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The weekly banner. (Athens, Ga.) 1891-1921, September 29, 1891, Image 1

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uffosTiiT & tmgrmM tw wej ua maw BANN33 R. *r» ji» t&raatasMhsi «f *i < •» ATHENS, GA, TUESDAY MORNING. CAPITALISTS COMING. OVER IN ELBERTOK will build nun own. SHOULD COME TO ATHEKS. si they are oOtia uj st MIL Thestteaa- , itierefon, to this some of Lbe rail reads vet ibe utpidoitkit some contracts which' not allow to stood, i leases bow in force profitable to loo* over rV R R is upon lease, j A Stmask sad -.ere sad tbe Atlanta : Lise. Nobody hu : d with ut of then. .. screen eats aad no* of the Conslilatioe > other,that of tbe Cea- Pwcifie, which from •itz v-ewed with saw Many people 'nor. :>ct si t is thorny ia ■jt Cestral sad there t lit K- A i- . 5:w «t ltd s tnwber af bills Iiir,;,*: v: rentedy this evil aadj c’ wit [ ' ihew vouches the real i Lr. t.'i d - j. N-Ahix« that the' mz bo will remedy this If. (i ,>.rr it ibt contract which aiw u.t monopoly reaaiaa is m. A tbe uoiutotci for the ter Will go around the Uwoble; I--' em the monopolr astseched I*. Stmer bill alone attacks the Litre was asdsap at j; La iff tvs of the Ter-1 ■ :ttt * v b*litotes weald 11 :t cause they do aot ia-1 it monopoly. The Ter- j or* ao aot object to the I oecaaae the so beta tstew I ibar monopoly. They j » lit R&merbill s»plF destroy monopoly mad I mas*. This ia a sab-1 lit people are vitally I A con&ouidsiioa of twol ' rs..roads has takes J pets si esd to coraps J -*v> s. peris of the State I urtme Sontbera part I . v is* resulted- This ■sit jest before the leg- T i t fvlj effects of this j competition base aot t, ’mi tier sre berg fell oriit ee to bee orae more sppsreit. The qatWlios | '■ tn* .fgiilsi are is a plaia | :t.* monopoly he pat &:>apeiutioa be restored ? n one ws_v to do it, mad k; the wtlf** «a '-i»« monopoly. ShslsasphoitM T ^NTLEWth. ADJOUIM- •*tts Journal colls atSearl ** ,%cx that tbe Hoase at 1 ■iKiTfc* iss adopted the! already agreed to by] * *iii fits tbe lcth day 1 t ’ M ibe dsy for the issl 1 LtI: the Itegislstore. ataber shoald hear this] ' ^tiixies the Jocraal, aai cxeri i-mself to shape tbe 1 tt* -fr.sAtore so that it | tua b*«ea writhia the speei- *■ i« so re race why ^ &k T not he hwiwgtt |0 01 • lith of October with attended to that de- ** '"-'I «ibersuoe of the Gea-