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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, November 23, 1916, Image 1

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HE POST-SEARCH LIGHT BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23, 1916 $1.00 PER YEAR SEfllffiEO TO KIN i-lie Williams, a negro that T another and buried him L. dust pile.- was tried last * in the superior court and guilty and sentenced to fhis makes several death , sentences that have been 'in this county recently has been an epidemic of among tile colored people • county, the past year sentences may have ency to suppress. Imtting I in Belcher, the well known r merchant on Broad and r streets is making a great [ration to handle his holi trade as it should be. He Living his goods and will [them open so that those [ers who want to do their ling before the rush comes (an do so in comfort and Mr. Belcher has a com I stock and one that will 'do t to any general store in the n. For more than 25 years Is waited on the people of (county and he is the best I posted man on their needs i line. [ GDNIII The trial of Mr Moose that has been occupying the attention of the Superior court this week was one of the most henious charges ever made against amaninjthis section. The details were Sick ening for publication and as a matter of fact this paper pub lished very little *of his former trial, The jury found him guilty with a recommendation to the mercy of the court. The man was well defended by Messrs. Conger, Thornton, Cox, and Hartsfield, and equally as hard ily prosecuted by the Solicitor General and Judge W. M. Har rell. The jury brought in a ver dict of guilty of attempt to as sault and asked the extreme mer cy of the court. The court told the jury (hat he felt constrained to say that they did not quite grasp the case and that he had his oyn conscience to satisfy in the matter and then passed the sentence of 20 years. The case has been discussed pro and con on every corner of the city streets and will long be remembered as a most sensa tional one. THE VOTER NEGLIGENT The city registration books will close next Thursday and only a small part of the voting strenght of the city has regist ered. Now Mr. Voter there will be matters of moment that are liable to come up next summer and unless you go and register now you will not be able to take part in them. The books will close November 30th and you must get ready tor that Grand Jury Suggests A Reward For Recruiters COUNTY AFFAIRS FOUND TO BE IN SPLENDID SHAPE. DECATUR LEADS THE STATE.IN CON CRETE BRIDGES. BILLS PAID IN CASH. Clerk W. 0. lank Brown, a negro charg- ]with killing the woman p* Nettles was tried and F Pilty and sentenced by | r y night after committing [crime Sunday night. The was immediately indict- fried and the jury found him. Justice is sometimes it is said but in this case fas swift and terrible in its f’ n ' The man had been mix- U P with the woman it seems T on ‘ e b'me and he wiii have r- v rime to think over r ae hns been doing. DOING III [line Brothers have enjoyed b'ggest trade this fall that ewer have because of the that they bought their m time, bought plenty of grade goods and have pro- their trade from terrific all along the line. are filing their house with _ or holiday trade and will their big business in their I i I - ^ a V- Their business has lar heyond their fondest and they mean to hold to Principle in the coming .,° giving the best goods e least money. They are a eents for King Quality and can Oirl shoes and they Hon. E. E. Cox, Judge, Superior Court, Albany Circuit, We, The Grand Jury, empanel ed and sworn for this term of Court respectfully submit following Presentments: We have carefully investigated all matters coming to our atten tion, and have returned true bills in all cases where the evidence warranted same- The several Committees, who were appointed to make investigations in the various County affairs, reports as follows: Committee On Public Roads, Convict Camps, And Connty Farm. Our time being very limited, it was impossible to see all the roads or visit all the convict camps, but we saw most of them, and found them clean and in good sanitary condition. The Stockade is the best and most neatly kept of any place ot its kind we have ever seen; a complete record of everything on the farm, or taken from it, is correctly’kept, We find all convicts well fed and in good health, except three were lying up for some minor ailment. We find all the roads in excellent condition, except in one or two places, ami they are not very bad, which are under construc tion, or will be very soon. We wish to congratulate our County on being so fortunate is getting a man ot Captain Tucker’s ability. As to number of convicts, we refer you to Cap tain Tucker’s reports. Committee On Public Buildings: We find the County Jail in ex cellent condition in so far as cleanliness is concerned, but we find the negro quarters too crowd ed, and we recommend that some of the inmates of these quarters be moved to other parts ot the building, which at present ap pear to be unused, but .before this change is made it will be necessary to put such rooms in suitable condition for keeping prisoners. We also find ten win dow panes broken out, and rec- commend that these be replaced. We also recommend that the stove flue in the Tax Collector’s office be promptly repaired. We also recommend that the landing on the stairway leading I to the basement in the Court Mr C. C. Norris, the well known I House be repaired promptly, as Jeweler has just finished paint- its present condition is such as to ing, frescoing and otherwise get-1 render it dangerous, ting his store in shape for the j We also recommend that the holidays. He has installed a new j Window Casings of the Court and modern lighting system that House be painted on the outside, is very attractive. He is get-1 an( j that the entire building be ting in his holiday line of stuff equipped with Steam heat, and every person that really wants We also recommend a stove be to see a neat and uptodate line, j placed in Tax Receivers office at in a neat and uptodate store can ; once, find it by paying this store ar^ttee 0n Justice 0 , Tiie p eace) And visit Mr Norris ha. been build-, „ ^ mg this business for nine years I past and now he has one of the! We have examined the Justice prettiest arranged stores of the Court and Ex Officio Notary kind in this section. If you have Publice Books and Documents not visited this store lately do so that have been brought before 111 gdttdn sale i Rich of Lynn Station sold , B. Ehrlich & Co., 155 of cotton Monday that ^lit the sum of fifteen thou- dollars. Mr. Rich sold a . ... latch of cotton in May for|E* me . ls Ediead> [nts and held the balance of . Fleming is ready to serve you. prop until this week when f ^ ttend to it now. lulled down this handsome (for it. He got the tip top |e market here as is usually p case despite occasional pis. The local market pays It as well as any that we learn of. At any rate Mr. [was very much pleased at price he received for his big BAGGED 19 Despite the warnings of County Game Warden George H. Fields to the hunters of the county and his advertising the law one of the wardens bagged 19 of the boys and reported same this past week. Mr Fields has done his best to warn everybody what to expect in the event of their viol ating this statutre and he has shown that he had no desire to see any one fined but in spite of his plea and his warnings one of the assitants bagged 19. The hunters of the county have no one to blame but themselves for getting hit this way and all are again warned to take notice. FIXED FOR THE HOLIDAYS Attached herewith, marked, “Exhibit One”, Report ot the County Commissioners, which we have closely sciutinized and find it a very comprehensive re- t ^ e ip°rt. We wish to thank the Com missioners for the interest they are displaying in our County’s affairs, and the efficient manner in which they are handling the finances. The Grand Jurys attention has been called to the tact that there is a number of immigration Agents or Labor Recruitors operating in our County con trary to the Jaw, and not having first secured license for this pur pose, and we recommend that that the County Commissioners offer a suitable reward to ap prehend these parties; to say not less than (100.00) One Hundred Dollars, or more if they' deem necessary. There appear vacancies of Justice of Peace Offices in the 1050 and 1316 Districts, and we recommend Mr. A. Bird to fill Vacancy in 1050 District, and Mr. J. D. Talbert to fill vacancy UNWEPT AND NEGLEGTED One of the old Confederate Veterans of the county, Mr. J. H. Hampton, died a few days ago below Fowlstown and he died in want and, neglect. The old man did not have enough to lay him away. One of the good hearted citizens of that section Mr, Ben Thomas buried him at his own expense. There seems to be no provision|for the burial of these old vets and this citi zen is out the entire expense. If any person feels like they would care to contribute any thing for the laying away of this old man they can send same to Major McBride. It is a passing shame almost that one of these old men died this way. He was one of the thin grey line that is slowely getting thinner, each year tak ing from their ranks very heavi ly and it does seem like some provision ought to be made for the proper laying away of these old men that stood for the re demption of this country. One of the most interesting and successful meetings that the Archdeaconry of Albany has ever held was the one which met in St. John’s Church last week. The program as printed in these columns last week was in]carried out in every detail and AILG.F.&A. RE-ELECTED TUESDAY The stock holders of the G. F & A. Railway Company met Tues day at noon and ejected their officers for another year as well as attending to all business of every kind that is usually attend ed to at a meeting of that kind. All the old officials were re-elect ed and every citizen of the town is glad to know that the same courteous bunch will serve them • another year. Manager, Cole man, Treasurer Pappy, Auditor Green, Traffic Manager Acosta and the entire staff are pleasing to the patrons of the road. BELATED TST Mr. S. Myers, one ef the mana gers of the Bainbridge Metal Co., received a cablegram Tuesday from the state Kowne in Poland that his father whom he had been trying to hear from for two-years, was dead and his mother in bad surroundings. They lived in the track of the war and Mr. Myers does not know whether he died of old age or was killed in some mann er. He has been trying to learn the true state of affairs over there for some time with the above sad results. just to see what is here in this line- PRIZE us, and we find them all very neatly kept, except two, which had some irregularities in over charging Cost. Their attention has been called to same, with m- Mrs T. I. Voorhies has a little struct j on9 t 0 see that no excessive chicken which has four teet andi cogt j s ac j^ e( j j n future, four wings, and is as thrifty look-1 has come to our notice that ing as any chicken ever hatched I j 3 a p rac tice of some of the —v» ri snoes anri thev from a Rhode Island Red egg but J j ustipes to allow their Bailiffs to b «e to these tWQ 3terling k%ou, act 8? Vlng .8* shoes, moc h of theic had better come and see for law. This practice I-, "'■d.ho„ldimstnn 1 y Ba g i |m 1316 District. AlsoJOtho Benton [the large congregations which Notary Public and Ex office J. P.' attended the services were cleep- 1046 District. j ly interested and impressed by We. recommend that these ' the earnestness of the speakers presentments be published in j and the helpful effects of the the BainbridgeJ Democrat, and 1 able sermons. The first service the Post Search-Light Papers „of • was held Tuesday night and in Bainbridge. I spite of the hard rain and the We recommend Jthat $2.00 be]many other attractions in the paid for Stenographic work in, city, the congregation was quite connection with the Grand Jury’s large and attendance duties. j night services increased, until We acknowledge with gracious i on Thursday night the church thanks the efficient and courteous I waB full and extra chairs which assistance rendered this body by | had been provided were all oc- the Solicitor General, Mr. Bell'cuyied. Every Clergyman who and his assistant Mr. C. W. Wim-! belongs to;the Archdeaconry was berley, Jr. They have, through present for the greater part of their business like methods, and ! the meeting and in addition the efficient ability, been of great ] B ev - N. MacCallum, of Way- service to us. | croSB waB a most welcomed visit- We feel unworthy, of the com- er - The Bishop came up from pliment bestowed upon us by his. Savannah on Thursday and honor, Judge E. E, Cox, at the! preached a most interesting and time he was delivering the charge helpful sermon that night and of the Court, and we bow with as 1 remained in the city until one much grace as we know to the j o'clock Saturday, visiting expression thus given. The among the members of the con- charge of Court was clear and gregation The regular services will be held in this church next Sunday as follows: 10:00 a. m. Sunday School and Men’s Bible Class. 11:00 a. m. Morning Prayer and Sermon. 7:00 p. m .<E vening Prayer and at the!^ e, mon. Next Thursday being Thanks giving day the usual Thanks giving service will be held in the Episcopal Church at 19:30 a. m.. The offering on Thanks giving day will be for the Gene ral Clergy Relief Fund, and it is hoped that the people will give liberally to this worthy cause. forceful, and has been an spi ration to this body. We recognize in him, an able, Perhaps the most important feature of the meeting was the address Wednesday night, by conscientious, courageous, and ,Mr. John Davis of Albany on the upright Judge, and we feel that subject of the Bible Glass, this if every Judge of the Superior address was listened to with un- Courts throughout Georgia pre- abated interested by a large cor- sided with the same grace, gregation and resulted in the dignity, fearlessness and ability determination on the part ot the as our Judge, there would be a, rnen of St. Johns Church to material lessening of crime, and organize a Bible Class immedi- a greater inspiration for the ately, and Mr. II. S. Richardson people in their respective dis tricts to respect the law. In bidding adieu to Judge Cox, has consented to undertake the MAYOR’S PRDGLAMATI9R In view of the fact that the President of the United States and the Governor ot Georgia have issued their proclamations nam ing Thursday November30th, a day of general Thanksgiving, and in view further of the many bless ings that this city and county have enjoyed in the past year I as Mayor of the city of Bainbrid ge issue this, my proclamation and ask all citizens, high or low occupying whatever station in life to join with fervor and spirit into this general feeling of good will and general thanks and help make this day one of the real leadership which assures the national feelings. I would further success of the undertaking. Not| as ^ that all stores be closed and we wish him much success in thH only the men of the Episcopal other evidence of observing we wisn mm muen success in ™ can this da ^ m th,B manner be car- pursuit of that which his own Ienurch out every man wno cani thinm wisdom mav direct him do B0 - > 8 cordially invited to joinU' ed out - w ® have many things ZSX,abmTt'ted, this dassand h e at the church!we should/.,™* over a, a J. G. Garrett, Clerk. E. J. Perry, Foreman. The within General Present ments are ordered received enter ed on the Minutes of the Court, and further ordered that the re commendations and appointments therein made be approved and confirmed and that these pres entments be published as request ed, In open Court Nov. 20, 1916. E. E. Cox, J. S. C. A. C. Georgia, Decatar County. To the Grand Jury, Decatur next Sunday at 10:00 a. m., when the class will be organiz ed and get to work. It has long been felt that such a class would be of the greatest help not only to the members them selves but to the church, and much good will doubtless be ac complished. Every man in Bain bridge who is not now connect ed with the Bible Class of one of the other churches will re ceive a hearty welcome. Mr. Overton of the Parker Me- Caskill Company has returned to Bainbridge after a visit to l city and is meet and proper that all our citizens show their apprec iation of the same by thus co operating. I earnestly request that all business be suspended on that day and all citizens that can, go to the different houses of worship and join in the religious of the day as is proper under such circumstances. This Nov. 20th 1916. J. W. Callahan, Mayor. The next meeting of the Ladies Guild of the Episcopal Church will be held at the residence of Mrs Glenn Tonge en Shotweli nc