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Georgia & Carolina gazette. (Petersburg, Ga.) 1805-18??, August 07, 1806, Image 2

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LONDON, May 13. “I he French government have as proprietors of Venice, claim ed of the Porte all the poffi fllons in ‘lurkifb Dalmatia and Albania , which belonged to the republic of Venice. —— 000 New-york, July 7. A letter from an officer on board the Pomp'e, fir S. Smith, dated off Gibraltar, April io, intimates, u that the Pompce is about to repair to Mcffina, for the purpose of bringing the King and Queen of Naples to England without delay.” A letter from Gibtalrar, da red April 9, fays “ The Swift - lure came from Teruan, where she had been to water. The Moors knocked down and f*iz ed one of the lieutenants be iongmg to the ship employed on the watering party, and car ried him off prisoner to Tetuan because captain Rutherford re fufrd to give them a certain quantity of powder, which thev dt manded. The insolence and extortion of both, the emperor of Morocco and the dey of Al giers, daily increase, and our government ftiould take fomc determined mealures with the Barbary powers to render the British flag a little refpe&able in their eyes, which certainly is not at pri fenr the case.” CHARLES 1 ON, July 24. The United States armed vefirls, which have arrived from the Me diterranean, are ordered on to New York and Norf >lk, except three of the Gun-Boats, which are to be laid up in this port. Extrasl from the Minutes of the Conferences of the Metbodift Episcopal Church in America> for the year 1806. The addition of 10,625 mem bers to one branch of the Church of Chnft, in one year, rnuft af ford particular pleasure to every man who knows the value of genuine religion. N. B. Agreeably to the re turns publifhtd in the said Mi nutes, there are more than 130, 000 members of the Mcthodifl Episcopal Church in America, t'xclufive ofthofein Nova-Sco tia, New-Brunswick, and the various Weft-India Illands which if added, would make about 150,000 in America. —doc NEVV-ORLEANS, May 10. It is reported at Pensacola that the two Floridas have been ceded by Spain to France in ex change for the Dutchies of Par ma and Placentia, which will be re-united to the kingdom of Etruria; and that France has fold the two Florictas to the U nited States for about four mil lions of dollars. It is added that persons of refpe&abdky at Pen iacola arc inclined to believe this news, which we believe to have been taken to Pensacola by individuals who took their leave of this city but a Ihort time ago. Sheriff’s Blank Titles For Sale at this QlEc^ From the American Citizen. DEFENCE OF NEW- YORK. It is a fid jell of congratulation to our fellow citizens that aJyftcm of defence is now in operation fir the city and harbor of New York. The survey made by Cel. Williams has for Jane time been under con- Jidcration at the war office. A plan of repairs for the works at Fort fay has been agreed upon and contrails have been made un der the dire dial of general Dear born by captain li hiley Jor the Jlone and other materials necejfary for the work. A large quantity has already been delivered on Sta ten ljland. ihe undertaker of the masonry and his labourers are expeded to begin their lab urs within a jew weeks. It is under - flood that the whole of the ram parts and parapets are to be fac ed with hick and Jlone. New ravelines and curtains are to be added to the Salient angles of the fort. ‘The original dejign of the engineer is to be completed or im proved upon, and every additional repair and enlargement made that J, kill and labour can give it. In consequence of these detenjive ope rationSy it is affirmed by competent judges that both the eajl and weft sides of the city will be protested by the cannons of the fort Jo ef Ac tually, that an hojiile feet will find it impossible to lie at anchor in cither of the rivets. Fort Jay will thus be made a very formida ble work ; capable of giving J'ecu rity to the city and of dejtroying the ships of an enemy. Orders are now in execution at Wafbington , Philadelphia and N. York for mounting many pieces of heavy cannon. Proposals for contrails are like * wife in circulation from the navy departmenty for the conflr uftion of a number of gun boats upon the mcfl modern and improved plan> at the ciy of New-York. Mr. Smith's agent has forfome weeks been engaged in receiving proposals for building these powerful engines of offence to an enemy. II itb such rapid and aufpicicus beginnings we may exp est that in the courj'e of a few years , our city , under the aujpices of a wife and provident adminiflration , will be placed in such a Jlate of security that no cue need be afraid of hef tile invafton \ but all the inhabi tants pursue their occupation in pcacir y under an assurance that there is nought to make them afraid. PETERSBURG, Thursday, Aug. 7, 1806. We are authorized to Rate, that William Barnett, Esq. is a candidate for Congress at the next General Elcdion. Col. Joseph Colhoun, of South-Carolina, has consented to become a candidate at the enluing eledion for Congress, to represent the united and; it rids of Abbeville, Newbury, and Laurence. DIED, at his Plantation in F.dg field ddtnd, South-Caro lina, on Monday the 28 th July, Mr. Milfoil Mcfeley. In juflice to the ft < lings of an afilided ) oung widow and aged parents ; and in the hope of exciting a v g lant attend m in the com mun ry for apprehending his murderer—he following ftue ment as given by the deceased, is r'q.ielted to be made public. —O.i Saturday morning lafl, as Mr. Moieley was taking a Ihort hunting excursion round his re ghborhood, he difcoveied a negro fellow endeavoring to hdc himfclf from his view— which induced him to fufped hv was a runaway, on approach ing and interrogating the fellow, his lufpicions were ftrengthen eu i a;*d for the lase securing of the fellow, he ordered him to ftnpoffihis cloathes, to difeover if he had any offer five weapon in his pofi’ ffion. The fellow denied having any, nor was any to be dilcovered about him. He was then directed to walk On to Mr. Moieley’s house, a bouc one mile dillanr, the de cealed following him—unfor tunately the latter inadvertently approached too near to the Ne gro, when he iuddenly turned round, elofed upon Mr. Mote ley, and gave him a fatal stab in the belly with a knife, which he had fome where concealed when prevtouffy examined— Mr. Moieley fo.m after fell, and the fellow made his cl'cape, taking with him the rifle loaded with two balls— ihe family be ing alar r>td at the unexpected delay of Mi. Moieley, went in fcarch of him, and about three hours after the accident, found him laying near a road, with a great portion of his bowels pro truded through the wound— thefe were loon returned and the wound ftitchcd up * medi cal afliltance was procured, but all was in vain ; he lingered in great pain until 11 o’clock, Monday forenoon, retaining his intellectual faculties to the last few minutes before his death. The Negro Fellow who com mited this murder, was descri bed by the deceased, to be a bout 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, between 30 and 40 years of age ; the thumb of the left hand off— a lcar on one of h s thighs ; and his back was well marked with stripes—he had on a fliort dark colored cloath coat, blue panta loons, gv,od fliarp toed fhocs, and a tolerably good hat —he had with him a large bag, the contents unkuown, and a good blanket apparently aimoft new', all of which with the following described r.fEd he carried off with him. The rifle is of the common length and bore, bral’s mounted, the flock broken near the hind fight, and there tied with a waxed thread. Should any fellow answering the abave dclcription be taken up or lodg ed in any jail, it will be per forming an atl of juflice to the community, to forward infor mation thereof co William Mose ley, living at Deer Savannah, Edgefield difirift, on the road leading from Long-Cane to Charltllon, South-Carolina ; 16 miles diflanc from Auguila in Georgia, so as the villain may be brought to condign ptmiih ment. Herald . SAVANNAH, JULY 26. Ebenezcr , Eflhgham County. July 24, iSc6. In haftc I communicate to vou the following difhtffing news. On the bn'ival of Mr. jOßri GROMET and family, with merchandize from Savannah on Sunday, on the Monday follow ing they were employed * ln 0 , pt ni r g them. On Turfdaye vening a hogshead of brandy took fire from a candle, but In what manner ic is difficult to fay j the fire communicated from that hogshead to an others, and in a fmail time the ‘houfe was in flames, by which Mr. Gromet was so much burnt, that he died on Wednesday morning, and Mrs. Gromet lies in great agony and it is feared she cannot survive long. Brandy, Gin, Rum, &c. &c. were consumed in large quant ities, with every article the house contained ; papers, and a few fmail things excepted ; and not witbftandmg the diffancc at which the buildings arr placed from each other, the deflruffton of the remaining part of this village, was prevented only by a severe shower of rain place at that time, and the ex ertions of the surrounding neigh bors, whole aftivity alone pre served the church* which {lands 60 or 70 yards from the red houfe* in whnh these unfortu nate people had taken their refidtnee. ThePrtfidenc of the United States has appointed Mr. John ■ B. Dabney, American Consul at Azores or Weflern Illands. Arrived at Philadelphia, ship Active, capr. Morris, in fixry * days from Cape Good H -pe: by her vve are informed, that • Sir Home Popham failed from the Cape on the 14th cf April lafl , in the Diadem, accompa nied by the Diamond ancißaif onable of 64 guns, two fr g.tes,• and a number of transports, on board of which was a train of artillery and a highland regi ment. In was generally behev ed rhac this expedition was def tlned against the Spamfh fettle - ments of kio-de- Plata. We are informed, and we ‘ communicate the intelligence with furrow, that No. 7, commanded by Lieutenant Ogilvie, which failed from the port of New-York for the Me diterranean, returned to tnat port with the loss of her mast, and failed a second time for her place of dfcflination, has never since been heard of, and there is every reafbn to believe she is loft, with all her crew. Gun-Boat No. 6, arrived at this port, has sprung her mast ; but (he is represented, by her officers, to be a moft excellent fta*boat. Charleston Courier, Extra ft of a Liter from a gentle man on board the L.eander y io his friend in New- Yorky via Norfolky dated Grenada , May 28, 1806. “ I wrote you from JacquC mel, derailing our proceedings with refptft co ihe expedition; it has been a fubje£t of delay and Oifdppoi ntment which it was impossible for the moll intuitive mind to fort fee or conjtdlure—• but thanks to Providence and liberty, which overlooks all w<? iG, cur prufpedls brighteni—■