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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, March 09, 1916, Image 1

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/tU^4 Contest Ends 2 R M Satin rday March 11th, Fin 5 ] PC >sn r-i SI 5IAI UI I LIGHT JME. 1. NO. 50. BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA THURSDAY MARCH 9, 1916 $1.00 per Year hold SOCIAL iai Meeting Planned rFriday Night March Every Loyal Boos- ir Invited. fth v Boosters are planning a Lie on the night of March lateenth. A big social session ■ double barrelled initiation f ff members will be pulled i the anniversary of St Pat- COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Council met in regular ses sion Monday, March 6, 1916. Those present were Mayor • Callahan, Alderman Laing, Lane Carter, Wheeler, and Nussbaum. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approve- ed. Two resolutions were read and passed renewing two notes at the First National Bank for the sums of $4000.00 and $25. 00.00 each, a copy of said resolutions being hereto attach ed marked exhibits “A” and “B”. A letter was read from the Dixie Steam Laundry offering to buy steam from the city and offering 10.00 per week for steam. Said offer was upon motion of Aider- man Carter, seconed by Wheeler, declined. An ordinance amend ing the water ordinance was offered by Aid. Wheeler and seconded by Aid. Nussbaum. Same was passed and is here by loyal booster is invited [tend this social session and make merry. The Boosters tanning big events for the !n g twelve months and want to attached marked exhibit C . |y man in the city to get on Upon motion of Aid. Carter, land wagon 'seconded by Aid. Nussbaum the ie committee in charge of Water and Light Committee were instructed to figure on a scale Initiation announced at the I meeting that they would l the degree team working I nicety by the seventeenth [that the new candidates had lething in store for them. The Jation will be very impressive Ithenew members will learn advantages of boosting |er than knocking, i addition to the social session Ispecia! initiation election of lers will also be in older. The to head the organization for |ear will be balloted on at | meeting. St every loyal Booster make Ingements to attend the meet- |Friday night, March 17th. OF ivish to take this opportunity hank my friends and the irs of the county for their iness and consideration at the last Wednesday in my race re-election as Sheriff. I ap- iate the kindness of all and do my best to fill the office Kst I know how. I have ap- uated every kind word given and will endeavor up to the 1 of the voters. Respectfully. S. W. Martin. HE if POSTS F00 POST OFFICE he Bainbndge Postoffice has n 'ghted up by, the installa- > °f two white way posts on n side of the steps. This latest ", on Sfcts the big building off • nnc - ac lds to the beauty lof structure. Every little im minent like this adds to the y beautiful” a rate for water consuption that would be suitable and fair for the large users of water and to report at the next meeting of the council. Voting aye, Aids. Carter, Nussbaum, Lane, Laing and vot ing no Aid. Wheeler. It was upon motion of Aid. Wheeler seconded by Aid. Nussbaum moved and carried that a certi fied public accountant be secured under the the direction of the finance committee, to audit the city books. There being no other businesss council adjourned. Be it ordained, and it is hereby ordained by the Mayor and Council of the city of Bain- bridge, that on and after March 7th 1916, Section 4, 5, and 7 of the Water Ordinance of the City of Bainbridge be amended as follows: Sec. 4. The City shall make the following charges for water registered by the meter; for the first 10,000 gallons, or less, $2.00 per quarter (or three months) For all water registered by meter in excess of 10,00 gallons per quarter, ten cents per thou sand gallons. Sec. 5. If two or more houses shall be served through one meter there shall be a minimum charge of $2.00 per quarter (three months) for the first 10,000 ’gallons registerd by said meter. Sec. 7 Fifty cents will be de ducted from gross amount of quarterly bill provided said bill is paid within ten days from date of same. be it further ordained that all ordinances and parts of ordi nances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Last Few Hours Shows Candidates Hustling And Close Race and Only Final Count Will Deter mine Winner of Ford Auto, Piano and Scholar ship-Last Special Cash Prize, $5, Was Won by Mrs. Edna Williams. ’ft , W 'N be no services at J°nn s Church next Sun- as M r . Sams wjU b JiT 1 for/ his regular "knent. ap- or iresh or salt fish, anytime »mdT? •>“»* • H. Andrews at 254. p alu'T'. nve Per cent discount 'eler^ s *' ve "- Norris the ick in' l lar 2est and best in south west Georgia. OFT I wish to thank all the kind friends and neighbors that show ed me so much tenderness and consideration during the last ill ness and death of my husband Mr. E. H. Daniels. I will always be very grateful for the many kindnesses. Respectfully, Mrs. E. H. Daniels. ANNOUNCEMENT Harrell & Wilson annouce the removal of their law offices from Brughton street to the O’Neal building on Water Street. Where they will occupy offices on the second floor. On Saturday, March 11, at 2 P. M. there will be awarded the following prizes: A $470 Five Passenger Ford Automobile—Purchased of an on Display at THE BAINBRIDGE MOTOR CAR CO. A *400 Piano—Purchased of MR. J. D. HALSTEAD. On Display at THE MILLS PHARMACY. A $100 Life Scholarship |at THE DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE, Atlanta. COMMISSIONS. To each contestant in this race failing to win one of the above grand prizes, and that has not won a special cash prize during this race, will be paid 10 per cent by The Post Search Light on each and every dollar the candidate has personally turned in at this office. No commissions are paid on subscrip- cions paid direct to The Post Search Light through the mail by subscribers, or paid at this office as a result of the collection letters sent out by this newspaper. A CLOSE FIGHT. This contest will end'promptly at 2 P. M. SATURDAY, MARCH 11. No cash or votes will be taken AFTER 2 o’clock. All candidates are required to make a preliminary report by 10 a. m. Saturday, and turn in such business as, they have secured since their last report of last Saturday, and this will avoid a rush around 2 P. M. This is the only closing rule, and we wish you to observe it, as it will materially assist in a speedy close. The judges will begin their final count at 2 p. m. and it is up to the candidates to see that every vote is CAST and all sub scriptions PAID IN by chat time. Only cash, postal, or express money orders, OR CERTIFIED CHECKS accepted in pay ment on subscriptions turned in Saturday. The race is really CLOSE between several of the candi dates, and the final spurt on the home stretch THIS WEEK will tell the tale in several instances in this race. DO IT NOW. THIS IS THE LAST CALL, FRIENDS—IF YOU WISH TO SUBSCRIBE AND ASSIST SOME PERSON WORKING FOR THESE PRIZES-SUBSCRIBE-AND DO IT NOW. FINAL COUNT PRIVATE. The judges begin their final count at2 P. M. and the results will be made know as soon as the judges finish. The final count will be made privately, the board of judges consisting of • prominent business men, a representative of The Post Search Light and The Contest Manager. Their decisions are final. THE CANDIDATES’ STANDINGS. Following are the candidates’ standings as compiled from votes cast up to Saturday, March 4t.h, at 2 P. M. Candidates are requested to look over these standings carefully, as this will be the basis from which the final count will be made. All candidates were given 1,000 votes to start with. IRON CITY Miss Nell Wheeler 584,300. BAINBRIDGE Miss Fannie Brockett, 580,425. ELDORENDO Miss Ona Franklin 569,500. . BAINBRIDGE Mrs. Telfare Williams .. 552,575. BAINBRIDfJfe Miss Rosa SwicOrd, 545,100. CAMILLA Miss Autrey Mock, 520,175. BAINBRIDGE, R. F. D. NO. 2. Miss Zudie Mills, 439,800. RECOVERY Frank Moore 439,475 BRINSON Miss Cassie Eagerton,..._. 400,750. FACEVILLE, R. F. D. Miss Evelyn Hanna, 344,150, DONALSONVILL, R. F. D. Miss Velma Turnage 338,600. FACEVILLE, R. F. D. Miss Pauline Kelly, 338,550. One Fourth off on all Watches, the largest stock Jin south west Georgia. Some handsome wrist watches, all less one fourth re gular prices. Norris The Leading Jeweler. WARNING, Not to trade for Note in favor of T. C. Wilhmams given by T. H. Bynes. Same having been lost without my indorsement. T. C. Williams. NEGRO KILLS ANOTHER Will Daniels shot and killed another negro by the name of Wm. Conoway of Mr. Gordon Parkers place northeast of here Sunday night. The negro was found dead on the road Monday morning. It is hard just at this time to learn any of the parti culars of the killing but is learn ed that they had had some feeling prior to this between them; DEPOSITORS PAID IN FULL The Citizens Bank of Attapul- gus which failed some time ago and was placed in the hands of D. D. Smith and E. H. Griffin as receivers has paid up the de positors in full this week. This being a record breaking stunt that was pulled off ;in Old Deca tur. It is a rare thing that a bursted bank ever is so lucky as to pay off the depositors in full. The Receivers have worked pretty hard to get the depositors taken care of in this bank matter. Of SIGNAL SUCCESS AS A STARTER Womans Club Stand Spon ger for Three Days of Educational* Amuse ment. Friday and Satur day Feature days. LCI To My Friends and Supporters I hardly have appropriate words enough at my command to thank you in a proper manner for your kindness in joining in my support and electing me your County Superintendent of Schools of Decatur County. I assure you one and all that I am much gratified—such expressions from friends and our fellowmen are bright spots in our lives of struggle for love, friendship and last, but not least, a living in this beautiful world. Thanking you again for your kindly thoughts, actions, and confidence and trusting that I shall merit same, I am with sincere regards, Yours very truly, J. L. B. Barber. P. S.—I desire also to voice the sentiment expressed in my son’s card above, and take this method to thank one and all of our friends who so faithfully stood by us and gave us their support in the campaign just closed. Fraterally Yours, J. N. Barber. DEATH OF AAR. BUTLER Mr. Butler, father of Mr. G. C. Butler died Monday morning after a short illiness. He took sick at the church Sunday and was carried home but did not get his strenght back. The death of the aged man will be read with sorrow by the many friends of his son, and they are all that have ever met or known him. Having been a resident of this city for a number of years past Mr. G. C. Butler had endeared himself to all and this sudden loss coming on him arouses the sympathy of all his friends. His fater has not long been with him. CARD FRONI MR. ROWER I wish to think my many friends throughout the county for their support in my race for County Supt. of School. I ap preciate their votes just as much as if I had been elected, and shall always be grateful therefor. 3j .vcr. Thq first annual B&inbridge Chautauqua is under full head way. From every «ngle it is a signal success. The members of the Womans Club, under whose auspicies the chautauqQa is being held, are to be congraculated on their enthusiasm which has made the event a success. The program Thursday was a fine and those in charge of the program state that Friday and Saturday the program will be even better. Good clean amuse ment is being offered and the people of Bainbridge and the surrounding territory are turning out well. The better Babies contest Fri day morning at the city hall has arroused interest and the fond mammas of Bainbridge are grooming their youngest for the fray. Competent physicians will examine the babies arid grade them on the per centagc basis. Dri Emory Park, president of the state board of Health will deliver an illustrated lecture at the Cal lahan theatre Friday morning in connection with the show. Mr. E. J. Hunter of this city and Miss Clyde Rich, the popular teacher of the Winder School, were happily married, in Bain bridge Sunday Feb. 27, shortly after ten o’clock. Miss Lucile Rich who teachers here is a sister of the brjde. Fri day Miss Clyde Rich tendered her resignation as teacher of the Winder school, and later the two young ladies went to Bain bridge and were guests at the home of their uncle, Mr. Euzema Rich. Sunday morning the groom called for the bride and the happy couple were driven in the groom’s car to the home of Rev. Mr. Shell, where the vows uniting the hearts [of the high contracting parties were plighted. A Jmerry throng of relatives and friends gathered at the Bain bridge depot expecting to see Mr. and Mrs. Hunter leave for At lanta on a short wedding trip, but the popular couple eluded the showers of rice and jokes by speeding away on the auto to Whigham where they quietly be came passengers on the train for Atlanta. CARD OF THANKS We wish to return thanks to our many friends and neighbors that were so kind and helpful to us during the illness and death of our hushand and father and we trust tender hands will be as ready to serve each and every one of you in your hour of sorrow that may come upon you. We will long appreciate your kindness. Mrs. David Mathews, and Children. Who will be the Leading Lady 7