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Winder weekly news. (Winder, Jackson County, Ga.) 18??-1909, July 16, 1908, Image 1

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VOL. XVI. HAYNIE STRONG AT HOME The Man From Chandler’s Will Cross the Mulberry 500 Ahead of Nearest Competitor, So friends Say. With the primary election for county officers in Jackson only 15 days off, there is little enthusiasm in this section. The race for chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues is attracting the most attention, and the friends of Joe M. Haynie.are speaking out, and it is the consensus of opinion that he will cross the Mulberry river 500 in the lead of his nearest competi^r. Just to obtain the sentiment of the voters in this section as to this race a few of Mr. Haynie’s sup porters Tuesday morning circulated a petition, asking those who in tended supporting Haynie in the approaching primaiy to signify the same by signing, and in an hour more than a hundred Winder vo ters had 'put their names to the list. Below will be found the names of those who had signed up to Tues day night: .R L Crither-*, M J Griffith, R N Pentecost, W E Young, J R Cox, D D Kesler, LA House, J L Lanier, A G Cooper, C H Barron, C C Gregory, S S Thomas, J A Delay, RAW Smith, Claud Mayne, James W Saundres, J M Jackson, J G Cooper, T I) Hodges, A J Woodruff, R Tv Woodruff, R 1J Wright, V W McCutchens, A E Bush, FI G Hill, J T Woodruff, D M Wilson, J W Millsaps,H A Carithers, J T Strange, A D McCurry, F C Wallace, L W Nowell. Tv W Hodges, J A Thomas, C M Ferguson, E A Starr, A P Copeland, N M Gomez,D N Thomas, ’L Brown, G L Pentecost, A H O’Neal, W B Mathews, A I) Chan dler, W Tv Blasingame W C Flan igan, T Hicks, FT M Morgan, J W Marlow, W A Ayers, J B Lay, C O Niblack, H II Segars, J H Segars, Vas Segars, J A Segars, J H House, E S Bennett, E C McDonal W B Holt, E V Hardigree,W J Smith,Jr. M E Sisk, J W Moore, J B Will iams, H P Quillian, T A Robinson. J W Segars, J M Williams, J B Dalton, O CTate, W K Lyle G C Pledger, J H Maynard, Frank Tolbert, J H Evans, J G Evans, W E Merck, G H Kilgore,E Hewitt, .) H Fulcher, It L Fulcher, J E Fulcher, C J Healan. G W DeLaper riere, T S Maddox,;A Y Eavenson, A S Lay, J W Carrington, J P Cal lahan, D P Brewer, J H Jenkins, W T Robinson, P P Smith, ,1 A Bearden, J J Hall, S T Ross, M D; II J Stewart, W E Poole, A C Perry, L E Herrin, J H Tuner, H I) Jackson, Jr. II I> Jackson Sr, W J Herrin, J R Smith, W P Chan dler, J W Westbook, S C Hill, W E O’Neal, J L Saul, J W Shields, F E Durst, G S Millsaps, H E Patat, 0 O Crow, M F Wood, L J McElhannon, II J Pledger, F B Harris, E A Sanders, R T Queen T L Queen, E D Sparks. .1 R Segura, J B Wilkerson, A D Mincey, .1 .1 Segars, H R Watkins, W N Strange, J .J Foster, J W Foster, M .1 Garner, G W Garner, II FHovvington, J W Howington, W B Patrick, M C Patrick, A B Harwell, L A Moon, (1 M I) Moon, .1 E Hogan, J N Mosley, J I* Rainey, S C W ilburn, Wash Lee, .1 F Phillips, R \V Toney, “J J Hudgins, A S Puckett, ,J \V Poster, E B Poster, R V Aycock, TDntDer week In A cws. WINDER, JACKSON COUNTY. GEORGIA. THURSDAY, JULY 16, 1908 W H Aycock, .1 F Burson, H R Delay, J W Haynie, O M Haynie, G E Haynie, A M Haynie, J W Maynard, R J Pentecost, I) L Par ker, A F Lee, J W Howington, F W Wills, R L Edwards, M M Banks, N T Lancaster, R A Hill, J T Morgan, II M Hill, N C Roberts, H V Freeman, Elmer Freeman, W (' Howington, -1 L Fulcher, W C Rutledge, F M Wal lace, J W O'Shields, H H Marlow, R H McElhannon. .1 L Healan, J F Healan, M I Archer, W J Hewell, II H Hewell, C N Thompson, J II Brown, E H Brown, J B Brown, W H Elrod, K C Satterfield, W H AVatson, J H Jackson, U W Smith. T C Dunn, J II Kilgore W Z Hill, D F Hill, J W Casper, .J A Casper, John Deaton, W S Smith, D S Smith, J H Giles, P L Giles, W I) Hill, M L Williamson, G W Steed, J C Pentecost, O C Suddath, H W Steed, J N Steed, J R McCain, J E Perkins, Henry McCain, W R Smith J F Lyle, J B Lyle, J S Finch, H S Finch, J D Spence, Carlton Pen- Pentecost, W M Green way, E M Dunahoo, W F Eunahoo, J E Dun ahoo, L E Dnnahoo, T S Dunahoo, J O Stinchcomb, J V Stinchcomb, .] H Holliday, J M Austin, S J Mc- Elhannon, J L McEver, R L Wall, A D Sims, A 1) Wall, .Jr., H C Wall, R O Ross, G D Ross, E M Arnold, J H Mobley, S A Boland, C E Nicholson, W M Harper, C B Chambers, J M Robertson, W H Edgar, F M Williams, 0 W N La nier, 0 M Hale, X W Parker, T A Aycock, L L Thurmond, A H Pat ton, W -J Haynie, Jones Sells, .J F Holmes, R L Hammond, .J R Nieh elson, R J Roberts, W I) McDonald, R H Wall, A I, Maleom, L I) Nieh elson, L M Arnold, J T Treadwell, J L Haynie,J C Daniel,J O Burson, W M Fite, W P Dooly, J D Ross, M Doolittle, W D Bolton, J H Wall, E L Ross, J W Sikes, F M Cooper, M F Whitehead, W J Ross, Jr., D L Hale, W E Cogburn, E H Sikes, C M Hammond, J G Burson, R B Archer, J B Lowe, -J L Campbell, W A Mclntyre, T C Wall, \\ D Wall, R Z Wall, T L Wall, R L Mobley, R F Hammond, G N .Jones, W C Robertson, J I* Arnold, J W Ware, J W Thurmond, J R Cheek, J E Hammond, Tolbert Lester, W A Pledger, M H Lowe, N M 1.0 we, J M Wall, C C Robertson, J" A Wall, Patman Lester. THt BUSY BLE CLUB Of HOSGKTON ENTERTAINED. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lott enter tained the Busy Bee Club on last Friday evening at their beautiful home on South Broad street. The porch was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and cut flowers while the lawn was artistically arranged for the games played. Miss Annie Scott entertained with many piano solos, which w re very much enjoyed by all present. Late in the evening delicious re freshments were served by Miss Flora Scott arid Mr. Loyd Scott. Every one went away declaring that "they had spent a most enjoya ble evening and were charmed with the manner in which the evening was spent, and more especially the interest in which all the family are manifesting fur the Busy Bee Club. Those enjoying the hospitality of the evening were: Misses Flossy Young, Bertha Sell, Lola Blalock, 1 Newell, Oolena, Ola Darby, Istha, Leila, Bertha and Alma Hosch, Flora Wilson, Curtis Adams, Bessie Kilgore, Messrs. Sell. Willie T. and Flillie Randolph, foimth, Bell. H-P -and Arthur DeLaperrit-re, Bassell and Asbury Hosch, Titshem. LOCAL AND PERSONAL. Short Items Gathered Gy Telephone. Grapevine. Wireless and the Cub Reporter. Mrs. H. E. Edwards visited the Classic City this week. Miss Mattie Wall, of Noreross, is vLiting the Misses Camp. Miss Flora Wood is visiting r< - latives in Conyers this week. Mr. and Mrs. Billie Coshy, of Auburn, were in Winder Tuesday. G. I). Roffs. of The News, is in Gainesville with the editor’s this week. Miss Lona Segars is visiting re latives and friends in Maysville this week. Mr. J. \. Ross of Jefferson is the guest of relatives in Winder this week. Mr. an and Mrs. R. L. Rodges left today for Wrightsville Beach for a few days. H. P. Flanigan will leave next week for Memphis, Tenn., for a week’s visit. Miss Lottie Murden, of Atlanta, is the admired guest of Miss Leila O’Neal this week. Miss Lizzie Cooper is spending this week in Commerce, the guest of Miss Norine Cooper. Mrs. H. E. Edwards will leave Monday for Royston, where she will spend several months. Mrs. l’earl Statham, of Jackson, Ala., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bennett. Mr. \V. F. Elrod has returned from Lexington, Ga- where he went to visit relatives. Mrs. W. F. Elrod is visting her sister, Mrs. A. L. Brooks, of At lanta, this week. Lost —A K. of P. pin on Candler street, tinder will please return to this office and get reward. Mrs- Nellie Lou Hamby, of At lanta, is the guest of the Misses Camp this week. Mrs. Ermine Stanton left Mon day for Martansville, Va- to be tie guests of the Misses .Jones. Mrs. W. H. Wright, of Hartwell, Ga. is visitiny her sister, Mrs. A. Y. Eavenson, on New Street. Misses Lizzie and Emma Cooper have returned home after several days visit to relatives in Loganville. Mrs. Minnie Boline and son, who have been visiting Mr. A. 11. O’Neal, left lor her home Monday. Miss Annie Richards, of Atlanta, daughter of ('apt. .J. B. Richards, is the guest of Miss Gussie O’Neal. Mr. Joe Quillin rretuned from Middleton, where he has been as sisting the depot agent, in shipping fruit. Get your water pipe and bath tubs put in readj for use when water is turned on. Leathers <& Eavenson. Phone 1)4. Miss Manche Stanton left Tues day for Gainesvlle to join the Weekly Press Association, in ses sion in that city. Mrs. C. L. Harris, -of Jefferson, |is a t the bedside of h- r brother, Frank Suddath, who has typhorid fever, and we are glad tu state lie is at preset t doing nicely. Get your water pipe and bath tubs put in ready for use when water is turned on. Leathers Eavenson. ’Phone 94 Miss Anna Cook, of Bishop, who has been spending several weeks with her sister,Mrs. T. A. Maynard, returned home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. AY. W. Baldwin, of Madison, are expected the latter part of this week to l>e the guest of Rev. A. W. Quillian and family. ‘ Mrs. W, H. Hambly arrived Monday to he the guest of her par ents and other relatives during the district meeting, this week. Mrs. W. IT. Bush entertained the Aid and Missionary societies of the Baptist church Monday afternoon. Cream and cakes were served. Miss Maye Kelly, who has been visiting her uncle, Mr. Isham Blake for several months, will leave this afternoon for her home in Southern Pines, N. C. Messrs. S. C. Hill and E. C. Mc- Donald will leave Saturday for Chickamauga Park, where they will spend a couple of days with Com pany H, our local military com pany. Mrs. P. H. Mears of Augusta ar rived in the city Wednesday to be the guest of her parents, Mr. ajjd Mrs. J. O. Hardigree, on Athens street. Rev. P. H. Mears will ar rive Sunday to join his wife. Just to liven up these dull days. The Winder Lumber Company Win tering a competitive bid on the C. 8. postoffiice and cOtrrthouse, at Valdosta, Ga., which involves con siderably over one hundred thousand dollars. The Foreign Missionary Society of the Gainesville district is in ses sion at the Methodist church. The opening session Wednesday night consisted of welcome addresses and responses by delegates. The society will be in session several days. Be sure and read the real estate ad of Quarterman, Toole & Norman in this issue. These husstling young real estate men have, some thing intresting to say. If you have prop erty for sale, list it with them. If your want to buy, call on them. The military boys are in Chick amauga this week. Lieutenant Millikin authorized us to invite Win der, to mess with Company H. next Sunday. We do so, but warn all who contemplate going, for the big army caking stove got left, and at last accounts was at the depot awaiting orders. LUCKY THIRTEEN ENTERTAINED. MGses Emma and Lizzie Cooper entertained the “Lucky Thirteen” club delightfully at a picnic last Wednesday afternoon at Kimbell’s springs. The guests, after having such a pleasant time at the springs, were carried to Turner’s cafe, where delicious tees and cakes were served. Those who enjoyed the Misses Cooper’s hospitality were: Misses i Ora U-e Camp, Nellie Lou Hamby, of Atlanta; Ruth Carithers, Cleo Bush, Lucy Jackson, Gussie O’Neal, Miss Annie Richards, of Atlanta; Johnie Lou Smith, Ruby Carithers and Kathlene Coker. The next meeting will be held with Miss Lucy Jackson on Church street next Wednesday afternoon. Don’t give a dollar with one hand apd take back two with the other. TO MEET IN MONROE Tri-County Medical Society Held Profitable Meeting Many Physicians Here. That was an enthusiastic and well attended meeting of physicians which assembled in city hall Tues day. The occasion was the quarter ly session of the Tri-County Medi cal Society. Papers were read by Drs. R. P. Adams, of Bethlehem; S. T. Ross, and H. P. Quillian, of Winder. The paper ly Dr. Adams brought forth a lively discussion. His pa per was a treatise on “Cholera In fantum.” After a discussion of more than an hour, participated in by Drs. Hill, of Carl; Hodges and Almond, of Winder; Pendergrass, Hurst and Van Horne, of Monroe, the patient died, and the doctors turned their attention to “Gastro Enteric Intoxication in Children,” a paper by Dr. Ross. Whatever that is, it was handled with gloves off by Dr. Pirkle, of Monroe; Dr. Pierce, of Suwannee; Dr. Quillian, of Win der; Dr. Darby, of Hoschton, and Dr. Hammond, of Monroe. The paper by Dr. Quillian on Typhoid Fever received much attention. Many of the physicians have fever patients at this time. The eager ness on the part of the doctors to exchange views on this subject was an earnest of the interest they felt in the welfare of their patients, and happy results must surely follow the general discussion of this im portant theme. Practically all the physicians took part in the discus sion- The Monroe physicians extended an invitation to the society to he itheir guest in. October. The invita tion was unanimously accepted. Knowing Monroe’s reputation for hospitality, the physicians look for ward with pleasure to this meeting. On that occasion Typhoid Fever, Appendicitis, Puerperal Convul sions and Pneumonia will be the topics discussed- WELL PLEASED ADVERTISER. Advertise your business and keep your promises and it will soon ad vertise you. Last Saturday was the busiest day in the year with the fanners, for it had rained most of the week, yet there was one store in Winder that was crowded with customers. Why? Because every body knows that when J. L. Saul advertises a cut-price sale, it is a guarantee of bargains well worth the sacrifice of a day’s work. Mr. Saul, in speaking to us, said: ‘"ibis, I am more than pleased with the outcome of my sale. We had all we could do all the week, and expect a large crowd next Satur day.” So, you see, it pays to advertise. Mr. Saul’s store is two doors below the postoffice, where courteous clerks will be pleased to show you his large and varied stock of goods. Property Increase. Within four years the tax books of Jackson county show an increase in taxable property of nearly a mil lion and a half dollars. The 1907 digest showes $4,883,0:52, while the [digest for 1908, just completed by Tax Receiver Lord, shows $5,010, 7t>9, a gain ovtr last year of $157, 41 1237. NO. 16