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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, November 09, 1916, Image 3

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kwwwwwwwwwwwwvtfwwwwwwywwvwww /few jtfrray of /fovelties at ft addon's “J7ie JCadies Store 9 /few Sdeas T H E slow coming of cold weather has turned the trend of the good dressers mind to novelties and we have a splendid supply on hand. Some new ideas, chic and up to the minute that will interest you. Something for the Thanksgiving and Christ mas that will be a little out of the ordinary. ftosiery T HAT will make your heart glad to select from, all new and stylish shades that attract. Our line of Ladies Ready to wear will meet the expectations of the highest ideas and it will be a great pleasure to show you just what we have. If you want it, you will have to get it at Haddon’s is a well and long known fact. Then come along and get it while the line is in tact. The Ladies Store HADDO IT’S The Ladies Store Bainbridge, Georgia. ©ont tjou, nmLnmf inottum, and "1)1 altuuj? NOTICE TO COUNTRY ear Mary,;--. You don't mean to tell me that you haven’t got >ur new linoleums and matting yet. Don’t wait 'other day. My life has taken on new joys since I it mine down. They have just the dandiest patterns in lino- urns and matting down at Lan’e Furniture store. ° to see them. You will find that it won’t cost och to fix up the kitchen and bedrooms. And how '9ht this will make your home; and how much f ORK it will save. Your affectionate-HELEN. T 1 S. Don't forget the store for linoleum and a tting is -ANE furniture company tainbriege, - Georgia 6\ FARM LOANS 6°, Ljans on improved farms in South Georgia promptly made at lowest rates and best terms. Call on or "rite us stating your needs. "^^^WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY== arrow Loan & Abstract Co. The Biggest Farm Loan Concern in Southwest Georgia.” PELHAM. GEORGIA. To insure that your items all I get in each week you should mail them on Monday as often as possible and they will* not fail of publication, but if you wait until the middle of the week they will have to go over to the next week. In making up your items give the real news of the neighborhood. An item starting that one person takes dinner or spends the night with another person in the same neighborhood is not the kind of an item we wish. If a person from another community comes into spend the day or night in your community that is the kind of a local that is news. A young man taking a young lady out driving is not anybody’s business but theirs and such an item has no place in a news paper and we rather you would not send such an item in for it is only embrassing to the young couple that takes the ride. Try to avoid embrassing or hurting any one’s feelings in your items for that destroys interest in them by your community. It is very rare that we have to blue pencil any item, but we are compelled to do so when we see an item that we think will hurt someone’s feelings, while we know such was not intended but things look different from the original intention when they get in cold piint. We have a splen did bunch of correspondents and the people in the different parts of the county love to read their items and for that reason we wish to keep interest up in them. SHIPMENTS ON TO ATLANTA All ladies will bear in mind, that I have just received a full line of Fruit cake Fruits and all ingredients for your Thanksgiv ing and Christmas Cakes. All Slices and flavorings. C. N. Wil son, Atlanta, Ga.,Nov. 2.—Records in the office of the ordinary of Fulton county show that 45,273 packages of whiskey were shipp ed into Atlanta during the month of October, which was an in crease of more than 1,3000 packages above the record for Each succeeding month since May 1, when the prohibition laws of Georgia went into effect, the number of shipments into Atlanta has increased. OLD NEGRO DIES Old uncle Charlie Jordon, a well known old negro of the At- tapulgus district, died last week suddenly just after he had de livered the mail, a job that he filled for a number of years. Charlie was one of the old time negros and his white friends held him in high esteem. He was for years one of the few Democratic negros of the: county and always said he was j willing to trust the white men; of his state with governmental j affairs. The death of the old | negro cast a gloom over the town of Attapulgus as he was a familar old figure in the com munity. Mill Men, Manufacturers and Turpentine Operators When in Need of Repairs Call on T. R. Thompson & Son The Popular Boiler Makers and Sheet Iron Workers We do any kind of Boiler, Sheet Iron Work and Repair Turpentine Stills. Promptness and Efficency our Motto. Your patronage solicited. BOX 180 BAINBRIDGE, GA. Shop West St., One Block from Court House Mr. Syrup Maker: When your kettle cracks we can patch it as good as new. Forget Your Aches. Stitt knees, aching limbs lame back make life a burden. If you suffer from rheumatism, gout, lumbago, neuralgia get a bottle of Sloan’s Liniment, the univer sal for pain. Easy to apply; it penetrates without rubbing and soothes the tender flesh. Clean er and more effective than mussy ointments or poultices. For strains or sprains, sore muscles or wrenched ligaments result ing from strenous exercise, Sloan’s Liniment gives quick re lief. Keep it on hand for emer gencies. At your Druggist. 25c. (1) A S a little remem brance for the new or ok) acquaint ance of vacation d3ys—your photo graph. Your friends ean buy anything you can give them— except your photo graph. Make the appoint ment to-day II. W. SOUTH PHOTOGRAPHER Bainbridge, Georgia. Just received a new line of JOB STOCK. The Post-Search Light.