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Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1844-1858, January 14, 1845, Image 1

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U5S J €3 I A. APH j5Y OLIVER H. PRINCE. PUBLISHED WEEKLY— EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. NEW SERIES—VOL. I. NO. 16. MACON, GA., TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1845. WHOLE NUMBER 952. THE GEORGIA TELEGRAPH. PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY M0RMIMB BY OLIVER H. PRINCE, ^\T THREE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, INVARIABLY hvadvance \ 0VEKT13KMESTS not exceeding lSlines, will be inserted oueliniefor ONE DOLLAR; and fifty CENTsfor each subsequont insertion. Sheriff's, Tax Collectors’ and Coroners’ Sales, are char red by the Levy. “ treasonable deduction will be made to those who adver tise by the year. * ’Letters on business connected wi*h tlie Office, must .post secure attention. jm.H IJ LL’ S VEGETABLE FEVER AND AGUE AND ANTI FEVER * PILLS. •' Prove ail thing*, and hold Just to that «*K*is good —Paul. . . N ONE need suffer with that distressing complaint CHILLS AND FEVERS, or FEVER AND A- GUE. tor it is speedilv and permanently cured by Dr. HULL’S celebrated ANTI-FEVER PILL. They nev er fail to cure the Chills and Fever the first day, when used according to direction, and do not sicken the stomach, or operato upon the bowels. Thousands of certificates have been presented to the proprietor by planters or the first lesnectabiluv. Physicians of eminence, and others who hire used them, which might be given, but let the following from Judge Forrest, a of the first respectability, in Jefferson county, Ala. suffice : Greensboro, Ala. Feb. 4.1843. I certify, that in the summer of1842, I hid a severe at tack of Fever and Ague, and was f t some time unler the treatment of a physician, but received no benefit from his orescriptions—mv disease continued to increase in the fre- nnenev st.d severity of in attacks, I at last had resource to lr Hull's Fever and Ague and Anti-Fever Pills, and in using half a box, was entirely cured, and have temained ia good healtb-ever lince. . I afterwards had in m.v family several eases of Fever and Ague and have in every instance made use of Hull s Pill* which have always immediately effected a cure. Dr Hull's Pills, require no puffing where they are known and where they are not, a single trial is sufficient to insure their universal adoption. Price $1 perbox. with full duea. lions. A fresh supplyyuM «J-«ved and/or sale by J. \V. BAILEY. ’ $ GEORGE PAYNE. ? DruggisU. H. SHOTWELL. $ East MaconHv—COWLES. NICOLL & Co. In Perry, by —J. B. THOMPSON. In Knoxville, by—BOND & MURDOCK, sad by an appointed Agent in every city and v,Hage ,bro - oat the State. HULL A SPENCER. jlacon u Ang. 19.184'*. Also-Ur. Uull’a CO. till liOZEAtiES, For the relief of Coughs. Colds, Consumption, Asthma. Whooping Coughs. Catsrrh, Tightness of the Lungs or Chest. Aronchitis, and all pulmonary affections. Several thousand boxes have hern sold within the last six months, giving immediate relief to those who have been afflicted with the most distressing Coughs and Colds, and restoring to liealtn persons iu almost every stage of pulmonary al- fertions. The whole world should know that Dr Hull s Cough Lozenges are a certain cure for all diseases lending to con- fuinptions and death. They ore recommended by thou •sn.-is who have used them, and that they give relief when all other means fail. Price 25 rents perbox, with full di rections, and may be found on inquiry in all the cities and villages of the State. F-r sale in Macon by J. H.&W.S. ELLIS.? J. W. BAILEY. S Dracists GEORGE PAYNE, ? ^ rD =E'» ,s - II. 8HOTWELL. S East Macon, COWLES, NICOLL, A Co. Perry, J. B. THOMPSON. August 19. 1844. HULL’S WORM LOZENGES are the greatest dis covery ever made for dispelling die various kinds of worms liutf frequently and distressingly annoy both children sad adults. From the Sparta Gazette—” From our know- ledge we take great pleasure in recommending to the pub lic Hull’s Worm Loxeuges as the best worm medicine ex tant. Children will eat them as they would candy, and cry for them." To parents we soy, do not be without these Lozenges at any time, as you value the. lives of your children. For sale in M aeon by J. H. A W-S. ELLIS.? J. W. BAILEY. \ Druggists. GEORGE PAYNE, 5 H SHOTWELL. S East Macon, COWLES. NICOLL. A Co. In Knoxville, by BOND A MURDOCK. Perry. J. B. THOMPSON, and by an ap. pointed agent in every city aud village througeoulthe State- Ang. 19.1*44. 48 VEGETABLE PILLS in Macon by \ 8. ELLIS,T ‘PAYNE, | Druggists. WELL. J "Tlic saiifui puysiciaii aiiao ml up Ins lieaU, in t *e sight of the great men of the earth, he shall be in admiration; fir he hath prepared his medicines out of the herbs ol the field; and he that is wise will not abhor them.’’ Physicians, medical men. and philoaophers, have all agreed that nature has preprreda remedy for every dis ease. A little reflection must convince every one of the truth contained in lids lemark. Dr. Spencer's Pills are a vegetable remedy, and all-powerful in removing disease. They may be taken with impunity at all limes without re gard to diet or exposure, and without the debilitating ef fects consequent on taking other medeeine*. They nave the united testimony of the whole medical profession in heir favor, and from their decision there ia no appeal.— tPerson* wishing to purchase cannot be too particular to get Spencer’s Pilla. as there are scores of unscentific ptepara- tions put on sale almost every day. of doubtful efficacy.— Price 21 centi per box, with full directions. A fresh sup ply just received and for sale in Macon by J. H. A W. 8. ELLIS, J. W. BAXLEY, I GEORGE H. SHOTVV ^ East Macon, by COWLES A NICOLL A Co. In Knoxville,by BOND A MURDOCK. Perry, J. B. THOMPSON, and by an ap. pointed Agent in every city and village throughout the Slate. Macon, Ga. August 19th, 1844. 48 JThe following is from Mr. Isaac M. Thomas, Merchant, at Talladaga Springs, Alabama.] Talladega Springs, Talladega Co. Ata. August 17th, 1842. This is to certify, that I have been afflicted with Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, and Liver Complaint, and Costive ness for the last eight or nine years, during which lime I had taken, as well as I recollect, about sixty boxes of Beckwith’s Pills, twelve boxes of Peters’ Pills, and a number of boxes of Champion’s and Brandreih's Pills, all of which afforded me but little or no relief. At last. I was recommended to try Doctor Spencer’s Vegetable Pills, 1ND weu. I DID; fori never had but one attack of the Sick Headache after I commenced taking the Pilla. (now about fix months.) and I candidly confess, that I have de rived more real benefit from the use of Spencer's Pills, ibsn from all the other Medicines and Pills that I have ever taken, and I would earnestly recommend them to all, as being in my opinion the best medjcine in use for all lingering eomplaints. The Pills have done me so much good, that 1 would not feel willing lobe without them for five dollar* a bex; and I cannit but feel very grateful to Dr. Spe.iei r for having prepared such a valuable medi cine. and the distribution of it ia conferring a very great farnr on the public, as it i* a thing of the utu ost import ance that every family should have a supply of Doctor fipeacer’a truly valuable PUIscons^mlv on ~ TOOT88 A€UU! WHO would be troubled with this tormentin': m when it can be cured without extracting it 7 Dr. Lacount’s tooth ache drops are a certain remedy.— Thousands have declared th4i they would not be without tbit preparation if it cost $10 per vial. It does not injure ike teeth, but possesses the property of enlivening too gams when in an unhealthy stare.—Full directions accom- Pinying each vial, price 50 cents. A fresh supply just re ceived and for sale in Macon hv J. II. A W. 3. ELLIS, ? J. W. BAILEY. 5 DruggisU GEORGE PAYNE, ? _ H. SHOTWELL, S EastMscod, COWLES. NICOLL, A Co. Perry, J. •(. THOMPSON, and by an ap pointed agent in every city nnd village throughout the State. August 19, 1841. 48 Brought to Jail, VA fN Houston county. Ga. a Negro Fellow , aged Jl. about85years, who >ays his name is JEobE, and that he belongs to William Tails of iw of Alabama, In miles from Greenville. ^ a, d is about 5 feel 10 or 11 inches high, and light buili. 11® **y*hi« master's plantation is on the Alabama river. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property* pay and take him away. tin 18 V/M. HTF-RRINGTOK SUT IMPROVED BOTANICO-MEDICAL PRACTICE. By .'ll. g. Thomson, in. 15. Macon, Ga. U EAD at.dJ DGE. Prove all things nnd hold fast to that which is good." As even in our day, in reality, "the deaf inay hear, the lame may walk, and the blind may receive their sight." The undersigued fully aware of the many responsibilities resting upon bim as a practitioner of the healing art, would again lender his services to those who may need them wit! the assurance in advance, that if assiduous care, longexpe rience, and a thorough knowledge ofinnoeen’ jet powerful ly health’s restoring remedies, with their judicious applica tion will restore lost health, he feels warranted in sayilig, that so far as these go to the procurement of such decider- atum, the affleted or their friends will iu no case be disap pointed. As heretofore persons afflicted with chronic diseases and residing at a distance may have their cases treated by send ing their symptoms in writing an cor-ectly as possible, when medicines to suit them will be compounded and sent Many who have pursued this course, though we hsve never seen them, arc now in the enjoyment of uninterrupted health. Persons having diseased servants who may be to them bffth burthensome and expensive, may either have their cases treated or dispose of them to the subscriber at a fair price. Hernia or Rupture, will be treated on improved princi- C les. with an instrument entirely new, which, so far as has een used, gives entire satisfai tion—it can be worn day or niglu with equal facility. Persons thus afflicted, will have to apply ill person, in Order to be well fiued. Letters to ensure attention must invariably oe post paid; terms liberal and punctuality expected. M. S. THOMSON, M. D. March 5 23 That community may have some idea of the extremes to which disease may go without being beyond the reach of medicine, it is deemed proper to append the following stnie- tneiits of facts, taken from a numbet of similar impot t. which niay yet be submitted as room and circumstance may admit. Bibb County, Jan. 9tb. 1844. This may certify that my wife has been afflicted with Dyspepsia and Liver complaint for twelve years, and has taken a variety of medicines without apparent benefit; even the justly celebrated Dr Durham of Clark county, failed to benefit her. She suffered much from nervous irritability palpitation of the heart and extreme weakness so as to be confined almost entirely to her bed. In this situation 1 ap plied to Dr. M. S. Thomson, of Macon, under whose direc tions and applications. 1 am happy to say, she soon was tea- tnred to comfortable health, and is now able to attend to all the usual business of her house and family. My daughter was also afflicted witn convulsive fits, from which Dr. Duiham failed to relieve bet. I applied to Dr. Thomson also in her case, and I am persuaded he has fi-. nally cured her; she ha had no symptom of them in six months But these though certainly cf their kind very eminent, cannot be .compaie c lor a moment with the case ol one cf my sons, who has been afflicted with palsy to such a degree as to have become.perfectly helpless. He first lost the use ol his limbs, then of his body, and finally his hearing and that he might be in a manner dead, only he breathed, and even that at one time, was so nearly gone, that liis clothes were prepared in anticipation of his final ex it. We had made use of the usual remedies in such ca ses, and even had applied to Dr. Stringlellow, a root doc tor, but without benefit. In this situation. Dr. Thomson was called in, who I am happy to say, has restored him not only to the Bill and free use of all his limbs, hut also to the use of his eyes and ears, without which creation were a blank and life itself a burden. The change is so great Ircm absolute helplessness, blindness and deafness to life and activitj-, SIGHT and HEARING, that it can hardly be realised by any but those who have seen it. This is a cure which, numerous ss those effected by the Doctor are, will hardly give precedence to any. ISAAC \V ATTS. From Ike Federal Union. To the Editors: GENTLEMEN:—Occupying the important station In community that you do. and controlling such a powerful en gine for good as the public press 1 have taken the libertj- ol addressing you, being an old subscriber, upon a subject of great importance ami it maybe of-infimie advantage ter many of your numerous leaders. My intention in addressing you thus, is merely to commuicate a fact that has come un der tny own knowledge, in my own family and before my own eyes, and which 1 deem it my duty, as a good citizen, to communicate for the benefit of my fellow-men.— Some time during last year, my son William, about 10 years old, was taken with a paralelic affection, by which he was entirely deprived of the use of his lower extremities and body, so far as to be perfectly unable to change his posi tion either on his pallet or in bed,—his limbs became con tracted and sumetiindfe appeared lobesnasmnd-caljy affected; l«e contraction appeared to ascend gradually to hi* body, till it reached his abdomen, the lower part of which was so powerfully contracted, as to throw the upper part upon the lungs, which so compressed them as almost to produce suf focation; the parts protruding from just under the ribs to an unnatural size. To walk was impossible, and even the pow er of the will had no influence over his limbs. In this sit uation. I rariicd bim to Mrcon and placed bim under the care ol Dr. Thomson, of that city ; in two months I carried him home, greatly relieved; the course was still pursued for two months more, and my son, once the helpless, moping, decrepid and palsied invalid, is now the active, cheerful aud bouy ant boy of former davs. running about everywhere, from morning till night, so fund of field sports, that be has become a perfect terror to rabbits, partridges A other game that may presume to lurk upon the plantation; and so pleased with his new acquired liberty, that he himself has become the liveliest in his circle of contemporary acquaintance. The result was so little anticipated by me, and bv all who w ere acquainted with the case, that it has been deemed of sufli cient importance to merit publicity, by giving it which, you iviil confer a favor on Yours, respectfully, ALEX. HUNT. Jones conrnv, 19th Jan. 1844. DIUJGS. A GENERAL stock of Drugs anil Medicine* re ceiving, of the best selection. All persons wishing to purchase, will be supplied with superior article!, on fair terms. ALSO. Patent Medicines, viz: ROWaND 8 TONIC. BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. BERNARD'S CHOLERA REMEDY, EXTRACTS OF SARSAPARILLA, REMEDY FOR ASTHMA, CHLORINE LOTION, TOMATO PILLS, PETERS’ Do. HULL’S Do. Ac. Ac. ALSO, American Gentlemen's Shaving Soap, Russell's superior Shaving Cream, Superior old French Soap, Do do Atneiican do Pearlaab, Potash, Sal Eratns, VINEGAR, Starch, Ac. Ac. For sale by J. H A W. i#ELLIS, Macon, Aog 13 4G Cotton Avenue. VAUGHAN A DAVIS’ CONCENTRATED costrousn FLUID EXTRACTS OF SAUNA PA U1LLA, F OR the cure of Scrofula. Chronic Rheumatism, Gener al Debility, Cutaneous Diseases, scaly eruptions of the Skin, Tetter, pimples or pustules on the Face. Liver Affec tions. Mercurial and Syphiloid Diseases. Biles from an im, pure habit of body. Ulcerations of the Throat and Leg- Pains and Swelling of the Bones—for sale by ». H. A W. 3. ELLIS, Aug 13 46 Cotton Avenue- FKEHII DRUGS AND MEDICINES. tONTINUED supplies of , J the best quality ol the a- hove articles, suitable for Phy sicians. Merchants, and Fami lies, received and for sale by • J H. A W. 8. ELLIS, June 4.1844." 36 Cotton Avenue. Macon, Ga. COOK’S Anti Bilious Pills. F ORthe Cureof Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia,Ac. For sale by J. H. A W. S. ELLIS. lySBDDSCAIz XUEIVIOVAX:. r BUIE subscriber has temoved bis office from the corner 1 opposite the Floyd House, (late Centi al Hotel.) to that, two doors back in ttie same building, aud fronting on lbiru street, where be will be in daily attendance, from 10 in the morning, till 2 in the afternoon, for the purpose moro especially of attending to the treatment of Chrome cases brought from a distance; persons from the country, there, fore, calling between those times, will not. except in ex treme cases, be disappointed. The balance of bis time in lbe mornings, evenings, and nights, will be devoted as usu al, to the treatment of acute cases in town, or a short dis tance in the country, when the calls of such as deem 'nth fir interest to procure his services will be attended to. He would, however, respectfully request that none but those who are satisfied of the superiority of Botanic remedies, or those in possession of sufficient independence and nerve to lest that fact, would trouble him with their applications, *.;s none others, if known would in any attended to. 6uch of the poor as come within the above rnle. will be attended gratuitously.but be would take this opportunity of begging that they will not think themselves slighted, it it should not be convenient lor him to be always with them. He ia now receiving and will always keep a fresh and full supply of genuine Botanic Medicines, which will sell at reasonable prices to practitioners and families, at whole sale or retail. ^ _ M. S. THOMSON, IS. 1). Macon, Gn. Oct. 8. 1844. NEW DRUG STORE. r I iHE subscriber begs leave to inform liis friends and t^e J public, tli it be is now receiving un extensive essoriuient of Drugs, Medical preparations. Paints, Oils, Dyestuffs, Pa* tent Medicines, and Perfumery. The iirticles have been laid in on the most advantageous terms; are of the best quality, as be is deiermined to vend no other; and will be sold, wholesale nr retail, tor cash or satisfactory town accep tances. on the lowest terms mat can be afforded in this sec tion of the country. Physicians, Country Merchants, and others, are invited to caM and turlge for themselves. JAMES W. BAILEY. Ky* His Store is two doors above Boardman’s Book and Stationary Establishment, Mulberry stteet, Macon,Ga. Sulphate Quinine do Morphine Acet. Morphine)) Court Plaster Castor Oil Citrated Kali Chloride Soda Senna Alex Cavanne African Indigo'Spanish Float Caraway Seed Anodyne Hofiamont Aqua Forlis Juniper Berries Bees Wax Charcoal Pulv. Corks Velvet ■' Calomel Eng.. Calomel Am. Croton Tigliuzn Gum Arabic Musk, Blue Mass Horeiiound Otto Rose Isingi ass Sponge, Mace Annato, Coppetas Borax, Nutgalls Rosin Oil Almonds “ Annisede “ Burgamott '• Cajiput “ Cassia “ Cloves “ Caraway “ OnganunT “ Anthos , - Juniper “ Lavender '* Jessamine Gamboge “ Fennel Blue Stone “ Savine fresb Salts of Tartar " Goldwood Extract Jalap “ Wormseed do Lemon,forpies,sauces. “ double Tansey 4cc.. a new and very conve *• Pepperfffcnt nient article “ Spearmint Extract Valerian “ Tansey pure “ Accomta “ Cedrat “ Bucbu compd *" Croton ** Pink Root Fluid “ Sage “ Auguslura “ Pulegi “ Hardback “ Sarsafras “ Lettuce M W & M Orange “ Cort Pern compd * ‘i Cedar * Bark Precipitated “ Black Peppe “ Nux Vomica “ Hemlock “ Rhubarb “ Spruce “ Gentian *' Cantkarides “ Ratania « Tar “ Dandelion “ Colocynthpure “ “ compound “ Balsam Copavia “ Hyoscamus “ Cicuta “ Stramonium “ Belladonna “ BJmcset * Butternut “ Glycopt “ •• refd Eng. “ Sarsaparilla Herbs Horehound “ Cleavers " Catnip “ Thoioughwort “ Cicuta * Marsh Melon " C a foot “ Ptrs.ey “ Soearmint “ S-trvey Grass “ K vezeamous " Wormwood “ Double Tansey “ Hyssop “ Horse Radish “ Bitter Sweet Lemon “ Copavai “ Amber rect “ “ com “ Seneca 11 Rhodium ** Nerole •* Camomile “ Valetian •' Cubebs • Wormwood “ Nutmegs “ Anniseed Snatalas assorted Syringes „ Trusses “ Brushes “ Tooth Brushes Nail Brushes White Wash do No 1, 2,3 Bot Brushes No 1,2, 3 Flesh do No 1,2,3. Cloth Brushes, fancy from No 1 to 12 Blacking Brushes assorted Bristol Brick Sheep Skins, extra French No 1, 2 and 3 Almond Paste Antique Oil Balm of Columbia Sweet Mrajoram Bears Oil Motherwort Cream of Amber 11 Penncroyal “ Sage Cnntharides Fly Stone Colocynth Acetic Acid Sweet Oil Veratrine Shychonine Digitalis Creta prept Irish Moss Oxalic Acid Cetric do' Prussic do Tartaricdo Opium Pepperine.Uva Ursi Sage. Syrenges Honey, Squills Mezerian Hemlock Hops Saffron Evicuma Nutmegs Wafers Cloves Quicksilver Arrowroot Logwood Madder Allum Fig Blue Brimstone Starch Glue Antimony Aloes Soo. Rhubarb Emetine Macon. May 14,1844. Cold Cream Cologne Farina “ French “ German *• American Extract Milliflores Lip Salve Otto of Roses Macassar Oil Pomatum Pearl Powder Preston Salts Toilet Powder Vegetable Rouge Vinegar Aromatic Eye Water Godfrey’s Cordial Hayes Linamcnt Harlem Oil Itch Oointment ^ Funnels Wedgwood from No 1 to 5 Galley Pots assorted Mortars from 1 inch to 12 Medical Spoons Pill Tiles graduated from 1 inch to 12 Polishing Clay- Putty Knives Apoih’s. Scales and Weights Wicking for Lamps Extraot Roses Essence of Tyre Florida W ater Freckle Wash Hair Oil Ward’, II ungary W ater Hair Powder Indian Dye Kaphalia Orange Flower \»’ater 33 BAILEY’S lflilita"7 Shaving: Cream. HE ur'’,.igned take pleasure in certifying that they h*-e ased the Military Shaving Soap, prepared bv T, ‘I -TV D I] V V I. J T we have ever used ; leaving the skin after the operation of shaving, smooth and soft, and rendering the act truly a pleasure rather than.a task. All *tho shave themselves and desire comfort in the act, we recommend to them Bailey’s Military Shaving Soap. SAMUEL R. BLAKE. JOHN DARBY. N. C. MUNROE. JOHN LAMAR. Dr. JAMES WOOD. V PI T C WILLIAM SCOTT. Macon, July 9,1844. 41 Received this Day, £? CASKS Potash, for sale by O JAMES W. BAILEY. July 16, 1844. 42 Sand’s Sarsaparilla, TTIOR purifying the blood, for sale by l 4 JAMES W. BAILEY. July 16, 1844. 42 OIdridg;c’s Balm, O F Columbia, for restoring the hair, for sale by JAMES W. BAILEY. July 16, 1844. 42 Hay’s Iiiniment, A CERTAIN cure for the Piles.for sale by JAMES W. BAILEY. July 16, 1844. 42 Bailey’s Sarsaparilla, A CURE for all disorders arising from a bad state of the blood, for sale at JAMES W. BAILEY’S. July 16, 1844. 42_ For Sale at Bailey’s Drug: Store, 1 /kf\ boxes Window Glass.300 kegs White Le<id, JUJU 1 300 gallons Linseed Oil,5 bbls. Spirit Turpentine, 2 bbls. Copal Varnisb, 1 do. Japau do. ALSO. 300 gallons Lamp Oil, 200 gallons Train Oil, 100 gallonE Nealsfoot Oil. May 14, 1844. 33 Wanted, I AAA LBS. Bee’s Wax. by ,UUU JAMES W. BAILEY, Druggist. May 14 Two doors above Boardman’s Book Store Cong:rcss and Saratoga Water, "H UST received, and for sale by J JAMES W. BAILEY, Druggist. July 16, 1344. 42 Svrecdish Beeches, T UST received from New York. and_ for^saleby July 16. 1844. JAMES W. BAILEY, Druggist. Iteceivcd this Day, A LARGE lot of fancy Soaps, Cologne Water, and a general assortment ol fancy articles, and for sale by JAMEB W- BAILEY. Jaly IC,1844 # 42 B DRUGS. IVlEDIGIftBS. &c. **hyMicians ami planters % MMH E subscriber is now receiving every week, fresh sup j* les of MEDICINES, which 5re very carefully se lected for him in the Northern markets; and having adopt ed the CASH SYSTEM entirely , is enabled to sell at very reduced prices. Physicians and others, having opportuni ties of sending to him, may rely upon having their orders ex ecuted npon the most favorable terms. The quality of the articles will be the very best, and ihe prices as low as if they attended personally to the purchase of them. HARVEY SHOTWELft May 14 33 Corner opposite the Central Hotel. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE BY H. SlflOTWFBB, ALM of Columbia, for Restoring the Hair; Rowajjd’s 3 Tonic Mixture, a certain cure for Ague and Fever ; Bristol’s Sarsaparilla, for Scrofula, Cutaneous Diseases, and for all impurities of the blood ; Evans’ Chamomile Pills, far Nervous Debility, Sick Headache and loss of appetite ; Soothing Syrup, for Children Teething; Hews’ Nerve and Bune Linameut, a certain remedy for Rheumatism'; Ma cassar Oil, celebrated for beautifying and preserving the Ilair; Thompson’s Eye-Water; Seudder’s Eye-Water; Scudder’s Acoustic Oil, for Deafness; Erasive Powder, for removing stains, grease. Ac., from Dresses; Corral Tooth Powder, in Boxes; Rnussell’s Shaving Cream, a ve ry superior article: Lee's Pills; Bear’s Oil; Corn Salve; Phelps’ Tomatto Pills; Solidified Copaiva; Extract Buch er; Ewens's Patent Spread Plasters; Cooper's Corn Salve; Seidlitz Powders, pure; Soda Powders; Yeast Pow ders to make Light Cakes or Bread, instantaneous. June 4, 1844. 36 Snufl'aiid Tobacco. jVTACABOY, Scotch, and American Gentleman 8nuff, 1” of soperiur quality. Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Just received and ior sale by H. 8HOTWELL. psjune 4. 1844. 36 GaSligJiani’s Pills. A FEWdozen Galligltan’s Pills, an infallible remedy Tor Chills and Fever, just received and for sale by HARVEY SHOTWELL, May 14 33 Corner opposite the Central Hotel. jLamj>~Oih A BEAUTIFUL article of Bleached Sperm Oil, for sale by HARVEY SHOTWELL. Mav 14 33 Carpenters’s and Sands’ Sarsa- parilla, F OR sale at the proprietors’ prices, by HARVEY SHOTWELL, May 14 33 Corner opposite the Central Hotel. ITKaflhtt’s Pills and Bitters, F OR sale at the proDrietor’s prices, by HARVEY SHOTWELL. May 14 33 Corner opposite the Central Hotel. Linseed Oil and Train ail, IOR sale low by HARVEY SHOTWELL, F May 14 Corner opposite the Central Hotel. Sal Bratus, |.F superior quality, just received and for sale b. f May 14 HARVEY SHOTWELL. Potash, P IR5T quality, for sale low by May 14 33 HARVEY SHOTWELL. WAEE-HOUSS AND Commission Business* GRAVES, WOOD, &. CO. T AKE this method of informing planters and others, tha in addition to their wholesale and retail DKV-tiOOOS AND UBOCERY BUSINESS, they will continue to transact a general WARE-HOUSE and COMMISSION BUSINESS, at the old stand, (long known as Graves’ Corner.) on the corner of second street and Commerce Row, ana would respectfully renew the tender of their services to their planting frienda, and others, with the assurance, that those who may patronize us in this line of business, shall have our best endeavors to do them ustice and promote their interest. Our Ware-House is conveniently situated ; and Cotton stored with us, shall be well taken care of, and protected from the weather. We will alsq assist with pleasure, our ftiends in selling their Cotton, and without charge; and we are stall times pre pared to make advances on the same in Cash or Merchan dize. r We respectfully solicit a portion of the patronage of the public. . GRAVES, WOOD, & CO. Edwin Graves, Thomas Wood, J. M. Kibbee Macon, September 24, 1844. ALBERT G- BUTTS, WARE-HOUSE AND Commission RSorchant, * MACON, Georgia. H AS constantly on hand a large supplv of BAGGING ROPE, BLANKETS, SHOES, GROCERIES DRY GOODS, he. and will continue to supply his cus tomers at the lowest prices. Macon. Sept. 24, 1844. 52 Attention! Attention 2 2 Just EJeecivcd, At the, Macon Saddle, and Harness DEPOSITORS'. A LARGE lotol LADIES’ SADDLES, of every de scription; Plnjo, Fancy, Velvet, Flush, Hog Skin, Eved Stitched. &c.,lbr sale elieap. Also, a splendid lot of BRluLES. wholesale and retail, at Northern Manufacturing prices—$500 worth of Whips, direct from Sopus. Harness Leather, Bridle Leather Waggon Haines. Trace Chains. [tr* Highest CASH prices paid for Leopard Skins. Dec. 3. 1844. '-0 - fiEO. 5. S8BEPA1SD, n AS Just received an extensive assortment of HATS" and CAPS, of the latest Fashion, to which the atten tion of his friends and the public generally, is invited. Be ing perfectly confident that htsfacilittes for obtaining fresh supplies, weekly, will enable him to sell as low as any oth er establishment in the Stute, Wholesale or retail. Oct. 8.1844. Just Received, at G.IV. & E. WOODRUFF’S, A LARGE assortment of new nnd fashionable STA PLE AM) FANCY DRV GOODS, consisting of a great variety of the latest patterns fur ladies dresses.— Also all kinds of goods usually kept in our line. All of which will be offered at a small advance from cost. Macon. Sept 24, 1844. Emporium of Fashion. T HE undersigned, respectfully announce that they have resumed the TAILOICING BUSINKSS. under the management of Mr. Menard, late of the City of New York, who has for a number of years, had charge ot. one of the most fashionable Houses in Broadway ; and whose rrp- uialiou is such as to authorize the belief that he will he able to give entire satisfaction to those who may favor them with their pa'ronage. . J. h. E. SAULSBURY- Sept 17.1844. 51 II. A J. COWLES, H AVE removed to the Brick Store, on Colton Avenue, one door below the Telegraph Office, where they are now opening a general assortment of Groceries, Shoes, Hardware &c. together with a stock of STAPLE and FANCY DRY GOODS, all of which will be sold low for CASH. Our usual supply of CHEESE kept constantly on hand. Macon. Oct 22, 1844. 4 GRAVES, WOOD & CO. R ESPECTFULLY invite the attention of Merchants and Planters to their stock of V IS ICSII NIIOE.V, to which weekly additions will be made during the season. Our assortment cmbraces{the following descriptions : 1300 pair heavy black Brogans, 1000 •• “ rustet do. 1500 “ “ lined and bound Kip Brogans. 1000 *• high and low quarter Brogans. 1200 “ \Vonren's and Mitres’ Morocco. Kid, Sea', and Gambrnon Buskins. Slippers and Ties, 600 pair Men’s Calf and Seal Brogans, 200 do. do. ’ do. Puinus. 300 “ Youths' nnd Boys’ Calf and Kip Brogans, j 200 “ Children’s Leather Shoes, 10 cases Cnlf, Seal and heavy Boots. Macnn, August 20, 1844. 47 J it E. SAULSBURY. have tece-ved, and are now . opening a variety of articles, such as Glovca, Scarf., CraraU, Tics, Slocks, Handkerchiefs, Nuspcuilevx, Arc *'C- Comprising the most desireble apartment of auch articles ever offered in tills market. Oct 29. 5 POTASH, J^EPT constantly on hand by J. N. SEYMOUR Out. 1. 1844 Choice Ciinffl Flour. 4 FRESH supply just received and for sale by THOMAS TAYLOR. July 2 40 On Ccttnn A venue and H. Wig. ISOOtf H AS resumed the exercise of his prote^von, and will hereafter devote all liis attention to lbe cases entrus ted to his care. Macon, Oct. 2?, 1844. £ JAMBS”pi.’ HZSKCh Attorney at Law, LI aeon. Ga. Office over Commercial Bank. JOSEPH 23. CIAPri Attorney at Law, Vies.n'a, Dooly county, May 10 30 Georgia. WASHINGTON HALL, HACOIf, GEORGIA. T HE subscriber has again token this KstaS lishmcnt, where he will always be hap p v to attend to the calls of liis old customers, and the travelling public generally. Mapon, June 20 38 6 LANIER. MARIETTA HOTEL, Cobb County, GEORGIA. rf IHE undersigned have taken this spacious Hotel, for- JL inerlv kept by Benson Roberts. Esq., and are now ready for the reception of Travellers and Families visiting the up-country. The subscribers pledge themselves to use every exertior for the comfort of their patrons. THOMAS B. DANIEL, JEREMIAH LEAK. Marietta. Jan. 1,18-14. £7 Fire Insurance. CAPITAL SBOO.OOO. T HE Sew York Contrilmtionskip Fire Insurance Company, bavins established an Agency in Macon, will Insure Buildings. Merchandize, Household Furniture and evervdescription of Property, against Loss or Dam- aoe by Fire. BOND & MURDOCK, Agents. Maeon, April 30.1341. 31 ly Fire Isisurasice. T HE Undersigned, Agents for the .ffitna Insurance Company of Hanford Conn., are prepared to take risks on Buildings, Merchandize in Store and Cotton iu Ware-houses, inthe Citv of Maconaud its vicinity, agains Fire. REA & COTTON, Ag’ts Feb 7 -3 ly Notice. A LL persons having claims against B. S. Newcomb, or B B. Newcomb & Co. are requested to present them for settlement; and all indeb.ed. will save themselves trou ble and expenses, by paving without we having recourse o the services of an attorney. May 20.1844. 34 B. 8. NEWCOMB & CO. Pa'iuse Geese Feathers. t LBS. iust received an.l 'nr sale bv lOlHJ GRAVES. WOOD & CO. April 30 1841 _JD Exchange on Jt'ew-Yorlt, niORsaleby THOS. TAYLOR. ** October 3 F 100,000 BRICKS, of the Macon. Sept 10, 1844. 50 Gun-Powder. CICZ. KEGS Sporting) /^Ol5do Shot gun > POWDER, 10 du July 30 Blasting 44 For *ale bv BOND St MURfcOCK. and Led. WK BAGS Shot, assorted sizes, • O 300 lbs. Lead, for sale by July 30 44 BOND Jc MURDOCK. Just Received, N Second street, a fresh supply of Fren ch’ Calf Boots superior article. - Also, Ladies* Shoes, ofvarious kinds O July 2 WHITING h MIX. Cloaks ! Cloaks!! L ADIES’ and Gentlemen’s Cloth Cloaks, of the latest styles, just received by J. St E. SAULSBURY. Oct. 29, Over Coats. A LARGE assortment of Over Coats, of various quali ties. Just received by Oct 29. 5 J. h E. SAULSBURY. Business Coats. j lXGLISH Water Proof Faced. Ware, Beaver and .Jl Fancy Cassimere. Ju3t received by Oct 29, 5 J. St E. SAULSBURY. Under Slur's- S HAKER, Lamps Wool, Nett and Spun Silk Shirts Just received by Out 29, 5 J. Sc E. SAULSBURY. To Fat miM’S; J AM prepared to sell great bargains in Negro Shoes, Cloth null CCInnkets. Give me a call before sup plying yourselves, and 1 will be sure to suit you in price and quality. JOSEPH N. SEYMOUR. October 1, 1844. Black-Smith Tools, F OR sale of good quality, by J. N. SEYMOUR. Oct 1. 1844. 1 To Rent. IHE middle part of the Store now occu- JL pied by the subscriber, suitable for a Milliuary or Tailoring establishment, as also a part of the tenement above. Possession giv- i en by the first of October next. Apply to M. S. THOMSON. August 27, 1844.48 TO BEEST. P OSSESSION given immediately. The whole of the upper part of that building on the corner of Mulberry and Third streets, opposite the Floyd House. It is well situated and suited for a Boarding House, and will be rent- e<l for thul purpose if applied for soon, if not, it will be divided and rented aocurdingly. Apply to M. S. THOMSON. Macon, Oct. 8, 1314. 2 Fashionable Arrival. J & E. SAULSBURY, will ipen this rlav. a superio . »t of FRENCH CLOTHS, FANCY CASSI MERES & VESTINGS, direct from the French market via New York, which they will sell very low for cash. Sept 17. 1344.51 To Journeymen Tailors. TTlHE subscribers can give employment to several Jour ft neymen Tailors. None but the best workmen will answer. J.dfc S. SAULSBURY. Macon. Dec. 10. 1814. 11—3t The Celebrated Bliiscovitus 19 USE® S3 • Will cure the most invclcruie Tooth-Aehc in TWO MINUTES. rjlHEY will also preserve the decayed teeth for- the I future, and remove, the Scurvy, and Tartar, without the use of an instrument. For sale bv A ,1. ELDER, Agent. At H• C. Free man’s Store. Macon, Oct. 12. 1944. 3tf Telegrapltl Notice. [£J* THE imperious necessity ofclosing immediately the Old business of the Telegraph concern, compclls the un deisigned again to call upon all those indebted to him.— However small each one’s individual indebtedness may be, (for subscription, advertising or job printing.) the agjjre^ate of a thousand or two of such accounts, it will really be per ceived, is notriHmg amount. He hopes be will therefore be excused for this public call. All accounts due the office previous to the 1st of July last belong to the undersigned Since that time, they are the property of the present pro prietor In the absence of the subscriber, however, Mr. pRIiCCE or Mr. Pringle, who will at all times be found in the office, are authorised, and will attend to tile settle* mem of any accounts due the office. Macon, October, 184 1. M UA.cILEiT. J\ett -Shirts and liraivei’s. r UST Received, a good assortment of Merino Lambs Wool, and Cotton Nett Shirts an 1 Drawers. GEORGE W. PRICK. Macon. Oct 22. 4 NEW GoODS, new goods. npHE Subscribers are now receiving a general tssort. JL ment of staple and fancy DRY-GOODS, of me latest style and patterns, which they offer for sale atfair prices, in brick building one door from Washington Hal). Sept25 52 GEO. W. PRICE fc CO. Just Received. LBS. pure Blue Vitriol, for soakine seed Wheat. Ov_IV_r to protect it from blast or smut, which it will ef fectually do in all cases where the pure article is u*»ed. HARVEY SHOTWELL. Opposite Central Hotel. Oct 1, 1944. 1 Roots and Shoes. O UR stock is now complcti- ami very extensive, corn- prising every stvle and pattern. A line assortment o LADIES’ SHOES and SLIPPERS. Give us a call if you wish bargains. WIN3H1P Jc POPE. Macon.October 29, 1341. 5 BACOy! Bicoivh ODD kBS. superior Georgia Cured BACON— iWt/.UUU Hams. Shoulders, and Sides, for »n!e by May 21 34 REDDING ft WHITEHEAD MORRIS OX S Vegetable Universal Medicines, lORsaiebv GEO . W. PRICE A CO F ( Mav 5 jbv ss. n. n\aa.YEMe, (AT PRIVATE SALE.) 5,000 LBS. prime Ilam; and Shoulders,. now in Macon, Oct 1, 1844. 1 COWLES’ CE1KESE. AO BOXES Solomon Cowles' Superior Crecm Ovl/ Cheese, receiving and for salt bv COWLES, NICOLL Jc CO. East Macon, Oct 8, 1844. 2 Paints and 4111k. KEGS Nos.l and 2 While Lead, ODD 300 gallons Linseed Oil, 200 do Lamp Oil. With a variety ofColors for Palnterx'use. for ale by July 6 " 10 CHAS. CAMPBELL <5c CO Bargains ! Bargains !! IN BOOTS AND SHOES. K DDO ^ a ' rs ? 00c l Negro Brogans, ot Manufacturer, coat and expenses. 4.000 Pairs good Kip Brogaas. do do do Also, a general assortment of BOOTS h SHOES, which will be offered low—Call and see. STROXO * WOOD. Nov. 12. 7 NEW IiOOKS At J. Barnes’, o» Cotton- Avenue. Prescott’s Mexico, Dr. Olio's Travel* in the East, Life of Wilburn Fisly. Kendall’s Santa Fe Expedition, Magendee'a Physiology, New Edition of Dunglison’s Medical Dicti in ary Xo. 1 &2 Harpers’ Pictorial Bible. Works of Miss Brewer, in cheap form, Liebig’s Agricultural Chemistry, Mysteries of Paris. Macon, March 20. 26 REMOVAL. T HE undersigned have removed to the Store on second street, a few doors south of the Washington Hall, and adjoining the Messenger Office ‘.where they are receiving a lage and general stock of Staple and Fancv Brv-Goods, RE AD V-MADE CLOTHING, SHOES, BOOTS, *c. All of which will be sold at unusually lo - ® prices, by the Purchasers are invited to call and ex amine for themselves. 8. J- RAY Sc CO. Macon, Oct. 8,1844 . 2. — .'riacon Iron A* ISrass Foundry AND MACHINE SIS OP. M ILL and Gin Oeering, Steam Engine Work, Iron and Brass Castings of every description, made to order, and Machine Work in General, corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets. 03* The highestprices will be paid for 01tlCopi^ci 9 Brays, Lcutly and 4'u*t Aron. Jan 31 17 ROBT. FINDLAY. Ready Made Clothing. —AT— jyr, W YORK COST ! ! ! TflHE subscribers will close off the remaining portion of | their stock of C L O T HIN G, consisting in part of Beaver Flushing: find Blanket Overcoats, Superior Cloth Cloaks, Tweeds Coats, Black Dress and Frock Crats. Satin, Wool, Velvet and fancy. Vests, Pants. Stocks, S ‘arts, Cravats, Hosiery, Gloves, See. Ac. at New York Cost!! ! Call and see SAM’L. J- RAY, A Co. Macon, No7. TO. 1844. 7 FASHIONABLE HATS, AT THE NEW HAT AND CAP STOKE. fTIHE subscriber 1ms received ilie SPKJNG JL F.A8HION for Hats, ihe P.nest and lifht- est article ever offered in this market. Also, Panama, Leghorn. Palm Leaf, Drab Beaver, Otter, Russia, and Pearl Cassimer—broad brim and fashionable. All of which will be sold low for CASH. GEO. I. SHEPARD. Maeon, May 7. If 14. 32 C. Campbell A Co. A T their old stand, opposite the Washington IIall, rifor for sale at the lowest current prices for cash, 75 Bales heavy Gunny Bagging, 250 Pieces do Kentucky do. 100 do do Rusia do. 50 do do Dundee do. 1500 pounds good Bagging Twine, 300 coils Manilla Rope, 100 do Kentucky do. 1500 Sacks Salt, 20 Tons Swedes Iron, 25 Hilda. St. Croix and Muscovado Sugar, 250 Bags Rio, Laguira. and Java Coffee. With a general assortment of Blankets, Shoes, Staple Dry Goods, &c. Sept 17. 1844. 51 Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!! At Ike Jlacon Sndrilc, ISritlle ami UaruiM DEPOSITOR*'. S. GRUMMAN Sc CO. O fFHK t heir splendid assortment •£ NadillfN, llridles, llamrii, Trunk's and all Mticles usually Hand in their line, at reduced prices. Having A large stock on hand, and constantly fe* cekring fresh supplies of the latest style from Uei-r Manufactory at the North, they are enabled to sell as cheap if not cheaper *han any firm iu the State of Georgia. As Colton is low and money scarce, they will put their Goods at pri ces to suit the times. We respectfully invite country Merchants and planters to call and examine our stock pledging out selves to sell as low, and as ^owd on article as can be found in Charleston, Augusta, or Savannah market. [jy A liberal discount made to those who purchase to sell again. X. B. Repairing done at the shortest notice with neatnes* and despatch. Come all ye Dooly boys, and give us a trade. We have Saddles and Bridles moat beautifully made , We warrant them strong, as good, and as sound, As any in market ever was found. If you do'nt believe it just give us a call. We put our Goods at prices that will suit one and ail, As Cotton is low and money not plenty, We will sell Saddles from $3 up to Vo’lit forget Ike place. S. GRUMMAN A CO. Cherry *t. f opposite Watts &, Moulton’s Grocery Store Dec* 3. 1844. 10 CLOTIIIAt; STORE, (Cotton Avenue, opposite Washington Hall.) PHILIPS, MERRITT, & CO. AVE recently received and will continue to receive weekly,during the ousiness season, from the North, a full assortment of Ready-made CLOTHING, manufactured exprcs&lv’for them, together with a large as sortment of Sibil ts> L'udcr-Shiris, Scarfs, XlosJcry, Umbrel la**, Ac. Also on hand and receiving, a fine nssor’ment of CLOTHS, CASSI3IERES A.\D YESTIXGS, Of French, English and American Mnn»fi»cture. embra cing the latest and most CHOICE PATTERNS, which they are prepared to make to order according to fashion or the particular taste of their patrons. Particular attention given to the making <»nd trimming of garments entrusted to their care, by gentle men purcb.s*iug their own materials at prices tc v. : • ?*. *■ .* :v p. »T-con. Ncv. .; *&'». y H