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The Jackson economist. (Winder, Ga.) 18??-19??, September 06, 1900, Image 1

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THE JACKSON ECONOHIST. VOL. VIII. To The Wheat Growers! Bring your wheat and have it ground on the NEW ROLLER MILLS. We have the latest improved machinery, and all we ask is for you to bring us some good wheat and give us a trial. We have only Full ROLLER PROCESS MILL In this Part of the State. We guarantee perfect satisfaction. Your patronage will be appreciated. £ MILL ONE MILE NORTH HOSCHTON. Yours for Business, BRASELTON BROS. & COOPER. JEFFERSON. Mrs. Eliza Stcry is visiting friends and relatives in Athens and Winder. Miss* Fannie Edgar, of Atlanta, is spending some time with Miss Eulalia Collier. Misses Bertha Thompson and Lilly Duke have returned to tbeir home in Atlanta after a uleasant visit to rela tives here. Miss Loutitia Jennings, of near Win der,.was the guest of Judge Bradbury s family this week, also, Mr. Y. A. White, of Thomasville, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Bridges, of Atlanta, are the guest of Rev. and Mrs. Mays. Mr. I. G. Allen, of Ala., spent last Sunday with his family here. Mrs. May Pittman and Mrs. Lucy Ross visited relatives and friends in the country this week. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Story and children spent last Sunday in the country the guests of relatives. Miss Pearl Guffin, of Gallilee, is the guest of Mrs J. G. Elder. Miss Emma Lelia Sims, of Athens, is visiting Mrs. R. S- McGarrity. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Hood, of Harmony Grove, are the guests of Mrs. W. A Watson a few days this week. Mr. W. W. Edwards has returned home from several days visit to his sis ter at Statesboro. The Board of Education met here last Tuesday. Cols. W. I. Pike and J. M. Merritt attended court at Clarksville, thiß week. Mr. S. A. Johnson has purchased the store house and lot for same from J. C. Bennett, and will have the house repair ed and move back from the street, and will move his stock of goods in soon. School opened at Martin Institute last Monday with 118 pupils. Mrs. Betty Morgan and son have re turned to their home in Texas after sev eral weeks* visit to Mr. and Mrs. P. Waddell. Mr. J. H. Lord has returned home from Oregon. Pensioners approved for the year 1901. Indigents, Joseph Grier, Jackson W. Hill, John M. Cooper, J. G. Stewart, Franx King and A. H. Pendergrass. Invalids approved, D. H. Roberts. tjuite a crowd in town last Tuesday, it being sale day. The farmers met and organized a Farmer Protective Association club at this plaoe on last Tuesday. STORY OF A SLAVE. To be bound hand and foot for years by the chains of disease is the worst form of slavery. George D. Williams, of Manchester, Mioh. tells how snoh a slave was made free. He says: “My wife has been so helpless for five years that she could not turn over in bed alone. After using two bottles of Elec tric Bitters, she is wonderfully im proved and able to do her own work.’* This supreme remedy for female dis eases quickly cures nervousness, sleep lessness, melancholy, headache, back ache, fainting and dizzy spells. This miracle working medicine is a godsend to weak, sickly, run down people. Ev ery bottle guaranteed. Only 60 oentss Sold by Winder Drug Cos., WINDER, JACKSON COUNTY, GEORGIA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1900. WILNER. It is with sad regret tha*; we chroni cle the death of Mrs, Julia C. Hunter who departed this life Tuesday after noon of last week and was buried Wed nesday of last week at the home bury ing ground, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. H. B. Mays. Mrs. Hunter was a woman of chris tian virtues and leaves four daughters and two sons and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her death. May our Heavenly Father’s blessing grace divine rest upon the daughters and sons, snstaining them at such a time as this and cheering them with the hope of a glad reunion on the other shore. Mr. J. M. Betts, who has a position with the Athens electric street railway, spent Sunday here as the guest of Mrs N. E, Betts and family. Sunday was a day off in Wilner. No preaching and no Sunday school. Messrs. J. T. and C. C. Fulcher and the writer attended the union singing society at Prospect last Sunday. Mrs. N. E. Holliday and son spent Sunday and Monday in Athens the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M T. Tony. PREVENTED A TRAGEDY. Timely information given Mrs George Long, of New Straitsville, Ohio, pre vented a dreadful tragedy and saved two lives. A frightful cough had long kept her awake every night. She had tried many remedies and doctors but steadily grew worse until urged to try Dr. King’s New Discovery. One bottle wholly cured her, and she writes this marvelous medicine also cured Mrs. Long of a severe attack of Pneumonia. Such cures are positive proof of the matchless merit of this grand remedy for curing all throat, chest and lung troubles. Only 50c and $l.OO. Every bottle guaranteed Trial bottle free at Winder Drug Cos. The Annual Convention of the Na tional Baptist Association, oolored, Richmond, V*., September 12th,-20th, will be a memorable occasion. All good Baptists will take the Seaboard Air Line Railway. Read The Following Offer. We are offering 1% cents for good white cotton delivered in October at Winder Warehouse. Dunn, Lyle & Cos. DOES IT PAY TO BUY CHEAP? A cheap remedy for ooughs and colds is all right, but you want something that will relieve and cure the more se vere and dangerous results of throat and lung troubles. What shall von do? Go to a warmer ard more regular climate? Yes, if possiple; if not posible for you, then in either case take the ONLY rem edy that has been, in trod need in all civ ilized countries with success for severe throat and lungs troubles, Boschee’s German Syrup.” It not only heals and stimulated tne tissues to destroy the germ disease, but allays inflammation, causes easy expectoration, gives a good night’s rest, and cures the patient. Try one bottle. Recommended many years by all druggists in the world. Sample bottle at Winder Drug Cos. Winder. Ga. Dunn, Lyle & Co’s. Cotton Letter. Daring the past week the market has steadily rdvauced on account of the light receipts of new cotton and the small visible supply as oompared with former years. Crop accounts are far from flattering, many reports of too muoh rain from some sections and con tinned dry weather in some parts of the cotton belt where rain is badly needed. The cotton goods trade is very mnch mixed and puzzled over the ontlook and do not seem to know just what is best for them to do. We expeot to see lower prices between now and November but are very confident that higher prices will come to these who have the conrage to hold their prodnot and wait for the sitnation to nnravel itself. Spots are quoted in our market at eight and one half for good grades. We advise sale of first cottons to advoid loss in weight and to make holding later on easier for producers. The progressive nations of the world are the great food consuming nations. Good food well digested gives strength. If yon cannot digest all yon eat, yon need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what yon eat. Yon need not diet your* self. It contains all of the digestants combined with the best known tonics and reconstructive. It will even digest all classes off >ods in a bottle. No other preparation will do this. It instantly relieves and quickly cures all stomach troubles. G. W. DeLaPer.iere. Notice Farm For Sale. A nice little farm of 75 acres for sale at a bargain. This farm is five miles from Winder and three miles from, Statham. near mill, school and church. The place has good pastures and splen did orchard and very conveniently lo cated in every respect. For further particulars write or see T. H. Wofford. Winder, Ga. QUESTION ANSWERED. Yes, August Flower still has the largest sale of any medicine in the civ ilized world, Your mothers’ and grand mothers’ never thought of using any thing else for Indigestion or Biliousness. Doctors were scarce, and they seldom heard of Appendicitis, Nervous Prostra tion or Heart failure, etc. They used August Flower to clean out the system and stop fermentation of undigested food, regulate the action of the liver, stimulate the nervous and organic ac tion of the system, and that is all they took when feeling dull and b*d with headaches and other aches. You only need a few doses of Green’s August Flower, in liguid form, to make you satisfied there is nothing serious the matter with you. Sample bottles at Winder Drag Ca Give Your Order. We have already sold four Shredding Machines this season. This is the beßt thing ever gotten np making and saving plenty of forage. The demand has been so great that if you want a Sh-edder you will have to give us your order at once as the factory will soon be out of them. Winder Hardware Cos. The emergency bags sent by a church society to Kansas soldiers in the Philip pines contained among the necessities a box of DeWitt’a Witch Hazel Salve the well known cure for piles, injuries and skin diseases. The ladies took care to obtain the original DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve knowing that all the coun terfeits are worthless. G. W. DeLa- Perriere. One fare for the round trip to the An nual Convention of the National Bap tist Association, colored, at Richmond, Va., September 12th.-., by the Seaboard Air Line Railway, IT SAVED HIS LEG. P. A Danforth, of LaGrange, Ga., suffered intensely for six months with a frightful running sore on his leg, but writes that Buoklen’s Arnica Salve wholly cured It in ten days. For Ulcers Wounds, Burns, Boils, Pain or Piles it’s the best salve in the world. Cure guaranteed. Only 25. Sold by Winder Drug Cos. Notice to Farmers. Jefferson, Ga, Sept 4th, 1900. Pursuant to call, there was organized, a sub-organization of the cotton grow ers association of Georgia, with the fol lowing officers: J. W. Lord, President; W. P. Boggs, Vice-President; W. H. Smith, Treasurer; J. D. Pike. Secretary. There will be a meeting at the court house on Saturday, September 15th, st 10 o’olock and every farmer and others that are interested in better prices for ootton are oordially invited to come out and join ns, J. W. Lord, President. Large snn spots, astronomers say, caused the extreme heat this summer, and doctors declare nearly all the pros trations were induced by disorders of the stomach. Good health follows good digestion. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure di gests what you eat. If you have indi gestion or dyspepsia it will quickly re -11 ve and permanently onre you G. W. DeLaPerriere. Farm for Rent. I will rent a good two-horse farm to some man who will furnish his own stock. Place well improved and in Jackson county on Hog Mountain road seven miles below Winder. Apply to T. J. Vickers, Paradife, Gai BISMARCK’S IRON NERVE Was the result of his splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not fonnd where Stomach, Liver, Kideys and Bowels are out of order. If you want these qualities and the success they bring, use Dr. King’s New Life Pills. They develop every power of brain and body. Only 25c at Winder Drug, Cos., Club Wall, who killed an Irish pedler, will bang at Clapton, Georgia, October 17th. An old negro, Baid to be 183 years old died a few days ago at Greenwood, Georgia. SCIENCE OF FEEDING I VALUABLE INFORMATION FUR NISHKI) BY STATE CHEM IST H'CANDLESS. IMPORTANCE OF COTTON SEED How the t’rogrrsslve Farmer Hoy Calculate the Best Ratio** For His Stock. To A, B. C.—Renewing my letters to you, which have for a time been inter rupted by more pressing official duties, 1 here give you the table of analyses of the more common feeding stuffs, which I promised you in my leek TABLE OF DIGIWiTIBUS MATTES 1M 100 POUNDS itr FEED STUFFS. kX & I'fif IT 1 i llnws 8:1 lufjTl £•3 '(• Oat Fodder 87ij IN| B.H 104 rtS 1 ? f Oowpefi 16.4 I to; 80S 0.25 VCorn blame 20.0 OMI li 76 065 Hay made from Or _J . „ . onard Grass 05 1 4 781 41 00 140 Biy 80S 0 8648T2 148 l| }:§Bf 8 L. frlJfߧ | ffrill 88 if Grains, etc ...iTr ....•. 1586-.:::::::-::: ’A j:8 MS 1$ Wheat (grain) 0. i JO W l # .’i is iilg Corn and o>b Meal fttT Ml J.t7 ft round Goto and OaS* WfiSfiST':::::::: fri it 8:8 S2 Ulisi'jo jj.jl psßftfc:::: 8£ 88 18 SM* :::::::::: .V IS |:B Separator Milk ft 4 204 ft H 0 ft* Butter Milk ft ft ft 87 4.00 1-06 Whey, j." 6 6 04 474 031 I hope you will now go baok and care fully read again my prevloua letters and fix In your mind the explanation* there given of the various terms, which are used in the above table of analyses, what protein is and what function it fills in the animal economy, building muscle and lean meat, blood, nerves, hair, tendons and even part of the bones, also the office of the carbohy drates and the fat producing fat, in the body, keeping op it* heat and produc ing force or energy. You will then better understand the table jnst given. This is a short table selected from nu merous analyses, as ooutainlng the ma terials moat likely to be met with on the average southern farm and used for the feeding of atook. The above table does not give the complete analysis of the fee ling stuffa mentioned, but gives the digestible matter in 100 pounds of each feed. For instance, the oomplete analysis of cot tonseed meal is as follows: Water & 2 per cent, ash 7.2 per cent, protein 42.3 percent, carbohydrates 29.2 per oent, fat 13.1 per oent, or total 100 per cenk By referring to the table, however, you will see that about five pounds of the protein is indigestible and about 18 pounds of the carbohydrates are also indigestible. The figures in the above table h. ye been obtained by careful feeding exp r me its, and are the result of muoh painstaking, careful, conscientious work, and are therefore very valuable as being practical in the best sense. Only that part of the food is of value to the animal which passes into the circulation, after being acted on by the fluids of the stomaoh and in testines, and being taken up by the blood goes to repair the waste of the body, to make new flesh, to add fat, or to serve as a source of energy or work. In preparing these tables of digesti ble matter the experimenters carefully weighed the animals at the beginning of each experiment, carefully analysed the rations fed to them, carefully saved every drop of liquid and solid of the dung and urine and analyzed them, and then by studiously comparing all the results, calculated the indigestible matter in 100 pounds of each feed stuff and these percentages they called the "digestion coefficients.” Such tables as these are the basis of scientific feed ing. Little as you may think of it this subjeot is of the utmost practical im portance. not only to the agricultural community, but to the general prosper ity of the nation. The experience of the past decade has demonstrated, and I hope conclusively to our farmers at least, that the day ha passed when their exclusive attention yan be devoted to the production of one crop, and that crop, one which is not easential to the life of man; at least in the way in whioh it is at present han dled, it is only oonduoive to the oom fort of the human family as raiment* but it can be so handled as to minister, not only to their comfort, but to the de velopment and sustenance of life itself. To explain my meaning In as few words aa possible, is this, that we have been raising ootton for the sake of its fiber, to be spun into cloth, when we should have been raising it for the sake of its precious seed, born into the world in a manner befitting its royal origin aa the ■on of King Cotton, swaddled and ea circled in tha downiest far and not na ked and forlorn as is the wont of earthly princelings. It does seem as if this jealous care of Mother Nature should have made us recognize earlier the great value of the little seed which she wrapped up so carefully. Aa I said, we have been raising It for the sake of its fibre to be spun into doth when wn should have been raising it chiefly for the sake of the protein and carbohy drates of lta seeds to be transmuted by wonderful alchemy of the brute crea tion into beefmilk, mutton and pork, with the lint simply thrown in aa a by produck When we consider th* won derful nutritive value of oottonaeed meal and hulls, after the oil, another byproduct, has been extracted from them, and tha further fact that this rich, nutritious food may be passed through the domestic animals, giving them life, growth and development, aud yet in that process lode oaly about 10 per o*at of the rioh fertilising con stituents found in tha original food,, and yielding a manure of the very beat quality, it does seem as though natura had been too lavish and generous in her gifts to us of the south. We have been slow to realise the im- Krtanoe of the "talent whioh we have ried,” bbt the day Is breaking, and ere long we sball, by developing the va rious product* of this wonderful plaat, become the richest people in the world, and by consequeuc* the oentsr of civili sation, refinement and the arte. I have thus digressed from the technical de tails we have been diecuesing for the purpose of impressing more strongly upon you their importance. In my next letter, w th the aid of another table and some explanations, I hope to be able to •how you how to calculate for yoursell a scientific ration for the stock you am feeding. Yours truly, John U. McCamdlesb, State Cherniak J NO 34.