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The Jackson economist. (Winder, Ga.) 18??-19??, December 27, 1900, Image 4

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TEE MIIHET Officia Organ Ordinary. OFFICIAL ORGAN OF WINDER. PUBLISHED i vkuv rHUBSDAY EVENIN'! JEFFERSON OFFICE: Wik vh y in tl c Cturt Hons P. VV. Quftttlobaum will represent tho paper and take subscriptions. Subscription Pwates- Yeah, - - A. G. LAMAR, Editor and Publisher. THURSDA / DECEMBER *7, 1900. MAS ISSUE. n0 We get out a pap< r this week on ac count of our lege’ ads and have no. our usual reeading matter. Being Xmas woek or r readers wo know, will inoka due allowance. Next week we will make our usuai appearance and hope during the coming year to give you u readable paper and one that will merit your support. We hope our friends will stand by us and use their influence to help ir crease or" e 'er'ation. Got ready for tha Now Yen . Mrko now resolves aul be sure you carry them out. Try to do something next year for the good of yourself and humanity, Don’t plant too much cotton next year and uogleot otlur crops that ought to be grown by you. Don’t go w f ld because it is Xmas week aud do things that you wiV after wards be ashamed o r . Air. John H. Sikes Justifi able in Killing Harvil So the Court Says. The committal trial last Friday at Statham of Mr. John H. Sikes for the ki’ling of Lery Rp’wil resulted in the discharge of Mr. Sikes. Justices Me Dona’d and Pendergrass deciding the evidence wr not strong enough to bind over Mr. Sikes. A number of p- rainent lawyers were engaged in the c e and a large number of witne-s were mbpoenaid. To the Memory of F. M. Haynes, Sr. Again the angel of death hath made his alarm at tie door of Rockwell Lodge, No. 101, F. and A. M., and re moved from our midst brother F. M. Haynes, Sr. He was a Past Master, having served as Master of this lodge for a number of years. Brother Haynes became a member of the Masonic Fraternity at Union Point, Georgia, in 1862 or 1863. He was born February, 1833 aud died December, 1900, making him very near ly 68 years of age at the time of his death. He united with the Baptist chu-ch in young manhood, thus identifying him self with God’s people neer the begin, ning of a long life of usefu’uess. His first marriage occurred at High Shoals, Georgia, his bride beiug Miss Elizabeth Bailey. From this union there were born eight children After the death of his lirst wife he mo’ ried Maunie E. House of Jacksou county in 1889 or 1890, and two children was the result of this marriage. Upon leaving High Shoals he remov ed to Atlanta, when that place was a small village, and was in the employ of the Georgia railroad: thence he moved to Union Point; and thence January, 1880, to Jackson county, near Jefferson where he lived until his removed to Hoschton 1886. One of our best oitizons, in speaking of him a few days after his death said: “He was a good man, a good neigh bor, a good Mason, an honorable up right citizen.” What more can be said 6f any man? As an evidence of his devotion to du ty, it may be said he was engaged in the service of the railroads for 37 years, ana was never discharged, suspended, or ever reprimanded in all that time. His daily wa'k and life in words of love and works of labor demonstrate that his designs were clearly laid down, aud that ho was with unceasing effort endeavoiing to follow the Lroe light, the revea’ed will of God So we can confidently hop? to moot our brother ir. the Grand Lodge above where parting will not bo known. While the members of Rockwell lodge bow in submission to the will of Him who gave us being, wo never the less weep with those wdio weep, aud tender our heartfelt sympathy in their great sorrow. S. P. Our. J. C. Forrester, Alex. Mah a fee y, K A. Hosch, Con. m’ttee. Hiss IV iutell Bridges. A visit of the death angel is always an occasion of the greatest sorrow known to niorta's. Though the undisputed lot of every being in which there is the breath of life, it seems hard for the young to die when they stand so bright aud promis iug upon the threshold ot maturity; and when in a time so short that we cannot realize its duration. Th- flowers which decorate tho brow of you'h are faded in dark habiliments of tho tomb Still someone has well said: “The old must die, and the young must die.” and the force of this old saying was never more sadly manifested Ilian on the 18th day of September, 1900, when Miss Mutell Bridges, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Bridges, died atTryon, Ga., where her parents had moved frouf Jackson County some 2 years ago. She was born October Ist, 1885, and at the time of her duath was 14 years, 11 months and 18 lays old. She was brought to Winder, then by sorrowing relatives and friends, wr taken to her grand parent", Mr. and Mrs N. L. Mad dox, and from thence to WalnuL Church Cemetery where the last that was mor tal of this lovely girl wai laid to rest on the 2( th of Bep. The group around her coffin consist ing of her aged grand father aud moth er, nudes, aunts, cousins, schoolmates and many other friends, taking a last look at her sweet face, present and a scene which was sad to the la t degree. Aud perhaps this intensified by the absence of her father and mother, who were de tained at home by the sickness of her sister, Ivie, who at that time was no. expected to live. Ou v dearly loyed, M.utoll had been the pupil of the writer for two years, and one more lovely, docile, obe dient aud industrious never entered the school room. Faithful to perform her duty, piersing rud agreeable iu all her relatious with others she was at ouce the idol of her classmates, the darliug of her relatives, aud the favorite of all with whom she came iu coutact. From au earthly stand point it seems h ird to see such a fair aud promising life given iqto the cold arms of death, wheu she stood it were upon the first step which promised to lead on and ou to a glorious womanhood; but her Heaveuly Father, who sees uot as we see, knows best, aud hr~ taught us the great lesson that “All things work to gether for good to them that love God.” Then we cau say all honor to your sweet name while here ou earth, Mutell, a gushing torrent of tears to your mem ory, while all who knew you certainly feel that your glorious reward is ‘ ‘Heav en at lust.” J. E. J. Lord. A POWDER 4 MILL EXPLOSION Removes everything in sight; so do drastic mineral pills, but both are migh ty dangerous. Dou’t dynamite the del icate machinery of your body with calo me', crotou oil or aloes pills, whoa Dr. King’s New Life Pills, which are gentle as a summer breeze, do the work per fectly. Cures Headache, Constipation. Only 25 cents at Winder Drug Cos. floney To Loan. 1 am now in a position to lend money >a better terms than ever heard of be fore. I have an unlimited amount of money to lend on Ten (10) years time with the privilege of paying the whole or any part of principle at any time Call on me at No. 17 Clayton Street, Athens, Ga. and I will be glad to ac commodate you. C. C. Chandler. Masonic Election. The election of officers to serve Windtr Lodge No. 333, F. A. M., for the en suing year took place at the regular meeting last Friday night, with follow ing result: W. L. DeLaPerriere, W. M.; A. M. Williams, 8. W.;J.J. Carr, J. W.; J D. Harrison, Treas.; G G. Robinson, Sec ; R. A. Black, 8. D ; W. Z. Hill, J. D., Job R. Smith, S. S.; Ed Jpark>, J. S ; J. L. M. Gunnin, Ryler; H. R. Hunt, Chaplain. Time of meeting, second Friday 7 p. m. HIS LIFE WAS SAVED. Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonder ful deliverance from a frightful death. In telling of it he says: "I was taken with Typhoid Fever, that ran into Pneumonia. My lungs became hard eued. I was so weak I couldn't even sit up iu bed. Nothing helped me. I expected to soon die of Consumption, when I heard of Dr. King’s New Dis covery. One bottle gave great relief. I continued to use it, and now am well and strong, I can’t say too much in its praise.’’This marvellous medicine is the surest and quickest cuie iu the world for all Throat and Lung Trouble. Regular size 50 coins aud $1 00. Trial bottles free at Winder Drug Cos. Every bottle guaranteed. Pension B 1 .nks. Being iu the Ordinary’s office at Jef ferLon last Tuesday, we noticed that the pension Marks had ?'rived for wid ows. invalids aud indigeuts that are now on the ro'l. VOLCANIC ERUPIION3 Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob life of joy Bucklen’s Arnica Save, cures them; also Old, Running and Fe ver Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,. Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out Pun and Aches. Only 25 cts. a box. Curegua - aucee 1 Sold by Winder Drug, Cos L. 0. YEARWOSD, The Groceryman Can now be found in the new store next to Col. Quarter man’s of fice on Broad Street with a full line of FAMILY and FANCY GROCERIES at prices that are hard to down. Here are a few of them to think about: i Standard granulated 0 | A A Sugar 16 pounds to A[, UU Imported granulated j A A Sugar 17 pounds to ie[,UU Extra C. Sugar tfl A A 17 pounds to ijyl.UU Lion Coffee per pound 12^cts. Cuba Molasses per Gal. 45 eta. Common ** per Gal. 25 cts. Ribbon Cane Molasses Reboiled per Gal. 40 cts. Daisy Flour 25 pounds 50 cts. Pearl Flour 25 pounds 60 cts. Nonpareil Flour 25lbs. 65 cts. Dove Hams per pound 144cts, California Hams per lb. 10 cts. Breakfast Bacon, Dove Brand per pound Idiots. Meal, water ground per bushel 65 cts. Tobacco per lb from 35 to 75 cts. Big stock Cigars aud Smoking Tobacco as cheap as the cheapest, Telley’s Indian and Ceylon, the choicest of green ai.d black mixed Teas per pound 60 cents. Soap to Beat the Band. Fine toilet in the biggest 5 cents cake in the city. Laundry in the biggest bars at 5 cents a bar and in 2 bars for 5 cents. Canned Goods a Specialty. Alaska Salmon 10 cents a can, Chipped Beef 14 cents a can, Tripe 20 cents a can, Heinz’s Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce 10 to 13 cents. A full line of Heinz’s Pickles, Sauces, Mustard, etc. always on hand. The place to buy Grocer ies. Come right along and let me wait on you. Christmas Goods! For Everybody! Grandest Display Ever Seen in Winder! Come a’runnin’ right now, to J. G. PUETT & CO/S And make yo'tr selection before the great stock is picket over, and rest assured that you can get just what you want for big, little, old or young, and at Bottom Rock Prices! And remember that our whole mammoth stock of DRESS GOODS, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Overcoats, And evrything else is included in this grand holliday Special Reduction Sale! Yours respectfully, A. D. ricCU <RY, Manager. New Millinery Store. We take pleasure in announcing to our friends aud the public gen erally that we have opened, at the stand formerly occupied by the Bank of Winder, a CHOICE SELECTION of Up=to=date Millinery Goods, Embracing all the latest styles and nobbiest novelties of the season. 4 Call, examine our stock, and you can be suited in goods, while our prices cannot be beat. JEWELRY. We are adding to our'Jewelry Department, and in Watchs, Clocks, Silverware,’.Etc., can show you a choice Selection, at the very Lowest Prices. Give us a call. H GARRISON* GOING WEST. The Nashville. Chattanooga & St. Lewis Railway, and Western & Atlantic Railroad. Is the shortest, quickest and best route to all points West, North and North West. Eor cheapest rates, time table, maps and other information write J. L. Edmondson, Southeastern, P. A., No. 1 North Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga. Money to Loan. We negotiate loans on improved farms, payable in five years in an nual installments. Interest 7 per cent. Call and see us at Athens, Ga. Shackelford & Cos. Notice]Farmers. Those of you who want to pay cash for your wheat fertilizers, see us before buying, as our Dr-ces cheap est for the best goods. Dunn, Lyle & Cos. Big Clothing Sale. We will make a special sale on Cloth ing for the next 30 days. If yon need a suit now is the time for you to see us. No such bargaius tver offered in Cloth ing. Hodges, Camp & Arnold. Notice. All persons are notified not to hunt, fish or trespass on oar lauds in Cut Off distriot. Walton county, Georgia under penalty of the law. W, M. Holloway. E. S. Bennett, J. W. H. Hamilton, Mack Manders, John Green, Mrs. Ad line Fuller. Notice. All persons are notified not to fish hnnt or trespass on my land in House’s district, Jackson county Geor gia, under penalty of the law. F. L. Sims. GOING WEST. The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Lewis Railway and Western & Atlantic Railroad. Is the shortest, quickest and best route to all points West, North aui North West. 3 through fast trains daily. For cheapest, time table, maps and other information write J. L. Edmondson, Southeastern, P. A- No. 1 North, Pryor St. Atlanta, Ga. Cure Cold In Head. Kermott's Chocolates Laxative Quinine, easy to take and Quick ta cu.e cold in head ana sor throat.