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The Winder news and Barrow times. (Winder, Barrow County, Ga.) 1921-1925, March 03, 1921, Image 1

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THE. STRAND THEATFR PROGRAM THURSDAY. MY BOH Marguerite Fisthei in “WEEK SIND ” ' -AROH 4TH.—Marguerite x in “WEEK END.’’ V&ATURDAY, March S.—BRIDE 13— . .• • Wm. Duneii’v 'and Comedy. " r im'is tin v IX ale, " VOL. XXVII. THE G. M. RAILWAY MUST BE RECLAIMED Mr. B. B. Cheek, Traffic Manager of The is Optimistic as to v the Situation y r 4 Mr. B. B. Cheek. Traffic Manager of the Gainesville Midland railroad, is op timistic in lis antcpation of improve ment in the serious situation facing the road at this time. He says we cannot and must not and will not fail, having utmost confidence in the ability and wil lingness of tin) employees, together with the full co-operation of the pat rons all along the line to immediately bring about a decisive change in the situation. There has been, as you must know, a sort of luke-warm feeling with both employees and patrons as to condi tions, which the Receivership has dis pelled. In other words, we have been awakened to the true state of affairs, and the possibility of not being able to continue operation, which enables us all to see and work together in such a way as the best possible results must develop. He states that there isn’t- asy ques tion but that the situation is serious, and that operation may be discontinu ed if the employees do not shoulder their part of the burden, and the pat rons do not stand by the road, and give thMr full support. He is not inclined on the dark side of the situa tion, and feels that every man with the road feels the same way, and that the situation will he worked out. He anticipates that a very strong effort will be made to show Mr. Baldwin and the management that recent conditions can be overcome, and that the patrons of the road interested all along the line, taking very special pains to see that- traffic is specifically routed and requests respected, will be done. He is very gratified at the interest already manifested along the road, and believes it will develop into a real ben efit, as a realization of the possibility to discontinue the road would be a tremendous drawback and misfortune to this entire section. Every effort, he states, is going to be made to pre vent this. Rev. and Mrs. Stanley Grubb Move to Winder ttev. Stanley R. Grubb, wso has ac cepted the pastorate of the Christian church, in this city, moved his fumily here last Thursday. A welcome ser vice will be held at the Christian church next Sunday night, all the oth er churches taking part in the service. The Winder News, in behalf of all Our peoole, extend a most cordial welcome to Mr. Grubb and his excellent family, and will be well pleas ed with Their Hew home. Winder Boy Honored Mr. Lamar A. Wood, son of Rev. and Mrs. John H. Wood, of this city, has received from the Marine Corps, of the war department, a beautiful medal for obedience, earnestness and fidelity fio duty. Accompanying the medal was a very complimentary let ter from the department. He appre ciates both medal and letter very much, and the News congratulates him on the splendid record made while in the ser vice. YOUNG PEOPLES BRANCH W. C. T. U. The Young Peoples branch of the W. C. T. U. will meet at the home of Miss Margaret Walker on Tuesday at 8:00 o'clock. All members are urged to be present and bring anew member. The program will be as follows: Song. Scripture reading. Prayer. Reading—Sarah Joe Roberts. Music —Alton Young. Talk—Rev. L. W. Collins. FARMERS FERTILIZER MEETING. Orf Tuesday afternoon, in the Ordina ry’s old office, a mass meeting of some fifty farmers was held to discuss the fertilizer situation. After numerous propositions were discussed, a commit tee was appointed to approach the fer tilizer dealers to request an exchange of fertilizer for cotton, basis 10-2-2 and Atlanta 4s, and to ask for the low est fall price. It was decided to have this committee report at another mass uniting Tuesday afternoon, 2 o’clock, Mujrch Bth. All interested are invited to be present. ( Signed) J. W. SHIELDS W. P. THOMPSON, ' J. L. LACKEY C. H. BARRON G. L. MCDONALD. The little daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. J Cooper is slowly improving. ®fee ■•Nitwit' AND THE BARROW TIMES LAUGH, LAUGH AND THEN LAUGH AGAIN A Burlesque Entertiaiunent at School Auditorium Tonight, Benefit of Winder Baseball Club. At the school auditorium tonight (Thursday) will be given the amusing and laughable entertainment that haw never been given in this city. Thirty of Winder’s business men and women take part. Truly this is one of the most entertaining plays ever put on the stage. It is called a “scream.” You just ought to see Joe Parham and Jule Wilson as bawling, squalling, crying babies, fighting and scrapping over their nursing bottles. Judge Johns as the deceased Mr. Par ley, Mr. C. O. Niblack as the groom who rolls his bride, Mrs. Reba Vonderleith, in a primitive carriage—the wheelbar row. are laughable in the extreme. We haven’t room in this article to mention (every! character —there are thirty of Winder's men and women in the play—and you just can’t afford to miss it. The play is given for the benefit of Winder's baseball club and is being coached by Mrs. Fitzgerald, of Atlan ta, which is a guarantee of its success. Admission, adults 55 cents, school children, 28 cents. Southeastern Christian College. DRAMATIC 'CLUB. “Tony, the Convict,” to be given at Southeasters Christian College by the Dramatic Club Friday evening, March 4, promises to be one of the best plays ever presented by students of S. C. C. The public will remember the high standard set by former plays giv en by tile students. Most of the actors in “Tony, The Convict" have appear ed upon the stage at S. C. C before and will be recognized by those who have attended former entertainments. The public is cordially invited to at tend “Tony, the Convict.” Admission will be 35c and 25c. The sensational escape of the con vict hi the first act is well acted by Mr. Snipes. “Tony” is a strong, many sided character. The villian, James Barclay, is played by Mr. Wade Gar rett. The second act contains comedy, in troduced by two tramps, and discloses a secret which enables the vindictive Mr. Barclay to lay plans to wifi Lena, the lovely daughter of Judge Van Cruger. “Lena" is a very emotional part, well acted by Miss Ruby Bridges, “The Judge” is played by Mr. T. O. Slaughter, with Mrs. Rollin Garrett as “Mrs. Van Cruger.” Professor Rollin McPherson has the part of Irena's lov er. Phil. More comedy is furnished by ser vants and the old-maid in the third act. Prof, and Mrs. J. L. Allgood and Miss Helen Blanton get in some good acting here. But this act also has a good deal of pathos. The plans of Barclay begin to fork out, the lovers are separated, and Lena torn awa.v from her home and parents. “Lena’s” best scene, perhaps is in the fourth act. Her father’s humble home is in sharp contrast to the lux urious one she has been brought away from. The villian meets a master and a fathei* saves his child. “Barclay” plays his highest card in the fifth act, 'and Lena resolves to sar rifice herself for the Judge. This is prevented by the return of the con vict and the detective. Barclay is ar rested, and Tony, the convict, comes into his own. Baptist Preachers in In Meeting at Bold Springs W ednesday The Appalachee preecrfers and work ers conference met at Bold Springs church Wednesday at 10:00 o clock, A large delegation was present from the entire territory: the roads were fine and the weather ideal. Rev. W. S. Walker, of Monroe, pre sided. -The devotional exercises were led liy Rev. .T. S. Settle. I)r. L. A. Henderson of Lawrencevllle, preached the 11 o’clock sermon. Rev. W. H. Faust presented the 75 million cam paign. Rev. C. W. Henderson spoke on loy alty.” Rev. Still on Sunday school as related to the Home and Church. Rev. W. S. Walker on our Mission Field in Europe. The next Kejssion goes to Statham first Wednesday in April. The pro gram will he printed later. The hos pitality of the Bold Springs people was superb, and the dinner incomparable. Winder, Barrow County, Georgia, Thursday, March 3, 1921. U. of Ga. Glee Club to Visit Winder Mon. 21st It will be of great interest to the Winder people to know that the “Red and Black” Glee club will be with us again this year. The fact that their itinerary includes only such places as Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, Gainesville, and Athens, makes Win der feel unusually proud of this antic ipated visit, and gives her a more im portant place on the map. The boys come again this year under the auspi cek of the Parent-Teacher association and will be here Monday evening, March 21st., Remember the date. Many new features have been added. Their Jazz Band is considered the best south. There are entertaining end men whom we will tell you more about next week. Come out and hear them. Meeting Parent-Teach er Association Postpon ed to Friday Night 11th. The Parent-Teacher Association has postponed its regular meeting until Friday night, March 11. The program committee has prepared a special pro gram for this occasion and all mem bers of the association are requested to be present. The fathers are also requested to attend this meeting, also parents who have cildren in school or ure interested. Your presence \*ill lend inspiration to the occasion and will make us feel that you are support ing a good cause. Methodist Services. SUNDAY, MARCH 6. 10.20 A. M. Sunday school. New record reached last Sunday. Aim for next Sunday 400 present. Enough regular members of the adult department were absent last Sunday morning to have easily reached this goal. Come and enjoy the hour of in spiration. enthusiasm, music and good fellowship. Ten-piece orchestra. Spe cial features every Sunday. 11:30 A. M. Morning worship— Preaching by the pastor. Subject:— “Going Up to Jerusalem.” Communion servihe, which is being made the great service, which is being made the great of both church and Sunday school urged to attend. 8 P. M. Union service at the Christian church. L. Wilkie Collins, Pastor. Marguerita Fischer, J. and Dorothy Dalton Strand Stars. Asa special attraction Thursday and Friday of this week the Strand Thea ter will show Miss Marguerita Fischer and Milton Sills in “Week End. On Monday Jack Pickford will be the attraction in “In Wrong.” On Tuesday in connection with the serial “Broadway Bab,” Dorothy Dal ton will he starred in “His Wife's Friend.” This is an unusually strong program and you must see “Week-End with Marguerita Fischer. W. H. S. TO MEET COMMERCE HIGH Friday afternoon- at three-thirty the above uam’Y basketball teams will meet in the last and one of the best games of the season. The attendance at this game ought to be very large. This is a good time for our home people to show their in terest in their own boys and at the same time help in a financial way to support the athletics of our school. The ministers of the town and the Board of Education could well afford to give endorsement to this sport by their presence. Let all the “sports” who went wild over the baseball games last summer come out and help the home folks Then we had an imported team and we could yell ourselvets hoarse for them. Let’s be consistent now and help the home folks a little. Be at the game at three-thirty, Fri day. FURTHER NOTICE TO AUTO OWNERS It becomes my duty to enforce the law requiring a 1921 tag on all automo biles. A violation of this law carries a fine of SIOO and costs. Please lehve (your cars at home or get a license. — H. <>. CAMP, Sheriff. COMING! The Brenau Glee Club, March 17th. benefit building fund Methodist church. Don't fail to see the best attraction of the season. NEWS ITEMS FROM OUR NEIGHBORS Items of Interest To Our Many Readers Gathered From Our Exchanges From Adjoining Counties Walton County. (Tribune) Mrs. Walter Jaeksojt, of Winder, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Patat and daugh ter, of Winder, spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hearn. Mrs. V. S. Cooper spent several days of last week in Winder, the guest of Mrs. Henry Pledger. Mr. Harris Mayo, of Winder, spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. D. T. Mayo. Miss Curtis Adams, of Hoschton, spent the week-end with relatives here. Mr. E. A. Shackelford, a Gwinnett county man, living not far from Luw renceville, according to a coroner’s in quest, coine to his death by hanging liimseir to a wild cherry tree. 11 is body was found about 12 o’clock Wed nesday night about three-quarters of a mile from his home. STATHAM BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL The Statham Baptist Sunday school under the leadership of Dr. J. C. Dan iel is doing splendid work. There is a earnest and faithful. We hope to have fine class spirit and the teachers are a hundred per cent attendance of our church membership during this year. We have good attendance at Wednes day evening prayer service. The faith ful little Sunbeam band lias been made very sad over the serious illness of their leader, Mrs. J. C. Daniel. Our Junior B. Y. P. U. was organiz ed two weeks ago by our pastor, Rev. C. W. Henderson. .To all in reach of our church we invite you to come wor ship with us each Sunday service. Sunday school 10 :30. Sunbeams 2 :30. Junior B. Y. P. U. 0:30. Prayermeeting Wednesday night 7 :30 Preaching third Sunday at 11:30 anil 7.30. STATHAM Mrs. Morton Smith left last week to join Mr. Smith in Charleston, S. C., where he had accepted a position. We wish for them success in their new home. Rev. J. B. Gresham preached two helpful sermons at the Methodist church here last Sunday. Miss Helen Arnold of Danielsville spent the week-end at home. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ross with Jack and Fred spent the day Sunday in Beth lehem. Mr. C. B. Chambers who has been spending some time in Florida return ed last week to be here for a few days Mrs. Georgia McDonald is in Atlan ta spending some time with her daugh ter, Mrs. Cody. Mrs. S. A. Boland and Mildred, of Greensboro spent the reekJend here the guests of Mrs. W. D. Whitman and Dr. S. A. Boland. Dr. and Mrs. C. S Williams were the dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. R. A. Nunnally last Sunday. Among those who attended the bas ket ball game in Auburn were Misses Rosa Lee Chandler, Lena May Tread well, Ruby Gallespie and Mr. Johnnie Day. Mr. Earnest Willie Cheek has ac cepted a position in Augusta. Miss Cullie Hammond fills his plac:- as P. O. clerk. Mrs. Lou Roberts has been spending the week with Mrs. Edna Roberts. Those who esjoyed the hospitality of Dr. and Mrs. T. L. Holcomb at dinner last Sunday were Misses Elizabeth and Stella McElhannon, Mrs. Fannie Steed and Mrs. W. M. Fite. Mr. and Mrs. Wess Henry and chil dren of Monroe were visiting relatives here recestly. Several from here attended the fu- neral last week of Miss Cloe Sorrows, age 14, which took place at High Shoals. Her mother will be remem bered as Miss Queenie Hewit. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Doster an nounce the birth of a daughter. The Womens Missionary Society of the Methodist cliureh met with Mrs. L. M. Arnold on Monday afternoon. Quite a gooii many were present Including visitors. The topic for the program was New Orleans and our possibilities there in the way of missions. An in teresting report of the annual confer ence at Gainesville was given by Mrs. Fite who came back tilled with the In spiration that every church member should be a missionary member. We wish to thank our friends for all their kindness and sympathy in the sudden going away of our dear moth er, January 30. 1921.—Mrs. Fannie Steed, Mrs. Anna Robinson, Mrs. Cora Steed, Mrs. Missouri Steed, Mrs. Lizzie Martin, M. M. Arnold. Our Circulation Now 1968 Subs. The circulation of The Winder News is now 1968 bona fide sub scribers. We reneh nearly every home in the Winder territory and can give our advertisers the best of Service. Our plant is one of the best equipped in the state and we are prepared to serve our patrons in a thoroughly satisfactory manner. All kinds of job work can be han dled in an up-to-date style, and the News is one of the best mediums in Northeast Georgia for reaching the people. Our rates for advertising and for job work are very reasona ble, and we solicit the patronage of the public. PERSONAL NOTES OF MOVING VAN Mr. J. R. Arnold was a visitor to Monroe Monday. • Mrs. Guy Kilgore will spend the week-end in Atlanta with relatives. • • Master John Durward Wallace spent the week end in Dewy Rose. • * Miss Maude Henson was aviator to Atlanta Wednesday. • * Miss Ora Mlncey spi'/ht Saturday night with her parents at Pentecost. • * Mr. Bob Sims, of Statham, was a visitor to Winder Tuesday. • * ✓ Mr. W. A. Carroll, of Auburn, was a visitor in the city Saturday. • * Mr. Harold Herrin is in Gaines ville several days tills week for an op eration on his eye. We hope he will soon get alright. COUNTY POLICE FOR THIS COUNTY. We understand that Mr. A. Sim Hill, for nine years chief of police of Win der, and Mr. Bud Rutledge, have been named as county policemen for Barrow county. No better selections could be made for these places than these two men, and the interests of the county along this line will be well cared for. Mr. B. H. Merck Buys The Moore’s Stables Mr. B. H. Merck has bought the sta bles of Moore and Hons on Candler street and will remodel same and move Ills wholesale grocery business to that place. The trade Is effective April Ist. ARTICLES CROWDED OUT. Several fin*, articles ure crowded out of this issue on account of lack of space. We have been busy since our last issue consolidating the News and Times, and have lieen unable to do jus tice to this week's paper. We hope to get straight soon and can then give our entire time to the business. These articles will appear neit* week. Rev. John H Wood Accepts Call To Rome. Rev. John 11. Wood, one of the most prominent ministers in the Christian denomination in the state, has been called to the pastorate of the Chris tian church at Rome, Ga., and be has accepted same. He will begin work in that city at once. All of the citizens of this cltjs re gardless of denominations, regret to see him leave Winder. He and his accomplished wife are valuable addi tions to any city and Rome Is to be congratulated on securing them as cit izens of their city. The editor of tbe News feels an esr pedal loss in their removal, having known Brother Wood for twenty years and we have always found him a con genial companion and a man devoted to the things that upbuild .a communi ty. Winder’s loss is great beyond ex pression. Both he and Mrs. Wood can rest assured that they carry with them the best wishes of their bosts of throughout this section for their happiness and success in their new home. CARD OF THANKS. Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Jackson desire to thank their many friends for the kind expressions of sympathy and the beau tiful floral offerings that were tendered in the n-a'h of their baby, Majorie ■ Hill Jackson. ' THE STRAND THEATER PROGRAM MONDAY, March 7 JACK PICK FORI), in “IN WRONG.” TUESDAY, Marcs B.—Ruth of Rock ies. Dorothy Dalton, His Wife’s Friend’ WEDNESDAY, March 9.—THEATER CLOSED. POTATO CURING PLANTJOR CITY Mr. G. W. Summerour is Arranging to Build Large Sweet Potato Curing House for Minder. The News is glad to state that Win der is to have another enterprise that will mean much to this city and sur rounding section. Mr. G. W. Stimmer our has definitely decided to build a large sweet potato curing plant in this city and to have it ready by the time this year’s crop is harvested. He will be in shape to either buy all the sweet potatoes that ure brought to this mar ket or store them for those growers who wish to hold. Sweet potatoes are easily grown in the Winder territory and they are a very profitable crop if they can be kept and marketed along through the year. Mr. Summerour has a carload of sweet potatoes on hand now that he pro poses to sell to any who may want to plant. He will also bed about 4(H) bushels to supply plants to those who do not buy the seed and bed for them selves. The Porto Rico variety is the only kind that the market demands and those who grow potatoes should plant this variety. We are confident that Mr. Summerour will find his venture a profitable one and that the farmers will also profit by his building the curing house. Men’s Club Have Inter esting Meeting Monday The second monthly meeting of the Methodist Men’s club was held Tues day night at the home of Mr. J. M. Ai ken, with a large attendance. Reports were mude by the various committees and remarkable progress was reported in all the undertakings of the church. The club has undertaken the publicity work for the night services of the church and has brought together great congregations during the lust few months. The Monday school attendance has been doubled in one month, nojt only in the adult department but in all grades. But the greatest success has been registered in the new spirit of en thusiasm that is in evidence hiu! that permeates the entire congregation. Ev ery church activity has felt its influ ence and the results have abundantly justified the existence of this new men's organization. I’lans for the future include a drlve for the enlistment of every man in Barrow county who is not attending Sunday school und the forming of a new Junior Baraca class for young men from the ages of 17 to 20. Plans were also made for the securing of an athletic field for the summer outdoor activities of the men and boys of the church. The building committee and minute men also made encouraging re ports. The spirit of the gathering was that only a beginning had l>een made in the work of enlisting the men of the city in church and Sunday school activities, and that the prevailing spirit of en thusiasm would largely increase the work that had already been done. The pastor, who was present, made the en couraging statement that he had never known u church where so large a pro portion of the membership were at work in helping build up the church, as in tint Winder Methodist congregation, at present. The choir, the club orches tra, and publicity committee, are plan ning for a permanent program of great Sunday night services with special fea tures, that will be profitable und inter esting to the whole community. Also a campaign of personal evangelism is being inaugurated to culminate on Easter Sunday. The ultimate aim for Sunday school attendance is 500, which is tiie membership of the church. At the close? of the business Session which was conducted by the president Mr. Paul Brooksher, the club adjourn ed to meet in social session. Mrs. J. M. Aiken, the hostess, was assisted by the wives of the social committee in serving elaborate refreshments. The secretary, Mr. A. T. Harrison, announced tliat a large number of new members had been added during the evening. All Methodist men and men of Methodist inclination, 18 years t age and over, ar e eligible for memix ship in this organization. CARL BROOKSHER, Chin. Publicity Dept WEEK OF PRAYER OBSERVED BY THE LADIES OF STATHAM The women and girls of the Statha* Baptist church met on Tuesday aft< V noon in observance of the regular we of prayer for home missions. Hymns, which were rendered in - \ unusual way, were enjoyed by f < Some good readings were give ■ Home Missions and a few good were made on Prayer and Praise. Dainty colored goodies, served b girls, contributed a pleasant pari tilt? program, and carried good ch. to the community. i No. 46