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The Bainbridge search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1903-1915, October 09, 1903, Image 2

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Petition for Charter. GEORGIA--PecRtur County. 'I'o the Superior Court ot haul conutv. The petition of II. C Alien, W E. Smith and F. B. Graham, all of Decatur countv, Georgia, respectfully showeth: That they desire for themselves, their associates, successors and assigns to be incorporated as a body politic and cor porate under the name and style ot the ■•Southern Tobacco Company. the objects :or which tne corporation is formed and its principal business is to buy. sell, plant, gtow and otherwise cul tivate and deal in or otherwise acquire, or dispose of tobacco; to build, shade, construct, own, equip. lease or other wise operate for themselves or others, tobacco warehouses, and cure, sort, pack and store tobacco in same. To make contracts with others to buy, plant, shade, grow and to otherwise deal in and cultivate tobacco. To manufacture, buy, sell nnd other- wise dual in cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff or any other form of manufactured or unmanufactured to bacco. To buy, own, construct, lease or oth erwise control, operate and use irriga tion systems, dig wells, build tanks, construct and equip pump houses nnd machinery, lay pipe lines and to do any other thing needful to apply artiliicial irrigation to the soil and to lease, sell or otherwi-e dispose of nr rent to others, the use of such service and to charge whatever sum thev deiire for the same. To own saw mills, grist mills, sugar cane mills, and to manufacture into any form, any product of the soil, either mineral or vegetable or animal. To construct, buy, sell own or other wise operate packing houses, refrigera tion plant, for the handling and preserv ing of beef, pork or other meats, to sell the same, and to dispose of, or manu facture, or otherwise handle the by products fiorn said source, and to com bine same with other foreign matter. To construct or own, buildings, ma chinery, ships, bouts, engines, cars, ele vators, waterworks, electric works, aq ueducts and other waterways, and rail ways and to otherwise dispose thereof, or to maintain or opei ate same, except that the Company shall not maintain or operate any railroad or canal in the state of Georgia, us a common carrier, or exercise the right of eminent domain. To own or operate or otherwise con trol commissaries, stores ami other places for the sale ot waves, merchan dise and .- upplies of every kind and de scription. To apply for, obtain, register, pur chase, lease or otherwise to acquire and to hold, use, own, operate and introduce and to sell, assign or otherwise to dis pose of, any trade marks, trade names, patents, inventions, improvements and processes us,d in connection with or se cured undef letters patent of t,ho United States or elsewhere, or otherwise to turn to aueount any such trade-marks, patents, licenses, processes and the like or any such property or rights. To engage in any other manufactur ing, mining, construction or transporta tion business of any kind or character whatever, and to that end to acquire hold, own and dispose ol any and all property, assets, stock, bonds, and rights of any and every kind, but not to engage in any business hereunder which shall require the exercise of the right of emiuout domain withm the state of Georgia. ^ To acquire by purchase, subscription, or otherwise, and to hold or dispose of stocks, bonds, or any other obligation of any corporation formed for, or then or therefore engaged in or pursu ing any one or more of the kinds of bus iness, purposes, objects or operations above indlfehted, or owning or holding any property of any kind, herein men tioned, or uny corporation owning or holding the stocks or the obligations of .any such corporation. To hold for investment or otherwise to use, sell, ‘dispose of, any stock, bonds, or other obligation or any such corpora tions; to atdTn any manner any corpor ation whose stock, bonds or other obli gations are held tn any manner guarun- anteed by the Company, and to do auy other ueU or tbiogs designed for any such purpose; and while owner of any such stock, bonds or other obligations, to exeruise all the rights, powers and ptivileges of ownership thereof, and to exercise all the rights, powers and priv ileges of ownership thereof, nnd to ex ercise any and all voting power thereon. The business of the Company or pur pose of the Company is from time to tirno to do any oue or mote of the acts and things herein set forth, and it may conduct its busiuess in other states, and in the Territories and in foreign coun tries, and may have one ofliiee or more than one office nnd keep the books of the Company offtside tho state of Geor- gir, except, as otherwise proviued by law, and hold purchase, mortgage, and convey real and personal property, either in or out of the state of Georgia. Without in auy particular limiting any of the objects and powers of the corpor ation, it is heroby expressly declared and provided that the corporation shall have the power to issue bonds and oth er obligations in payment for property purchased or acquired by it, or for auy other object in or about its business; to mortgage or pledge unv storks, bonds or other obligations, or auy property acquired by it to secure uuv bouds or other obligations by it issued oriucurred; to guarantee any dividends or bouds or contracts, or ether obligations; to make and perform contracts of any kind or de scription and in carryiug out its busiuess or for the purpose of attaining or furth ering any of its objects, to do any and all ether acts and things and te exercise any aud all other powers which a co partnership or natural person could do and exercise, aud which now or hereafter may be authorised by law. The minimum capital stock of tho corporation is oue hundred thousand dollars (♦100,000.00 divided into ten thousaud shares of the par value uf ten dollars each. From time to time the capital stock may he increased in such maimer and such amounts as the Direc tors may deem to the best interests of the corporation, until the total author ized capital of said company shall be Five Hundred Thousand Dollars. Said capital stack may be paid for by property or other thing of value, said values to be placed by the Directors upon said property and such action upon their part shall be final and shah bind the stockholders. Said company is to commence business when ten per cent, of the minimum capital stock is paid in. The company shall have the right to issue preferred stock up to and not ex ceeding one half of the total authorized capital stock of said company. The holders of such preferred stock shall be entitled to receive when, and as declared from the surplus or net profits of the corporation, yearly divi dends at the rate of seven per centum 1 per annum, aud no more, payableyearly on dates to be fixed by the by-laws. The dividends on the preferred stock shall he cumalative, and shall be paya ble before any dividend on the common stock shall be paid or set apart; so. that if in any year dividends amounting to seven per centum shall not, have been paid thereon, the deficiency shall be payable before any dividends shall he paid upou or set apart for the common stock. Whenever all cumulative dividends on the preferred stock for all previous years shall have been declared and shall nave become payable and the accrued interest tor the present yeav shall have been set aside and the company shall haye paid such cumulative dividends for the previous years, and suen accrued in terest for the ensuing year,or shall have set aside a sum sufficient for the pay ment thereof the Boat'd of Directors may declare dividends on the common stock payable then or thereafter, out of the remaining surplus or net profits. The number of Directors of the com pany shall bo fixed from time to time bv the by-laws, but the number, if fixed at more than three, shall be souio mnltplo of three. The Directors shall be classi fied with respect to the time for which they shall severally held office by divid ing them into three classes, each consist ing of one-third of .lie whole number of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the first class shall he elect ed for a term of one year, the Directors of the second class for a term of two years and the Directors of the third class tor a term of three years, and at each annual election, the successors to the class of Directors whose terms shall expire in this year shall be elected to hold office for t. e term of three years so that the term of one class of Directors shall expire in each year. The number of Directors shall be fixed at three, but may be increased in the manner set forth above, and as further provided in the by-laws. In case of a vacancy in any class of Directors through death, regisuatinu, disqualification or other cause, the re maining Directors, by affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors, may elect a successor to hold office for the unexpired term of the Director whose place shall be vacated and until the election of a successor. The Board of Directors shall have power to liyld their meetings at shell places as they may deem oest. or may be designated by the by-laws, The by. laws may prescribe the number of Di rectors necessary to constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors, which num ber may be less than a majority of the whole number of the Directors. Unless authorized by votes given in person or by proxy bv stockholders, holding at least two-thirds of the capital stook of the corporation and whioh is represented and yoted upon in person or by proxy at a meeting specially called for the purpose’ or at an annual meet ing, the Board of Directors shall .not mortgage or pledge any of its real prop erty or auy shares of. the capital stock of any other conpoiation, but. this pro hibition shall not be construed to apply to the execution of any purchase money mortgage or any other purchase money lein.* Any action requiring the cousent of ilie holds of two-thirds of the stock at anv meeting, after notice to them- given either in person or by mailing a notice to their last address, or required their consent in writing filed, may he taken upon the cousent of, and the consent given and filed by the holders of two- thirds of the stock of each class repre sented at such meeting by person or by proxy, and not upon two-thirds of the whole number of stock-holders. The principal piace ot business of said company shall be at Bainbridge, Decatur county, Georgia, with the right to es tablish such other branch offices as they see tit, either ill or oat of this state. The corporation shall have the right to have and use a common seal, to sue and be sued, plead and be plead, and to have all the rights, privileges, immunities and liabilities iucident to corporations in this state, for the full end and term of tweu ty years, with the privilege of renewal as provided by law. Wherefore petitioners pray that this petition may be filed aud recorded as provided by law. aud when same has been published as provided by law, aud when the same has been published as provided by statute, that an order may be passed incorporating petitioners under the name and style and in tli- manner and with the restrictions, a . - regulations and for the purposes ... d under the conditions herein set uni.. This September IT, A. D., 1903. F R, Graham, Attorney for Petitioners Filed in office this September 18,1903. C. W. Wimberley. Clerk. Georgia—Decatur County. I hereby certify that, the foregoing is a true aud correct copy of the original application for charter of ‘-Southern To bacco Company,” now on tile in my of- Tlllfi iMtla IUG') PETITION FOR CHARTER. GEORGIA—Decatur County: / To the Superior Court of eftirt County: The petition of H. C, Alien and F. R. Gra ham, respectfully showeth, that they are residents of said county, and that they de sire for themselves, successors and assigns, to be incorporated as a body politic and cor porate lirnler the name of “THE ALLEN CO M PAN Y,” and by that name to sue and be sued, transact all business as hereinafter prayed, hav^ and Use a common seal, make contracts, borrow money and create such evidences of debt as the corporation may desire, to secure the same by rtiortgage,. deed, deed of trust, or other securities upon Its property and franchises or any part thereof ; to buy, lease or rent, own andsell real estate and r '' ' description; and , ^ - , such other powers as are specihed by the lawsot Georgia, and as may be necessary carry out the purpose of this incorporate . Petitioners show that the particular busi ness to be carried on is to do a general real estate business, to buy and sell real estate, either on commission or otherwise, to rent property, own abstract books, and to fum 5 lsh abstracts from same to any property they may desire, to act as agent for any per son or corporation, to act as attorney in fact, in 9uch instances as they may desire, to orfl stock in any company they desire and to vote same, to buy and sell any kind of prop erty whether real or personal, Tlie principal office shall be Bainbridge, Georgir, with the right to establish such other offices in or out of this state as they may desire. The capital stock company is $5,000,00 all paid in, the shaves of the value of $100.00 of the number of fifty shares. The period of incorporation is twenty years with privilege of renewal provided by lo tion may be by law, and when the same has been pub lished as provided by statute, that an order may be passed Incorporating petitioners under the name and style, and for the pur poses and with the powers herein set out, This Sept. 14th, 1003. F. It. Graham, Attorney for Petitioners. Filed in office Sept, i4th, 1003. C. W. WIMBERLEY, ULEKK. GEORGIA—Decatur County: I hereby certify that tl:? above is a true and correct copy of tile oiiginal petition for charter of the “Tho Allen Company,” now on file in my office. This Sept. I4th, 1003. C. 'V. wimberley. *Clerk Superior Court. BROAD STREET. The most'up-to-date place in the city. The only place where you can get a mixed drink ri t . Meals at all hours. Free Lunch Mom' and Evening. Private Dining Rooms. Come andjjmake this heat § DRINK CONGRESS HALL JIAI§A1 The Best Whiskey on Earth. |E. Blumenstein, proprietor. X Bainbridge, Motel Ulammanl State of GeoRjIA—-Decatur County: Mrs. Jennie Knight ) ys. :■ Libel for Divorce. Henry B, Knight. S The defendant, Henry B. Knight, is hereby required, in person or by attor ney, to be and appear at the Superior Court to be held in and for the County of Decatur on Tuesday after the second Monday in November, next, then aud there to answer the Plaintiff's com plaint, as in default thereof, the Court will proceed as to justice shall appertain. Witness the Honorable W. N. .Spence, Judge of said Court, this 12th day of August, 1903, C. W. Wimberley. Clerk. State of Georgia—Decatur Countv: Mrs. John Harper f vs. /• Complaint. Sam B. Harper. ) The defendant, Sam B. Harper, is hereby required, in person or by attor ney, to be and appear at the Superior Court to be held in and for County of Decatur on Tuesday after the second. Monday in November, next, then and there to answer the Plaintiff’s complaint, as in default thereof, the Court will pro ceed as to justice shall appertain. Witness the Honorable W. N. Spence Judge of said Court, this 12th day of August, 1903. C. W. Wimberley. Clerk State of Georgia—Decatur County: Mrs. K. M, Nicholson ) In the Superior , ys. > Court, May E. A. Stewart. ) Term 1903. It being represented to the Court by the petition of Mrs. K. M. Nicholson that by deed of mortgage dated the I8th day of December 1901 E, A. Stewan conveyed to the said K. M. Nicholson the west half of lot of land number two hundred and fifty-nine in the Nineteenth District of Decatnr County, Geoigia, containing one hundred and twenty-five acres, more or less, for the purpose of securing the payment ot the promisory note made by the said E. A. Stewart to the said K. M. Nicholson due on the 18th day of December 1902 for the sum of ope hundred dollars, which amount (be sides interest is now due and unpaid. It is ordered that the said E. A. Stewart do pay into this Court by the first day of the next term the principal, interest and costs due on said mortgage or show cause if any he has to the contrary, or that in default thereof foreclosure be granted to the said K. M. Nicholson of said- mortgage and the equity of redemption of tho said E. A. Stewart therein be for ever barred, and that service of this rule be perfected on the said E. A, Stewart according to law. " W. N. Spence, Judge S. C. A. C. A true copy from the minutes cf this Court. C. W. Wimberley. Clerk. This Sent. 18th,.1903. C. w. Wimberley, Clerk S. C. ADM1N1Sl'BATOK’S SALE. Georgia—Decatur County: By virtue of an order of the Court of Ordinary of said county, will be sold at public outcry on the first Tuesday in No vember 1903, before the court house door in said county oetweeu the legal hours of sale the following real estate situated in Decatur county towil: One hundred and twenty-five acres of la-id off of the south half of lot No. 289: all of lot No. 288 except 15 acres in the northeast corner of said lot. One hun dred and fifty acres on the west side of i»t No. 287. east one half of lot No. 317, i " o hundred and titty acres more or ; h-n being all of lot No. 312; ah situated :,i tlie 21et district of said county, con- t.ihiing altogether eight hundred aud eighty five acres more or less. l’he above lands are well situated and adopted to cultivation of tobacco and located in and urouud the tobacco sec tion of Decatur county. 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