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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, November 23, 1916, Image 2

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imiiipi You Need a Tonic There are times in every woman’s life when she needs a tonic to help her over the hard places. When that time comes to you, you know what tonic to take—Cardui, the woman’s tonic. Cardui is com posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs, and helps build them back to strength and health. It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak, ailing women in its past half century of wonderful success, and it will do the same for you. You can’t make a mistake in taking CARDUI The Woman’s Tonic Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark., says: “1 think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth, for women. Before I began to take Cardui, 1 was so weak and nervous, and had such awful dizzy spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel as well and as strong as l ever did, and c»a mat K*ud anvtbine,” Begin taking Cardui today. Sotd by A daaiea.' Has Helped Thousands. "XMMMK Horses and Mules The Best, The Cheapest After All. We have just received a shipfnent of Mules that are the best for the money we have ever offered. With enlarged facilities now we will always have on hand a full supply of high-grade stock. Horses and Mules that are real stock. The fanners that need mules can get just what they want here and at the best prices. At our stables on North Broad Street. L W. C. COX & COMPANY Thanksgiving Special AT Callahan Theatre David Crockett, the intensely Southern story and one full of Southern life, bravery and chival ry. One that every child bom in the South ought to see. Crockett Died in The Alamo and around his name clusters most of the romance of early southern frontier life. The one that sees this picture will get their money’s worth. Thanksgiving Night g Callahan Theatre oCoca/ and {Persona/ Mr. Overton of the Parker Me- Caskill Company has returned to Bainbridge after a visit to Plant city Florida. P. R. Bomeisler of New York is in the city for a few days, registered at the Hotel Calla han. Mr. G. S. Johnston of States boro was in the city Sunday a short while. W. B. Miller of Amsterdam and D. N. Miller of Attapulgus were in the city attending court Monday. A most magnificent line of ladies shoes in all the latest toes and shapes at W. J. Brady’s. Mr. J. M. Shackleford of Mobile was in the city with old friends and his trade last Saturday,. N. T. Jones, was one of the Whigham citizens over thio week attending the superior Court. W. C. Cox left Tuesday after noon for the middle west where he will buy a shipment of brood mares for this market. The friends of Dr. Darbyshire will learn with regret that he has been very ill for a past week. Ride a BICYCLE built in BAINBRIDGE. The BIC YCLE HOSPITAL builds ’em from the ground up. Miss Georgia Lee Grady and Mrs Clark of Iron City were in town a short while Tuesday morning shopping. The Grand Jury adjourned Moudaynoon having finished all the work they had to do. Mr Nathan Shelter of Attapul gus was in the city Monday a short while. Jim and Jess Yeates were in the city a short while Monday on business. A most magnificent line of ladies shoes in all the latest toes and shapes at W. J. Brady’s. Dr. Tom Chason, of Donal- sonville was in the city a short while the forepart of the week. C. R. Laing of Attapulgus was in the city a short while this week attending court. W. H. Knighton of Climax was among the jurors last week attending court. Tom Barber of Climax was out last Friday after an operation. Tom has a host of friends that will be glad to learn of his im provement. Swell sample line of ladies coats that you can make your own selection from cheap. See them at W. J. Brady’s. Some of the boys have landed well on the cotton game and they are paying old debts that have been running for many years. S. H. Brantly, the well known potato farmer has decided not to contest for any prizes this year but will wait until next fall. Mrs. Oscar Sapp, Misses Sapp, Harrell and Kemp of Mitchell county, were in the city a short while Friday evening with their friends. Miss Fannie Brockett has ac cepted a position the Candy Kitchen where she will be glad to wait on her friends. A most magnificent line of ladies shoes in all the latest toes and shapes at W. J. Brady’s. Mr. J. F. Brown of Donalson- ville was among the citizens from that town in the city this week attending court. Doc Searcy and the Chero Cola Shows are going to bold the boards next week for the entertainment of the people. Swell sample line of ladies coats that you can make your own selection from. See them at W. J. Brady’s. SO PLENTY TO EST, BUT NO SPPETITE Mrs. F. L. Morris of Faircloth was in the city shopping Friday afternoon. A most magnificent line of ladies shoes in all the latest toes and shapes at W. J. Brady’s. Hunting season opened Mon day and some fellows got up late. They forgot what day it was anyway. How many of the quail tribe went down we do not know. Miss Rosa Swicord of Climax was in the city a while Tuesday afternoon. Dr. E. C- Smith returned last Friday from a business trip to South Carolina. A most magnificent line of ladies shoes in all the latest toes and shapes at W. J. Brady’s. 1:. T. Parker of near Climax .vas in the city a short while Friday afternaon. Parker and McCaskill received their auto hearse Monday and it is a beautiful piece of work. The machine will set a new pre cedent in this section, A very attractive piece of undertaking progress. Quite a number of Bainbridge folks are going over to Thomas- yille next Thursday to hear Bis- nop Candler preach the Thanks giving sermon for the Methodist Conference which opens next week in that city The Bazaar in the Callahan Block that is being operated by the ladies of the Jewish temple has been doing a good business this week. Most anything imagin able that one could want has been on sale there. The ladies, best of all appreciate every bit of the patronage they have been receiving. A Ford loaded with negroes went off the fill that leads to the bridge Saturday night and took a drop of about forty feet with th remarkable result that no one was hurt but the Ford. A most dangerous tumble and nothing short of a miracle prevented the killing of some of the occupants. Ride a BICYCLE built in BAINBRIDGE. The BIC YCLE HOSPITAL builds ’em from the ground up. The Calahan Theatre has ad vertised as a Thanksgiving Special, Davy Crockett and every school child and lover of southern and frontier history ought to see it. Take your child out to see it, it is worth their time and your trouble. It makes them love the early history of their section. Swell sample line * of ladies coats that you can make your own selection from. See them at W. J. Brady’s. Keen interest has been shown in all the work of the Superior court of this week and quite a number of very important matters have come up. The last sitting of the court under Judge Cox will go down in the memories of many as one that held much of deep concern, to the people, W. L. Ricks of Valdosta was in the city the early part of the week on business. Mr. Ricks is with the Ricks-Lewis Bill Posting Service and a man that has lots of good friends all over this sec tion. The Bainbridge Metal Com pany will buy the old junk that is otherwise worth nothing to you When you send an empty wagon to town just load it with junk and get that money which will rust and waste away if you dont sell it now. See the junk man and see what he can do for you. D. D. Perkins and wife of Whigham were in the city several hours Tuesday on a little visit. Mr. Perkins is the sheriff elect of Grady county and his friends in this city are wishing for him a successful administration of af- * a good tenure of office. Declares He Had Bad Case of Stomach Trouble and Began Going Down Hill. Gains 25 Pounds on Tanlac. "It may sound unreasonable and youjmay believe me or not, but after taking four bottles of this Tanlac medicine I have act ually gained 25 pounds,” said J. B. Williams, a well-know and prosperous farmer who resides at Greenbrier, Tenn., near Nash ville, Tenn. "I had a bad case of stomach trouble last summer, and it came pretty near knocking me out,” continued Mr. Williams. "It was something like nervous indiges tion. I began to go down hill. It looked like the more medicine I took and the harder I tried to get well, the worse I would get. We had pretty near everything to eat, but nothing tasted right and I got so weak and nervous I couldn’t do anything in fact I was just completely knocked out. “Before I had this spell I weighed 160 pounds and kept falling off until I got down to where I only weighed 135 lbs. “I am now back to my regular weight again and feel strong and well. My appetite is simply fine now and I don’t mind my work. This medicine just took right hold of me and put me on my feet. “Well sir, the second day after I began taking it. I got hungry and oh, how good that old ham die taste! I sleep fine now too, and am not nervous like I was. Even the barking of the dogs at night does not wake me up, "I never believed a medicine could be made that would do anybody as much good as Tanlac has done for me and I want to reccomend it to any body who has suffered with the same trouble I have.” Tanlac is sold in Bainbridge exclusively by Willis Drug Co., in Donalsonville by the Palace Drug Co; Climax by the Climax Pharmacy; Iron City, by Strict land & Cordell; Brinson, by H, B. Harrell Supply Co; Babcock, Ga, by Babcock Bros. Lumber Company; Eldorendo, Ga.,J. L. Smith. Hair Dressing CALLIE CRITTENDON 224 Georgia Avenue BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA. Maker of switches, puffs, curls, transformations braids and wigs out of combings furnish hair. Do You Hare Sour Stomach? If you are troubled with sour stomach you should eat slowly and masticate your food thorogh- ly, then take one of Chamber lain’s Tablets immediately after supper. Obtainable everywhere Jim Smith of the Palace Market is at peace with the world. Says all his customers are satisfied and that he has found out how to keep them so By keeping those pork sausage on hand as near all the time as possible. IE YOU are troubled with dandruff, itch ing scalp, and your hair coming out, we ask you to try IK&Ug CTRACE MARN HAIR TONIC on our guarantee that it will give you relief and satisfaction or money refunded. Sold only by us, 50c and $1.00. MILLS PHARMACY Ck^to^Mdg^JBainbridge^Ja^