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VOL. XVI. MAKE FINE SHOWING Winder Guards Conduct Th^mse'ves Like Veterans —Colonel Pomeroy * P r aises Company H. Special to The Winder News. Company H, Fifth Infantry, Na tional Guards of Georgia, Headquar ters Camp William Taft, Lytle, Ga., July 21, 1908. —The largest encampment of the militia ever held in the state comes to a cloce to morrow, and the companies are already making preparations to strike tents and leave for home points early Wednesday. The Winder Guards have been quartered on the southwest section of the park, near the famous Dyer House, with the other campanies of the First battalion of the Fifth reg iment, and during the entire time have maintained a very high stand ard in the manenvers. Their con duct in the camps and on the field has been such as to call forth com pliments from the commanders of the regiment and the other com panies, and the showing made by them on parade, review and in the maneuvers ranks them in the fore l front of the national guard. I As the base of First battalion, they have participated in every drill, and have been in the thick of all the sham battles, getting the benefit of the careful instruction of regular army officers in field ser vice, and under the command of Capt. Johns, the company is undoubtedly one of the best in the state. Organized and mustered into service just a little over a year, with few experienced men in ranks, the camp has been very helpful, and the results gratifying to both offi cers and men. i The boys are taking great in- in everything pertaining to the service, and while the work has been heavy at times for raw re cruits, have been conducting them selves like veterans. Arriving at Chickamauga Park Monday, July 13th, along with the other companies of the Georgia troops, it took them but a short while to “fall in line, ” and before the middle of the afetrnoon their quarters were in order. The first few drills and “hikes’ 1 were novel to us all, and the daily Routine of cahip duty came thick and fast for the boys. A few charges at “double quick” up Snodgrass Hill, and some longer "hikes” took the novelty off and then the Guards were “on the job” with the real goods. Every day these drills have been made more lengthy and the com pany has stuck with the vim of reg ulars. In the sham battles Com pany H has had a taste of what •real warfare is, but through it all no wavering has been seen. Everyoody is ready for striking tents, and the boys are thorougly initiated into the service. Com pany H leaves for Winder Wednes day at 12 o’clock. Speaking of the Winder Guards, Colon''} E. E. Pomeroy, of the Fifth Infantry, National Guards of Geor gia, said: “The work of Company H ( Win der Guards), has been satisfactory in every particular. A company of recruits, it has moulded itself into a very efficient organization worthy of the support of all good citizens,'ca pable and ready for tin' perform ance of duty in the field or the quell ing of civil disorders. “The progress of the company has been remarkable. Its officers and men are to he congratulated., The citizens- of Winder should be %\>roud of this -plenuid company. 7 6 WINDER, JACKSON COUNTY, GEORGIA. THURSDAY. JULY 23, 1908 mm claims m\K siddath Popular \ ouriAj Man Passes Away Tuesday Morning The entire community was greatly shocked to learn ,f the death of Mr. Frank Suddath, which accurr.-d Tuesday morning at and: 9.0 o'clock. Mr. Suddath was a fin-- specimen of voting manhood until a few weeks ago, when he was stricken with typhoid fever, which culminated in his death. Frank had hosts of friends here an 1 throughout Jack son county who admired him for his manly traits of character. He was our friend and we join his play mates at Jefferson and the friends made here since reaching manhood in extending sympathy to the grief stricken family. , A large congregation of the friends and relatives gathered to witness the funeral service, which took place in the Methodist church. The service was very inpressive. Rev, W T. Hamby, of Atlanta; Rev. R. D. DeWeese, Rev. A. W. Quillian, and Mr. Doc Suddath, uncle of the young man, took part in the service. His body was committed to the grave in Rose Hill cemetery by Rev. Mr. Hamby. MRS. C. M. HUDGINS ENTERTAINS. Hosehton, Ga. —Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hudgins were at home last Friday evening, to the delight of the Busy Bee Club. The lawn was artistically arranged for the evening and progressive con versation was quite in order. Ices were served on the lawn and a very pleasant time was spent. We can sav that Mr. and Mrs. Hudgins can boast of one of the nicest lawns in town for entertaining and the manner in which they en tertain is charming. ENJOYABLE AffAIR. One of the most enjoyable affairs of the week was the pretty party given by Mrs. H. A Carithers in honor of her Menden hall, Miss of Atlanta, and Miss Sorrell, of Athens, the guest of the Misses Carithers on Candler street. The color scheme of pink and white was‘artistically carried out. The house was decorated in palms. Ferns and cut flowers. Mrs. Carithers received her guests in blue silk trimmed with cluny lace and black velvet. Miss Mendenhall was becomingly gowned in an old mull made prin cess . Miss Grace Mendenhall wore a dainty blue mousselin over silk. Miss Mattison was attractive in a white baby princess. Miss Sorrell wore a charming green silk mull, elaborately trimmed in lace. Games were enjoyed, after which delicious refreshments were served. DADISMAN OUT Of RAGE. We are requested to announce the withdrawal of Mr. L. M. Dadis man from the race for chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues, Mr. Dadis man wishes,Through The News, to thank the people for kindness shown him. Mr. Dadisman has many friends in the countv who will read his decision with interest. AUTOMOBILE TEST TRIP. Winder Citizens to Visit TaiiuSah fails in Machines- Will Go Via Jefferson anJ Cornelia. V Arrangements are Wing made by Dr. Hall Turner and Missis. and Hiram Flanigan to take a party of friends from Winder to Tallulah Falls in their large touring ears. The Messrs. Flanigan purchased recently a Buiek machine which is the handsomest automobile over seen in this section and Mr. luna r is the possessor of two large cars of the best makes. There has been for some time much rivalry among the auto own ers of Winder and the enthusiasts have been vicing with each other to own the swiftest and handsomest machine. There are thirty-four automobiles owned here, making this the au tomobile center of northeast Geor gia. Almost daily one hears heated discussions on our streets relative to the merits and demerits of the different makes, and the man with the small car is always to the front with the claim that he can make the touring cars take his dust on any old road, while the owners of the big, heavy machines term the little fellows coffee pots, corn shel ters, gully jumpers, etc. From the discussion that is now going on it is quite likely that the trip to the falls will terminate in an endurance contest with many of the local owners competing, for you have to show a Winder man before he admits his machine is “on the bum. ’ ’ The trip to Tallulah will be made via Jefferson, Mavsville, Cornelia and on to the falls- The ears will leave Winder Friday afternoon, re turning Monday. Dr. Turner handed the editor the following telegram, stating it was useless-to pay for sending it over the wires: “Arrived all <>. K. with out having left my seat.” It is to be noticed the doctor doesn’t give the time of his arrival. THE BAPTIST CHURCH. JULY 16. “Restricted Communion” will be the subject for discussion at the 11:00 o’clock service. The presence of the entire membership is most earnestly desired. The discussion will deal with principles, leaving off abusive personalities, and we would be glad to have a faithful hearing of many of our open com munionist friends that they may at least understand our -position, and we are sure that when we are under-' stood that we will be more appreci ated by those who dissent from us on this subject. The subject for the night service will be “Lamenting After The Lord with Idol Gods in Your Hands.” R. 1). DeWeese, Pastor. Home Missionary Society. The Home Mission Society was entertained Monday, July 2 oth,at the home of Mrs. \\ . B. McCants, j on Candler stre t. After the busi ness session refresments were served. Under the able and efficient direc torship of Mrs. J. T. Strange the society is growing rapidly and is adding new members at each meet ing. Mrs. Elizabeth Yarnall, ot St. Louis, Mo., is the guest of Mrs. N. M. Gomez. STATHAM. GA. Special Correspondent Writes of Happenings in Our Sister City. i Watermelons, baseball, Ltc. # Well, as the primary is near at hand, we are constantly hailed by the different condidates, and how they do shake your. hand. There is Joe Mat ITaynie coming down th * pike at a winning gate. You can bet your boots that Statham is for him solid. Quite a party of our people went over to Wrightsviile Beach with an excursion party. Among those who went fro n her ■ were Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hale and children, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Millsaps, Miss Ruth Harper, Mr. Fdd Sikes, Mr. Will Henry, Mr. Luther and Mr. L. M. Gwinn, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Horton, and Mr. J. Andrew. They all report a fine time. Elder Yarbrough,of Maysville,was here Friday, the guest of Elder Ben McDonald. I Mrs. Bennie McDonald is with her mother at Maysville. Mrs. Jeff Sikes had as her guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Welburn, of Fosyth, Ga., and Miss Welburn, of Oconee county. Misses Sallie and Evie Nixon, of Athens, have returned home after a week’s visit to their sister, Mrs. E. H. Rylee. Mr. and Mrs. Att Coker are with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pink Dooley. Quite a number of our people en joyed a fish frv on the river Tues day. Mrs T. A. Wofford is in Winder 1 with her son, who is quit* ill. Mrs J. B. Cheek is in Winder for a week’s stay with her relatives and friends. Misses Myron and Eunice Guinn are with their grandmother in Bogart. Dr. C.C.Holliday, of Athens, was in the eitv Monday on professional call. Mr. and Mrs. IL S. Lockhart have returned from South Georgia, where they have had a pleasant stay with .Mrs. Lockhart’s parents. They now have as their guest Mrs. A. T. Maund, of Geneva, Ga Miss Della Hu’sev, of Athens, is spending the week with Miss Lola Rudicile. Mrs. J. F. Holmes sp at Monday with her sister, Mrs. Cheeley, of Bogart. Elder J. Lumpkin Green, of Lex ington, ;was the guest ofCol.and Mrs. Holm 'S Friday. While in the city Mr. Green preached at the Christian church, he being a student in Xentuckey uaiv rsily preparing for the ministry. Prof. W. E. Cogburn is teaching a writing school at the institute. He has about fifty pupils. The wedding reported to take place here next Sunday came off Sunday aftefnoon at Go dock. The erernony was performed by Eider DeWoese, and Mr. and Mrs. s)den Norris left immediately home in Atlanta. They leave with the good wishes of a host of strong friends. Well, our hoys are playing ball. Two games were playc 1 at Bogart yesterday each team winning one game. They will play .six games this we; k with the Bogart team, and we will try and report the score in our next. That is if. Let everv one who loves good singing go to Jeff rson next Friday and Saturday, for there will be j singers there to spare, and a good time is warranted by the committee. Elder Bennie McDonald is in i Walton county with Elder John 11. I Wood in a meeting at Mt. Vernon. A BIG INCREASE. The Slandard Oil Company To Add $5000,000.000 to Capital. Chicago, July 22.—Following closely the decision of the l nited States circuit court of appeals to day, reversing the decision of Judge Landis in the government suit against*the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, The Daily News today says: “Bankers who have close affili ations with the Standard Oil Com pany state that organization will soon announce an increase in the e pital stock of $100,090,000 by $500, 000,000, making a total cap ital stock of #000,000,000. There will be added from the earnings of the fiscal year about $ 10,000,000 to the organization surplus. It was given out that the large increase in capital is a diplomatic move in or der that the dividends may not look so large.” Many Bail Games Arranged. * Henry Pledger and his Colts will be very busy for the next ten days. He has arranged for the following games: Jefferson, two games, Friday and Saturday. Newborn, three games, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Pendergrass, on Thursday, for a double-header. Then home for a day’s rest and on Saturday a double-header will be played on the home diamond with the “White Caps,” of Atlanta. Return games with Jeffefson will be announced next week. Negroes Defend Their Dogs. Jacksonville, Fla., July 22 Janies Evans, city slog catcher, while in the northeastern section of the city last night attending to his duties, was attacked by a mob of about 200 negroes with pistols, knives, clubs and rocks, liis cloths being literally cut into shreds. In the difficulty Evans drew his r< volver and fired into the crowd, instantly killing a negro. This in creased the anger of the mob, but Evans succeeded in reaching a place of safety. The Misses Yarnall, of St. Louis, M<., are the attractive visitors of Mrs. Kemper Smith. Mr. Maloom Stanton who for a month has been visiting his mother h re, left Monday for Panama to resume his duties in the zone. Mr. Emory Merck will next week open his moving picture show in the opera house building. He has some excellent films for the opening night. Rev. Charlie Henry, accompanied by his sister and Miss Mollie Ven able. of Jeffersoq, attended the funeral of Mr. Frank Suddath here Tuesday. Some twenty or more Winderites, led by that veteran fisherman, Sam C. Potts, went to the Mulberry river last Tuesday fishing They report plenty of fish and a good time. Good Farm For Sale. —Anybody wanting nice farm of ITS acres of land, 8 room dwelling, two tenant Louses and outbuildings, can get it by calling on J. T. Morgan, 3 1-2 i miles north of Winder, on Athens anu Loganville road, Route 23. Among the party from Winder who went to Wrightsville Beach last Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. T. C. him.. Mr* and Mrs. Walter Jack son, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Grifieth, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Flanigan, Mrs. A Hie Morris, Messrs Sidney Thomas L O Sharpton, Hiram Sherpson, Offie Flanigan, W. V. Young, S. M a loom and John Carrington. NO. 17