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Winder weekly news. (Winder, Jackson County, Ga.) 18??-1909, June 25, 1908, Image 1

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VOL. XVI METHODIST REVIVAL Dr. Walker Lewis to Assist Pastor in Protracted Services—All Good Singers invited to Participate. On next Sunday morning our Methodist brethren will begin a protracted meeting in their hand some church edifice on Candler street. The pastor, Rev. A. \V. Quillian, will be assisted in con ducting the services by the Rev. Wklker Lewis, D. I)., who has been instrumental in leading many souls to Christ. Dr. Lewis is one of the most prominent men in the south. “He has been pastor of some of the leading churches in the Mt th odist conference and was for some time one of the leading divines of Atlanta, being pastor of the First Methodist church, and also of Trinity, in that city. Dr. Lewis has been engaged in special work for the past few years. It will be quite a privilege to have a man of such ability to preach'in our town for a number of days. Every one rs cordially invited to . attend. Our Methodist friends will be glad to have the assistance of all the singers of the town. Any help given by those of other denom inations will he highly appreciated. HONORED BY RED MEN, BobGriffeth represented Winder Tribe of Red Men at the kindling of the council fires of the Great Council on the hunting grounds of Coluin bus last week. Sine “the Improved Order of Red Men have pitch'd their tepees and kindled their council fires in Georgia Kishe Manitou has i looked upon them with favor and they have steadily increased their tribes in Georgia until the member ship numbers 6,703 in this reserva tion. Seven hundred and ten pale faces were rounded up in the forests during the past great sun. The Winder tribe is preparing to explore this camping ground diligently in search for pale faces. They report plenty of wampum on hand and chiefs on the various stumps are tempted to give a green corn dance at their wigwam in celebration of Mr. Griffith’s selection as grand guard of the forest. DEATH OF GROVER CLEVELAND. Ex-President Succumbs to Heart I is ease at Home In Princeton. Grover Cleveland, former presi dent of the United States, died sud denly at his home at Westland, Princeton, N. J., at 8:40 o’clock yesterday morning. Death was due to heart failure, complicated with other diseases- The passing away of Mr. Cleve land was not immediately an nounced, but was delayed until an official statement had been prepared by the physicians who had been at tending him in the various periods of his illness. The following statement signed by Drs. Joseph D. Bryant, George R. Lockwood and J. M. Carnochan, was given out: “Mr. Cleveland for many years had suffered from repeated attacks ■|)f gastrointestinal origin. Also he *iiad long-standing organic diseases of, the heart and kidneys. Heart failure, complicated with pulmonary thrombosis and oedema, were the immediate cause of his death.” WINDER, JACKSON COUNTY. GEORGIA. THURSDAY. JUNE 26 ISOB Meihoiist Episcopal Church Where Protracted Services Begin Next Sunday Morning. DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM The Democratic party of Geor gia, in convention assembled, hereby ordains and adopts the following outline of its principles and policies: “We declare that the time ha come when all our people should unite in sympathetic accord and co operative endeavor to secure again employment at fair wages to those of our fellow-citizens who are un willingly idle, or on short time, and whose families are daprived of the comforts of life- No country can prosper whose yeomen at the work shops or in the field does not find work to do, and a full compensation for that work. The greatest field for endeavor in statecraft is to pro tect the interest of the toiling masses. “No king or potentate ever had a nobler impulse than t<> unlock the coffers of the rich and feed the poor by giving opportunity for, and pro tection to, investors in the larger enterprises which call for skilled labor, and for brawn and muscle. We believe with Jefferson in a wis< j and frugal government, 'which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. ’ This is the sum of good government and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.’ “We pledge not only to citizens of this state, but tit citizens of other states, that all capital invested in legitimate enterprises in Georgia, whether foreign or domestic, cor porate or private, shall haye the equal protection of the law’s and the equal friendly consideration of those who admiuster the laws. “We believe in the strict control and firm regulation of all public utility corporations, recognizing that such corporations, within their proper spheres, are a postive good and an essential force in‘the devel opment of oui country. We favor prescribing such freight and passen ger rates as will be just to the cor poration and to the traveling and shipping public, and such rules as will give to shippers expeditious and safe transportation and quick adjustment of all claims for over charge, damage and demurrage and to passengers regular schedules, com fortable coaches, commodious, well lighted andl(in winter) well heated waiting rootfis with the necessaries for comfort. To further insue the ac complishment of the above aims we * i favor the requirement that the com-1 mon carriers shall maintain their roadbeds in safe condition, and shall provide such warehouse and other terminal ana way-station facilities as the expanding commerce of our state demands. Such public utility cor porations as are purelylocal in their operation should he left to the con trol of the municipalities in which they are located. “We favor a return to the con stitutional representative system, or county unit plan, of representation jin our state conventions, with its , safeguarding checks and balances “We favor a return to the pay ment in one sum of Confederate pensions. \ “We favor the proper support 'of all public institutions- We favor as liberal appropriations ; for the common schools as the pub lic finances will allow and prompt payment of the teachers. “We favor the establishment of a department of labor. “Wo favor such legislation as will foster the agricultural, mercantile ami manufacturing industries of the state. “We favor the strict enforcement of the law against lobbying. “The successful candidate for gov ernor having by his public utter ances removed the prohibition ques*- tion from the field of legislation for the next gubernatorial term, we should therefore discourage by all legitimate means any effort to re peal, emasculate or weaken the pres ent law, and favor its honest and strict enforcement. “We are opposed to unnecessary offices which levy additional taxes on the people; and we ask the leg islature to scan carefully Georgia’s pay roll to the end that all sinecures !be cut off. We especially favor a 1 reduction in the membership of the railroad commission from five to three, and the abolishment of the office of the special attorney to the same. “We favor the holding of white Democratic primaries for the nom ination of candidate for governor, statehouse officers, and all other of ficers who are chosen by the popular vote of the state at which the only qualification for the privilege of participating therein aside from be ing white electors shall Ik* the same aS are prescribed by the laws governing general elections; all persons voting thereat, thereby obligating them selves to support the nominees of such primary; and we direct that the state and e moe rati c e xecut i ve com m i ttee shall not call any such primary prior to the month of August, and until after the adjournment of the leg islature. “We pledge ourselves to discourage undesirable immigration by all legal methods. “We favor such constitutional restriction on suffrage as ( shall pro tect the ballot from the venal and corrupt. Confidently relying upon the ratification of the proposed fran chise amendment next October, we pledge ourselves to the strict and impartial enforcement of the same. “Recognizing that the cardinal principple in the enforcement of our criminal laws is the punishment of crime, the reformation of the offen der and the protection of society, we pledge ourselves to such changes in our convict system as will com pletely eliminate any traffic in con vict labor, and as far as possible place the state's convicts upon the public works. “With an abiding faith in the virtue of our people, and in a glo rious future for our commonwealth, we call upon all Georgians to unite in a cormpon effort to restablish confidence, to restore prosperity, to forget factional differences and to cultivate peace and good will among all men” AT OPTRA HOUSE FRIDAY NIGHT. I - ■■ ■ 1 * I Military Boys and local Talent to Present Goniedy Drama, There is to be presented at tin' opera, house tomorrow night a military comedy drama., entitled “The Starry Flag.” Last week, in calling the attention of the pub lic to this most excellent play, to l>e presented by Winder’s U:st array of talent, our zealous ness led us on until we termed it a musical drama. And it is. We stick to it. It is a musical drama in its broad est sense. The melody of the sweet voices of the fair sex will mingle in harmonious accord with the modu lated speech oLthe courtly generals and handsome lieutenants in the cast and no doubt the Winder Gaurds will discharge their new rifles in a combination of simul taneous sounds. It is a musical drama, we tell you, so don’t fail to witness “The Starry Flag” tomor row night. ’Tis presented for the benefit of the local military com pany. WINDER VS. JEFFERSON. Two of the Best Ball Games Ever Pulled Off at Valley Park. An Even Break. Monday afternoon Winder and Jefferson, a hamlet situated on Curry’s creek between Winder and Commerce, clashed in a hard-fought ball game at Valley park. Every man on the diamond was in the game from the time his urn pa (Mr. Bagwell) yelled “play ball” until the local team had taken another scalp to le hung over Lev Nowell’s soda fount. It was a nerve-racking game from start to finish and the score board was the only cool proposition on the ground, it being adorned with six teen 2Tros when Henry Pledger and “Lush” Coker brok< up the game by timely hitting and daring base running. The game was a pitch ers’ battle, -little Claude Millikin having a shade the best of the argu ment, holding the heavy hitting Indians from the muscle shoals down to three measly scratch* s, while Winder snatched six healthy bingles from handcome Frank (’oi lier, the human corkscrew. The work in the pitchers department and a one-handed stop by Harry Segars of a line drive over second base in the fourth inning were the features of the game. The teams lined up as follows: Winder —Coker, center field; Se gars, shortstop; ■'Colby, catcher; Pledger, first base; Malcolm, left field; McElhannon, second base; McCleskey, third base; W. Pledgor, right field; Millikin, pitcher. J< fiVrson —K. Collier, first base; Barnett, second base; 1). Duke, third base; Bob Barber, shortstop; Guy Roberts, catcher; W. Barber, left field; Wilhite right field; F. Collier, pitcher. Score by innings: R H E Winder 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I—l1 —1 6 3 J ’ff’son f.) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—o 33 Struck out by Millikin, 4; by Collier 11. Base on balls, off Mil likin 1. We had our hoo-dooed rabbit foot in Atlanta Tuesday and we learn the village lads took advan tage of its absence to band a lemon back to our boys thusly: R H E Winder 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 o—2 9 3 J’ff'son 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 —4 o 2 Batteries —McElhannon and Col by; Duke and Roberts. The team will play at Jefferson today and tomorrow and the first three days of next week they will be in Buford. Pentecost and Statham crossed bats on the latter ground last Sat urday and a very interesting game was witnessed by a large crowd. Each team played nine innings. While the score stood 2-2 it could not be played out on account of the catcher getting a finger broken. Lyle and Millican did some nice work in the pitcher box. Ross also did fine work for Statham. If the Statham bullies are game enough to return the visit we hope to untie the score later. • Card of Thanks. We express to our many . friends our heartfelt thanks for their kindness to us and our mother in her recent illness and death. May the blessinge of God be u 'on each one of you. Mr. and Mrs. W. £L* ~rdnn NO. 12.