proposition now made before the Georgia legislature to take the Agricultural College away from Athens and put it in Griffln. It is so clear to the minds of the people that such a step would very seriously cripple the educational interests of the State they are not willing to sit idly by and see the college taken from the advantages of the State University without a protest. Since the bill introduced by Mr. Dismube has been, pending in the House, It has been very inter- esting to note that every paper in Georgia, both among the dailies and weeklies, has not hesitated to con demn such a bill. The Griffin paper, we suppose, is in favor of Griffin, When the New York Herald first pub lished an expose of the methods of the West Point Terminal Company some weeks ago, the Wall street speculators who run the cono.Yn sent down upon the south a 11 >>d of literature in the shape of special telegrams that south ern pride should awak- ;i to support the West-PointTeiminal < • mpany in its troubles. Now that Southern pride didn’t quite come up to the scratch, we are entertained with telegrams saying the Georgia legislature is the cause of the decline i.i Central railroad stock, because of th<* Berner bill. Good gra cious ! Why did the Central railroad stock begin to decline before the Geor gia legislature m t in July. Sam Jones says that Grover Cleve land’s backbone is as big as Benja min Harrison’s hat. The college boys are gathering on the campus. Glad, to see you boys! Shake. ATHEN 8 HARDWARE CO “I am opposed to Cleveland” Jerry Simpson. Why of course. Republicans are. says All Southward the money of Northern capitalist sakes its sway. ^3 Cotton is coming in to the warehou ses on every freight Irain. now-a-days. The latest advices from the cotton fields point inevitably to the conclusion that the nrop has been materially dam aged in tlie last two v eeks and that the yield will fall much b- low th-. August estimates. Tuis may not be an unmixed evil, as the qmourt of cotton left over from last year's enormous m p is con siderable. This has yet to be disposed of, and if aLothei crop this year had been raised to * qual it prices would have been lower lhau even last year, and the great staple cwt-ulil have, in all iTobability, become a drag on the mar ket As the matter now stands the prices gives promise of a material ad vance, and furthermore the surplus lelt from last year will be disposed of. The Boston World spells “Watson” with a little “w”. This is cruel. BANNER WAVE-LETS and admit in fairness that there wonld be no harm in allowing the poor people to visit the art galleries and exhibits. This wonld be no wrong, no sin. The theory is a good one that far. But that is not what Is desired bv the fair directors and these newspapers who oppose Sun* day closing. They want the Expo sition to ran in fall blast on Sunday, requiring untold labor and vexation, busy industry and police regulations. The wheels would go ’round on Sun- and if so it is the only paper in the State that has not in bitter tones denounced the -purpose of Mr. Die* make’s bill. In many of the papers are to be found strong letters from the people nrging with much force what absurd folly it would be to remove the Agri cultural College to Griffin with the hope of making it a. better institu tion or one more calculated to reader useful service auto the State. The truth is, the people will not tolerate each an action by the legis- The Savannah Tim**s says: It ie an accepted principle in American politics that to the victor belongs the Bpoils This same principle is being given wider application by corporation. We see an evidence or it in tbe policy of the Riohmond Terminal Company. The deftness and celerity with which the management is handling the beheading ax awakes the profoundest admiration of the ward boss. Term of service does not seem to count. The old official dropped with the same blow that fires the clerk. That this wholesale removal is resented by the public, must be un derstood by the management. Perhaps it has discounted that, though. Tbe cotton crop is going to be short; but the South is safe in the assurance that we will have a sugar bounty. A stranger walked into our editorial room the other day and inquired if “the free and unlimited coinage of silver” meant that money coined in a match box with two coins to start with as moulders was good money. The free coinage editor wasn’t in. Somebody asks upon what platform does Hon Patrick Calhoun stand. Why m tbe platform of a West Point Ter minal car, of coarse. Speaking of Tom Watson’s fidelity to the third party myth, it isn’t too late for him to come back to the Democrat- So fold yet. But alas, he seems bent in his way: THE (SUCCESSORS TO CHILDS NCKKERSOn 4 Co •| aoi «ts rot SMITH i Cotton Gins, and Condensers \ With or without lu SeS da ’ , u tl ‘” [ >- ■ W ® 8r ® *!*o agent, fop Fairbanks and Victor WMteley Standard Hay Also, D«.u* Mix General Hard* Sash, Doors 'are Rubber and Leather Belting, Correspondence solicit^. Price List furnished application. “pe» Flea ed to the cropsiha flowery food. And licks the hand just raked to sited blood. 248'and 250 EAST BROAD STREET, July 81—wSm. Grover Cleveland will have no hand in politics for the next few months. He is too busy and too happy at home just now. ..... GRAND PREMIUM OFFERI .A. SET OF THE SOME SILLY SMILES. day as on Monday, great crowds of I latuie. The whole State is interested roughs, and laboring people would be taken from church to the grounds to drink whiskey and "see the cir cus” and spend a day of unrighteous revelry. Would this be in keeping with the spirit that has actuated the Ameri can people to celebrate in fitting style the birth-day of tbeir common country ? Would it be right in the sight of Heaven whose rich bounties have been sent a blessing to the race of Puritans who landed here and in this matter. Georgia is not yet ready to repudiate its obligations to Athens solemnized in her contract with this city. And in tbe light of all these conditions with the people almost unanimously urging that the college most not be taken away from Athens, we believe that, even if by hook or crook the Geceral Assembly will pass the bill, Governor Northeh will veto it. Tbe college is going to stay right here in Classic Athens. If the West Point Terminal compa ny really wishes to establish the com plaint beyond suspicion of its insincerity that the Georgia* legislature’s investi gation of its leases has brought about the decline of stock in the Central rail road, then the Banner wonld offer this deliberate and somewhat friendly ad vice: Burn the ^records of the New York stock market, and -destroy the files of every newspaper that published the stock market report before the Georgia leeislatnre assembled for its summer sessioo. Those reports Bhow a decline before the legislature met. sonal views and abide the work of I founded with their pitiful little col p the Democratic platform makers and work for his party if called upon. These are reasons why the people of the Sfiuth have not yet read Mr. Cleveland ont of the Democratic ty. It is true that Mr. Cleveland inlured himself as a presidential possibility by that silver letter It iBtrue that our Southern people have turned their eyes in another direc tion in search of a Chief Executive. true that the Farmers’ Alliance will sever yield in their demands for the free and unlimited coinage of sil ver. It may be trne that Mr. Cleve land would not yield his opinions pin that score U>*j|rcept the nomination if asked to d^fo. 'Bat, with all that Mr. Cleveland has not yet been read out of the dem ocratic party. The South has're* onies a nation witbont a peer to-day? u O judgment thoo art fled to brutish beasts. And men have lost their reason 1" The board of lady managers have acted well and wisely. Now let their verdict hush the winnings of infidel editors. THESE ARB THE FACTS. One of the arguments now being urged before the legislature by those who seek to take the Agricultural College from Athens and pat it in Griffin is that Agricultural Colleges have never been known to flourish when joined with the Slate Univer sities. Is it true ? These are the facts: Out of the Agricultural Colleges in this coun- STAND BY THE DEMOCRACY. The Banner rejoices at the pro gress of Democratic organization in Georgia and the Sonth. Democratic clnbs are forming in almost every county and will pool to form Democratic Leagues. The Eighth Congressional district of Georgia has taken the lead in this State, and the Young Men’s Demo cratic Club of Clarke is to be con gratulated for its plnck and timely The Chicago Herald'wisely observes The manager of the World’s Fair should not be too hasty in granting the privilege to any one to erect a tow er. Strange news came from Paris re garding the Eiffel tower in that city. Scientists assert that it is the cause of electric disturbances and that the cli mate of Paris has been changed for the worse since its construction. If thi& is the effect of high towers we want none m Chicago. The Chicago climate, take it the year round, is quite bad enough as it is. Give Russia an inch und she’ll take the Dardanelles.—Philadelphia Recor der. The Eternal City mnst be a Rome- antic sport during the carnival.—Birm ingham Republican A lawyer generally feels himself competent to breaking any will except his wife’s —Boston Courier. It is said that the Czar never shaves, but most people know he has had many a close shave.—Pittsburg Post. The fall has come, with these two lovely flowers the golden-rod and the mushroom.—Cincinnati Enquirer. He (angry): Well, I think I ought to know my own mind. She ( :almiy): That’s nothing.—Washington Star. Photographer: Now, look pleasant, please. Customer; It’s quste impossi ble, sir I’m a ticket agent in a rail road office.—Yonkers Statesman. Sailors are the only, class of men known who will voluntarily sit dow*n on a tack.- Philadelphia Press. Tbe dear hunting season baa been transferred from tbe beach to the draw ing-room.—Pittsburg Dispatch. Teacher: What is the capital of Cal ifornia? Freddy Fangle: It’s glori ous climate.—tmitb, Gr»y & Co’s Monthly. When Russell Harrison demanded a cutter F&sset oughs at least to offered him a “schooner”—Co’mbus Post. In tbe world of fashion every old hen has her set. And they manage to hatch out a good deal of mischief.—[Texas Siftings In Tvelve Large Volumes, Which we Offer with a Tear’s Sahicripfi™ to this Paper for a Trifle More thxa Our Regular Subscription Price. 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Ib* set of Dickens’ works which we offer u a premium to our subscribers is handsomely printed from entirely new plates, with newtya The twelve volumes contain the following world-famous works, each one of which u pw fished complete, unchanged, and dbsoUUeiy unabridged t DAVID COPPERFIELD, MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT, V NICHOLAS N1CKELBY, DOMBEY AND SON, BLEAK HOUSE. ' LITTLE DORRIT, OUR MUTUAL FRIEND, PICKWICK PAPERS, BARNABY RUDCE AND CHRISTMAS STORIES, OLIVER TWIST AND GREAT EXPEO* TATIONS, THE OLD CURIOSITY 8HOP AN> THE UNCOMMERCIAL TRAVELER, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, HARh TIMES AND THE NIVSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD. action. The farmers all over the South are Oh, Mommer! Has it come to this pass in Georgia, that a State Constitu tion must be violated in order to pre vent tbe decline of stock in a giant Wall street monopoly of Southern railways? And must we budge? The people of Georgia who have been “paying the freight” so long; must we submit? Maybe we must, but we doubt it. .An i, nAW xr ..a I The above are without question the most famous novels that were overwritten. Iota . .Do TO* know Mrs Gossip Is a very . quarter of a oentnry they have been celebrated in every nook and oomor of iheeiihsd world. Yet there are thousands of homes in America not yet supplied with a set of DWw*, the usual high ooat of the books preventing people in moderate circumstances Irom eajojtiir this luxury. But now, owing to tne use of modem improved printing, folding and iinanat machinery, the extremely low prioe of white paper, and the great competition in tho Soot trade, we are enabled to offer to onr subscribers and readers a set of Dickeus worn price which all can afford to pay. Every home in the laud may now be supplied mm»** “Indeed!” “Yes; goes.”—[ Baltimore reliable woman.' whatever she sAya American. — The spoiled oyster, like tbe the spoil ed child, does not know when to shat up. Also, the spoiled child is pretty bard to put down.—[Indianapolis Jour nal. DEAFNESS CAN’T BE CURED by local applications as they can not of the great authort works. Qur Great Offer to Subscribers to the Weekly Banner. try eighteen am conducted in con** spect for his'judgment. The DemoJ j unotion wit * Stftte Universities, y orats all over this country see that Mr. Cleveland was far ahead of his party in the wisdom of fails tariff reo form policy in ’88, tor that same pol icy is going to be the chief plank of the party platfprm next year. Tarifl reform is the bridge that will carry the Democratic party over safely in the next campaign. It is the one policy npon whioh the Democracy North, the Democracy South and the Democracy West are united as one man. Whatever other planks may be nailed into the platform let ns make tariff reform the main one npon which to stand. while only nine are isolated. In ma* ny cases where the Agricultural Col leges are isolated the States in which they are-established have no State Universities. The Griffin men should read up on these statistics. GOD BLESS THE WOMEN ! The Board of Lady Directors of the World’s Fair by a handsome ma jnrity decided in favor of closing the gates of the Columbian Exposition Sunday. .This was right. Now let the gentlemen who form the other division of conirol follow unit and vote to close the Columbian Exposi tion on Sunday. This question ought never to have been raised. It is a palpable shame upon the morality and intelligence of the country that American people .Ufould foi a moment debate a ques tion of this nature. Surprising it is how strong a sentiment has devel-* oj e i in favor of opening this colossal circus on the tSabbatb, God’s holy WHAT CAUSED THE DECLINE? There is a great flnrry being made about the railroad legislation ot the General Assembly having caused Central Railroad stuck to go below ninety. Special telegrams are sent out urging the legislature to do nothing that will depreciate Central Railroad stock, which is owned largely by familiis of limited means. This is a shrewd argument thrown out to catch votes, but neither spe cial telegrams to leading newspapers nor exhortations from railroad mag nates will change the General As* scmbly. Indeed, the railroad moe nopolists may well say that the con* dition of affairs in regard to the pas* sage of the Berner bill is getting un comfortably close. Here iB a question that goes to the bottom of the whole afiair caused the decline ? . Democrats by a large and handsome majority, even in the face of the movement now being agitated by Western politicians for a third party. Whenever the third party is pat to an open test in the -South, the Alli ance is going to pieces, for there are too many Alliancemen who foster fondly the faith of their Democratic forefathers to rnsh madly into Re publicanism, even of the faintest dye Already one Alliance over in Ala bama has disbanded and given np its charter, because the members were opposed to sacrificing Southern dig- pity and Southern pride, as well as Southern interests by following the dangerous political leaders .Jn the wild and wooly West. This is a fair beginning. Now let all our Democrats.unite for the safety of the party ! Let the farmers cling to the Demooracyof their fathers now dead and gone I Let the Alliance be an alliance of Democrats! Let the South go solid ly into the campaign of 1892 and let all Southerners follow the Jefferson ian banner with all the courage and zeal that prompted their marches when as soldier boys they tramped in the trail of the Stars and Bars Aftkb the Richmond Terminal took bold of the Central railroad Central stock began to tumble. This was In the early summer. And yet they tell us that the Georgia legislature has started the racket The legislature met later in July. But then; what if it did? Thk Boston World says: Tom Wat son and Mr. Livingston will not meet in joint debate on the railroad question rea«on: Mr. Livingston declines be* cause he says he sees the hand of the enemy in the invitation. Strange, when a majority of the petitioners were Alliancemen. What a general stampede there will be on Christmas Eve when the Georgia legislators at the capital, suddenly, re membering that they have a home rush reach the diseased portion of the ear There is only one way to cure Deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies.: Deafnpss is caused by an inflamed con- ] dition of the mucous . lining of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed yon have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is en tirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine ffases out of ten are caused by catarrh, whigpris nothing but an inflamed conditon 7 of the mucous surfaces. - m We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that we can not cure by taking Hall’s Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, fr*e_ F. J. CHENEY A CO., ' Toledo, O. 8SF“Sold by Druggists, 75c. 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Thorough, rractical Instruction listed •* < ate* assisted to v 05 * 1 ' 00 FKBE. Write to 0 nils- o<r Bryant & Stratton Business * LOUISVILLE, KY. Whatis* The situation at Briceville has not changed. The miners are still mani festing patience and living in the hope that they may yet be allowed to work without convict interference. A French mechanic committed sui cide because he had lost the power to clrink liquor “If he loved it that well’- says an exchange, “he only shortened bis life a little. That was all. jtrTakes Some Little Time to Estab ’ • fish the Dispensary. It is impossible to get liquor legally in Clarke county until the Dispensary established. ■■... ■/ And hence some who need whiskey for themselves or family cannot get it, and are therefore growling about the Dispensary not being established. Now these are the facts concerning in ’61. There is no New South ! Call it the South,” if you please, but not the "New South !” Not until the names of Lee and Jackson and of the immortal Jeff Davis have faded from the hearts of patriots. The po- What | litical attitude of the South to-day is not unlike the attitude she held when Somebody ought to get a brass baud and a dynamite bomb and serenade the General Assembly to the tune of “Home Sweet Home”. Hit thej bass drum hard, pleaseL - . — Tuksk telegrams from New York whose insinuation is to the Georgia legislators against the passage of the Berner bill are nothing short of ludi crous. . ~ . The general cry of the people of Georgia to Tom Watson in the fight again.-t the West Point Terminal’s methods is “sick him Tom !” When the Georgia Pacific took I she called upon her sons to shoulder j charge of the .Central, stock in the their muskets and march forth to latter road was way above par. That battle for right over wrong. The was about June 1st, or over a mouth Solid South must not be broken. Under the date line “New York” i one frequently reads some very funny things about railroad stocks and things | of general interest. the Dispensary, as given by - one in a position to know-what he was talk ing about, and the people might just as well read and ponder. One of the provisions of the dispensa ry law calls for the analysis of the - liq uors, and hence the first duty ol the commissioners here is to send for sam ples, then to have these analyzed; then to compare'prices; then place the or der; then get it after it is shipped. You cannot do such things in a day. The law* must be followed and it pro vides 8ucU steps. - Moreover, these things canqot be done away with ac cording to law, and the result is that the dispensary will not be opened to the public at least before two weeks. That time, at the very least calcula tion, is required for its establishment. Castoria is Dr. Samnel Pitcher’s prescription for Infants and Children. 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