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M JACKSON RECORD. Official Organ of Butts County. ?. E. Andrew* Editor and Publisher Subscrit don, SI.OO a year. Entered at the postoffice at Jacks >n Ga.. ea second class mail matter. ? JACKSON. GA.. Feb. Ist ’OO7 CITY TREASURER IGNORES CHARTER ‘‘Section XXII. Be it fur ther enacted, that the treasur er of the town at the close of each quarter of fiscal year shall make a full tabular state ment of the assets and resour ces of the town, and at the end of each fiscal year shall make an itemized estimate for the probable and necessary ex penses for the ensuing year, which statement and estimate Shall be published and verified by the finance committee; no greater amount of revenue Shall be raised the ensuing year that the amount of said estimate together with salaries of officers, unless in case of emergency, to be judged of by the council.” Now, in the name of all fairness, why ha? this section of the Charter been ignored? It can’t be said they are ignorant of its contents. The quarterly publications “of the assets and resources of the town” have been made, Whv haß not the “Itemized esti mate for the probale and necessary expenses for the ensuing year,” been published? This “estimate” should have been made last year and tuisyear and no greater amount should have been, nor should be for this, raised by taxation, unless in a case of au emeregeucy. It is the Charter right if every citi zen to know what the probable ex pense of the city government will be, and for what purpose the revenue of the city Is to be raised. The Mayor and Councils are the SERVANTS of the citizenship of Jackson and the servants should, at ail times, by pub lication, when the Charter requires it be given information as to what amouht of revenue is neoied and for what purpose. The word ‘‘SHALL” In this section does not mean “may." We do not mean to be Knocking our city officials, but wo moan to demonstrate that they are e'ther ig norant of the organic law of the city or else they are simply ignoring the Charter. If they are Ignorant of the law they certainly should be opt n to learning it’ but if it is a case of dis-regard for the law the people should know it. Gentlemen, of the city government are you ignorant of thin section of the Charterer do you mean to treit it as a nulity? We await your answer. Coirhty Finances. The financial condition of the Ooun tv has no doubt Droved an eye opener to the taxpayers, and no doubt they are all wondering how it all came a bout. There is not the shadow of a doubt that the old commissioners overstepped their delegated powers TVhen they borrowed more money than the t axes for the year would pay. Again there ia not a shadow of a doubt that the expenditure of so large a sum wns wholly unnecessary. But it remains true that those who loaned the commissioners money did ao without the knowledge that the commissioners were going beyond the line laid down by the law as the limit of prudence and legality ; and as the people will get the benefit of at least a part of these sxpenditures, it fol lows that, the good people ef Butts Court) n- expect the new Commies ionert to .a that every duller of the County’s debts are paid, and that as promptly a* a legal way can be found. Repudiation is not an honorable method, neither will it prove wise in the end. Some Pointed Remarks On the Cotton Oil Question. (Communicated) Mr. Editor: I read with much pleasure the article of Mr. Evan Smith on tho cotton oil question. I think that he struck the k*v note when he calls on the farmers to build • heir own oil mill*. The reason why cotton seed has not advanced in price, as given by the oil mill people, is that he s sed are so badly damaged that the price obtained for the oil will not authorize any advance. Now that seems at a first glauce, to he the most simple and reasonable argument pos ilne Hut there is another phase <>f i lie question Now everybody will know that the seed being damaged so that the oil is of a poor quality, it naturally follows that the Meal and Hulls are damaged also. But that fact does not hinder the Oil 00. from advancing Mem from $20.00 t 0520.00 per ton. Neit ier does it stand i the way of an advance from $0 00 to $9.00 for Hulls. Now these conditions will stare the farmers in the face just as long as they sell their seed to the Oil Mill trust. Why can the farmers not build their oil mills and have their own Meal and Hulls, and if they cannot as has been said, get cars in which to ship the oil, or cannot find a market for it then let them go a little farther ar.d make it into lard compound, and the poorer grade into soap. Then the OOtton oil trust will be a factor looked upon with indifference by the farmers; they will utilize their own product, encourage a thriving industry where the profits will return to their own pockets. I would be glad to see a meeting called to discuss this very important question, and in the meantime I would like to hear some others express their views. A Farmer. THE worthless millionaires of Am erica are equal to the royal Haps burgs furnishing scandals for the newspapers. THE most immoial degradation that was ever forced upon a great and chivalrous people is the Carolina Dis pensary It now looks like the Dis pensary will soon go, and when it goes Senator Tillman will go with it, a departure that millions of Americans long to see. Lorenzo Dow Feared Arrest. Lorenzo Dow on one occasion took the liberty while preaching, the Boston Herald says, .to de nounce a rich man in the commu nity, recently deceased. The result was an arrest, a trial for slander and an imprisonment in the county jail. After Dow got out of limbo he announced that ho should preach at a given time a sermon about “an other ricli man.” The populace was greatly excited, and a crowded house greeted his appearance. With great solemnity he opened the Bible and read, “And there was a rich man who died and went to”— Then, stopping short and seeming to he suddenly impressed, lie contin ued, “Brethren, I shall not mention the place this rich man went to for fear he has some relations in this congregation who will sue me for defamation of character.” The effect was irresistible, and he made the impression permanent by taking another text. Nature the Artisan. Asa weaver nature produces fine work. Certain tree barks and leaves furnish excellent cloth—as, for in stance, the famous tapa cloth used in the south sea islands. Nature is a glassmaker too. By discharging her lightning into beds of quartz sand she forms exquisite little pipes of glass. She makes valuable ropes of various kinds in the shape of tropical vines and creepers, and she is even a lacemaker, as witness the | lace trees of the West Indies. Legal Advertismenfs. Sheriffs Sales. GEORGIA. Butts County.- will be sold on the first Tuesday in Feb. A. I) 1907, at public outcry at the court house in said county, within the legal hours of Sale, to the highest bidder for cash, cer tain property , of which the following is a full and complete description - 50 acres of land more or less, lying and being situate in said county and State, and hounded as follows viz: North by lands of J. L. Barne\ west by lands of J. FI. carmiehael, South by lands of ,T K weaver estate, and East by lands of Barkley Bros, and Alsie Heath. Said property levied on as the property of w A Mangham to satisfy an execution is sued from the county court of said County in favor of I?, c. Kinnrd and son for the use of Davis Kinard and against said w A Mangham. Said property being in the pos session ofwTT Mangham at. time of levy, and pointed out by .nidgeuas F, carmiehael \ T.ane and Lucian TANARUS, Bay counsil of plaintiff, written notice given the tenant in possession as required by law. This the liTst day of Dec. 1000. w W Wit.son. Sheriff Butts co. GEORGIA. Butts County.— will he sold on the first, Tuesday in Febru ary next, at I’ublie outcry at fine com house, in said county, within the lagal hours of sales, to the highest bidder for cash certain propety, of which the following .s a description ; Two hundred acres of land more or less, in Butts Cos. Ga. in the eighte district of originally Hen.-y now Butts Cos., and in the filOth. Dis. G. M said county number of the lot not known, but being tlie place whereon O, B, Knowls now re sides, * Said land hounded as follows:-North by land formerly belongingtp L. c. Knowles deceased,East by lands formally belonging to L.C. Knowles deceased snd lands for merly belonging to J,J, Buffington, South by lands of J. Tom Stewart et. al. and west by lands formerly belonging to J,c .Maddcx deceased et. al, Said property levied on as that of O. B. Knowles and to satisfy one mortgage Ufa issued ' from Butts Superior court in favor of J.N Knowles Executor and Ad ininistrator of the estate of L. C Knowles deceased against O.B.Knowles, Property pointed out n fifa and tenant in pssession given written notice as required by law. Levy made Dee. sth, 1900. This Jan. 2nd 1907. w. w. Wilson Sheriff Butts co. Georgia Butts, County :- will be sold before the court house door, between the legal hours of sale, outlie Ist. Tuesday in February next, the following described property towitt. One depot build ing and land on which the same is situated, lyinsr and being in the town of Jenkinshurg in Butts Cos. also onesectioh housa and lot lying and being in the town of jenkinshurg in Butts county, levied on as the property of the Southern Railway company, by vir tue of and to satisfy two tax fifa’s, issued hv the Tax collector of the jenkinshurg Rub lie School district against tho Southern Railway co., in favor of the jenKinsburg Public School district against said Soutli ern Railway co. Property pointed out by Tax collector of said 1 üblie School District and inpossesion of Southern Railway o. at the time of levy.' Written notice given de fendant as required by law. This :>lst, day of Dec. 1906. w. w. wilson, Sheriff, mitts county. GEORGIA. Butts County. # Will Is i old before the Court House door in the city of .lat-Kson on the First Tuesday in February next, the following property to" witt: 50 acres of laud more or less, lying and being in the 015th district G. M. Butts Co.and bounded as follows :|On the North by lands of Harris Bros. On the East by lands of Will Foster. South, by land of .1 T. Kim bell. West by lands of D.W, McLendon. Said lifa being issued from justice Court of Spauldingcounty, of 1001 district G. M . in favor of J. H .Varner against F. T. Kim bell. also two tlfa's issued from 015th district (! ,M. But ts county Georgia in favor of Atlan ta Guano company against F. TANARUS, Kimbell. Property pointed out by Plaintiffs Attorney, written notice given tenant in possession as required bv law. Levy made by-w. M. Bledsoe."Deputy Sheriff. This Jan. 3rd 1907. w.w.wilsou Sheriff B,c. GEORGIA. Bu*' 1 County. I, B. P. Bailey, Dlerk of the Superior Court in and for said County, do certify that the foregoing is true and correct copy of petition for Charter of J. W. Childs and James wartlien for Charter, Now of tile in this office. Witness my hand and official seal, This Jan, 2 1907. B: P. Bailey, Clerk S. C. Ordinary’s Citations. For Administration. Georgia mitts county. To All whom It May concern. A- C, Millen having in proper form, applied to me for Permanent Letters of Administrn | tion ou the estate of Phenie Shaw col, late | of said county, this is to cite all and singu ar the creditors and next of kin of Phenie Shaw to be and appear at uiy office within the time allowed by law, and show cause, if any they can, why Permanent Adminis tration rhould not be granted to A. G. Mil ieu on Phenie Shaws estate, witness my band and official signature, this 7 day of January 1907. J. H. HAM, Ordinary. For Dismission. Georgia, Butts County.- Whereas J.M.Gaston and Mrs Elizabeth Cole Administrator De Bonis Non, of J. P.Cole represents to the Court in his peti tion, duly filed andlentered on record, that be has fully administered J b cole’s estate. This is therefore to cite ali persons con cerned, kindred and cieditors, to show cause, if any they can. why said Adminis trator should not be discharged from his Administration and receive letters of dis mission. on the first Monday in February, 1907. J. H. HAM, Ordinary. For Administration De Bonis Non. Georgia, Butts County. To All whom it May Concern: .rames F.carmiehael having in proper form applied to me for Letters of Adminis tration De Bonis Non, to be issued to Clerk of Superior Court, outlie estate of Mrs. E . S. Jane Haritness late of said county, this is to cite all and singular the creditors and next of kin of Mrs.E.S. Jane Harkness, to be and appear at iny'offiqo wiihin the time allowed by law, and show cause if any they can why Administration JDe Bonis Non should not he granted to clerk Superior court cm Mrs, E.S.Jane Harkness’ estate, witness iny hand and official signature this 7tli daysof Jan. 1907. J. H, HAM. Ordinary. Application for Charter State of Georgia) To the Superior Court Butts Couuty.) of Said County. The petition of J. W. Childs and James Warthen Sr. both of said County and State respectfully shows: Ist: That tliay desire for them selves their associates, Successors and Assigns to be incorporated under the laws of Said State und*r the name of MIRACLE CONCRETE CO. for the period of twenty years with he privilege of renewal at the expiration of that time. 2nd : That the Capitol Stock of the propos ed Corporation is to be five thousand dol lars divided into shares of one hundred dol lars each, with the priviledgeof increasing same to twenty thousand dollars. Twenty per centum of Said Capitol S’ jck iia.i been paid in, in money or its quivolcnt. aid: JTlie object of Said Corporation is pecunary profit to its Stockholders. 4th pray the privilege: To make buy and sell cement, Concrete, Artificial Stone, tile, Sewer pipe, brick, posts, troughs, tombstones, coping and any other articles made from clay or concrete; also, To erect buildings, bridges, fences and culverts; also, To nave walks and streets: To buy, sell, rent and leasereal estate, per sonal property or merchandise; also, To sue and he sued, plead and he implead ed; also, To take and give mortgages, deeds, liens or other means of seeming indebtedness ; also, To do any act necessary or conven ient for the operation of said business and not contrary to law. Wherefore petitioners pray to he made a body corperate under the name and style aforesaid and to he entitled to all rights, privileges and immunities and he subject to the liabilities prescribed by the law in such cases. Aud your petitioners will he prayed This Jan. Ist. 1907. J. W. Childs, James Warthen. Petitioners Guar max Sale. GEORGIA, Butts County. By virtue of an order regurally granted by the court of Ordinarp of Monroe Couutv Ga. will be sold before the JCourt House door in the city of Jackson Butts County Ga. on the first Tuesdan in February 1907; the following described property to wit; Aone fortliundivided interest in Fifty acres otf land lying in the 614th District G. M : in said County one mile south of Indian Springs Reserve bounded as follows: on the north by lands of Ned Head and the Forsyth and Griffin Public Road, on the West and South by lands of J. W; Wrigln 011 the East by public road leading to For syth sold as the property of my JWard, J. Warren Hunt, and for the benefit ;of ‘my Ward;Terms cash. This January 2nd 1907. J. W. Hunt, Guardian for J. Warren Hunt. Public Sale under Power of . Attorney. Georgia, Butts County, Under and by virtue of a power of sale contained in a deed to secure the herinafter named debt, executed by Byron W. Mills to the Scottish A merican Mortgage Company Limited dated the first day of December 1903 and recorded in tie office of clerk of the Superior Court of Butts Connty in deed book S.Page 430-7 and which said deed end hereinafter named notes evidencing the amount of prin cipal, interest and attorneys fees the ein com t<7 was by the said The Scottish American Mortgage Com pany, by tho request and with th* knowledge and consent of the said Byron W,Mills, duly transfered as signed and quit sLaimed on the 3rd dav of January 1906 to the undersign ed W.J.Wood, said transfer assign ment and quit claim title being also duly rocorded in the office of the clerk of the Superior Court of Butts County in deed book “V” page 88 the under signed will sell at public outcry, at the Courthouse door in said County in the city of Jackson during the legal hours of sale to the highest biddea for cash ,on the first Tuesday in February 1907. the following property lying and being situate in said County and State towit; One farm containing ninety three acres (93) more or less in the 6lsth District G. M, of Butts County Ga. and bound as follows; North by lanm of Henry Benton and J C,Combs, East by lands of J. H, Mil Is, South by lands of J H. Mills and M M. Mills and West by lands of Robert Woodward and public road, for the purpose of paying certain promissory notes tor sums as follows; The first for the sum of Five Hun dred Dollars and due December first 1908 with interest thereon at the rate of seven and one half per cent per annum which amount of interest is represented by eertain coupon inter est notes being three and each for tho sum of Thirty Seven and a half Dol lars and each bearing date Dec. Ist, 1903 and becoming due respectively Dec. Ist. 1906, Dec. Ist. 1907, and Dec. Ist. 1908- One note for the sum of six hundred and ten dollars dated Dec. Ist. 1905 and due Dec. 1 1906, which said last note includes the same amount of the orieinal princi-. pal due Dec. 1 1908 and the addition • al sum of one hundred and ten dol lars of money advanced to Byron W. Mills in payment of cost of the trans fer and cash to himself. One note for the sum of one hundred and fifty dol lars dated Jan. 16th 1906 and due Jan. Ist. 1907. Ard the other for $27. 50 dated May 29 1906 and due Nov. 1 1906. Each of the three last named notes bearing interest at 8 per cent per annum from date, and all of which said several sums represented by the three last named notes except the o riginal principal included ia tne first of last named three .were ad vancments made after the transfer to me of the title to said lands by and under an agreement with the maker male pri or to the time of said transfer that I should bold said title as security for the original principal and subsequent advancements, interest. Attorneys fee and cost, That said Byron W, Mills made as part of the original con tract the condition that if default was made in the prompt payment of either or any of the Coupon Interest cote on the day same became due, then and in that event the holder or transferee or assignee of the original contract could at his option declare the origi nal principal and all interest notes due. Now default having been made in the payment of tho interest note being dated Doc.lst 1903 and due D?c. Ist 1906 for the sum of Thirty Seven and and and one half dollars I,W ~T. Wood elect to declare the entire principal, interest and all subsequent advance ments due as well as Attorneys fees in the event any unsuccessful defense is made to these proceedings. The total amount of principal due on said notes is now $785. The total amount of interest due to the date of these proceedings tnwitlDec. 15t1906 is $i)7.80 The total amount of Attor neys fees due is $84.53 which amount of Attorneys fees will be due only and provided an unsuccessful plea is filed to these proceedings, together with the cost of these proceedings as pro vided in said deed. After the payment of the above ennumerated sums to gether with future interest due there on the balance of the proceeds of said sale if any will be turned over to the said Byron W. Mills as provided by the terms of said deed. The above de scribed property will be sold for the purpose of paying the debt to secure which the deed was given and all ad vancements made subsequent thereto as above set forth .4 deed to the pur chaser wili be made by theundersiga >?d in terms of said contract. This the Ist. day of December 1906, W, J. Wood,