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The Jackson news. (Jackson, Ga.) 1881-????, October 04, 1882, Image 2

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IJcuu. JAVKBQB. <’A OCT., 4, 1882 W. K. 88 IKS*, - - l-'ilitor. JACKSON. JACKSON, the county cite of Bi'TTR CecitTV, Georgia, now liuh railroad coinimin*tion with the outside world, being situated on the K. T.. Va., A (in.. R. 11., Macon and Brunswick Railroad Ex tension. A few facts on eomming town of Middle Georgia, and the fertile noil surrounding it is of vast importance among the nmnv other advanta ges we have to offer lemons peaking health and permanent Southern homes, Jackson i* Militated in the center of the county within three-quarters of an hours drive to <lcorfpa’M famous summer re sort, Indian Springs, noted for its health restoring properties which has made it famous throughout the country. We have a thrifty community and public spirited citi/.eim. The climate unexcell ed in any country. Free of public debt. Ourcit-I ir.cns are alive to tlie best educational facilities and advantages characteristic of agrowing, en terprising town. This section of the country is finest in Georgia, adapted to raising a great va riety of agricultural and horticultural products. All kinds of out-door work can le |>erfbrmcd at all seasons of the year. We ore situated in the fruit growing region of the South and cotton country. Property of all kinds is \fry cheap -ugh rapidly advancing fn value. The inhab itant-' are cultivated, courteous and hospitable. • have a large area of country to support busi* n • h entf. rprises of any kind and invite emigrants 1' -.cit • among u* .• no laMlcr opportunity Is nf cu and mc- hanloM, tradesman and judicous capital-, isl to iuvfwt and build up a prosperous business Any information will I>* gladly furnished by the N*wa or H. O. llentoi . ronl es tate agent. frk-e directory of county officers dee., *n local ooluinn: The last. Wick on tli* Monroe Fe male College was lai'l last Saturday work. Corn of the pronent crop was <>ffor>. ed for fifty cents a bu.iliel on tho Blreets of Homo last Friday. Attorney General Andernon is put ting in some extra good work for the triumph t f tho Democratic ticket in Georgia. “Are you certain of aecuring tho diadem ?” Asked tho minister of the dying man. And when the man said that he “didn't want to diadem bit,’’ fho minister and llio doctor flow, and ns a natural consequence tho man got better. A Michigan girl itied to commit suicide by swallowing thirty-six shirt buttons. Sin 1 was saved, because her digcalivo organ* mistook them lor railway restaurant. beans. Tin* ox ponses incurred by county in connection with the East man riot has been figured up by the Ordinary and is bound to amount to 50,502, for which an extra tax on the county will have to bo levied. Arthur is cutting ofl the heads of Blaino oflioe holders in Alabama Os* • onto, United States marshal, give away to Slrobneh, and Hapier, inter nal revenue collector, to Youngblood. Its “Oli ! sweet Mary Blaine.” Mr. Josiah Boswortb, a popular busineas man ol Snapping Shoals, ap pears to be turning out as a lecturer, and is meeting with gratifying suo eo*9.—Atlanta l’ost Appeal. A telegram from I)ix, 111., states that the recent frosts have Complete ly ruined the corn crop in that, see lion Only soft corn, fit for fodder, will be gathered Mr. J.H. C. Farr, of Harris coun ty, drove to Hamilton last week a tvo horse wagon loaded with lard and home-made hams. It is almost noedb r* to add that ho is far from being poverty-stricken. Delegates representing 20,000 mi ners at the eonferenoe in Rotterdam, Eng., yesterday, decided to demand an increase of 20 percent in wages. An ingenious Yankee hm invented a msohiue, called tho ‘'lrreproachable Waltser,” for the benefit of young Irdies who have tour papas. It. is five feet in height, has a jointed ft'in, and gives perfect satisfaction. It is high ly recommended. To I!•' Voters of Units County. AV. \V. Hoard most earnestly amt rosportfullv solicits your aid by giving him the office of Tax collector, lie has a fnini v entirely dependent upon his daily labor for a support, and had the sad misfortune to loose his right ley in the same kind ofa cause as that of the hoys that wore the gray. he was labor ing in defence of his home and dear ones, a short while since ns he was ri ding to his plow his horse he nine frightened threw hint and drmr him around a while, hence the amputation ofhis ley which untits him for manual labor. B'llie being a so tier, quiet and industrious man and fully competent for the duties of the office of fax Col lector. Let’s give him the office. Voters. NOTICE. To those of our subscribers who have been taking tho News, and whose time have expired, will find a rod or blue cross mark on the top margin of their paper. The paper wiil he continued to those who reside in the county and the taking of the paper from the Post Office will ho sufficient notice to the Publisher that you desire its continua tion. The t aking of a newspaper from the Poet Office, under the law, makes you b uni I for the subscription price Those who reside out of tho county in let forward the money or the paper will he discontinued at the expiration of the time suliscribed. AVeare thankful to you for your pat ronage and solicit a continuation of ■the same. > . 4 PIBLTSH KK. A 1 WUD NOT 1) YE LY WIXTI'II IJY THE ARTHOH OF “THORTZON A FAl m:n xjokay.” I Wud not dye in winter, When whiskic piuichiz flo; When pooty gals air skaiting O'er fealds of ice and enow— When sassidge meet is pljryin, And hickory nuts is thick, Owe, who wud think of dyeing Or even gittin’ sick ? I wild not dye in springtime, <fc miss the turn up greens, &■ pooty songs of leetle friuvgs, & sky lark’s airly screams. W lien birds begin their wobldering, & tutors begin to sprout— Y\ hen turkirs go a gobblering, I wild not then peg out. 1 wud not dye in summer, A leave the garden sa- • The rested lam and buttermilk, The cool place on the grass. I wud not dye in summer, When everything’s so hot, & leave the whiskie julips Owe no, I’d rather knot. I wud not dye in ortmn, With peaeeiz lit for ealin’; When the wavy korn is gettir.’ ripe it kaiidydalcs is treatin’ ; For these and other reasons. I’d not dye In the phaul, <t since I’ve thort it over I wud not dye nt awl. "'Gen. Jackson, in his Stephens lec ture said Gon. Gartrell was a belter lawyer than Stephens. As Georgia has not had a Governor who knew anything about law for the last two terms, tho people think a change would not be bad. 'I exas editors eAI frog legs. They are thus entitled to kick against im post'ions, jump at cnnclmdoiiH, and above all, to lake water.—Macon Tel egrnph. B*. IIIVI.VS, Attorney At Law, JAt'lkSOft, - - - ua. Will practice in the HupcHor Court of ll*.sev eral counties eomnosing tin* Flint Judicial Cj r . cuit mill tin I oiled flat**- i *i-l riil .Court. Coin* mcivinl mid other collccltoiiH n speciality. OFFICE IN TJIE COURT HOUSE. June27t)i, iss2, if * rv\ vvm o lon* sxp*Tten. f In curio* iliai-aiM of the lliood, Hldn und Nervous Debility, ImitHtiHV, Oriunlo Uc.kac.o, .onor.h(.u. Syphilitic mid Mi-rt nrlul nfioetlon* *iM*<'intlv treated on •cleotlflo prinolplM, kith sfcfe and sure remedies, (.’nil or rttn for Idst of Que* * ms to !•* aimwirnl by those desiring treatment by mail, f ‘’*riinsu (firing from II upturn •tiauld *ud th sir add roue, A Aand learn sou* • tiling Cos tlirlr *<lrttar. It Is not a truss.# Ad dr qm, JR. IH'TTH, llj N. Htli 81., HI. Louis, So* KAIAIILiHIILD OVK.It TUIUTV YUAUCL M. CODINGTON, TOWNS, 'm.l-’AIR 00., (IA. (No. 10 Macon und Brunswick K. It.) Manufacture and Dealer iu LOMBMMS. OrdfrH filled on Short Notice, nt Lowest Cash Prices. Correspondeiioo Solicited. sop CAMPBELL k JONES NI neon, (an., COTTONFACTORS .VIV!> Commission Merchants, Office ami llnrehonse, corner of POPLAR and SECOND STREETS, flake Advance* oil 4'otlou, At Lowest lhink ltatcs. It. 11. KINGMAN, Weigher. .1 line “1 ISS't UUMTON IHHSL. JilCliiiOll, (all., fTUIKonIy hotel offering special acconnuodu -1 lions to tin' Iraveling ptilli* viniti pha kson. The table* art* furttinked with the very . cHt market u thuds. 11 O. BKNTON SCpNMy PItUPIHRTOIt. R. C. Bosche & co. SIGN PAINTERS, I t'. WALL STREET, Af lunta, - - Ga. Under the Kimball House. sep AGENTS WANTED THE GRAND BOOK THEATRICAL AND CIRCUS LIFE OR THE SECRETS OF THK STAtiK, G lIKKN ROOM, A Sl> Naw Ihtsl Arena. Hrvtvdim? th* my*t*ries ofthr Theatre. Cirru*. Varitnv Blitw, i omvi t I'lvr, Ac. IIOMK it tut riiiYATi: i.ii'Kuf \rriiu-aihi ICS Mt wonderful ami iutciwliiiK Ixmk ever j iHihlis .fit, 1-'\)tMTiK tlu'M t'rt i ikimp ofUitW.v , Ha! t*t (iirln. Ruck dour Mifilivif, Muiiiuvro, Mid- ! lutht Su||en. Vo . &<’. Tho vif l !ifld from the BLACK AHT. Hoar* i Woiuoii hiv fired from caimui) ; Mod out lirv . llcad*arv out <*tt an l htimlr*‘d* of otlirr invMer it* m iH'rforuu'd 1 BHUTIH'I. 11,1.1 sTK L THiNS, KI.KtiA.M <H>IA>KKU Pt.ATI s. |t is I riVKLY ilo foiltwi -oUitUi t’i>r |n*b liidtrd. \nrnt** iv nv 'HS'itiß outfit . 4 V llln-t r* - tod pirculur wl fVillimtHt'iilur* KKKK. Agents poi quiti and t*nre territory by MddrwMnj; SI N PUBLISHING CO. U. 3lUnd 21J Pin* Stru t Lout:*. Mo A ILAS'J A< SkE:a Site:B. A Ciirlous Coiifpst Carried ! on Uetwcen Two Men ofKtinnony i* aovc. From the Jackson Herald, On last Thursday evening was a week, a Mr. Hill, who lives Hear Har mony Grove, got mad with Mr. W. •J. Goss, ot that place, and wanted to figl t him. M. Goss said he did not care to fi-ht him, hut that if Hill would not be satisfied any other way he n ouM agree to fiidit him with a buggy whip'. Ili 1 agreed to this inode of warfare, and after making an agree ment as to distanc" and other rules to govern the fight n"w buggy whips were produced, and the combatants ’oed a mork about five feet apart and commenced lashing down on each other with all their might and power. The battle ground was in front of Freeman’s livery stable, in the heart of the town, and it was not long un til the most of the citizens of iho p'tee were looking on at a sale distance. No one had interfered, and the com batants were making steady and reg ular licks upon fe!i other without flinching, and strokes of the whi| s i nii'd tic heard several blocks as ay, as tin y went w hizz og through tho air arid upon the hacks of the two inert. Qccas’onally one or the other woo'd soon cento up again to the scratch. Whenever they got tired, one would oa I out to hold up for awhile, and they would take a blow ing spell, and when rested they would go at it agaht. The fight continued for over fhree hours, with short in tervals for rest. Alter tho second round, Hill, who had no covering oil his back > X'Opt a shirt, insisted that Goss should pull off his cent, which he did, and they took both hands to thou whips am! went to work. I!y this time the fight had spread all over the town ; some of the merchants closed tip their stores and Im im ss was genei ■ 11y suspend'd to two whal would betlia result of the encounter. After they had w orn out over seven dollars worth of new bi.ggy whips and Were completely tired down, they agreed to quit, and ilill told Goss that lie was sitisfud. From par ties wlio saw Hill’s back, we learn that there was not a place on it that you could place a silver quarter with out touching the wholts that the whip had m ule, and he was marked all over the same wav. We learn that Goss was no! hurt quite so had, and was able to he out the next day, but Ili.l had to lay up, and it was rumor ed over this way that lie was serious ly sick. Obeying the BtibSe Itijiiuc tiou ,/. M. ,/enkins, of Paulding county, was in town yesterday, lie has been married twin *, had eight children by his first wile mid twelve bv his sec ond, filtoon of whom are living, lie lias f irty-two grand oh'ldren ; ap pears to bea'iout sixty-five years of age. At his second marriagi his wife was twenty years old, lie then beng forty. His youngest child is just one year old. On telling his story to a number of gentlemen on the street, Mr. Graham, ot the Rawlins saloon invi ted him in to take something The old gentleman with u stailo acquiesc ed.— Herald. Macon tins another invention. It is an ear pieeer, and is the invention of Mr. ,/bsoph E. Wells, Jr., at the jew elry house of Charles 11, Solomon. This little contrivance is adopted to tho piercing, of ladie’s and children’s ears tor earrings. It is so construct ed that there is no pain, and yet the ring follows tho puncture. The Pike county News says : A prominent physician of tho county j gives it as his opinion that it the boil | worm gets so numerous in all parts as they aro reported in Mr. Basil’s crop in another place, they w ill be the cause of a great deal of sickness. He says tho aoid arising from tho de caying boll is more poisonous than malm in. PROF. HAHHIH' /(fSjfc. 1 RADICALCURE^ NERVOUS Ji, ORGANIC we a kn Sf MID D * l - E n men.^W^4vv>:bi Kfnptn xwbJ! IS II mm bom. 11| Mof lhrr UM. ||| Hu* 1* (rm'Rgh D , SfT ► Rll Ir*< a tit. uh.) s3* N. 2. ,uffl*tent lo peranneul cure, uulrs* In S. *> - •?*l I• 1 re< ere cam.l $•; S, \ M over three month*. U 1 reeMr* thoß*^VjV , - ,> *#-*_**- Villa the wool AndiUoa.) |7. Soot In plfcJa wrapper* Full iQY Lou for will MC9MUi<*iiy etch r™ 1 'rrporrd nrf O.VU by j HARRIS REMEDY CC. Mfg. oim:ts, } Market ano oth 6t&. ST^LOUJS^JgO. FUisLOW <fc ETHERIDGE, IfiilS B Li Pill®, USTO. 2 McKIBBEN'S BLOCK, SOUTH SIDE PUBLIC SQUARE, JACKSON, GEORGIA. Y. A. WRIGHT, Attorney At Law. JACKSON, BUTTS CO., GA. AVlt.f. Attend to nil BUSINESS PROMPTLY Intrusted to my < AUK. Office In the COURT HOUSK. Real Estate, H.O.BENTON AGENT, JACKSON, GA. For information concerning prop erty in Jackson and Butts county, ad dre *BB H. O. Benton. R- fcDEASk PHOTOGRAPHER And Dealer in Picture Frames, 17 Hill Street, - - - Griffin, Ga All .si/.cm and kinds of Firt-fflass work executed promptly. Old pictures coppied and enlarged wa|l pictnr of yourself in a handsome frame Hx 10 inches, onlv $2. Get the Best up' m Clough it Warren "1 AII E. I*. CARPENTER 1 TH \ B. SHONINGKR UilU Ilill - Low for cash or on cosy monthly paymapt*. —Second-hand pianos and organs bought and sold, Tuning and repairing carefully done. Phillips A ( row, auft Wareroom f 8 and 10 Marietta street, E. L. HENDERSON, lMiotographic Art N. AV. Corner Public Square, JAOK3ON, GA* Where, he can l>e found at all times, and ready to accommodate? you with any kind of pictures you may desire. J'rotrature, Viewing, Coppying, and enlarging any kind of an old nic/ure to any si/.o or style. All branches of the Art-Science execu ted in /he ‘atest and best style. You are cordially invited /o call and examine bis work. Special arrangements made with CLUBS, sep wuntehip b:r,o 7 3- FOUNDIiYMEN, Atlanta, - - Ga., Manufacturers of the Celebrated Winship Cotton Gin Feed er and Condenser. COTTON PRESSES. W. M. Mallet, Agent. Sample Clin Camp tele on exhibition at tlie Planter's Ware House, Jackson, (ia., W. M. Mullet Pro- TIB UH Bill Should Consult Their Interest by Addressing J. T. MERCER, Longview, Georgia [Macon and Brunswick Railroad.] My mill is situated outlie railroad nnd 1 am prepared to till orders for lumber promptly, in any quantity and quality. Pm-olam ,umber guaranteed in every req>eet. LUMHEIt SAWED to ODDER. PRICE?. Kiln dried flooring - - - por Thousand Feet. Flooring from the saw, - - - SB. Weather Boarding ... ? *,. “ ] Framing - * - - ■**_,. J „ Ceiling * - * * * fJ* , Ceiling Kiln Driert - - * * t 9. Send along vour orders and we guarantee you satisiaction. l*>aug The Best ADVERTISING MEDIUM IX MIDULG GEOnell, VARIETY WORKS, non * holifiro, J ACKSttN' - - h\. All Woik Warranted. Carriages, Buies, ffai oes, etc. overhauled and repaired on short no tice. ALL KINDSOF Job Work done with neatness and dispatch. CARRIAGE SMITHING DONE, UNDERTAKER. Will keep on hand Coffins, Caskets and Undertakers Hardware. A hears, will also lie ftirnieshd. Shop in rearof Duke’s store. marl E-T _ CATCH N( iS ATTORNEY AT LAW. JU - - \. Wtl.L plpiid find nrnetioe in Butts* and udiuin ng counties, OFFICE at Court House, 1 feb ’B2. IU YOU WANT STYLISH^ FUiR/isriTTriß^ CALL AT Miller’s Fashion Parlor 44 PEACHTREE STREET, ATLANTA - - - GA., Ash Suits Trimmed with Walnut are nil the Rage. Also tLe Only Rt ol . Atlanta where you can find the celebrated " ' ,n WrampJemeier Walnut Fur niture. 'tin COTTON GINS AID STEM Eli C. H. Johnson & Son., 16 HILL STREET GRIFFIN, GEORGIA, Invite the attention of the citizens of Butts and adjoining counties, to their stock of Ilardw Cutlery, Gins, Carriage and Wagon Material, Paints Oils an t Varnishes, which are being off'ere*) I*’ 1 *’ lowest prices. They are selling the cheapest good quality Steam Engines, manufactured*? XI.-w/m Van Wink e Improved Gin and Press, also the .I. & I. Gin, Call and see them. 19july]y Ule t /Jf|j feSßfiri YfAml/ J FiWMw£'FQm r ff wasFff ff ABF fff A cj4araeterwfi eo / ■MMWMMgMMMMWWMMMMWMBMMMi \other iron preparations . EEBTEEmenTThave uscilTsK!TlAitTiUi’B Ikon Tonic in n_y practice, and In an_txperinc<rof twenty-five years in medicine, have never found anything to give the result* that Dr. Harter 1 ® Iron Tonic does. In many cases of Nervous Prostration, Female Diseases, Dyspepsia, and an Im poverished condition of the blood, this peerless remedy has, in my hands, made some wonderful cures. Cases that have baffled some of our most eminent physicians have yielded to this great and lncomparw able remedy. I prescribe It in preference to any iron preparation made. In fact, such a compomfl as Dr. ULuiTKin) Iron Tonic is a necessity in my practice. Dr ROBERT BAMUELS, * BT. Louis, Mo., Nov, &th, ISSI. . Slot Wash. Avenoc. Jt gives color to the blood\ natural healthful tone to ] WjfAff ff tff'ffalffLm r tf ff JBr 1 the digestive organs and / ff ff ff ff ff J dEw&f ffs Mff f ff ff Jfi nervous system, making ( Bflljjf ff ~ jff ff ff 1 ffSSw @ff ff ff , 'ff ff it appHcaMe to General ( Wff ff m ff ff ff A ff&ff jff ff ff J ff ff Debility, loss of Appe-\ Sr ff ff ff ff ff J 0 ffffff jff ff ff A ff ff (? tite, Prostration of Vital I ff As! AmorffffL Power* and Impotence./ \SSSSSSSSmS£SSSSmSSSSS!SSSSSSSS£S£Si MANUFACTURED BY THE DR, HARTER MEDICINE CO.. 213 N. MAIN ST- ST. LOUIS. Ladd’s Lime Works, -A.. C. LADD, General AgenQ 16 S. FOIISYTII STREET, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. l-’LIME.I PROTECT YOUR WIFE S CHILDREN, BY JOINING THE OJSDEOF THE ■ HOiE GUARDIAN, HEADQUARTERS AT MACON,GEORGIA. Organized In LONDON England 1 22. Division No. 12 Jackson Ga. The following is a list of the Officers and Charter Members, ofthe Order now organized in Jackson, Butts county Ga. Y. A. WRIGHT, President, J. A. MoMICHAEI. ’ IV.-i.b : • J. W. CRUM, Financial Sec’y. I)r. J. L. MAPP, EXECUTIYE COMMLTTEE G. W. Mann, J. H. Land, J. T Land, r I. 0. Be:.ton; J. W. Carmichael. At Your Death Your Wife and hilta M Receive Front 500 to 3000 Dollars. One Hundred Dollars Will be paid Immediately for Funeral Expenses The citizens of Butts county will perceive that this plan of insurance is conducted by their friends, at home, and each member has a voice in the man agement ofthe affairs—consequently it no humbug. The gentlemen that com pose DIVISION NO. 12. at Jackson is a sufficient guarantee to the people n! this section, and should demand their attention. It is a regularly organized. Chartered Institution, with the most substantial and influential men of Mann and Bibb county as its managers. The Jackson Division meets on the (bird Tuesday night in each month, and by governed Constitution and By-Laws which may lie seen by application toany of its members. Any male or female between the age of 1(5 and 00, who can pass the Exami nation, can become a member of the Order and insure their lives from s.">oo to SOOOO. It is worth vour attention to enequire Into the merits and benefits of “THE HOME GUARDIAN.” Jackson, Ga., 20th, 18S2. Tke Best is the Ckeape^t, THIRTY-FOUR YEARS O THE IIAKKLT ! THE LARGEST Stock Of Crriages, axd BUGGIES. In the city of Atlanta, will he found at the Southern Branch of the Milburn Wagon Company* Library Riiildlng, Nos. 39, 41 and 43 Decatur Street, .... ATLANTA, GEORGIA. MILBURN WAGONS art* aniony the oldest strickly firsf-claw* protluctionn of thin nature in tlie UnifHl states. They nave always stood the most severe tests of ibis climate, ami to-day have a right to the name “The Old Reliable. ’’ Kverv size iron Axle, Thimbu* Skein, and Hollow Iron Axle Wagons will alwnys be found at the Library Building. Write fora ('ironlar of our Wrought Iron /follow Axle Wagon. It is the Rest. If your imax’hunts do not keep the Milburn; write to Southern Branch, Atlanta, Ga. H. L. ATWAT R. ftllg29 Manager ami General Aeent. M. V. McKibben, A TTORXEY AT'LAW. JACKSON, - - GA. d6 LADD'S ALKALINE FERTILIZER, LADD’S AGRICULTURAL LIJ/E, Ladd’s Building and Plastering Lime. Portland, Roseridaie, Louisville, CEMENTS PlasTeriug Hair ar:d calcined Plas’er lfljutyly ffffffff J l fT“ FREE! SELF-CUBE A favorite prescription of one °* the most noted and xuccisful sp**ciaiiets in tbe U. o. now retired tor the cure of JVfrou* t out trtoi/KMNf, lffa/rtie ami In plain sealed envelope/Vae. Druggist* can all ifc A4drtf DR. WARD 4 CO.. iAeonMH tltionofTS*. toxide of Iron, i-.’rucion Bark and Phosithoruvin a palatable form. Tin only preparation oriron that will not blacken tho teeth,to eharacterittieof other iron preparation!. Phaetons AND SPRING WAGONS