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The Jacksonian. (Jackson, Ga.) 1907-1907, April 26, 1907, Image 1

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CALL CM J B EDWARDS & SOM FOR FRESH MEATS AND FISH OR PHONE 59 VOLUME 26. TAX PAYER OFFERS SOME TIMELY SUGGESTIONS ON OUR PUBLIC ROAD SYSTEM. Batts Count} 7 is practically spending as much money on her public roads as her adjoin ing counties, and any man who is acquainted with this subject at all, wont contradict the statement, that we are get ting far less of it than any of our neighboring Counties. I think every intelligent citizen of Butts County will bear me out in saying that the present road sytem is a failure and the work is only temporary, I don’t mean to cast any reflection on Mr. R. A. Thornton, for I believe he is doing as well as any man could under the circumstances. There ought to be more hills pulled down, when one is dug down it never gets back, it is a permanent job and will last forever. I mean pull it down right and not just a little on top. You take the road from Jackson to Griffin, when you ( Slii ivC vh>|Jct Lut.: U.AiXy j isn’t scarcely a hill on to Grif fin, but tram Jackson to the Spaulding line, there is a num ber of bad hills. This is bound to hurt Jackson commercially, everything being equal, people are going to carry their pro duce and guano etc., over the best road. In a few more weeks the road gang will have been over practically all the county. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the Commissioners to have all the main hills on the main roads leading to Jackson pulled down during the summer months, as that is the best time to do such work. I don’t mean for you tc do it all on one road, but two or three of the worst hills on each road until you have gone around, and then start over again, in five years time it would look like we were getting some thing out of our tax monev, as it is the most of the .vork is only temporary. If our Commissioners would furnish Mr. Thornton with five or six pick and- shovel hands, to fill up the holes, clean out from under the dry bridges and work where the machines can’t, you would see quite an improvement. Where the roads need work the worst, the machine can’t do it any good, where the road is pretty good the machine ■works nicely, visa versa. In Henry County have district OYERSF T se-and three .... v $9 tabs ye ■ THE JACKSONIAN. places fixed at tiie County’s expense. A bridge might break in, a dry bridge ehoke up during a heavy rain, or a washout m the road, and it ( might be six months before the road gang would get to it, and a little work would save expense and the road further damage. Their duty also is to have the holes filled up, this is proving satis factory in Henn , why not in Butts? I don’t think any pro gressive man would argue for a moment,' that this new pro cess isn’t better than the old, if properly managed. It is to be hoped that our Commis sioners will furnish Mr. Thornton with those shovel and pick hands, appoint some district overseers, begin pul ling more hills down and widening the roads, then we would be on the way to good roads in old Butts. •v " • '"A x iiCpo Jie will understand me, in the spirit I have made the above suggestions, and the editor will find space in his most val uable paper for this or any other article on the road sub ject, who may choose to reply to this as a criticism or en dorsement. A Tax Pay hi:. HEAR THE CHOIR AT BAPTIST CHURCH. It is quite a treat to worship at the Baptist church. Besides the good preaching, the singing nowhere can be excelled. With Mrs. S. 0. Ham, an artist indeed, presiding at the piano with that grace and ease as only she pos sesses, accompanied by S. H. Thorn ton with his cornet, and Misses Net tie Gray and Hester Jarrell on the rlolin, the renditions arc enchanting, even, to a soul intoxication The choir is composed of Mr. and Mrs. E. 0, Pain, Mrs Bernice Bishop, Mrs. S. H. Thornton, Misses Bessie Ham, Grace Jarrell, Dollie McKibben, Wil lie Cooper, Messrs Otis Ham. W. T. Gibson, Jim Ethridge, J. H. Mc- Kibben and L. L. Ray. The singing 0 f th® ohoir bespeaks of rare talent and well trained voices. Mr. Pain in his solo renditions does credit for one of the very rarest talents for song. His voice is soft and mellow and full of expresß’on. Rarely is there ever found in unpaid choirs the voices as heard in the Baptist church choir. No one will regret the hour he or she spends to worship there. In ad dition to special mention made of Mr. Paine, we would feel that we had not spoken the whole truth without specially mentioning the talent as shown in the voices of Mrs. S. H. Thocnton, Mrs. Bernice Bishop and Miss Willie Cooper. * * OASTORIA. Br* tho J HaVB * l>>3ifS JACKSON, GEORGIA. FRIDAY, APRIL 26th 1907. COL. HENRY FLETCHER AND LADY HOME FROM ARIZONA. The multitude of friends of Col. and Mrs. Henry Fletcher are delight ed at their arri ?al home from Arizona where they have been spending the winter. Hoping it would improve the health of Mrs. Fletcher. She is much benefitted, but owing to the severe winter and many sudden changes In the temperature, the improvement is not so marked and satisfactory as was hoped MR. A, cTsiiT D*IES AT HIS HOME NEAR FORSYTH. The many friends of Hons. A. H., E. L., and R. L. Smith, our esteem ed and worthy fellow townsmen, will be pained to learnof the death on last Saturday of their honored father, Mr. A. G. Smith of near Forsyth Ga. Mr. Smith, the deceased had been in fee ble health for two months past, but was fast recovering his strength ard usual health. His family had thought him entirely out of danger, and acting on this assumtion, Mr. A. H. Smith was in New York City at the time of bis death, was not per. mil ted, by reason of inability to reach home in time to be present at the fu neral services. The deceased had lived to the ripe old age of seventy seven years. He was born iu JasperCo. Mar. sth 1830. In the year 1852 he was married to 'J 1 .” T' n P l *.in' l zee who i° to mourn the departure of her protec tor in young womanhood, middle and old age. Mr. Smith was of the old school of southern man hood. He followed agricultural pursuits of life and was a success as such, and won the confidence and love of all those who came in touch with him. Non were his enemy and all who knew him loved him. When we are reminded of the enviable char acters and the worth of their lives, for honesty and integrity of his scions, our fellow citizens, Asa, Lee and Ru fus Smith, wo catch an idea of the noble and lovable character of the de ceased. Ho was not very well known in Jackson, as he rarely ever came here. His death was quite uneXDec ted. He had I ft the house to walk about the premises and dropped dead form heart failure Mr. Smith had reared a large family of children, all of whom are forging to the front in their respective callings. His chil dren living are Asa H . Rufus and Lee of Jackson Ga , Jas. M., Willis F. and Olin, of Forsyth Ga.,Mrs. E. P. Hunt and Mrs. W. B. Griffin of Griffin Ga., and Col. E. M. Smith of McDonough Ga. Two children are dead towit: Fannie having died March 71111879 at the age of twenty five and Harris dieing at the age of thirty three in April 1890. The remains were interred near the home of the deceased, at the family burying ground, on Sunday afternoon amid a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relative^. Going from Jackson to the funeral were, Lee Smith and wife, Dr. R. A. Franklin and wife J. B. Settles, Uamp Daughtry, Jack Curry, Joe Leach, W.T. Powers, R. N. Etheridge and wife, Willis Morrison, Clarence Cumpton, Sasnett, Crum end Rufus Smith and wife. The Jacksonian extends sympathy for the bereaved ones. "T- *—* Hypodermic injection was discovered by Majendie. . Morphia Is perhaps the most familiar drug so used. But the variety of is very great, and there are numerous cases in which life would certainly be lost l£ C- - ■=*= ~ way of medicating the jaUrat ezwqgt ttarevgfet&a wwtfc. SPEAKERS AT LOCUST GROVE INSTITUTE COMMENCEMENT. The following pupils of Locust Grove Institute have been awarded places on the Commencement pro gram. SPEAKERS. Misa Elon Tolleson, McDonough, Ga. Miss Leone McVicker, Locust; Grove, Ga., Miss Lizzie Mae McDowell, Monticello, Ga. Miss Clyde Adams, Fayetville, Ga. Mr. Elton M. Chap man, Lithonia, Ga. Mr. J. K. Abney, Conyers, Ga. Mr. P. L. Johnson, Dub lin, Ga. Mr. N. H. Burch, Rentz, Ga Mr. S. R. McDaniel, Conyer*, Ga. Mr. Paul M. Cousins, LutherHville, Ga. . DEBATORS. PHTLOSOPHIAN SOCIETY, Elton M. Chapman, Lithonia, Ga. Claude Grimes, Newnan. Ga. PHLOM ATHIAN SOCIETY. Carson Farmer, Palatka, Florida, Paul E. Lester, Conyers, Ga. A CARD OF THANKS. In view of the fact chat our neigh bor* and friends have been so kind to m in my long spell of pneumonia, we feel constrained to offer them our heartfelt thanks for their kindnef s toward us, and also Dr. J. W. Harper for his faithful attention to me in my sickness. G. S. und Mary Thompson. — 1 ♦ UUIIS UUUftiY SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. Butt# Cos. S. S. A. will not meet at Stark as previously announced, but will convene at Worthvillo, Friday May the 3rd next. Let this be an nounced from the churches on next Sunday. R L. Carter, Secy. THE \SKEETERS WILL GIT YER! DON’T you need a # LAWN SWING, or JOGGLIN’ BOARD? • The ’skeeters J jgJP*will git you ef you don’t have u s to - screen your house! JACKSON LUMBER CO. Contracts of all kinds. VERY LOW RATES TO NORFOLK Va. and Return Account Jamestown Ter-Gentennial Exposition Via SOUTHERN RAILWAY. Season, sixty uay iu.d iilictii uay heads on taic daily com* mencingApril 19th, to and including November 30, 1907. Very low rates will also be made for MILITARY antl BRASS BANDS in uniform attending the Exposition. STOP OVERS will allowed on Season, Sixty day and fif teen day tickets, same as on Summer tourist tickets. For full snd complete information call on Ticket Agents South ern Railway, or write: J. C. Lusk, Dist, Pass. Agent. Atlanta Ga. A CARD FROM DR. J. E. HANNA. I take this occasion to no tify the public that I have re tired from the practice of medicine and wish to thank all for their liberal patronage and confidence reposed in me while engagd in my profession, I expect to devote my time to the drug business, and will serve all honestly and intelli ligently, having been in the business over twenty years. Will give special atten ion to the needs of my brother phy sicians and the filling of their prescriptions, and solicit their patronage. s Respt., J. E. Hanna, M. D. J, L McELVANY, The many friends of Mr. J. L. Mc- Elvaney, the popular lumber and plaining mill man, will learn with pleasure that he has discarded his crutches, and now, with the aid of a walking cane, is at his usual place of business with the Jackson Lumber Cos. SOUTHERN RAILWAY SCHEDULE FOR JACKSON. T.oeni Dasseng< ' pass th < iJepot. au Die tunes mentioned below. NORTH BOUND. No .7 9 :57A. M No. 15 2 :32P. M, No. 9 8:48 *• i SOUTH BOUND. No. 16 7:88 A. M No. 8 8:08 P. M No 10 8:08 ‘ - -- * Tax Recivers Notice*, 2nd Pound. Will be at the following named places on dates given below, for the purpose of receiving State and County tax returns. TANARUS, I*. Bell’s Store April 22 in forenoon . Kinard’s store, Apr 22nd intlie afternoon. Klgm, Jlarnmouu’s store, April 22nd in the forenoon. •Indian Spgs, Apr. 23rd in the afternoon. Cork, April 24tfi in the forenoon. Flovllla, “ “ “ afternoon. Dodsons store apr 25 forenoon. Stark, April 25th in the afternoon. Worthvtlle, Apri 1 20 in the forenoon. Finclierville. “ “ afternoon, Jenkinsdburg, “ 29tli all day. In Jackson every Saturday till hooka close. G. E. McMhiiael, Tax Receiver, NUMBER 17