The Jackson record. (Jackson, Butts County, Ga.) 18??-1907, February 08, 1907, Image 4

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r jjJLl2g* . " !!S=S Al JACKSON RECORD. Ificial Orjfan of Butts County. I E. Andrews Editor and Publisher. Subscrii tion, SI.OO a year. nte'M at the postoffice at Jacks in 1., p.g second class mail matter. JACKSON. 0A... Feb. Bth 1007 Now! There are some people who are fraidofthe light. Tney have a ionic objection to telling the truth; c rather they have a gnawing pro ensity to cover it up. We do not lean to say that any human man lrould tell a lie, but we just mean to ay among our vast circle of acquain tances, we know of two or three, yes jnavbe as many us half a dozen who lyould rather the world would be just ji little bit ignorant of the truth. The newspaper that caters to this specie )f the animal, ;will no doubt please iverybody , but that kina of a news paper is of no more service to the community than a knot on a stick. The policy of the Record will be that of qews vender and that in plain -* and without salting the feei ng of anyone. We know that such a policy will lose us considerable bus iness, some subscribers and a lot of friends, but we would rather be right than to inherit a fortune. County’s Debts flust B* Paid, The psople of Butts county are unamonously in favor of speedily paying the counties debts and that without litigation. The money has been spent in improving our roads, building substantial bridges, beauti fying our court house yard and other improvements, and now the county wants her credit kept up to the high watermark. If, as lias been said, it iB illegal to levy a tax to meet these expenditures tnen let us by all means FREE! Machines I I Absolutely Free!! I | Absolutely Free!! 4gf The O’Niel-James Cos. of Chicago, the well known dealers in Talking Machines, has placed us in a position to give to every family who trades at our s*ore, one of the grand Busy Rce Bis: Calking machines Absolutely free This machine is equipped with all the latest improvements: Mobley’s Wonderful Sound Box and Morning Glory Horn that gives a wonderful volume of music, reproducing the human voice in all its rich tones. In addition to giving you the Grand Busv Bee Disc Talking Machine Free, we are going to give with additional purchases one of our Busy Bee Disc Records, far supe* ior in sweetness of tone and lusting qualities than any other; and after you have used one of the old stvle, you can appreciate the superior quality of our record?. We ask you to call and inspect our complete line of goods, and assure you full value for every dollar spent at our store. BE SURE AND ASK FOR COUPONS. % Call and See Us and Hear Some of These Records. ■e*. m.'v ——■ i—— ——n miiiii—i > 111— We are giving away one of these famous machines Free with SSO. in coupons, a 7 inch record with each additional $5. in coupons. Call in and see this wonderful machine and hear some excellent music. THE BKCWN 1 COI^TP.^.^T'^T. have some special legislation about the matter. It does not apoeal to us as an act of wisdom to spend two or three thousand dollars of the counties good money in litigation when wis dom and right prompt ourcommis sioners to arrange the matter with the counties creditors so that time may be had to raise tije funds and pay it. We do not believe the voters of the county would entertain for a moment the idea of a bond issue, (the effort having been made once to sad dle them with that iniquty) but, in the event that it transpires that there is no oth-r way, and the legis lature by special act CAN authorize our commissioners to levy a special tax, for the purpose we have not the least doubt that all would end in amity. ONE Henry Whitney Cleveland is milking strenous efforts to prove the legitimacy of Abraham Lincoln . THE Bell Telephone company are beginning to nut on the screws, the country subscribers are already cut out, unless they sign a contract that would convict them of lunacy. The Novelist’s Mission. The neglect of Disraeli’s writings may be in part due to the fact that most people think it is below the dignity of a statesman or of any man following what is called a “se rious” profession to compose works # of fiction. Certainly many do not yet understand that the man who writes novels may be a very wise man. They do not realize that ac curately to portray human nature and to present pictures of life is not only a most worthy hut also a most difficult task, requiring for its per formance an intelligence far above the average acute powers of ob servation and a keen sense of hu mor, for surely the great novelist is the observer sounding the depths while others glance at the surface and examining the mysteries of life while others are content to over look even the obvious.—Melville’s “Victorian Novelists.” Conclusive Reasoning. A little elderly German who keeps a stationer’s shop amuses and inter ests himself by making up stories about his customers and telling them to his family. “Dat young lady who has de pink cheeks, she be married soon, I t’ink,” he announced one night. “Now, my Carl, you know net tings of her whatever. Is it not so?” And his wife tried to look as if she did not think him a wonder fully clever man. “It is like dis,” said the stationer solemnly: “I observe, and i know. At first she buy paper and envelopes de same, later she buy twice as more paper and den five times as more paper as envelopes. So I know she is become betrothed. “And today,” lie said, beaming with pleasure; “today she buy only one-half dozen envelopes and five times as more paper, and when I tell her she get dem cheaper if she buy many she say to me, 'I have no need of more, t’ank you.’ So I know de friend ho comes soon, and so comes de marriage on quickly.” Proved tho Forgery. “When Lincoln was practicing law,” said a retired judge, “he had a ease involving a disputed will. The opposition claimed that the will was genuine and for several hours adduced proof of this. For Lincoln, who had to prove the will a forgery, things looked black. “Lincoln, however, called only one witness, a retired paper manu facturer renowned the country over for his wealth and probity. “ ‘Mr. Dash,’ Lincoln said to the witness, handing him the disputed will, ‘please hold the paper up to the light and tell us what is the watermark on it.’ “ ‘The watermark of my own firm, Blank & Co.,’ the witness an swered. “ ‘When did your firm begin to manufacture paper ?’ “‘ln 1841/ “ ‘And what’s the date of the document in your hands?’ “‘Aug. 11, 1836/ “ ‘That is enough. Gentlemen of the jury, our case is closed.’” — Los Angeles Times. fffffffff Grippe or Influenza, whichever you like to call it, is one of the most weakening diseases known. Scoffs Emulsion, which is Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites in easily di gested form, is the greatest strength-builder known to medical science. It is so easily digested that it sinks into the system, making new blood and new fat, and strengthening nerves and muscles* Use Scoffs Emulsion after Influenza. invaluable tor Coughs and Colds. ALL DRUGGISTS; 50c. AND SI.OO. if^ fffffffffffff Legal Advertisments. t Administrition. GEORGIA. Butts County. Notice is hereby given to all persons con cerned, that Julia Readen of said County and State, departed this life intestate and no person has applied for Administration on the estate of said Julla’.Readen, that Ad ministration will he vested in the Clerk of the Superior Court, or some other fit and proper person, after the publication of this Citation, unless valid objections are made to his appointment. Given nnder my hand and official Signa ture this 4th (lay of Februuary 1907. J. H. HAM, Ordinary. For Administration. Butts County.— To All whom It May concern. TV. A. White, Jr. having in proper form, applied to me for permanent Letters of Ad ministration on the estate of B. S. White late of said County, this is to citeall and singular? the creditors and next of kin of B. S. White, to he and appear at my office within the time allowed by law, and show cause if any they can, why permanent Ad ministration should not he granted to W, A. White Jr. on B. S. White’s estate. Witness my hand and official signature this 4th day of Feb. 1907. J. H. HAM. Ordinary, Fortifies to be made. S. O. Ham. transferee, having made ap plication for titles to he executed to him. to certain lands described in the bond for title thereto attached, purporting to be signed by Mrs. Julia,!Andrews late of Butts County deceased- The said application alleging that said land lias been fully paid for, all parties concerned are hereby notified that said ap plication will he heard before the Court of Ordinrry at the March term of said Court. This Febuary 4th 1907. J. H. HAM, Ordinary. For titles to he made, W. B. Cochran, transferee, having made application for titles to be executed to him to certain lands described in the bond for title thereto attached, purporting to be signed by 8. A. Biles, late of Butts County deceased. The said application alleging that said land lias been fully paid for, all parties con cerned are hereby notified that said appli cation will he heard before the Court of Ordinary at the March term of said Court. This Fel). 4tli 1907. J • H • HAM, Ordinary. _ CASTORXA. Bears the l tie "' n(l YOU HaVfl Always BOUgM I **s" fffffffffff