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Winder weekly news. (Winder, Jackson County, Ga.) 18??-1909, April 16, 1908, Image 1

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Best Tonsorial Artists at the Winder Slaving Parlors Polite attention. Quick service. VOL. XVI. NEWS BRIEfLETS FROM ALBLRN Our Scribe in That Hamlet Writes of Persons, Politics aid Cabbage. Col. J. C. Flanigan, of Lawreme ville, was in our town on business one day last week. Cap. Taylor says he is up against it all the time, politically speaking. He worked to help elect Hoke Smith then had to work to keep his salary from being cut 10 per cent, and •now he has got to help to beat Mr. Hoke. Mr. Dock Chesser has been con fined to his room for some time,hut is now able to be at his place of business again. Auburn Brass Band! That sounds good to us. The hoys play splen didly for the practice. We will soon have one of the bet bands in this part of the state. Several of ou r sports are going to Atlanta on the 15th to see the opening game of baseball. Mr. T. C. Flanigan made a busi ness trip to Atlanta one day last week. Mr. Tom Sells visited Uncle John Greeson last Sunday. Talking about candidates! We had two ordinaries and two solicit ors here last week and other candi dates too numerous to mention, and they all seem hopeful. Look out, boys, some people don't like to make a fellow feel had. Judge Mitchell says every time he buys a lot of cabbage every mer chant in town buys some too. Mr. G. W. Baggett, of Winder, known as “talking George,” was in town one day last week. Come again, George, we are always glad to see you. Mr. Frank Nash and family, of Dacula, wore visitors in our town Sunday. Professor Riehburg, who is teach ing at (a untv Line', made us a pleasant-call one evening last week. Professor is a good talker and we always like to have him with us. Miss Alice Rlackstock, one of .Jef ferson’s prettiest young ladi< >, has charge of the millinery department for 'l 1 . C. Flanigan. When it comes to pretty girls Jefferson can tbe turned down: Mr. J. E. Wilkins and family visited in the country Sunday. Jim says he got a good dinner and is all 0. K. for one more week. Mr. Jim Houppaugh aid wife were visitors here Sunday. Judging from the way the bin s are singing and the young folk are smiling and the ladies’ hats and flowers are blooming, good old sum mer time is about here. We believe from what we can see and hear Little Joe has got Hole going. We would like to give our views on the governor’s race, hut clever Lob Ross, the editor, told us not to get mixed up too much in policies. Here is my best wishes to Ross brothers and The News, one of the best weeklies, run by two of the best boys in Georgia. Maryland Women to Vote. The. Rnlti?ryre Sun is authority for the statement that the bill winch provides for the incorporation of Still Pond, Kent county, Md., gives \Vomen tax-payers a vote. The At torney General has approved the bill and It has l>een signed by the governor. FFFFFFFFFFFF THAT novisthe time To frbOOM OU T IN NEW ARRAY". NATURE IS BloomiNC our m Beauty at This SEASON- WHY Should not You Bloom we've cot the s TE R^BROWN. IgKCTOTcj mw itii/n m unit nm tan.., LtLiEi * Z TO BLOOM OUT WILL BE EASY IF YOU COME To VS, AND YOU PURELY ARE NOT GOING To LET EASTER PA SS WITHOUT BLOOMING OUT ARE YOU? TAKE THE 8L055pM5 FROM A VINE AND IT WILL LOOK BARE. FAIL To DR.ESS WELL AND YOU YOURSELF WILL NOT LOOK Jo ATTRACT IVE. DR-E 55 WILL HELP YOU. DR-E 55 WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD AND PROSPER. 7HESE THINGS WILL ADD To YOUR DRESS. WE CAN -SHOW YOU -SWELL NECKTIE-5, PROPER THING,S IN -SHIRT WAISTS. GOOD FEELING UNDERWEAR, TA-STY HO-SE. TIGE -5AY,5 YOU -SHOULD NOT MI-5-5 THI-S OPPORTUNITY TO GET FIXED UP FOR EAS7ER,. WE HAVE EVERYTHING YoUR BODY NEEDS. J. T. Strange & Cos.", Leaders in Style, Regulators and Controllers of Low Prices Death of Raymond Sigman. Raymond S'gman died at his home near this city April bth and was buried at Nazareth church April 10th. The services were con ducted by Revs. 11. N Rainey and Jno. 11. Wood. If he had lived till the 22-1 of this month fie would have been lb years old. It is sad to give up one so young and promising. He was just entering into manhood and was a manly young man. He was obedient U> his parents and kind and affectionate to his brothers and sisters. Raymond was a good boy with chaste habits and expressed himself as being ready to go. He had no fears as to the future, and while h< has missed the turmoil and troubles of this life, it -omes Asa sad af fliction to his devoted patents. He leaves to mourn their loss his father and mother, two sisters, Mrs. Pauline Tumlin of Tallapoosa and Miss Bertie Sigman, and three brothers —Clarence, Chester and Virgil. These all have the sym pathy and prayers of a host of friends. May God bless and sustain them in their sad hour and may they reunite in that “city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God.” We call attention to the an nouncement c: Hon. Thus. M. Bell as a candidate for re-election t congress from the Ninth district. WINDER. JACKSON COUNTY, GEORGIA. THURSDAY. APRIL 16, 1908. SPECIAL EVANGELISTIC SERVICES. Beginning April 2 r .th and contin uing to May 10th, timre whl h special evangelistic' services at tin Baptist church. Pastor R. I). D- W'-ese will Ik?.as sisted h.v Evangelist H. C. Buch holz, of Atlanta. It is the earnest desire of the prornoV rs of this meet ing that it may he of great spiritual worth to our entire city. That a great awakening may come to the Christians; that many unsaved sin ners may be brought to know the power ot God’s grace. “There was great joy in that city” when the power of the Lord was present in Samaria to save the people from the power of sin and Satan. These services are looked forward to with a great deal of interest by the Christian people of Winder. Mae the Holy Spirit abundatly bless the meeting. Robinson Popular Here. Mr. G- C. Robinson, an aspirant for the office of ordinary o| Gwin nett county, is one of the most pop ular men in Winder s business cir cles. He was born in Ben Smith’s district, attended the common schools of his native eour ty and his most ardent supporters are the friends and classmates of his boy hood days. His father was a pros perous farmer and young Robinson grew into manho. as a thier of ihe .-oil. He has lived in Winder for tr.V past -ix pr eight years and nuin b rs his friends here by the num ber of his acquaintances. Gwinnett county could not elect ■a more capable, courteous and manly ordinary than G. C. Robin son. LEAP-YEAR PARTY AT STATFfAM. Number of Proposals Not Given— Other Hems, ot Local Interest. One of the most- enjoyable social ewilts of the season whs the leap year party given by Miss Zona R< sh Monday evening. The Ross horm was beautifully decorated with ferns and quantities of spring blossoms were used with charming decorative effect throughout the rooms. Thus* pr stmt were: .Misses Viola Ander son, Marzelle Thurmond, Myrt Ar nold, Zona Ross, Norma Booth, Mamie Pendergrass, Ruby Lester, Lon a Ross, Nealie Robertson, Ovelia Arnold and Messrs. Guy J. Thur mond, Edwin Ross, V< ster Hodges- Harland Willingham, Choice Coop er, Willie Lanier, Luther Guinn, Alonzo Wofford, Jimmie Walls and David Arnold. Many int resting games were played, after which delightful re freshments were served. We have not been able to learn just how many proposals were made during the evening. Surely some of the fair ones made use of the opportunity of the occasion. 1 would suggest to you fair maidens that its your fault if y<>u remain longer without a mate, so you must get busy, as four years more is a long time to wait. Mrs. of Winder, spent Monday with her sister, Mrs. S. G. Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. McAdams, of Dacula, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Holmes. Mr. Bell, of Bethlehem, and Mr- James Treadwell of Paradise, wer< the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Treadwell Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Durden and Mr. J. J. Summerour, of Monroe, visited th" family of Mr. Tom Per kins last week. Miss Myrt Arnold is 'in Atlanta attending business college. Mr. (.'us: r R,-s i- on the sick list t/ii iS \VCu]v. Mr-. W. J. Ross, Jr., and chil dren, spent last week with relatives m Bethh hem. Mr. David Arnold, of Center, ex ecutor of his grandfather’s estate, is in the city this week looking after the same. Miss Eddie Wellborn has return ed to her home in Atlanta, after spending a few weeks with her sis ter, Mrs. Jeff Sikes. Mr. and Mrs. Pink Dooley are with their son, wJ:o is very ill at bis home in Oconee county. Mrs. George Kinney died at her home, two miles below this city', and was buried Tuesday at the De lay burying ground. The family have our deepest Ryt&patby. Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Matthews and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Storey, of Jefferson, spent Sunday with Mrs. Muyme Thurmond. We want to congratulate Mr- Matthews for win ning one of our beautiful girls. TRLCOINTY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ' V The Tri-County Medical Associa tion met fere Tuesday. Several . i.- .ung p}j. siciaiie Wore in uttoiid j ance. The meeting was of a routine na ture. Nothing of especial interest to the public came up for discus sion. At the next meeting, how ever, papers will be read on the subjects of typhoid fever and kindred diseases. I WILL COOK KILLED. fatal Bullet fired by Young Arthur DeLaperriere. A tragedy That lias east a gloom over th(‘ little city of Hosehton was the killing of Will Cook, on last Sunday afternoon, l>y young Arthur DeLaperriere. The dispute arose in the livery stables of young DeLaperriere’a fa ther, Dr. W. P. DeLaperriere. Heated words led to blows, and, it is alleged, Cook was advancing on DeLaperriere with a buggy spoke in his hand, when the fatal shot was tired. The commitment trial is set for today. Local Overflow. Mr. A. L. Frnith is at home this week. Mr. Jim St< wart visited Nazareth Sunday. Mrs. Nick Rainey, of Mulberry, is in the city today Mr. Y.jA. Daniel spent Sunday and Monday in Athens. Mr. 1\ C. Dunn spent the first of the week in Athens on bussiness. Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis left for their home in Cluster Tuesday. Mr. Fred Thomas, of Monroe, spent Sunday afternoon in Winder. Miss Myrtie Elrod, of Carl, spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Chandler. J*, The Home Mission Society will meet April 20th with Mrs. W- 11. Toole. / Mr. Carl Niblaek spent Sunday and [Monday in Atlanta, visiting his parents. Mr- Carey Downing attended the funeral of a little niece in Monroe Tuesday. Y ~§| 'The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Perry, who has been quite* ill, is improving. Mrs. J. M. Hood and little Christine, are visiting relatives in Commerce this week. Mrs. G. E. Daniel and her sister, Mrs. Camp, of Campton, spent Tuesday in Atlanta. Mrs. Tom Hood and children, of Athens, were the guests of rel atives here last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .J. W. Haynie, of Nor ross, were the guests Sunday of tin ir daughter, Mrs. A. J. Wood ruff. Don't forget “Under the Laurels” at the Opera house Friday night. Good talent, good show, and for a noble purpose. Mrs. Z. F. Jackson has r< turned from Atlanta, after having been th-- guest for three weeks, of her cousin, Mrs. Ed Bush. Mrs. J. .J. Horton, of Atlanta, after several days’ visit to Mrs. H- C. Horton, left for Statham Wed nesday night to visit her mother. The Parsonage Aid Society of the M. E. church, met with Mrs. H. P. Stanton Tuesday afternoon. The next regular meeting will he with Mrs. T. A. Maynard. Mrs. L. A. House entertained the Ladies Aid and Missionary Society of the Baptist church last Monday afternoon. The next regu lar meeting will be.beld at the home of Mrs. *N. J. Kelly.' Subscription sl. Legal Blanks, Carbon Paper, Job Printing a? Every Description. NO. 2.