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The Search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 18??-1903, February 09, 1901, Image 1

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{iWlUTnlftT flliwt Vi NU BAINBRIDGE, DECATUR CO., GEORGIA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY !), 1901 uns UULLAK A TKAli IN ADVANCE CITY TAX SALKS. j street, and levied uj on jis the [invert,) „. n J* f v,........ of Mrs, A. P. DonaUoo sa-isly tt city tux Gt.ORG IA Dkcatui Cou.s n. ti fa issued by B. Nuss nun. clerk of Wi.i be sold before the court house council, vs said Mrs. A, P. Donalsun for door, in the city-of Baiubridge, Decatur unpaid taxes. OFFICIAL ORGAN OF DECATUR COUNTV AND OF THE CITY OF BAINBRIDGE. ■gfBB-J !—SSSBSBS county, Georgia, on the first i uesday tu Ma ch next, during the legal hours of sal , the following described property, to wit: One vacant lot No, teu (10) situated in thud division of Paulett exteustou in the city of Baiuoridge, hounded as follows: On, the north by Park street, on the east by lot N'o. (11), on the south by lot No. five (5), and on the west by lot No. nine ulet [9, in the same section. Levied upon as Keddick Joue8 for unpHld teM8> the pro[ierty ot Ellen Brown to satisty a 1 Also, at the same time and place, one enclosed oity loUNo. 14 of fifth division of Paulett extension,' in the city of Baiii- briilge, boupded as follows: On* the north by llay street, on the east by lot No. 10. on 1 he south by lot No.'3. a 4 on the west by lot No. 13, same division, and levied on as the property of K»dd’ B. Nussbaum, Clerk of Council, ts. said city tax"li fa issued by B. Nussbaum, Clerk of Council, vs. Ellen Blown—tor city talcs. Also, at the same time and' place, one .(leant city lot No. f7; in third division ji Paulett extension in tue city of Baiu- uridge, said county, bounded as follows: On the north by Park street, on the east >y E. Jones or lot No. 8, on the south by Paulett, and on the w«.~t by lot No. six li; of same division and levied on as the .ruparty of W. D. West to satisfy a city .ax fifa issued by B. Nussbaum, Clerk of Council, vs. W'.D. West, and otheriifas in my hands lor unpaid taxes. Also, at the same time and place, one •aeant city lot No. twelve il2; in-second ivisiou in the city of Baiubndge, said ounty, bounded as follows: Ou the ortk by King street, on the east by Helen street, ou the south by Mollie VJiite, and the west by lot No. eleven 11) in same division, aucf levied on as the .roparty of b. Bell to satisfy a city tax i fa issued by' B, Nussbaum, Clerk of ’ouncll, vs. said B. Bell, for unpaid tax- k, Also, at the same time and place, one caut.vty lot No. one (1; siuiated in tue ! -urth diviiion, in thocity of Baiu bridge, [ id cor.uiy , oounded as follows: On the ,rt-h by lot No. thirteen (13;.outheeast ! lot No. two (2;, ou-tho South by Pau- t street and ou the west by Helen •eet. of the same division of the Pau- c extension, and levied ou as the prop- y of O. N. Ptuuegan to satisfy a city fi ta issued hv B. Nussbaum, Clerk Council, vs. said O. N Finnegan, for uaid taxes. ^<ilso, at the same time and place, one lose and let in the citv of ’.’aiuoiidge (said county, bounded as follows: On i north by property of K. I. Cunv, on • eust by Mrs. Grifiith, on the soutu by Lins street, und ou tLe west by Pres- Leriau ilanse, and levied upon as the |perty of me estate o: tt A. Greiuwer. utisfy <* city tax li la issued by ill. E. [isbaum, Clerk oi Council, vs. the os- b of ft. A. Greuiiuer tor unpaid taxes. Also, at the same time and place, one house and lot, situated in the city of Baiubridge, said couuty, bounded as fol lows: .On the north by' James Johnson, Oi. tie east by property of B. B. Bower on the south by Jas. Williams and ou the w est by Lewis street, and levied on as the property of W. R. Mims, Agent, to satisfy a city tax fi fa issued by M. E. Nussbaum, Clerk of Council, vs. saidW. K. Mims, Ageut, for uupaid toxes. Also at the same time and place, oud house and lot, situated in the city af Bainbndgo, said county, bounded as fol lows; On the northTby property of J. | E Donalsou.on the east by property of Miss Hattie Patterson, ou the south by property' of E. J. Padrick and on the west by Monroe street, and levied on as the property of G. H. Padrick. to satis fy a city tax fi fa issued by B. Nuss- baum. Clerk of Council, vs said G. H. Padrick. for unpaid taxes. Also at the same and place, one vacant city lot No. 10, iu Paulott ui> is- inlhecityof Bainbridgb, said county, bounded as follows: Ou the north by Cemetery street, on the east by lot No. ll,on the south by R. A, McTyre and on the west by lot No. !) in section 1 of Paulett Division, and lev ied on a j the property of Jack Colly to satisfy a tax fi fa issued by B. Nuss baum Clerk of Co .noil,' vs said Jack Colly for unpaid axes., Also at. the same time and p’ace. one vacant city lot No. 12 in t.hwSsh divisv n oi Pauletj. Extension iu the city of B un- | bridge, sftid county, bounded as follows: cemetery ?; twTnX'fcsyt?vri j *««•»«,«»»»au.„ u and on the west by Helen street, and in« observed. The funeral was eon- <•««* *•« «*• Nu-ebnum, Clerk of Co- noil, vs said Rev. J, li. Mack otlici fit ini'. George Bra-on, for unpaid taxes. j Si|loe coming t0 btii.ibrulge Dr. - Also at the same time and place, one Palmer had become quite populrr city lot in the city of Baiubridge, said ... , , , county bounded as follows; On the umoiisf all c. lassos of onv people and north by property of Mrs. Wimberley, 1 held tile esteem of the Iso, at the same time and place, one mt citfy Kit No. la, in tile fourth di on in’ t lie city ot buinbridge, bounded oilows: Ou thb north by lot No. 24, pe east by Street or Alley, on tbe by Paulett street, and me west by . 11, and levied ou as tbe property !e W at her to satisfy a city tax fi f a by B. Nussbaum, Clerk of Couu- said Joe W ather lor unpaid taxeb. so. at the same time and place, oue nt city lot No. 1, in fifth division iu ity ot Bain fridge, bounded as V>i- On the north by vacant tot No. 12 fi fa iss led b B. Nussbaum O.erk , f council, vs saiu- Anutr.-ou euapman for uupaid taxes. Also at the same time and .place, oue vacant city lot of one acre more or less, situated iu the etty of Baiubridge, said county, bounded us follow-: On the north by College s reef, on the east by street or Quincy road, ou the smith by corporate line and on the west by cor porate lino and levied on the property of P. D. 'Campbell to satisfy a tax fi fir issued by B. Nussbaum, clerk of council, bell, and other fi fas paid,tax9S. ay u. J< nes, to satisfy a city*tax ti fa issued oV l . neace in toe IMl.LIS I'H tSO\. On Jan. 30th, at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. Lee Willis and Miss Marion Cal lie Chason were joined in holy wedlock, Elder 8. E. Davis of .Blakely performing the brief and impressive ceremony. The groom is a popular voting merchant of Meigs, Ga., and was un til recently junior member of the Howze & Willis turpentine firm The bride is the seoond daughter of Mr. John Ghnaon of tho western part Also at the same time 1 and place, one vacant lot, No. (24) t vvdnty.four in div ision 4 ot. Paulett Extension iu the city of Baiuliridge. said county, bounded as follows: On the north by Bartow street, on the east by street o.r alley, on - the of live county, and numbers her south by lot No. (12; twelve and on the j hv the west by lot No. (28, twenty-three of the ,, 18 ^ UHS same division, and levied on the proper tyof Bob Holmes, to satisfy a tax ti fa issued by B. Nussbaum Clerk of Coun cil, vs said Bob Holmes, for unpaid tax es. ANo at the same time and place oue vacant lot No 11 in 4th d ; vision of the 'Paul8t.r, extension and bounded as fol lows: On the north by lot No. twenty- two (22), on the east ty lot No. (12) twelve, on the south by Paulett street, and the west by lot No. te i vlb) In same division Levied upon as the property of Gus McLendon to satisfy a city tax fifa issued by B. Nussbaum, Clerk of Council, vs. Gus McLendon. E. H. SMART. Citv Marshal. • DH. W. W. P.lUlltH UB\i). The hundreds of friends of Dr. W. W. Paimer throiighoiit the coun ty will be deeply grieved to learn of his death at Ins home in this city ou Thursday morning last, after ten days illness with typhoid fever. His remains were laid to r<Mt in ..In- city yesfc rday, a j) p ro p r i a le Many heafitiful presents wore re ceived by the happy couple. . - Tlie dress of the bride was lilac with trimmings of white satin while the groom wore black. The young couple left the follow ing day for Meigs where they will reside in the future. enure town a-id surrounding community. He was 1st Lieut, in the Baiubridge Iude- (i- vLh. W. 1'al ia Ba’n on tho oast by West street, on iue south by vacant lot and on the west to- Ed and See- Bruton, and levied on as the prop erty of Mrs. 8 L. Twiity. to • KM f! -fy u , . city tax fi fa issued by M ’ E. Nussbaum ptuuojits :iu vtic of Clerk of Council, vs said Mrs. S. L He was a son of Mr W. Twitty, and other fi fas in my hands for i ., , , , , unpaid taxes. mm Sr. who has reeled ,, , „ . , , . ' bridge for several years. Also nt the same time and place, one • ° ■’ vacant, city lot, No, 9. in the 3rd -J.tyis- 1 Ha loaves a devoted young wife ion, in the citv of Bain bridge. a aimll chiM, and ; a number of county bounaed a« follows: Ou the . \ north bv Park street, ou the East by relatives to v/liom are extended the Ellen Jones or lot No. 10. on the south I 00!K ] 0 | 0 nces of hundreds of svaiimtli- by R. Mitchell and on the west by Ed - 1 operty of George Bruton, qp the j Johnson, or lot No. 8. and levied ou the xitig hearts, by lot No. 2, on the south l,y Bar-1 property of Oscar Jones, to satisfy a >treet, and on the west by Helen I etty tax fi fn issued by B Nussbaum. it of rauiott extension, and levied j Clerk of Council, vs said Oscar Jones, vs the property oi J tt. i'4.vy to sat- } for unpaid taxes and other fi fas in rny hands. Also at the same time and place one this county on Saturday vacant city lot No. 11. in .second di vis- 25 th after an iliifcss i. ti in the i ity ot Baiubndge, said cqun- >y, I'onnd. d as follows: ()u the north fry Kina: reet, on the east by B. Bell, oi- lot No 12, on the south bv Georgia Paddy and on the west by lot No. 10 in anie division, and levied on as the B. Nuss said J. K. City t.ix ri fa issued J O.erk of Couiiei ;r uupaid taxes. ),at. the time and place, one t city lot No. 8. in the third divis- Bau ett extension'tu the- city of ridge, suld county, bounded as foi- Ou tile uorch by Park street, on the y lot No. 1). on the south by Pau li ii Vi'H OX IVMT Slots A CHVHTKRKn V.M’EO. The cliarter for the Bainbndgo State Bank was approved Monday the 4th mat., and the following olH- oers and directors havo been chosen for the ensuing year; D. W. James, president; J. W. Callahan, vice presi dent; JH* J. l’crry, cashier. D. W. James, E. J. I’trry, J. W. Callahau, Jiio. E. Donaisou, b\ 8. Jones and E. J- Willis, directors. The capital stock of the hank has been increased to $511,000 all of which is paid iu, the liability of stock holders the same as m tbe ca^e of national banks. The new organization will contin ue under the style of the Baiubridge State Bunk, preferring the name of the old bank which has bec*u in suo- oessful operation since 1891. j The new officials and directors hope to render fo the people such' service as shall at all 'times commend j t-hem to the public confidence and patronage, PAIR WARING! 4 Cool HmiimiwU, A rather curious method ot burglar catching was resorted to by an in genious maidservant recently in New York. As Tho Electrical Review tells the story, while in pursuit of her household duties the mnid noticed a man’s foot Inside the clothes closet. She did not scream, neither did she Jump at the door nor shut It with a bang. Instead she took a broom ami began to swoop that Corner of the room near the closet. Her approach was grudual, and the. sweeping was done .so naturally that It would not have aroused tho most suspicious bur glar. At last the broom brushed thedoor gently, but bard enough to close It to tbe fraction of nu luch. Wltfi five or six more gentle sweeps U*!t closet door was shut oud almost latched, which she at length succeeded In doing by gently pressing her arm against It. As the telephone in her house vem so near the closet that tbe burglar would be able to bear her If she called for assistance, she bethought .herself of another plan. In the back yard some telephone linemen were nt tho time mukiug repairs ou a wire that runs to another house Iu the block. She went out and spoke to them. They promptly tapped a wire, attached n testing Instrument mid called up one of the down town exchanguo. which In turn got the house owner, who In hit turn called up police headquarters. Prom there the call was sent to tho police station nearest the house, an.I two policemen were seat aruumJ and got the man. Died rp |<C» lol- Hunting anti Shooting on our lands POSITIVELY F O K BI D I) E n! 1 Numbers oi lots as follows: 15th District Decatur Co., Georgia. —318, 347, 348, 357,’358, ,359, 391, 392, 401, 405, 307, 331, 272, 61, 82, 100,3.11,315, 316, 317, 346, 388, 369, 271, 282, 305, 319, 353, 399,28, ;ight. Jau. j 386 (IV. $), 362, 363, 370,55,57, 64, ’f several j (J5, <)(,, 95, 90, 97, 56. Fan childs. 15-27 District—435,447, 451. 27th District—344, 375, 377, 378, ’■>241 212 279 280 282 818 aiq 7“ 1 same uiv «on. »mi luvien mi r.v .nts ,rrniimi>: I JeiieoaeVl u/fifi a dnnirMer iif I ’ “ 1 40 ’ ““*1 010, Oltr, ; oant lots and mi the west by loM property of Will King to satisfy a city '7- ^ : 320, 321, 360, 361, 399, 400. 213 ! in third division of Paulett exteu- , <tx fi KS necl by B. Nussbaum. Clerk me late W. L. Pairdhiljs, a bister of : . Q ... ’ ul J . ’ ’ and iCi’ied unastiie pcoperty et Ed. | 0 { fi V s said Will Kiog, for unpaid [fi vfl j q- Lrnndovs and Miss Bertha • “84, taxes ’ PmWdnlds -'r Fairchilds, Ga , ah * fJ!’ i0 °’ m > 404 ' 407 ’ 48 °* 432, 433. 21st District—149, 184. We will prosecute to the fullest extent ol the law any and all parties violating this notice. WE MEAN 1 WHAT WE SAY and will pay a reward of $10.00 to anyone furnish- j I »•'«it-'" •» ""'jing evidence to convict trespasser*. 1 KotH Hie For HIm Fodder, “I have beard of some strange,and curious expedients that have been used to clear tbe tracks Iu cases of fnllroad wrecks,” said a well known railroad official recently, “but the methods used ou a small railroad not far from Bal timore a few years ago to clear tho' tracks und Incidentally save u fine en gine from serious damage were the most original I ever heard of. “Tho wreck had lieeu caused by led fortuiug on the rail from an overflow lug tank near the trestle. The train had two engines. The first engine and tile ears had run out on the trestle and dropped over. The rear engine was left standing half sidewise on the trestle, which was 30 feet high, it seemed as if tho touch of n rnnii'f hand I Would cause It to topple over, and it blocked tbe. road, which was only single tracked, and ihe wrecking car with Its derrick could not lie used. 'If we only had something soft to drop It ou and thou hoist It book,’ said omi official, ‘we could manage all right,’ “This remark gave u farmer of the neighborhood un Idea, lie offered ta sell Ids Big stock of corn fodder. The plan was to pile the fodder from the ground underneath the trestle to with In a few feet of the track and then topple the engine over. The plan .work ed well, ami owing to the elasticity of the fodder the englue was not damaged tn the least.’’—:Baltimore Bun. months, Mi.:« Quasi The remains were interred Jawing day at the family b >rymg grounds. Deceased was a dauai cm to satisfy a tax ti la issued-by B, jaunt.L’ierk of GoUmsii, vs. Ed. on. for unpaid taxes. Fairchilds, Ga , Also 11 the same time and plaso. -one ». T A ••fttt* ■■"««(** pi "tliJK SVluieuiSi'S&’sfi “ffiaTi Tl.r 3«»*- j ti.«» «n»W >« *• 4—««i cast bv loi ‘.2 iu same division, oh the —*—~~ arid >ym j On the north by alley, <*0 the east cant lot of Mint Battevteou. 011 tho by tLu old Ed. I’sii.iok lot and on st by .vionroe street, and levied on property of Mrs. W. A. MIlus, i.o f a city tax ti fa issued by M. E. •aum, O^rk ot Council, vs. said M. mis, amt othei ti fas in my hands, paid taxes. .), at the same time and place, one south by lot No. 10 and on the west by lot No, *20, and lev«d as the property of Alsx Mathis to satisty tax fi fa issued l,v B. Nussbaum, Clerk ot t^ouueil vs said Alex Mathis, for unpaid taxas. Dtlob.WtSHfcIVABO. Married, at the bom.'; of the ‘-.rides parents Mr. J. 8. Sbcppaid in Bel-! Also at the same time and place, one cber’s District, on Sunday last. Mr. ELINT RIVER LUMBER COMPANY I vacant city lot 8 in the 4t!i division ot. ^ p _■ wnrani,| Paulott Extension in the city of Bain- Gordon Dollar to Misa Leila \ bridge, said county bounded as follows: j 1 roL N ve, the Expert Optician at J vs. Bell, J. r. omciat ! 1 . , . ----- ------ ■ j-—;-. 7- 1 bridge, shui county oounaea as rouows: I’ U1 'i^ vun0L ‘*’* u the city . ( j ucr t|) d y Disy Holmes, on the Sheppard nmndge bounded as follows: On t by lot No. 7. oa^ the south by Pan- i!lg . J l ‘a bartielt , vucap lot, on the |(jtt sr , 00t and nn the wea t by lot No. 5 . in tbe same division nud levied on tho property of R. C. Morrel to satisfy k r.ity | 4r tax fi fa issued by B. Nussbaum, Clerk ' ot Council, vs R, C. Morr^i for uupaid-this tuxes. I , d me by lot No. 8. 011 the .-.outh by Pau I roe: and on tbe west by ii. C. Mor- 11ov. Nu. 8. and ‘byieti uu as i-bo ty of E. Jones, to satisfy a city la issued by B. Nusfclnium, Clerk juoil, vs. said E. Jones, for unpaid Also the same time and place, one ' . .. ' I i„r y 0 ni-e'U) in division 5 in 1 a. the same tune and place, one j ,V aulelt . Extension in the city of Bain- ° J "*''*/^ ’" tuidge. bounded as follows: ft, I ^J. ^•"‘^"“D't^nd- h ljv l t of land No . 20. on ti. • :*t ’I | flows. Oothenortny & hotwell b lot [ 0 . 10 on the 60 U th bv Pa .left. D ^ «T* ° f w Bow * * street nd on the west by lot No. rr.: 1 onaLoM *n fnSsoufn bj Rower| gau)e ivisiou and levied on the proper- oii and uu the west by Scott ^ . D( j erBOn Chatman to Batiety a Uix U P tho Grenada Dr.ig Co., haa had over 1 The groo'tn is a son of J. li. Dol-! practical experience is a stirring young farmer of 3I, J IU most»»11 ■ 1 e t< was where he has Tbe ■ J. .* bride Urn liei ii rd | i v p p i< t. per .^jc - bKsi.TK J'HH n ongra u their happy union. it-rn i "p.T*tm r »'iu citizens ■ i'c c ’ t li o . jo n liissk a in-.'6. l.i-- pjice* a rutu :on i miiug the vei a! a udi.uai) be had hi f MVu-.e hours from 9 a. m 1 5: /) p. m. Consultation free. v y h i Some Childish Hninor. Here are some speeiuieus of clilldlsh humor from tho Chicago News: “Oh. mniumit" exelnliued 4-yenr-oId Flossie as she observed the moon in lt:i second quarter, “come ami look at tbs moon. Hal/ of It is pualied Into tin: sky. und the other half Is sticking out." Tommy, aged !>. Iiad been busy whit tling and managed to ralwe a blister on his linnd wlilch c-aiiKe<] a slight break in tbe skin. Running to bis mother, hu allowed It'to hyr und said, "Mamma, I guess I’m beg I uniug to wear out.” “Idd ttn-y sing any pretty ^ongs nt Burnluy school V asked a mother of lief little 4-yeor-old daughter upon l;er re turn borne. “Only oue.” replied ihe lit tle tnlsa "It was so:uettit'.ig about Greeulund'a lee creum .uiountaLn*.” Papa—Well.' UMllle, have yon been n good hoy today 1 Small WUUti—Did you ask uinmnin? “Why should I ask her? Don’t you know whether you have been good or not?” "Yes. but tnumtna's Idea of goodness differs from mine, and t don't wuut to go hook .ou anything abe says.” Deserved Acqallta'f. Little 3-year.-o!d Mlpnle conld re peat nursery rhymes aud talk like an old woman. One day, having done something strictly against orders, her mother said, '"Minnie, I really don’t know what I had better do with you.'* Drawing a long breath of relief ihn Hole miss raid, “I’m awful gind you don't, mamma.” and marched off.- tatt ing It for granted that the matter was settled. —Chicago News. There ts such a Variety of cllmstu In Costa Rico that by going a few miles north or south of a given point any kind of climate u«w bo enjoyed, a