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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, March 16, 1916, Image 6

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FAIRCHILD FACTS Mrs. A. Yeates, and son. Mr. Jessie, of Steam Mill, were very pleasant visitors at Mr. and Mrs. Ban Turnage’s Sunday. Mr. Jodie Watt attended the eqcursion to De Funiak Springs Fla., last Saturday. Mr- Alva Turnage and sisters Misses Velma and X. L. enjoyed a pleasant trip to Bainbridge last Miss Pattie Gibson, of Don- alsonville came home with Mr. Alva Saunders and sisters, Misses Nellie and Birdie Mae, last Fri day afternoon and spent an en joyable time until Monday. I Mr. and Mrs. D. Turnage at tended preaching at Lake Hinton last Sunday. Rev. Sheffield of Miriam de livered a good sermon at Lake Hinton Free Will Church Sun- Mrs. J. W. Whitaker and Mrs. C. G. Coleman was guest at Mr. Frank Watts, Sunday. Mr. William Marchant and Mr. and son Emory passed through Fairchild Sunday. Messrs. Jim Thomas and J. C. Earnest of Desser, Were in our midst lately. Mr. Earnest was in hopes that Borne Fairchild couple would wish to be united by the Justice of the Peace. Leap Year doesn’t seen to en courage the old maids of Fair- child. Mr. Calvin Faircloth, was in Bainbridge Saturday. Mrs. A. J. McMullen expects a Jpleasant trip to De Funiak Springs Fla., in the near future. Miss Bonnie Lou Hill called on Miss Betty Watt Sunday. We deeply sympathise with Mrs. N. Mitchell and Mrs. R. F. Watt in their bereavement, the death of their husband and father, Mr. N. Mitchell at In wood, Fla., last Wednesday. Mrs. will live with her daughter Mrs. Watt at this place. We hope to replace her heart aches with something bright for her. We welcome her in our midst. The Steamer Eufaulaof Colum bus, delivered a lot of fertilizer last week at Hares Ldg. Sounds like farming in our section. Mr. J. T- Saunders, has a new telephone put in his home. Mr. W. P. Coleman will leave Monday on the Steamer Calla han for Bristol, Fla., to visit relatives. GOOD NEWS OF A CREAT THING That Has Become the Talk of Thousands There is denth at the end of every life, but rs we travel on toward the grave we hope to be blessed with good health, and when we have a friend who has suffered for years with some painful malady, it is good news indeed, when we are told ot that friend's complaint recovery, and w’hen we hear of the remedy that has made the cure we are bound to have confidence in it. This is why Globe Tonic is so well spok en of over the country. Mr. J. G. McCorkle, whose ad dress is Box 35, Route A. Bain bridge, Ga., says, “My wife has suffered for a long time. Her skin was sallow, she had to be very careful of her diet. Her kidneys gave her a lot of trouble, often having hemorrhages of kidneys, passing blood in time. She began to use Globe Tonic and commenced to improve from the very start. Her skin is now clear, she has a good appetite and eats anything she likes, and has had no more kidney troubles. I am using Globe Tonic myself and can tell any one it is good.” Sold by Bainbridge Drugg & Seed Company. adv Keep your Skin Clear & Healthy There is only one way to have a clear healthy complexion and that is to keep the bowels active and regular. Dr. King’s New Life Pills will make your com plexion healthy and clear, move the bowels gentlo, stimulate the liver, cleanse the system and purify the blood. A splendid spring medicine. 25c at your Druggist. (3) Georgin, Decatur County; llalniiir l.ouise Thornton vs. C. C. Thornton. Libel for divorce, in Hiqicrinr Court, Decatur Connty. Filed in olliice 7th day of March 11*16 To the Defendant, C. t'. Thornton: You are hereby required in person or by attorney to be and appear at the next term of Decatur County Superior Court to be held In and for said county of Deca.ur on the-nd, Monday in May 1016 next, then and there to answer the plaintiff's libel for a total divorce, as in default of such appearance, the court will proceed according to the statutes in such cases made and pro- vided. Witness the lion K. K. Cox, judge of said court, this llth tlay of March. 1916, C. W. Wimberlev, Clerk S. C. D, Co. D. It. Bryan, Attorney for Petitioner. MAR I OLA NEWS Ha! Guess you all thought Mariola was dead, but it is not, t has a fine Sunday School. We have a young peoples class and oh! what a good time we have once a month. Come and see us if you don’t believe us. We don’t have services but once a month and our pastor wont preach at night. He wants to preach in the afternoon, but we are all used to night services and want them Mr. Albert Smalwood and his daughter, Miss Emma, attended prraching here Sunday. Messrs. Corry and Hugh Smith of Dogtown attended preaching at Mariola last Sunday. We are sorry to lose our our teacher Mr. Bruce McCall, as he has gone to Florida to his brother. But he wont stay long before he will come back to see “her.” We were glad to see Mr. Virginius Smith, of near Bain bridge back in our class last Sunday. All like the new piano that we have just got for our church. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Owens call ed on their parents last Sunday afternoon. Roy Wilson went to see his grandfather, Mr. Shelfer Sun day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews and Mr. and Mrs. Drews, of Amsterdam, attended preaching here Sunday. Mr. D. D. Smith attended the services Sunday. Well this is all for this time and some one else, I hope will write the news for next week. Lets see who will do so. Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy Most Effectual. “1 have taken a great many bottles of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy and every time it has cured me. I have found it most effectual for a hacking cough and for colds. After taking it a cough always disappears,” writes Mrs. J. R. Moore, Lost Valley, Ga. Obtainable everwhere. One Fourth off on all clocks, except Big and Baby Bens. Norris the leading Jeweler. Mysterious Pains and Aches Make Lite Hard to Bear For Many Ba nbridge Woman. How to Prevent Group. When the child is subject to attacks of croup, see to it that he eats a light evening meal, as an overloaded stomach may bring,on attack, also watch for the Symptom—hoarseness, and give Chamberlain’s Cough Rem edy as soon as possible alter the child,’becomes hoarse. Obtainable everywhere. Georgia, Decatur County-; Will be sold before the court house door in the city of Bainbridge in said county on the first Tuesday in April dur ing the legal hours of sale the follow ing described property towit; House and lot in the eily of Bain bridge said eoiintv bounded on the North by property of Newsome, Hast by Dona I son street, South by Brough ton, Street and West by property of Floyd. Levied on as the property of W. L. Wood to satisfy a city tax ii fa issued by W. Oi Fleming clerk of the eity council for city taxes for the year 1914 and 1Mb. This March Slh, 1916. D. It. Barber, chief of police. S Saved Girl’s Life j? "I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re- 2 ceived from the use of Thedford’s Black-Draught,” writes 2 Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky. ? “It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds, 2 liver and stomach troubles. 1 firmly believe Black-Draught 8 ^ saved my little girl’s life. When she had the measles, they went in on her, but one good dose of Thedford’s _ Black-Draught made them break out, and she has had no 2 more trouble. I shall never be without Too many woman mistake their pains and aches for troubles peculiar to the sex. More often disordered kidneys are causing the hacking back, dizzy spells, headaches and irregular urina tion. Kidney weakness be comes dangerous if neglected. Use a time tried kidney remedy - Doan’s Kidney Pills. Hosts of people testify to their merit. Read a Bainbriege case; Mrs. A. B. Cliett,527 Calhoun street Bainbridge, says: “My back was so stiff and sore, that I couldn’t bear to bend over. I had rheumatic pains and the kidney secretions passed too fre quently. Doan’s Kidney Pills procured at the Ehrlich Drug Co., greatly relieved me.” Price 5oc at all dealers. Don’t simply ask for -a. kidney remedy —get Doan’s Kidney Pills—the same that Mrs. Cliett had. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. * *4 in my home.” For constipation, Indigestion, headache, dizzi ness, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar ailments, Thedford’s Black-Draught has proved itself a safe, reliable, gentle and valuable remedy. , If you suffer from any of these complaints, try Black- Draught It is a medicine of known merit Seventy-five years of splendid success proves its value. Good for young and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents. t jl ; :.c j Avoid Spring Colds Sudden changes, high winds, shifting.seasons cause coids and grippe, and these spring colds are annoying and dangerous and are likely to turn into a chronic summer cough. In such cases take a treatment cf Dr. King’s New Discovery - , a pleasant Laxa tive Tar Syrup. It soothes the cough checks the cold and helps break up an attack of grippe. Its already prepared, no mixing fussing. Just ask your druggist for a bottle of Dr. King’s New Discovery. Tested and tried for over 40 years. (3) MOVING PICTURE WILL BE MADE MONDAY Director For Local Moving Picture is Now in The City. G. R. Summers, the director for the Local Moving Picture ar rived in Bainbridge yesterday. The picture will be a big success was Mr. Summers’ statement, with the wide streets and square of Bainbridge, the extensive scenes will be the best he has made in Georgia. He is well pleased with the local cast. The camera man will start taking the picture Monday a. m. at nine o’clock. This is a big boosting picture for Bainbridge. It will be shown throughout Georgia and the Eastern and Western circuits. Every one is invited to get into the picture Monday when the business sec tion will be taken. The standing of the nominees’ for the leading parts are as fol lows: FOR THE LEADING LADY Miss Kathryn Chestnut 4,310 ..4,200 ..3,900 . 3,900 ..3,810 ..3,620 ..3,540 ..3,260 ..3,340 .3,510 SLYVANIA ITEMS We must say that old Sylvania is on a boom, “in the marrying line any way”. Most every young person here is getting mar ried, or trying very hard to. Mr. D. A. Gilbourn and Miss Annie Smith was united in the holy bonds of matrimony Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock. It was witnessed by a host of friends and relatives. The bride wore a becoming dress of white, and the groom wore a dark brown suit. The groom is a young far mer of this community, and im- meeiately after the wedding they left for their home. Misses Susie and Hattie How ell visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Howell’s Tuesday last. Miss Annie Johnson, visited Miss Bessie Sullivan Wl nesday. I Mr. WiHiam Gray andbrJ Mr. W. P. Howell and Howell, was seen on their, Faceville Saturday a fto with their musical in- trun There must have been a up there some where. ' Regardless to the cold, er, farmers down here are i mg corn. They say it is tj plant and they are going it in the ground. “Busy ] I wish to take this methl I thank all that were so kina Inice to assist me in the! | Contest. I am grateful to J one for all their many favoH 1 Respectfully, Miss Fannie Bro Miss Eleanor Brooks... Mrs. Elsie Gamage Miss Lida Lee Bruton.. Miss America Ball Miss Leona Haire Miss Nell Hollomon Miss Mabel Mayes Miss Louise DesVergers Miss Clara Sutherland.. FOR THE LEADING MAN Mr. Jule Kwilecki 2,340 Mr. Quimbv Melton 2,290 Judge Bryan. .2,160 Mr. Harry McCaskill 2,110 Dr. Lyons 1,700 Mr. J. D. Gray 1,700 Mr. C. W. Wimberlev, Jr..1,680 Mr. L. G. Papy 1,640 Planting Tim Cole’s Corn and Peanul Planter Rubber Buggy Tires applied at the Motor-Bike Company. WE ARE SELLING THEM ALL Cliett Hardware Co. $331 \999i&999999999999I 1999Z /AY ! OUR SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT We wish to announce to the trade that our Spring line of goods are in and coming in every day and that we will offer some of the very best bargains that have ever been offered this trade. We Buy For Cash and We Sell for Cash By following this plan we have been able to give the people the very lowest prices possible. We can save you money on every purchase. We will offer you things at prices that you never dreamed of. This Applies to Groceries as well as any other brand in this big store. We want your spring trade and if saving you money will get it. It is our purpose to do so. E. J. RELCHER COMPANY Belcher Block , Bainbridge, Ga.