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Se'post-search light Ll. NO. 49. BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA THURSDAY MARCH 2, 1916 $1.00 PER YEAR TIEJIGRI jiatorial candidates attend Bainbridge htauqua. Dr. Parks (also speak. nor Nat E. Harris, Dr. (Hardman, candidate for Land Dr. Emory Park, lot ot the state Board of the three men who fcen secured as speakers (morning programs of the (dee Chautauqua. nor Harris will deliver Jess Thursday morning at Irthouse, Dr. Parks will fan address Better Babies abridge in connection with by show Friday morning, (governor Harris and Dr. an have a large number Ids in Decatur county who to know that they lit the county seat. It is their presence will luite a crowd t.o the first (uqua. The speaking at the louse will be at 11 o’clock. Parks, who will speak on Babies, is head of the ardof Health and is a Ian who has taken quite Irest in state affairs. Bet- pies is a hobby with him. working to better the state kering the babies, who will men of tomorrow. Edition to the morning ex- 1, which will; be free, the luqua program includes |oon and evening numbers, st Chautauqua talentavail- been secured by the Club, under whose (ies the first annual chautau- I be staged. Master Johnnie Girvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Girvin, accidentally blew his hand off last Friday afternoon. The lad in some manner found and be gan playing with some dynamite caps, one of them which explod ed tore his hand off. Drs. Chason amputated the little fellow’s fingers. Mr. and Mrs. Girvin have the sympathy \ of their friends in this trouble that has come to them. Johnnie was a very bright little fellow and it seems a pity that he should lose his arm at this age. Post-Search Light Contest Ends March 11th, at 2P. M. JUDGE HARRELL URGED TO RUN FOR JUDGE 8E ALBANY CIRCUIT Friends of judge W. M. Harrell of this county are urging him to enter the race for Judge of the Superior Court of the Albany Circuit. So far Judge Harrell has not stated whether he will run for the place but has asked that he be !given longer to consider the matter before making a statement. That Judge Harrell would make a strong candidate and an able Judge is the belief of his friends, not only in Decatur, but throughout the circuit. The De catur county attorney is well known throughout the circuit Judge Harrell was for eight years judge of the Decatur county city court, He is senior member the law firm of Harrell and Wilson. CLOSES ■ch the first not only iht election day and the I flood of bill collectors, but ■marked the passing of the (ng season. Guns must be ].anq put away now or the warden will have a merry (collecting fines. Inting this year has been fthe average. Birds were pfal and the sportsmen had glorious times after the P erec l tribe. But’s it’s all [dll November now. BEAUTY IS NO LONGER WOMAN’S CHIEF CHARM “Coming Down the Home Stretch” in Race Neck and Neck During this week the following vote schedule is in effect. A COMPARISON OF VOTES IF PAID FEB. 28. TO MAR. 4. On payment of $ 1.00 5,400 Votes On payment of $ 1.50 8,400 Votes On payment of $ 2.00 12,000 Votes On payment of $ 3.00 18,000 Votes On payment of $ 4.00 24,000 Votes On payment of $ 5.00 30,000 Votes On payment of $ 6.00 37,500 Votes On payment of $ 7.00 45,000 Votes On payment of $ 8.00 52,500 Votes On payment ot $ 9.00 60,000 Vote3 On payment of $10.00 75,000 Votes MARCH 4, TO MAR. 11. • CONTEST ENDS MAR. 11 On payment of t 1.00 3.600 Votes On payment of $ 1.50 5,600 Votes On payment of $ 2.00 8.0<W> Vote* On payment of $ 3.00 12,000 Votes Ob payment of $ 4.00 16,000 Votes On payment of $ 6.00 20,000 Votes On payment of $ 6.00 25,000 Votes On payment of $ 7.00 30,000 Votes On payment of $ 8.00 35,000 Votes On payment of $ 9.00 40,000 Votes On payment of $10.00 60,000 Votes PH if MR. WATERS David Waters, one of the fcitizer.s of the town died l r day night after an illness [feral w eeks and was buried p' afternoon in the presence [number of friends and old pittances and under the E** t ^ ie Wocdmen of the [*u. Mr. Waters has been a D 01 ^is city and county 'number of years. He leaves ughters and three sons to 1 ^'obe Medicine Folks left ay f or p ensac0 ] a w jj ere F. ™ a ke their future stay while. These are very ^ gentlemen and we hated l h ., tnern 'eave the city but | 1 ern We h where-ever they Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Feb. 29— Since the announcement that the senior class at Vassar has decid ed to renounce the daisy chain, one of the oldest institutions of of the college, the girls have had to face explanations. The passing of the time honor ed custom of selecting the class beauties to carry the daisy chain it is now averred, represents a radical advance in democracy in college life. According to one of the author itative explainers, “The outside world has attached too much importance to the daisy chain, and Vassar wants to be known for other things as well. Besides the custom was not in keeping with democratic ideals,” The asistocracy of beauty re- > ceived a decided jolt from the j class of 1916. It if no longer the! first aim of woman to be beauti ful according to Vassar’s veiw Friends that wish to aid their favorite candidate in the race for the $470 Ford 5 Passenger Auto, the $400 Piano, or the $100 Scholarship which The Post Search Light will give away on Satur day, March 11, at 2 p. m. will do well to renew or subscribe NOW, and more especially, to have that payment reach this office by NEXT Saturday, March 4, as EACH PAYMENT gives a decidedly greater vote per dollar paid in THIS WEEK, than will be the case during the closing week of the race. “COMING down the home stretch” The candidates are coming down the home stretch, and they are well bunched, and nobody knows WHO WILL WIN these prizes. Every candidate that fails to win one of the three grand prizes on March 11, and has not won a weekly special cash prize, and turns in at least 925 in cash subscription business, will be given 10 per cent on each and every dollar the candidate personally has turned in. You have been at a race meet where nobody but the judges could tell which horse nosed under the wire first. Illustrative of this contest, that is the way the hustlers are coming down the home stretch in this race, which ENDS SATURDAY, MAR. 11. at 2 p. m. The contest positively will NOT be extended, and it will close promptly on the closing hour. March 11, 2 p. m. BEST WEEK YWC. * It may interest folks to know that The Post Search Light con test has already exceeded in cash receipts and number of new subscriptions, that of the average contest for a town of the size ot Bainbridge, for this stage of the race. The past week, and the previous one exceeded any previous two weeks business, and this in spite that one would think the ground exhausted for new sub scriptions and renewals. LAST $5 GOLD PIECES GOES MAR. 4. The last special cash prize, a $5 gold piece, will go NEXT Sat urday, Mar. 4. at 2 p. m. It will go to the candidate turning in THE GREATEST NUMBER OF NEW SUBSCRIPTION THIS WEEK. The $5 offered Saturday, Feb. 26, was won by Mrs. Edna Williams. WON EXTRA VOTES. 50,000 extra votes were won last week by Mrs. Edna Williams who turned in the GREATEST NUMBER OF NEW SUBSCRIP TIONS, while 25,000 were won by Miss Fannie Brockett who turn ed in the second greatest number. 50,000 extra votes were won by Miss Fannie Brockett who turned in the greatest amount of cash on old subscriptions, while the second greatest amount was turned in by Mrs. Edna JWilliams who gets 25,000 extra votes. ALL EXTRA VOTES WERE COUNTED IN THIS WEEK’S ISSUE. These are the last extra votes that will be given, and the vote schedule for this week, and the closing week, will be as given at the top of this column, and we draw attention to the fact that every offer made by The Post Search Light as to the voting schedule promulgated in our issue of Thursday, Feb. 10, lias been faithfully carried out. Those “wisje guys” that have been saying ‘‘they will put on something BIGGER the last week” are to be dis appointed. for the REGULAR VOTE SCHEDULE will be in effect NEXT WEEK, which is the closing week of this race. CANDIDATES NOMINATED Following are the candidates nominated in the Post Search- MR. W. A. JOKEY DEAD The people of the town and county will learn with a shock of the death of Mr. W. A. Mooney Tuesday night at his home near here. Mr. Mooney died during the night with heart failure. He was for many years in the employ of the city and was known all over this section. Mr. Mooney was an unique character and had friends that will learn of his death with sorrow. He was buried Wed nesday afternoon. OGDEN PERSONS VERY IN HIS REVIVAL OVER; E; TOWN LONELY Arthur Moore Leaves 6ig Void In Bainbridge. Re vival Results In Great Blessing For Bainbridge. Ogden Persons president of the state senator is a popular man in his home district. This despite the worn out expression "a prophet is not without honor save in his own country.” The people of the district Mr. Persons represents are urging him to allow them to send him back to the senate, despite the fact that it is now time for some other county in the district to send the senator to Atlanta. The Barnesville News-Gazette in a leading editorial states that Pike county is willing to relinqu ish all claims on the senate If Persons will allow them to run him as their candidate. It iB now Pike counties time to oendthe senator, according to the rota tion system now in vogue. Senator Persons is recognised as an able man and if returned to the senate will no doubt be again elected president of that organization. EXHIBIT TRAIN COMING WITH GEORGIA PRODUCTS Services next Sundap will be follows: 10 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a. m. Holy Communion and Services. 7:15 p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon. Everybody cordially invited. Mr. John R. Brock, an aged veteran but a mighty lively oid man, the perfect picture of health for his age was in the city Saturday and called at the office of the Post-Searchligt. with. Miss Nell Wheeler IRON CITY 498,700. Miss Ona Franklin ELDORENDO Mrs. Telfarc Williams,. BAINBRIDGE 495,375, Miss Fannie Brockett,.. Miss Rosa Swicord Miss Autrey Mock,..... CAMILLA Frank Moore, RECOVERY Miss Cassie Eagerton,.. BRINSON BAINBRIDGE, R. F. D. NO. 2. Miss Zudie Mills 387,975. (Cootlnaed on Page 12 The exhibit train of the State Chamber of Commerce will visit Bainbridge next week and re main here for four days. This train is fitted out with Georgia product sand will be sent through west just as soon as it is shown througherly in Georgia. The train will be here from March 8 to the 11 inclusive. Large crowds have seen the ex hibit of Georgia products in other cities and it is believed a record crowd will visit the cars here. RILLED IN AUTO WRECK Mr. Moge Barfield was killed in an auto accident Wednesday morning. Mr. Barnus Harrell who was with him was badly in jured. A Ford car turned over with them. This accident oc- cured above Bainbridge and near Vada. The friends of both of these men will learn of this catastrope with sorrow. Rev. A. J. Moore announced last Sunday night that he would have an article in this paper this week and he came by the office Monday morning and he said that he would send the article back and up to press hour he has not sent it to us. We make this announcement so that those making inquiry will know why it does not appear this week. If he gets it to us next week we will publish it immediately after arrival. The serieB of revival services conducted at the Methodist church by Arthur Moore ended on Sunday night. The youthful evangelist worked his way into the hearts of the Bainbridge by his earnestness and sincerity. No evangelist has visited this city and made such an impres sion as young Moore. The evangelist came to Bain bridge with very little advance heralding. But immediately the city realized that an interesting man was here. At first Moore in terested the crowd, then he gain ed their confidence and gave a vision of the higher duty. The meeting here was a success from every standpoint, and Bain bridge is today a better city for the visit of young Moore and his helper Charlie Tillman. Bain bridge has already invited him to attend next fall when it is more than likely he will conduct a big mass revival for the four proteatant churches of the city. COUNTY ELECTION HELD YESTERDAY Martin wins for Sheriff, Drake for Tax Receiver, Barber fot County School Superintendent^, Maxwell for Ordinary, Cook and Parker for Commissioners, O’Neal for Solicitor, County Unit School System Defeated was the results of yesterdays election. A big vote was polled and the candidates worked hard all day long.) The interest was very keen in the Sheriff’s and Tax Recivers races and for a. while it looked like the County School Commissioners race would be very close. Both of the old Commissioners Messrs. Gray and Napier were defeated for re-elec tion by decided votes. The race of Mr. W. R. Brown developed wonderful strengh for the Ordin ary’s place and he came to this precinct with. a very decided majority but was overcome by the Bainbridge vote. Good feeling prevailed all day long and while every man worked hard there was no disturbances at all. Wiley Griffin ran second tor Tax Re ceiver with Mr. Tucker a dose third. The election of Mr. Funderburk for county Treasurer was conced ed in the event that the office was maintained by the people which they did. This will be the last county election until the ex piration ot four years. The men running worked very hard for their offices as they knew that they would keep them for four years. The race of Sheriff Martin was very strong and it is thought that his vote will show up much stronger than it did two years ago, the people maintaining the custom of giving a man two terms when once electing him. Solicitor O’Neal made one of his characteristic races, carry in g every district in the county winn ing by an overwhelming vote.