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The Jacksonian. (Jackson, Ga.) 1907-1907, March 29, 1907, Image 1

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CALL ON J B EDWARDS & SON FOR KRbSH hfltAiS mnu hisn OR PHGr'ic VOLUME 26. Gowns, Corset Covers Shirt Waists Our ready made department has nothing but bargains, we don’t carry many numbers but what we have are right, Corset Covers beautifully made and trimmed 25c. Gowns fine quality Lace and Ribbon trimmed 98c. Shirt VVaists Silk and Lawn new style 50c to $4.00. Come see, showing them is easy and a pleasure We Sell Cheaper. Linen Sheeting Its 90 inches wide and while it cost more than last season we are selling it at the same prices we have it in three grades sl. $1.25 $1.50' Linen Lawn 36 inch fine and sheer, great for waists, full suits, or skirts nothing better in our store at the price worth much more but we only ask Pei Yard L/v Lining Silks 19c “MONEYBAK” trade mark. BLACK SILK NAME ON EVERY PIECE. TO the highest quality of raw material and the best skill in making are due the soft ness, strength and draping quali ties of “ Moneybak” ailk. Us strength has been severely tested without a thread breaking, hence it is guaranteed not to cut or fade. Your money back if it does. Look *or name on the PATENTED detachable selvage. We will keep this price cn this Silk one more week, the very thing for nets and Veils then the price will go away up. NOW 19c. If you want to see your friend and can’t find her, look in our Dress Goods or Millinery Department. Something doing there. VOtt feft The CARMICHAEL - ETHERIDGE - SMITH CQMPAN THE JACKSONIAN. nr ttf BIG STORE Pride Of Our Store JACKSON, GEORGIA. FRIDAY, MARCH, 29, 1907. I If there are any departments in our store that deserves, more mention than others they are the Dress Goods and Millinery. For many years they have been provided each sea son with thechoisest selection of merchandise that money experience and ability could buy. We have added everything possible from time to time that would facilitate and perfect our store system, plan and policy. All of which the public appreciates and enjoys. Viz* Goods well bought. Compitent and Courteous Sales people. Complete checking and wrap ping System. Large roomy, airy well lighted store, Large plate glass show windows, Telephones and quick Free deliv ery, A place where all can come, feel at home, ask questions and favors, leave your bundles, meet your friends, write checks, mail your letters, get samples, use our phones, look at our Magazines, practice economy, write orders, Save money, THIS IS YOUR STORE. OUR TIME IS YOURS These warm days make us all think of Spring Summer wearables and THE BIG STORE was never better prepared inquanity, quality and variety than at this time to serve you, the crowds that throng our store every day. We are working until ten every night, and our delivery is on the run early and late. All these facts bear out our statements that we have the grandest lot of goods of ©very kind ever collected and displayed under any roof in this part of Georgia, We speak this way not boastfully but knowingly, and we are assur ed and reassured bv persons who would prefer to think differently that we have 110 competitors. "We don’t ask you to take our statement but come and let us prove it. Is this not a fair open proposition? “When you get it here its right.” THE BIG STOKE SELLS CHEAPER. Voils, Voils They are boosted on every hand by everybody, the colors and prices are many, and they assuredly will have the call or first place in the minds and hearts of all students of fash ion. If you want to be cor rectly dressed you must have a Voil skirt or suit SURE. We have the weave as well as the colors also the prices you want. We Sell Cheaper. Specials Five Ladies Hemstitched Hand kerchiefs 5 f Five spools Cottou—2oo yards .. 5 f Five Dozen Good Pearl Buttons 5 f Five Balls No. 1 Bail Thread.... 6 f Five Papers Adamantine Pins.... 6 f Two Packages Envelopes 5? Two Spools Darning Cotton If Two Bunches Tape Two good Peneila with erssars.... if Bix good No. I Spencariaa ?#*••. ff Three good Pencil Tablets 1 (If One Cube of Asaortcd Plan lOf One Package Silk Shoe Lace* or Polish 10/* Two boxes Menen’s Talcum.... 25 f One Ladies Collar, Belt or Hose 25? One Prophylac ’c Tooth Brush . 25? 8 Ladies Undervests —summer.. 25 f One pair Mens Hose orLinen Handkerchief 25 f One pair Mens Suspenders 25? Percales, Ging hams, Cheviots Our Store is the place to buy this line we carry a very large stock all the time. No ad vance in prices. Same as last year you find none here but the standard brands and they are the only ones worth the making what we advertise we sell and what we sell adver tises us. The Big Store sells cheaper Belts, Purses and Neckwear Seldom you see a larger or handsomer stock than we are showing, it comprises all the novelties. Ladies you can’t resist if you see them, they represent thiit part of dress that gives the finish and touches Pop- t 0 M CA ular prices Lv v tyLovv —gnu———————xyffnw— tm j Lsr.g Silk Gloves If you wait to buy them you ttke a chance, if you buy them now while we have them 3*oll get just the size colors and price you want. If you rem ember last year they were high and hard to get* Cotton, SSIc $3.00 42 in. Organdie Here you are ladies. Don miss this, if you do you wi [ regret it, 42 inch Organd that is worth 25 eents but \ will close this out this wee only 10 yards to a custom! and none charged at this h price, G A Big Bargain, Only t 750 Yards Whi Madras It comes in about 20 patte and two grades, these are worth 25 and 30 cents pectively, but we are goio lead out cm them and it people wonder how we dj Two Prices |C„ an( | j Hosiery I Every time we sel,a lady or Miss hosiery we take a cus tomer and friend, hey all ap preciate value, stL and pat tern as much or iicre in hose as any other artelc of dress — Silk, Lace and Gau*e; WhitesJ Blacks and Faicyj Big lin at a big rang of prices, t/ suit slim as will as fat purs ef Wc Want T> Show Then/ NUMB