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The weekly banner. (Athens, Ga.) 1891-1921, March 17, 1911, Image 5

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THE BANNER, FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 17, 1911. TEAMS OF DEimw FROM AUJORTH GEOSG Half a Hundred Local Expert Directors of the Farm ers’ Extension Work Under Government Sup. r- vision Are Here For Three Days’ Conference and Comparison of Reports. (From Tuesday's Banner.) A three days' session of the dis trict and local agents of the govern ment's educational extension work among the farmers of the northern half of the state began at the State College of Agriculture yesterday morning at 1# o'clock, District Agent K. Gentry, of Jonesboro, having dl rectlon of the convention. About fifty of these special agents for districts and counties were pres cnt—Indeed every county special lo cal agent reporting yesterday, with one or two exceptions, and they will likely arrive today. The names of those who are .here appear below- the north Georgia agents only—that part of the Jist down to J. H. John son, of Twiggs county. The meeting tor the southern part of the state will he Field in that section. The program as appended was fol lowed for yesterday with the excels tion that Professor Campbell's ad dress on the_ boys’ corn club work was substituted for the second num ber on the morning program In order to nllow Prof. Campbell to leave yes terday afternoon to resume his work with the educational train. An. ail dress was. also delivered yesterday morning at the opening session by Dr. A. M. Soule, president of the State College of Agriculture, who was In the city fdr the day. The morning session was held at the State College and the afternoon was most Interestingly and profitably spent on the farm In Inspection of the preparations being made for the com ing crop. These local agents are working un- tier the extension work In charge of Dr. S. A. Knapp. They solicit a num ber of "demonstrators’’ In their re spective counties—Intelligent and leading farmers who will agree to take and read the bulletins furnished from Dr. Knapp's office In the gov ernment department of agriculture, and cultivate one acre or more of] either corn or cotton, or both, strictly by the rules and directions laid down In these bulletins. The suggestions and formulae contained In these bul letins are the result of actual experi mentation which has been successful for several yeurs past. These dem onstrators consult with the local agent, and he must visit their dem onstration plots at least once a month during the time of the preparation and cultivation of the corn or cotton crop. He Inspects the work and takes notes on the processes and results sending In his reports In book form to the department at the end of the year. One local agent In an average county in north Georgia had last year thirty-four demonstrators among the middle-aged planters: this year he has fifty-eight, and in addition these regular fifty-eight he has large number of "co-operators” with whom he works, advising them and Riving them the advantagp of the bul letin “lessons and examinations practical farming methods." The plan Is bearing fruit. In all sections of the state and supplements the work of the State College, the educational train, and the farmers’ Institutes. Who Are Hers snd What They Are Doing. Following Is the program: Monday, March 13. Roll call. Outline of meeting. "Locating, Managing and Instruct ing Demonstrators," H. E. Savely. Five-minute talks by each agent "Formula for Good Whitewash, W. O. Cornelius. “Farm Machinery for llorsc Savely. General discussion. Discussion of water and light plant for a farmer's home, expenses, etc. Tuesday, March 14. Roll call. "Mares Bought, V. f„ Collier and S. M. Cown. "Hog Raising,” J. G. Tolteson and L. C. Davis. “Managing Demonstrators Failed to Follow Instructions and Building Up Demonstration Homes, W. O. Cornelius. "Field Schocls,” S. M. Cown. "Fertillxer” (charts), Savely. Address by P. F. Bahnson, state veterinarian. 'Selection of Seed Corn,” S. Cown. , ‘Selection of Seed Cotton,” Gen try. Seeing the college farm. Recess. "Boys’ Corn Club," J. P. Campbell. Wednesday, March 15. Cultivation of corn crop (demon stration). Cultivation of cotton crop (demon stration). General discussion. Outline of duties of agents. Talks on legumes. The following Is a list of agents District Agent—W. O. Cornelius Cedartown. I.ocal Agents—W.~R. Tucker. Sum merville; E. T. Jackson. Carrollton W. H. Daniel, Newnnn; I,. C. Davis, LaOrnnge: J. M. Bayfield, Chlpley: C. Foster, Dalton: C. S. Cox. Cass Station: B. J. Davis. Rockmart; D. F. Campbell, Cartersvllle; R. S. Hun ter, Decatur: O. I,. Harris. Palmetto B. Googler, Jonesboro: J. B. Brown, NfcDonough; V. L.- Collier, Means- vllle. District Agent—S. M. Cown, Union City. Agents—J. G. Tolleson, Montlcello M. 1^. Duggan, Sparta: W. A Logue, Gibson: J. Z. Johnson, Oxford: P. Johnson, Covington; J. T. Waters, Gainesville; D. B, Eskew; J. South, Martin: S. E. Morgan, Union City; P. B. Mundy, Harlem: D, Pitts, Bowman; W. W. Yates, Tern pie; J. D. McGee, Knoxville; J. H, Johnson, Jeffersonville; O. L. Pea cock. Ella vllle; Of. V. Cunningham, W. T. Holliday, Lumpkin; J. W. West, W. A. Hill. Georgetown. District Agent—J. G. Oliver, Ma con. ’ R. D. Gay, Cuthbert: E. S. Collins, Blakely: L. G. Collins, Camilla; T. Pittman, Attapulgus; J. C. Beverly, Thomasvllle; S. 1* Dowling, Val dosta; W, N. Manning, Funston; W C. Lewis. WeiIston; M. W. Walker, RIaekshear; J. E. W. Smith, Wa cross; D. H. Smith, Swalnsboro. District Agent—E. Gentry, Jones boro. L. L. Parker, Daisy; J. G. Trapnell, Metter; B. S. Mooney, Statesboro; B, W. Cubbedge, Guyton. Mr. W. A. Carlisle, of Gainesville, was In the city yesterday. He Is the chief engineer and a large stockholder In the great Georgia Power Company, which Is now developing Tallulah Falls power and many other water powers In Georgia. Overseer Voliva, Dowie’s Successor Had Long Line of Tribulations Chicago, fll„ March 13.—When Zion City passed from the bands of the Federal court Into the control of Wil bur Glenn Voliva last week It was believed that the trials and tribula tions of the famous community found the late “Elijah" Dowie were about ended. The ending of the re ceivership through the payment of 9*00,000 by Voliva's brokers was ac cepted as the beginning of the long promised "new era," under which Zion's factories and business enter prises are to yield great dividends to the cltlxens. But Overseer -Voliva, whom liowle designated as his successor shortly before his death, bss found his path a thorny one. Ousted from Zion City, sued for debt and thrown Into Jail have been Included among his ex periences since he assumed the lead ership. Overcoming all obstacles and For selling the fluid of which In some circles there Is frequently an exchange of demands for "two fin gers" of It, ■ country negro. Grant Wallace came to grief and the police station Sunday. He was tried before Mayor Pro Tem Ben Woods yester day morning, snd on account of the defendant’s having recently lost “two fingers,” he got off at half price- saving a clean f 100 as a sort of acci dental, Incidental, accident Insurance, ji rising superior to all difficulties, Vol iva finally succeeded In gaining finan cial control of the 91,330.000 property of the community. And now he has to battle for poll- tlcal control of the little city, without which his spiritual leadership and fin ancial authority will avail him little. The matter will be settled In the pri mary election In Zion City tomorrow. Upon the result depends the question of Voliva's supramey. The political campaign between Voliva and his op ponents has been one of extreme bit terness. Voliva Is charged by Ills political foe* with having threatened terrible punishment to all members of Zion who voted against him. De spite the alleged threats the opposi tion Is keeping up Its fight to the last and expresses confidence In bringing about Volvla’s overthrow at the polls tomorrow. The negro two weeks ago had two .fingers pared off In a lathe and had not recovered from the wounds. The police picked him up 8unday selling whiskey to make up for lost time. His physical condition saved him the ex treme penaltr usually meted to the tiger- defendant Mr. Walter Math ews, on whose place near Hull the negro lived, paid his fine yesterday MHASFS Danielsville Court Was Full of Criminal Busi* ness and Several UilU«U ll CUS;S. (Special to The Banner.) Danielsville, Ga., March 13.—Court is not in session here today and there will be no sessions all this week, Last week was a very busy one, great many criminal ca3es being dis posed of, and among the number were several of Interesting civil nature and a larger number than for many terms of serious and Important criminal cases, much Interest Delng taken In these latter. Court Next Week. Judge Meadow will reconvene court next Monday and there Is probably more business to be disposed of right away than all the next week can set* adjudicated, so If deemed necessary the presiding Judge will continue the court from day to day or call an ad journed team at some later dater In the spring. Aged Negro's Gold Mine. One of the most Interesting rases on the list of civil business wa* the case In which ejectment proceedings were Instituted against Charles Me- Daniel, colored, the petitioners being O. 8. and 8. C. Dove, white citizen*. The negro Is 97 years of age. He bought a farm from the Dove broth ers, paying a small part of the pur chase money on the property and giv ing his notes for the balance. The deferred payments were not met, was shown, and became past due. the meantime, however, the nearly hundred-year-old darkey made a rich find on the place—an almost parallel “ase to that of the man in the New Testament parable who discovered treasure In a field, straightway went and sold all that he had and bought the possession, with the exception of the little detail, however, that didn't sell all that lye had and that, ‘•bile he did buy the field, he failed to meet his payments upon It. The rich find was lp the shape of a gold vein. The state geologist and state chemist made assays of the ore taken cut and it was discovered to be rich— the samples of ore tested by them and also samples sent to the assay -office In Philadelphia indicating that there was gold In paying quantities and ranging from $20 to 930 a ton. But that was not all, sapphires and rubles and garnets were also found on tbe place. Tbe ejectment action resulted In an order from tbe court directing that ,the property be sold and the balance of purchase be paid to the former owners who sold the place to the aged negro. One Year for Manslaughter. One of the ltghteet sentences the history of the state was given one defendant for manslaughter—In fact, the shortest term the law al laws as a penalty for this offense. In the case of -Arthur Dixon, a white man, charged with the murder of Grover Drake, another white, the Jury found Dixon guilt of manslaughter and recommended that he be given tbe lightest sentence which the law allows—a very unusual recommends tlon. The Jury acceded to the rec ommendation and Dixon was sen tenced to one year In the chalngang. Two Othsr Murder Catss. Lonnie 81ms, colored, was placed on trial for murder, the killing of an other negro named George Williams He was found guilty and recommend to the mercy of the court, receiv ing a life sentence. Jim Powers, also a negro, was tried for the murder of another negro with whom he had engaged In a personal difficulty, a quarrel about who had lilt nerest to a mark at a target prac tice. He was found guilty of man slaughter and waa given a sentence fifteen years. Town Marshal Fined. Charlie Kidd, marshal of Daniels- vllle, was placed on trial for shoot ing at another, having shot Charles Snelllngs on last Christmas day. He was found guilty and given, two years. Will Daniel, colored, was also found guilty of shooting st another, the shooting occurring while the negro hnd several while boys were on possum hunt. Daniels was sentenced the gang for two years. NEW STATION Contractor Has Arrived Placed Order For Some of Meterial and ' Work Btgins. Former Congressman Henry Boutell, who has been nominated by President Taft to be United Slates minister to Protuga], was defeated for the republican congressional nomina tion In the ninth Illinois district at the primaries last fall. Mr. Boutell a* one of the staunch supporters of Speaker Cannon in the lower house. Attacks School Principal. A severe attack on school principal, Cbas. B. Allen, of Sylvanls, Ga., la thus told by him. “For more than three years," be writes, "I suffered In describable torture from rheumatism, liver snd stomach trouble and dis eased kidneys. All emedles failed I used Electric Bitters, but tour bottles of this wonderful remedy cur ed me completely.” Such results are commob. Thousands bless them for curing stomach ’trouble, female com plaints, kidney disorders, biliousness, snd for new health and vigor. Try them. Only 50c at W. J. Smith I Bro, and H. R. Palmer ft Sons. Work has actually been begun the new 9*5,000 passenger station which the Seaboard Air Line Railway Company Is to erect for the city Athens. Contractor H. A. Walkup, of Rich mond, has arrived In the city and planning the details of the prelimi nary work rapidly and carefully, that when the large force of hands gets down to active work the build ing may be pushed as rapidly as pos sible. Yesterday tne work of the removal of the brokerage business of Rowland ft Co. from the old freight depot, now a part of the old frame station in use, to the uptown freight terminals the road on Broad street, was begun end the first steps were taken pre paratory to rolling the present ware house to the lot at the rear of the Boston bakery. Several carloads material have arrived and the con tractor is busy negotiating for ot material, labor, and sub-contracts. Mr. Walkup expressed the intention yesterday of giving the Athens firms every order for material which he ran—giving the home people tbe pref erence In every case where be can get material at as low figures here as he would have to pay elsewhere. Doubtless the local dealers In lumber, brick, cement and lime, roofing, plumb ing goods, hardware and the other big lots of goods In the construction lino which go Into such a building can give the contractor the prices and the qunllty of material he will deaians, and his spending money for a large part of the material here will mean much added to the circulation. Be sides, there will be a number of la borers and skilled mechanics given employment while the building Is In progress. ** i* The new station Is to be a passen ger station only for use of tbe only through line passing Athens, and will accommodate also the Gainesville Midland passenger trains as hereto fore—the S. A. U leasing station fa cilities to that road. These roads al ready have large freight terminals In the heart of the city. The new pas senger station will he a building In keeping with the Importance of Ath ens among the towns and cltlea along the lines ot- this system, and will therefore J>c one of which the road will be Justly proud. It will cover a much larger floor space than tho pretty new station of the Southern, which Is Just receiving Its finishing touches. In addition It Is on a higher site and will be a taller building. From the foundation up for some ten feet It will be constructed of brown hough-finished stone. Above the stone It will be built of colored pressed brick and the finish will be tasty and striking. The style of architecture Is Impressive and handsome, while It Is thoroughly business-like in appear ance. The appointments will be per fect ns to arrangement Inside and every convenience for tbe traveling public, both ladles and gentlemen, will be afforded for all sorts or weather. Outside the building enthe north side of tbe station, a handsome Iron shelter will extend over tbe tracks, the trains pasting under thai shed. The shed will also extend east out to the College avenue bridge and will be brought round on tbe south side s reasonable depth. The walk way* under the shed and the ap proaches to the station will be of some material like granolithic or c< ment. Altogether the polnta to be empbalxed In tbe new station will b. stability, sufficient size, comfort and accommodation for the patrons of the road, untlllty and neat, Impressive ap pearance. “Foley’s Honey and Tar Is the best cough remedy I ever used as It quick ly stopped a severe cough that had long troubled me.” says J. W. Kubn, Princeton, Neb*-. Just so quickly snd surely It acts in all cases of coughs, colds, lagrippe and lung trouble. Re fuse substitutes. For sale by all drug* Igata. X Although tbe legislature of Nevada Is democratic on Joint ballot. Senator Nixon, republican, was unanimously elected, because he received a ma jority of the votes cast at tbe advisory primary. EOUCATIONOL TRAIN ON SEVENTH WEEK] Wi'l Make Trip Today^ From | Atlanta to LaGrange on West Point Route. Newspaper Men Have interview With “Old Bill Miner” Robber Gainesville, Ga., March J3.—‘Old Bill" Miner, convicted as George An derson, as leader of the train robbers, is still In Hall county Jail. Jim Han ford and Charley Hunter have been The educational train now begin-1 taken to Newton county to work out ning its sixth week touring Georgia, their fifteen year sentences. Col. B, spent last night ii\ Atlanta. Dr. P. Gailard, who was attorney for An- Soule, In charge of the trip as presl- derson, says that no application will dent of the State College of Agrlcul- be made for a no wtrlal for Ills client, ture, spent- Sunday In Athens and re. Col. Gaillard, though he has not re mained over yesterday to attend to ccived a cent of compensation for work compelled to be done here, his service In defending the old enm- Profs. Hart and Campbell also spent t°al, put up toe gamest fight for his yesterday here and Joined the train client, and is receiving congratula te Atlanta. Prof. Hite was in charge tlons of bis fellow ottorneya and his of the "college on wheels” yester- friends outside the bar, on the ex- da.v. cellent way he handled the case. The train will spend today and to-1 Anderson is being held a few weeks morrow on the Atlanta and West in Jail here on request of Superlnten- Polnt road, stopping tonight at New- dent of the Southern Express Co. A nan and running on to LaGrange and statement Is being secured from An- West Point tomorrow, spending to-1 derson. about his past life, and many morrow night again In Atlantal The little doings of Ills are being told by day following they will go down to the old man. It Is believed that the Griffin, and from Griffin through Information he will reveal will be northwest Georgia and Into Chatta-| of value In throwing light upon other nooga—on a brief Invasion ot Ten nessee. robberies with which he has been con nected ami which have never been cleared up. Hu Millions of Frlands. I While It Is the general sentiment How would you like to number your that Anderson should serve as a con- friends by millions us Bucklen’g Aral- vlct ibc full extent, there is u sym- ca Salve does? Its astounding cures pathy for the old man, because of his In the past forty years made them, physical condition. He suffers very It's the best salve in the world <or| much from some physical ailment and sores, ulcers, eczema, burns, bolls, I has received every attention from the scalds, cuts, corns, sore eyes, sprains, charitably Inclined persons of Galne*. swellings, bruises, cold sores. Has no vllle. equal for piles. 25c at W. J. Smith Anderson says, "Robbery Is rob. ft Bro., and H. R. Palmer ft Sons. | bsry,' and that It is Just ns wrong to steal nn a small scale as it is to rob BIG STOCK SHOW IN la bank of 919.999, oPan express com- FORT WORTH, TEXAS, pany of double as much. His “con- Fort Worth, Texas, March 13.—The tempt' for "Charley,” who "went back annual* fat stock show under tbe aus-1 on his partner," Is great, and he pices of the National Feeders and prides himself that while he will plead Breeders' Association was opened at guilty lo no charge, he hu never the stock yards Coliseum today with been guilty o ftelling a bare faced lie. addresaes by Governor Colquitt and He says he has the greatest respect and others. The show will continue I for any woman and has nover wrong- through the week. The exhibition I cd nor hurt any one in his life of Is the largest In the history of the as- criminality, ror the most part, soclatlon. In the Coliseum and the| beries. spacious sheds erected for tbe pur pose are thouaanda of thoroughbred | Anderson, now self-confessed train cattle, pedigreed sheep and fancy bogs. I robber, makes the statement that in The Fort Worth Horse Show; whleh| a ]j h j $ career, checkered and base as Is being held in conjunction with the |> | 8 has been, he has never been stock show, adds to this aggregation guilty of lying. nearly 1,009 blooded horses. The at- while the other two men were caw tendance of visitors'from aontliwes r |cd to Newton county to work out tern and middle western states during I their sentence on the roads of that the week promises to be unusunlly I county, Anderson was kept in Jail, by heavy. orders of the State prison commission, with the Intention of obtaining in formation which will be of value In obtaining light upon other robberies bleb have been committed and which had not been cleared up. This was done upon request of Kills s Murdsrsr. merciless murderer Is append! cltis with many victims, but Dr King’s New Life Pills kill It by pre vention. They gently stimulate stom ach, liver and bowels, preventlnNj Siijierintendent Smith of the Soutbern that colgglng that Invites appendl- Kxpress Company citti, curing constipation, headache, Money which Anderson had taken biliousness, chills, 25c at W. J. Smith p a( j been*lild in the mountains of Bro., and H. R. Palmer ft Sons. | i -um p|,| n county. Ho told Sheriff Crow ivhere the money was placed: “I believe you are lying to me," said Hampton Roads, Va„ March 13.— I the .sheriff. The biggest fleet of torpedo boat dc-j With a flash of tlie eye, that look- BIG FLEET OF LITTLE VESSELS. convict, and the’sentiment of the peo ple. in stentorian tones, speak the truth. While 'robbery Is robbery," to use the language of Anderson, on receiving the sentence from tbe lips of Judge Jones, a consistent record of sixty-nine years of robbery, has a weighty force. It was as If the prisoner has said, the law has no right to “rob” me of my freedom. The law, tbe people, do not think this way about It. And the prisoner says, “I will make no at tempt to get away.” Because of his age add-his physi cal disability, possibly because he la not an Ignoramus and shows "fight" nnd "grit” since his Incarceration in I he Hall county Jail. Anderson has been shown more than ordinary char ity on tbe part of many. Many call ers have been In to see him and be lias been supplied with books and papers lo read, with special things to eat, and has been treated like a gen tleman. So much had been said to stir public sentiment In behalf of the poor way faring stranger In Jail “within our gates,” that a Banner representative, looking for truth, though It well to a personal look at the wiry lit tle robber, hear the tone of bis voice, and get an expression of his Ideas. Impressions of the Vloit. The corespondent of the Banner, speaking for Hie party which visited Miner In the Hall county Jail, con tinues: Last Friday noon we saw Ander son in his cell at the Jail. For fifteen minutes we heard him talk. We couldn't edge In a word. We didn't want to. He had Just eaten dinner, was fresh, and hadn't bad an opportunity in several hours to ex< erclse his vooal chords. He'll talk, yea, he'll talk, talk the “horns off a billy goat." , Anderson rose from a chair in the cell, to ehake hands. “Olad to see you. Hare a seat," pointing to a chair In the hall, outside the cell. Beg pa* don tor not changing shirts, but this Is the only shirt I have. Pretty day -we're having. Feeling pretty good and getting on nicely.” There was sarcaam In hie tones. We didn't mention bis crimes, but told him we understood be had read a good deal, and thought a good deal more, and that he was a socialist Is polltlcaFWllef. He talked, and told ua more about socialism, and what he had said at various times during tbe laet ten years, and what his actions had been In defence of the doctrlnee of the so. clallet fmrt.v, than we had ever thought could have been In hie mind. He le considerably above tbe ordin ary man In Intellectual development He it naturally endowed with excep tional Intellect. •troyera seen tn Hampton Roada In “* hatred- and vengeance, and the long time rendezvoused here today, movement of Ms wiry body like that The fleet comprise^ eight destroyers,I ol a wlld-cat, the robber, replied: 1 the Drayton, Roe, Terry, Paulding, have never yet told a lie, »lr; you Preston, Smith, Flusser snd Lamson. *IH nnd the money Just as I tell you. The vessels, which have been In Sheriff Crow did find the money, southern waters the greater part of about five hundred dollars one time, the winter, will be overhauled prepare-1 ar -d about three hundred another, tory to engaging In the spring battlo Anderson says It Is an easy mat practice of the North Atlantic fleet. | ter to rob a train, or a bank, and that he bas never yet had any trouble In Special Medicine for Kidney All-1 carrying out hit plane, and that he mints. ho* not found It necessary to resort Many elderly people have found In I to any means that would result a Foley's Kidney Remedy a quick re- physical hurt to any person, lief and permanent benefit from kid- He tells of robbing a bank of an ney and bladder ailments and from enormous sum and settling tbe debts annoying Irregularities due to advatre- of a gloomy friends, who had failed In ing year*. Isaac N. Regan, Farmer, business. says: "Foley’s Kidney Remedy He tells of going through a passes- effected a complete cure In my case ger coach and securing one hundred and I want others to know of It.” For dollars to reimburse a lady, whose sale by all druggists. X | purse bad been stolen, and In recit ing this Incident, he emphatically Henry L. Meyers, the new United I states that he holds woman in the States senator from Montana, Is forty-1 highest respect, has never and will nine years old and a native of Mis- j never take the least advantage of soui’l. He worked an his father'* any woman. farm, taught school, became a news-1 Col. B. P. Gaillard deserves much paper man and finally a lawyer. | credit, from the vtew-point of a de fending attorney, for the skill he ex- A Mother's Safeguard. I empllfled In his handling of tbe case Foley's Honey and Tar for tbe chll-l and for the defense, strong as it could dren. Is best and safest for all be, which he made for bis client, but coughs, colds, croup, wbooplngcougb tbe verdict of the Jury, the sentence and bronchitis. No opiates. For sale of the court, the confession of the'king a socialist of Sheriff Crow* **• all druggists. xl 1 He le not an educated man. He has done hie own thinking, more than likely In self defense. He has coooly, calculated, placed himself. In position, where he has been forced to plot and plan to keep hie own life. He has taken no training from hit fellow man, he has received no spirit ual enlightenment. It hie natural mental talents bad been trained in the right channel, he would have made a powerful agency. Hie thinking faculties have been stronger than the fellows with whom he has worked, but for brief seasons at various times In bit career, he hat been In contact with a class of leading thinkers of tbe age. He has heard Eugene V. Debt speak and seen the effect of hie work, and he wor ships at the shrine of euch leaders ot socialism. He bas worked on wages, and was not satisfied to d9 the work planned by other hand*. The microbe of lazi ness attacked him and he was not able,day tn and day out, to follow a bus iness outline of his own making. It Is easier to hold up trains and rob banks. Wblle he bas thought, his thinking has been dons by "fits and starts,” and be bas taken care to keep himself very well. At ilxty-nlne he doesn't look a year older' than fifty. Him bluish gray eye shows a little speck of water and |t will not long hold the iteadv look of an honest man. ,He says he has little chance of ms- Warning to Railroad Men. Look out for severe and even dan gerous kidney and bladder trouble re sulting from yean of railroading. Geo. E. Bell, 639 Third St., Fort Wayne, Ind., was many years a con ductor on the Nickel Plate. He say*: "Twenty years of railroading left my- kldneys In terrible condition. There was a continual pain across my back and hips and my kidneys gave me much distress, and the action of my bladder was frequent snd most pain ful. T got n supply of Foley Kidney Pills and the first bottla made a won derful Improvement and four bottles cured me completely. Since being cured I have recommended Foley Kid ney Pills to many of my railroad j friends.” For sale by all druggists. The special session which will be gin April 4 will be an altogether new congress, the Sixty-second, of whose members 141, 19 senators and 122 re presentatlvet, will be new to their places. The most common cause of Insom nia Is disorders of the stomach. Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets correct three disorder* and enable you to sleep. For sale by all dealers. Luke Lea, the new United States senator from Tennessee, Is a grandson of the late Col. Luke Lea, a dlstln guisbed soldier and member of con gress. Senator Lea Is a democrat of tbe progressive type and It I* expect ed he will so align himself iu the sen ate. When you have rheumatism In your| foot or Instep apply Chamberlain'* Liniment and you will get quick re lief. It costs but a quarter. Why «ufi I fer? For sal# by all dealers. | THE PROOF OF THE PUDDI06 I* * n eating but you can judge its reception beforehand when the ingre- diems and preparation are right. In ft like manner the modern and scien tific methods and the careful select ion of the materials that enter into the manufacture of Texico Roofing would be enough to assure you of Its high quality even If It did not have tbe record for satisfactory eervlep that It enjoys. It Is durable and therefore econom ical. It protects In all climates snd wcathtr conditions, wstsrproof. Flr*-reslstlng. MADE BY, THE TEXAS COMPANY Sold by SMITH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, ATHENS, OA. 'j