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The Jacksonian. (Jackson, Ga.) 1907-1907, April 12, 1907, Image 1

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CALL O” 1 P EDWARDS &. SOM FOR FRESH MEATS AND FISH OR PHOMF 59 VOLUME 26. WATER WORKS COMPLETE, FIRST SQUIRT IS GIVEN. f “ The first play of the water from the cities water work system was given Tuesday. The new hose was attach ed by the fire Company, which seems to be identical, at present, with the police force, and the water turned on, or off, (as the case may be) and after a practical test,the flow was pronounc ed to be sufficiently strong to extin guish any fire likely to break out if taken in time. The next thing needed by the city is an efficient fire Company equip ment consisting of a horse that wont balk, a hook and ladder, and a hose wagon, together with an engine house covered by a city ordinance prohibi ting any citizen, private or public, from converting it into a hay barn. With these necessary equipments the insurance rate will be reduced to the minimum, and if the eiectrid lights can be cured of the trick of going out at the wrong time we will be fixed very comfortably for the present. Now to those who do not live on a street with a main, we will say follow the example of The Ja< ksonian, and move on Third street, where your wants will be looked after. ♦ m m > A desire to sneeze can be stopped on (the Instant by pressing the upper lip Svery hard with the fingers. It is a remedy that rarely fails. THE JACKSON BANKING COfIPANY 3rd!*9 S 0 7° Ur C3refUl Study ° fthe followin X condensed statement at the close of business April RESOURCES. Loans & Discounts $193,890.65 Demand loans& Overdrafts on c °tton 24*556.40 Bonds and Stocks 17,244.37 Real estate, Fur. and Fix. 5,201.42 Cash & Due from Banks 39,409.72 OFFICERS. A F. S. Etheridge, Pres. A. H. Smith, Vice Pres. R. P. Sasnett, Cashier. A. F. McMahon, Asst. Cashier. Total $280)302.56 A further evidence of our growth, our deposits at the same time in 1905 were $123,212.95 1906 ” 152,901.00 ” 1907 ” 181,209.46 We want your business whether large or small. We are amply able to take care of our depositors and guarantee courteous treatment and polite attention to all. President. A. H. SMITH, Vice President. R. P. SASNETT, Cashier. THE JACKSONIAN. PASSING AWAY OF MISS SALLIE JENKINS. The death of Miss Sallie Jenkins occured at Cork Friday sth inst. Miss Jenkins was connected with the family of R. Van Smith, and was a prominent Christian Scientist, For many years she had suffered much from rheumatism, and had recently lost her eyesight. The burial was at Sandy Creek, Saturday. JACKSONIAN HONOR ROLL New Subscribers. W. W. McCord, Wayman Cole Mrs. Susan Barnes, T. O. Woodward FATAL ACCIDENT. Wednesdsy afternoon Mr. Earl Hig gins was struck by a freight train and almost instantly killed at Flcvilla. Mr. Higgins was a confederate veter an and leaves one daughter, Mrs. J. T. Edwards, Rossini was so lazy that In his younger days he was accustomed to compose In bed. Once he was writing a trio and had It almost completed when the sheet of music fell out of his hand and went under the bed. He could not reach It, and rather than get up he wrote another. OASTORIA. Bears the Kind You Have Always Bougtt JACKSON, GEORGIA. FRIDAY, APRIL 12th 1907. PLEASE DON’T SPIT ON THE FLOOR. Our friends are reqgested when call ing on us, to leave their quid at the door. We expect, after awhile, to buy a 5 cent goods box and fill It with sand for your special benefit, but in the meantime please don’t spit on the floor. "Don’t Mind If I Do." In a lecture at Leeds F. R. Benson told his audience of a man to whom he offered a ticket for a performance of “A Midsummer Night's Dream." The offer was accepted In the words, “Well, I don’t mind If I do.” The phrase Is not precisely what one might call an outburst of gratitude.- Analyz ed, indeed, it is extraordinarily rude. It is no more than a synonym for “Thank you for nothing.” But of course those who use the expression— and they are a large number—do not stay to analyze its meaning, and the persons to whom it Is addressed ac cept It, if they are wise, without af front. It is merely another example of the slipshod style of speech that has become so common. We have substi tuted “Thanks” for “Thank you,” yet even the latter would have seemed abrupt and discourteous to the more punctilious age that would have said, “I thank you.” The young lady of today, when she wishes to show ex traordinary gratitude, rattles out, “Oh, you’re too good!” It Is spontaneous, no doubt, but it does not carry quite the air of, “I protest you do overwhelm me with kindness.”—London Saturday Review. The yolk of an egg will dry quickly if exposed to the air, but if dropped Into a cup of cold water it will keep good a couple of days. LIABILITIES. Capital Stock $50,000.00 Undivided Profits 4734707 Deposits 181,209.46 Due to Banks 1,455.91 Cashiers Checks 290.12 DIRECTORS. F. S. Etheridge A. H. Smith, Z. T. Buttrill, J. R. Wright, C. S. Maddox, W. P. Nutt. Total $280)302.56 AT DEPOT STORE, PHONE OR CALL ON JIM. The Jacksonian was honored by a much appreciated yisit from Mr. J. A. Joiner, Tuesday. Jim was formerly a newspaper man of much experience, but now a full Hedged merchant where you can get anything fresh in the grocery line. Phone 10. Mrs. J, R. Gunn has returned to her home in Macon, after a short visit to her sister Mrs. S. O. Ham. This Horse Could Jump. They were talking about horses Jump ing at the club when one of the mem bers said: “The best story of a horse’s Jumps which comes to mind is that of a Cali fornia cowboy. He was taking steers to Leadville and had camped for the night on Bear river, near its junction with the Little Snake. In the middle of the night something occurred to stampede the cattle. The man mount ed his broncho and rode hither and thither on the flank of the herd until their fright had died away. Four or five times the rider felt his horse give tremendous leaps, and with daylight he discovered the cause. The cattle had climbed to a level plateau which Is In tersected by n canyon four miles long and from 1,500 to 11,000 feet deep. Its walls incline toward each other at the top, where the distance Is fifteen or twenty feet. In riding the man had kept the steers circling about this pla teau. A dozen of them he fonml had fallen down the canyon and been kill ed. Hoof marks showed him that the great jumps made by his horse were occasioned by the animal clearing the canyon each time it came to the tak ing off spot”—London Standard. -i SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVEN TION AT MACEDONIA. The next annual session of the Butts County Sunday School Associa tion will meet with M acedonia Church Friday May 3rd. Superintendents are requested to have full delegations present, aa we expect to have some helpful talks and suggestions from the best S. S. workers of the county. Let all.who are interested in the work come out and help to make this one of the most successful meetings we have ever had. J. H. Mills, Pres. K. L. Carter, Seay. PLEASE READ THIS. tlaving advertised my inten tion to leave Jackson I deem it Just to the people to explain and at same time to inform the public generally that I will be found at my same place of business ready and willing to sell all kinds of goods in my line of business cheaper than any merchant in Jackson for the cash or on time as my customers may desire. Ido not want chattel mortgages because it costs my customers to have the same recorded and the price of recording is al ways added to the price of the goods. Open account is all I ask and I want you to feel free bo call on me for your Spring Goods. My reason for making ar rangements to accomodate you for this year and not leaving Jackson are these: My chil dren are now in our Public Sohoor*here and while their Educational advancement has always been perfectly satisfac tory to me, yet I find that I cannot now enter them in an other collee-e without to a great extent changing the course of training they aj receiving. Again I have made many friends in Jackson and Butts and surrounding Coun ties whom I appreciate highly and whom I am now read) to serve. \ JAKE A HENSON, * The Jew. 1 A Lgnd of Broalau. Breslau, the Silesian capital, has a 1 famous bell, that of the Church of St. Mary. It was cast in 1380 and has tu legend. The story is that when hit bell was ready for casting the founder, after his great labor, went to take food, and during his absence his ap prentice, despite a strict prohibition, opened the stopcock of the cruciblo and let out the molten metal. The In furiated master, disregarding th* youth’s appeal for mercy made in Christ’s name, poniarded him on the spot and, finding afterward that hid bell was none the worse, was plunged In remorse. Condemned for the crime, he asked on his way to the block to> be allowed to hear his bell for the last time, and through the centuries ever since It has tolled the knell of tha doomed. The German poet Muller cele brates the legend in verse. London Globe. Before the Introduction of colnefl money into Greece skewers and spike* of iron and copper were currency, sis being a dram or handful. j NUMBER 15