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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, February 24, 1916, Image 1

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_ u f i A....-LL bscribe Today-Gives Most Votes in Auto Contest HE POST - SEABCH LIGHT ,IE. 1. N0 ' 4S ‘ BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24, 1916 $1.00 PER YEAR Show Will be Feat- 0 f the Chautauqua rc h 9, 10, 11. Prizes 'ered for Winners. baby ready for the Baby •he Chautauqua, the Womans Club is plan- make the Baby Show a .of the three days enter ing No pains will be spar- nake this the biggest and Baby show Bainbridge held. aable prizes Will be given ry class. The entrees will d into classes according to Two main divisions will made, one for Bainbridge and the other for babies vein the county, lonnection with the Baby the head of the state de- ent of health will deliver are on “Better Babies.” nnouncement is sure to be erest to the mothers of ridge and Decatur county, rder to made the Baby hd wji mm CLOSE MCE [[TWEEN TWENTY-TWO CANDIDATES IN BIG HO GDNTEST To the Voters of Decatur County; On account of the lack ofj means, it has been impossible for j county, as I wished, and take this Miss Fannie Brockett Leads-But Twenty-Second Candidate means of reaching those I have! pg|. gg[|jj|(J failed to see, as well as those I have seen, to inform them that I have made this race, believing that a change was necessary to the interest of the people; for by the change the laboring people, as well as those who are so for tunate as not to have to lab ^r, will be saved [many dollars in their time lost, unnecessarily, at court and the expense of attending; by disposing of the jail cases on the first day of court, the tax-payers are saved the expense of keeping the prisoners, as well as the ex pense of the officers requited to guard them for a week. In making this race, I have offered no future immunity from prosecution nor any other form of reward, for support; I have not, directly or indirectly, bought or offered to buy Nor have I paid anyone poll tax for their suffrage; I have not nor do I intend, directly or indirect ly, to furnish any liquor; and I have not hired anyone to run around the county to tell you how you sl*uld vote. Auto May be Won by Any One of a Score of Work ers. $5 Goes Saturday—Bigg^t Vote Offer of Balance of Contest Closes 2 P. M. Next Saturday, Feb. 26th—Subscribe Now. CANDIDATES NOMINATED Following are the candidates nominated in the Post Search- Light’s Automobile Contest, All were given 1,000 votes to start with. fan who will gladly advise any defects and how to them. ready for the Baby Show, ttle Susie and little Wiilie for the big contest. Think proud you’ll be to have baby declared the most BAINBRIDGE Miss Fannie Brockett, 397,875. Mrs. Telfare Williams, -..396,425. Miss Rosa Swicord 395,800. ELDORENDO Miss Ona Franklin,...’ 395,025. CAMILLA Miss Autrey Mock 393,575. IRON CITY any support; jyp, gs Ndl Wheeler, 367,575. FOWLSTOWN Miss Irene Walther, 367,500. RECOVERY Frank Moore 330,675. BAINBRIDGE, R. F. D. NO. 2. Miss Zudie Mills, 302,375, DONALSONV1LL, R. F. D. Miss Velma Turnage, .265,975. FACEVILLE, R. F. D. Miss Evelyn Hanna, ; 257,150. WHIGIIAM claims are only political ruses, to| Miss Margaret Webb 247,450. I have tried to make this a race a success it will be neces-!’ n a clean way ’ S' ou to or every mother in the city | decide for yourselves what the runty to enter their little j resu lt shall be. the show. It will be worth I 1 have made no claims of an ieach mother to have her I extravagant majority, as such examined by and expert BASKETBALL NEWS The basketball game between the Bainbridge and Pelham high schools on the school grounds here resulted in a decisive victory for Bainbridge, their score be ing 36 to 9. The return game played in the 816 REVIVAL CLOSES WITH SUNDAY SERVICE Pelham gymnasium last Friday Moore-Tiliman meetings night was a quick, well played game, showing good work on both sides. Although the score 16 to 14 in Pelham’s favor was not so gratifying to us. We feel that we have a strong team and one that is ambitious closes Sunday night. Great revival has swept over Decatur county. The Moore-Tillman revival at the First Methodist church closes to carry off all the honors of the -with the Sunday night service, many match games to be played The most successful meeting that by them this season. Agnes has e y er been held in this city Greene and Jessie Jestar are sc- will close then Hundreds of curate goal throwers, Lena people have been lead to accept White and Gladys Hooten are Christ during the services. active centers and Lucile Connor is a strong guard. THE REVIVAL Arthur Moore the evangalist, and Charlie Tillman, the sot>g leader working together make a winning combination. Their services here have been of such defeat the popular wishes and used only by professional poll-1 . ticians; ami I do not wish any of Mlss au in my friends to be frightened from the polls by any such claims, but ask that you go and cast your ballot, for if you are by yourself, FACEVILLE, R. F. D. Kelly, 240.674. CLIMAX Miss Loto Weeks, .;.... 235,275. BRINSON Miss Cassie Eagerton, 230,250. Miss Gladys Jackson 184,000. DONALSONVILLE, R. F. D., “B” Miss Nellie Saunders, 169,750. FACEVILLE, R. F. D. you will have my thanks, the ct youngster of Bainbridge! same as though V° u are hundreds, catur county. I 1 am satisfied with the out- son tickets for the Chautau-! look, believing what the people re now on sale and can be! of the county have told me and ed from members of the if I am defeated, 1 will still be-.Miss Erin Duke xl7,400. an’sClub. Three days with heve them, only thinking that Ij Bainbridge, r. f. d., “A” programs each day areiwas mistaken in my estimate of ci a ranee Phil ips ...114,250 The Revival now going on at magnitude that the good accom- the Methodist Church is at the Pushed has reached out of this very height of its power and the. city a D over the crowds that are attending have I The largest congregations that been the astonishment of all that have ever gathered in the local live in Bainbridge. The atten- church have attend every service, dance and the interest of the The lar K e auditorium has been people have been very marvelous, crowded at all times. Old time The sermons and singing have religion, as preached by Arthur been of the class that take hold Moore with telling effect, ihas on people and keep them at- cleaned Bainbridge up. Great tentive. Services have been held K°°d has been accomplished by in the outlying towns that have tlle meeting, been well attended. Bainbridge f wo services on Friday and has never been more interested f wo ° n Sunday and the revial in church work than it is now,will |be history. The evangalist and the good that will result from' 8° es from here to Ciinton, S. C. this revival will live long and be; wliere 1)6 will conduct a three ever working. The preacher, the ^ weeks service. singers and the meeting are a blessing to the town and county, j _ The attendance grows each night! QTATL ML MT HI and by the end ISunday night it J 1H 1 Lm011 Ul is expected that the results will accrue. It is the first time in the history of the town that the capacity of the church has been taxed. I. W. L. DLIVENT TO THE II0TER5 OF ntced. Nine good perfor-jnumber who li&vc assured. es for SI.50, FIT OF 0. 0. S SF BI SON me of their support. It it is your will that I repres ent you as your solicitor, I shall serve the whole people, faith fully, as I promised. Respectfully, A. E. Thornton. Voters of Decatur county: bh to make a statement to ublic relative to the matter killing of Mr. John Rey- CL1MAX Miss Rosalie Evans,. 90,100. CLIMAX. R. F. D. J. L. Howell : 87,450. DONALSONVILLE, R. F. D. * , Miss Mabel Kinley 61,875. Double Vote Period in the contest will positively end NEXT i *“ Receiver" He was born In SATURDAY, Feb. 26, at 2 p. m„ and AFTER Feb. 26th and until ™ D * strict Near Lime Sink> Mr. Tillman informs us that in March 4th, there will be allowed a vote schedule as per the follow- ^ thirty four years ago moved order to close up the sale of his ing comparison of votes. I from there to Pine Hill District piano which was made for him a comparison of votes | about twenty five years ago now We as citizens and voters of Bainbridge and Pine Hill District wish to say in behalf of the Can didacy of WILEY M. GRIFFIN who is a Candidate for the office the night of March 12th £ y tBe St '? ddorC IF PAID FEB. 28. TO MAR. 4. a t Brinson, Ga. I was the has 156611 the comment of so many man on he scene nfter the admirers he is going to|let it go 0n payment of f 5,400 votes Ur p„, u , , for close to $200. This is certain- on payment or j &,4oo votes lr. Key nolds and wish . , . , , U ..|I on payment of $ 2.00 12,00U Votes true statment of the ly a handsome instrument, wen 0n payment D f $ 3,00 is,000 Votes ance as t' n p . worth three hundred and fifty or o n payment of $ 4.00 24.000 votes u tne matter seems to , u ‘ 7 ,T,7 - t o n payment of $ 5.00 20,000 votes Men into much nnnhiiri. four hundred dollars, and it will Qn £ a > ment of f 6 . 00 37,500 Votes late. I nto much pupblici- „ iere of late I w’ll giv“ pay some 003 ,0 see Mr ‘ Tlllman matters as I recall them! ■' Detween thi , s ’ a " d Reynolds as everyone will leaves early Mondav ,_ m ,„ r g shot about 9:30 p m i after the close of ! he M< ?° re ‘ v ery naturally there was Tillman meeting Sanday night, derabh On payment of $ On payment of $ 7.00 45,000 Votes On payment of $ 8:00 52,500 Votes On payment of $ 0.00 60,000 Votes On payment of $10.00 75,000 Votes MARCH 4, TO MAR. 11. I’ ves slx m >les north of Bain CONTEST’ ENDS MAR. ll! , bridge near Lynn Station, has a on payment of * l.oo 3.600 Votes small farm about twenty five On payment of S 1.60 5.600 Votes I „ |„ n ,i u„ tr ,, p e hi-ictain On payment of S 2.00 8.00<* Votes acres lana - ne 18 a lrue cnl ’Stain, ... ... On payment of ? 3.oo 12,000 Votes a upright citizen, is fair in all of. ed as she signed it. After On payment of $ 600 20,000 votes his dealin £ s and is worthy of the,getting her signature, they on payment of $ e!oo 2g!ooo Votes peoples trust. He happened to were the Kind of parties to To the Men that may wish an explanation of the remarkable letter which was m our county paper, the Po6t-Search light of last week, that the readers be lieve was wrote by Mrs, J. T. - Rey nolds. The letter as publish ed was not wrote by her. She signed a letter but tells me. her brother that she did not sign all the statements in the letter as it appeared in print. ' I, W. L. Olivent, her brother, seeing the letter, knowing that it was not her that composed the letter, I went to see her so as to know the truth of the matter. L found that she did sign a letter but it was not the letter that appeared in print as the published letter showed additions, and she ex. pected that it would be publish- on payment of t 7.oo 30,000 the misfortune to lose his right; change this article on this poor On payment, of $ — On payment of $ ft.00 40,000 Votes 3TCT1 in & gin at Lynn Station i widow. Being her brother and on payment of uo.oo votes about four years ago, he has a seeing thi? letter in print in the GOOD BUSINESS LAST WEEK. excitement about! taighborhood just at that' [hard time supporting himself , , , , n ,, . n - . , . and family. He is a man if elect- During the first week of the Double Vote Period, ending last i ^ tQ thfi of Tax Receiver Roland Bower has had long Saturday,‘.here were 14 candidates that reported business out of! will be kind, honest and wor thy Roland Bower na-> naa ion„ ^ ^ wbos e names appear in our issue of Feb. 24th. We beg to •’ j-- <*>• . ■ 7 \. , ,. vo the 22 wnose names appeal- ill out issue ut rcu. ^-*111. vye UC S the nponlps trust Tt has been ooti eH l rtin ’ the sheriff ex P erien u ce ' neducat ' onal ^ ^advise th.t ANY CANDIDATE WHO FAILS TO PERSONALLYim^rted tha^he^notcomoetent '■’ ed about 11:30 of the serving both as teacher and t ™ s *; TU R N BUSINESS DURING DOUBLE VOTE PERIOD WILL ^ ' wr Siw f . nd J 16 arrived there at ; tee with saccess. Vote for j^ DROPPED. ANY WORKER THAT IS TRYING CAN GET ( AND^SAY THAT HEMS Hour of midnight. | for Superintendent of the County .gQj^g SUBSCRIPTIONS and this contest is a RACE FOR WORKERS the He will appreciate your. co ^ so much excitement' Shools an dfonh armi°n P d e tb rUnning > V t<! * « D _'and a REAL HUSTLER that will TRY can do well in this race. ke shootin T? h S T" e Bi ^ est ' Bu9,est ’ Best La c' nd 1 The auto is NOT YET WON BY ANY CANDIDATE and a WORK- have gotten on ! n South West Ga. Dixie Steam £R ^ gtil j win thl3 car and t h e $400 Piano on display at the Mills Pharmacy, and the $100 Scholarship is worthy of the effort it takes in ease they had been put abl e ‘ e . 0 Sn f lff ’ 50 far as I .... " determine, every hj „ . m ade by the sheriff JL : ! ; y in fbe matter, I ^ ,u'.' n t0 se arch every ■ =g - “ nA two on the outside of the quart ers. I also went to Havana, Fla., with the Sheriff to identify suspects. • Very Respectfully. •' D-Williams. to win. WON $5Isaturday Miss Fannie Brockett won $5 Saturday for turning in the GREATEST NUMBER of NEW subscriptions. There will be $5 in Coalinaed on Page 12 COMPETENT. We feel sure that the voters of the County will make no mistake in support ing him in this election which will be held on the first day of March. The undersigned highly recomend him to all and trust that you will see his way when casting your ballot. E. A. J. Rich, J. T. Wilson, A. J. Rich, W. B. Lynn and E. Rich. (Adv.) paper I could hardly believe my eyes. Being here in Bainbridge for the last three years and knowing things as I do, I think that the public will agree with me that among her several brothers I should be the brother that should get her out of this publicity that false friends have lead her into. This day Feb., 22nd I have from her own lipsj that she wants "me to let public know what she did and knows. Lots of men that know when they see the truth and if I have left any doubts on your minds I can be seen and will give the public any information as to the matter. W. L. Olivent.