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The Butts County progress. (Jackson, Ga.) 18??-1915, January 02, 1907, Image 1

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BUTTS COUNTY PROGRESS VOLUME 26. CREDITORS Of J. E. Reeves Cos. Held . Monday. No Final Conclusion, is Reached, However,- fleeting: Adjourns Until Jan. 9—Mr. Reeves Present at Hearing. A meeting of the creditors of of the J. E. Reeves Company, of Vaughans, Griffin and Jackson, was held in the office of Referee W. E. H. Searcy, Jr., Monday at Griffin. At this meeting unsecured creditors proved claims of some eighteen or twenty thousand dol lars. i Doughter.y Ward <6 Little, of Atlanta, claimed to .have se cured claims of about SIB,OOO. Between four and five thous and dollars of fertilizer claims were not proven. The receivers reported that the stocks at Vaughans, Griffin and Jackson invoiced at $32,000, and that there were notes for about SISOOO but could give no value to the notes. On account of the condition of the books, They could give no idea as to the accounts. J. E. Reeves, president of the firm, was present at the meeting, and made a statement in which he said the failure of the firm was caused by poor collections and a depression of the creditors at a time when he could not real ize and meet the obligations of the firm. Thos. J. White was appoited trustee. The meeting adjourned at 3 o’clock. —Griffin News. WHILE LITTLE ONE SLEEPS GAT SUCKS ITS BREATH Gainesvslle, Ga.,—That the breath of Maudie May, 3-month old infant of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Emmett, who live just on the outskirts of Gainesville, was sucked by a pet cat. causing fhe death of the infant, is the firm belief of its parents. Last night v/hen Mrs. Emmett retired, she put the 3-month-old twins in the same bed with her. She put one on her right side and one on the left side. Sometime during the night she waked up and found the house cat with its face close to the mouth of the infant on her left. She instantly pushed the cat away and knock ed it off the bed. With her left hand she felt of the sleeping infant, but when she touched it, it failed to move or CHILD Accidentally Killed by Pis tol in McDonough. flothet Was Rocking Son to Sleep as Young Lady Toying With Pistol, Fires It—Had Pistol in Cloak Pocket. Christmas night about 6 o’clock Miss Minnie MeGaritey, while out serenading with a party of young people, about four miles east of McDonough, accidentally discharged a pistol at the home of D. G. Lane, the bullet striking the nine-year old sqn, Leon, the head, inflicting a mortal wound from which he died at 2 o’clock Thursday morning. Miss McGaritey had on an overcoat of Jack Turner’s, and he had a 32-caliber Smith & Wes son hammerless pistol in the the pocket of the overcoat. The the young lady knew nothing of the mechanism of the pistol and pulled the trigger of the pistol with it pointed towards the head of..the boy, who was sitting in. his mother’s lap as she was rock ing his mother to sleep. The bullet struck him in the top of the head on the head on the right side and it ranged downward, coming out on the left side just back of the ear. The accident is greatly deplored by all. Both the young lady and the young boy are members .of two of Henry county’s old and highly esteemed families. —Con sritution. I would like to have about four boarders. J. C. Adams. LITTLE FELLOW FALLS AND SUSTAINS SERIOUS INJURY Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Roberson's friends are pained to learn of the serious accident that befell their little eighteen-months old child on last Saturday. While playing on the flower stand he fell, injuring his spine and causing partial paralysis of the right side. At this writing he is a little better. show any sign of life. Instantly she arose and lighted a lamp. To the great horror of Mrs. Em mett she discovered that the life of the twin baby on her left was cold in death. She instantly aroused her husband and help was summoned, but the little one’s heart had ceased to beat and it had psssed into the great beyond. JACKSON, GEORGIA. THURSDAY'S** 2, 1907, REEVE£, / / jr Of R, J. Reevis Company Has Home. Claims That He Has Done Noth ing criminal and That He Always Intended to Come Back. Griffin, Ga., Dec. 28.—J. E. Reeves, president of the J. E. Reeves Company, with stores at Vaughans, Griffin and Jackson, who mysteriously disappeared from home several weeks ago, returned to Vaughans today, coming in on the Chattanooga train at 3 o’clock. He had writ tejji Judge R. T. Daniel that he would be here Monday to attend a meeting of the creditors of the firm, but came two days ahead of time. Mr. Reeves could not be seen for a statement, but it is under stood that he claims he has done nothing criminal, and that he always intended to come back; that he had business elsewhere, and didn’t see why he should stay here all the time. Mr. Reeves’ return will tend to greatly straighten out the af fairs of the firm, and the law yers say the creditors will be benefited. Mr. Reeves claims, it is said, that he came back with what l?e left with, which was nothing. He was seen by several of his friends, on the train, with whom he conversed most pleasantly. There has not been any warrant for his arrest, and will not be. Start the New Year right by subscribing for The Progress COUNTY’S EXPENSES FOR LAST TWO YEARS COMPARED A comparative statement of the disbursements by the county commissioneas for the years 1906 and 1907, as submitted by Clerk Joseph Jolly, appears below. Amount disbursed on public road fund for the year 1906, $11276.24. Amount disbursed on public roads for 1907, $6693.26. Amount disbursed on all other funds for the year 1906, $32073.62. Amount disbursed on fund for 1907, $17553.08, showing that the current expenses for the year 1907, has been run jon just about one half the expenses of 1906. Records from the county com missioners office January Ist, 1908. ' Joseph Jolly, Clerk, C. R. & R. B. C. THE BOY ' # / /> U ./J n Kills Himself While Han dling Gun. Sad Ending of a Christmas Hunt For Young Flemming John son, Son of J. W. John son. Flemming Johnson, ten-year old son of Jno. W. Johnson of near Blunt, this county, shot himself accidentally Tuesday af ternoon of last week, the shot entering his left side, ranging upwards and causing instant death. Flemming was holding a gun in his hands while his older brother, J. W. Johnson, and cou sin, Franklin Maddox, were cut ting down a tree in which they had previously killed a squirrel, the squirrel dying without fall ing from the tree. J. W. and Franklin did not see the tragedy as their backs were turned to Flemming as they cut the tree. It is not known just how the accident occurred. The body of little Flemming was laid to rest at' Mt. Vernon Friday afternoon. His death was a sad one indeed and is deep ly regretted by the friends of his parents and relatives. Jamerson’s Cold Tablets are guaranteed to cure your cold. 25 cent boxes sold at Jamerson Drug Cos Richmond, Va., Dec. 24.—The Christmas present of Mrs. Wil liam Luck, of Roanoke, to her husband today was two boys and and two girls at a birth; all doing well. PENSIONS WILL BE PAID QUARTERLY NEXT YEAR An important act to the Con federate veterans was passed at the last session of the general assembly. It relates to the pay ing of pensions. Beginning with 1908, all pen sioners receiving over fifty dol lars per year will be paid quar terly, viz: March first; June first; September first and De cember tenth. All who receive less than fifty dollars per year will be paid in full on March the first. Under the new law the or dinary draws the entire amount and pays it out, instead of re ceiving checks for each individ vidual pensioner. The Progress and Week.y Jef fersonian $1.75. -FARMERS Are Enrolling, For Study at Cotton School. Old and Long Experienced Cotton Raisers, Such as Hon. J. J.^O’-~ Connor and Hon. A. J. Mc- JTullan are Pupils Again. Twenty-one farmers from va rious sections of the state have already enrolled as students in the University of Georgia Cotton School, which opens on January 6th in Athens. In addition to these there are more than one hundred who have asked for information concern ing this school, and who state in their letters that they expect to come. It is quite likely that the greater part of the number will actually come. It is also quite likely that as many more will come who have not asked about the school but who have read of it in the various newspapers in the state. Among those who have already registered for this school are Hon. J. J. O’Connor, of Bartow county, president of the board of trustees of the agricultural col lege, and Hon. A. J. McMullan, of Hart county, a member, of that board. They are coming as students in the college over which they preside, because they are large cotton growers and are not too old to make every effort to gain new knowledge that will be of use to them.—Athens Ban ner. Watson’s Weekly Jeffersonian and The Progress one year for only $1.75. PROF. LANIER SAYS SPLENDID PROSPECTS EOR NEW TERM With two additional teachers the spring term of the public schools will open Monday, and a large number of new students are expected to be present. If all the new pupils can enter right at the beginning of the term, and be classified at ouce, it will be much to their advan tage. Let all the little first grade pu pils enter school the first day. It is hard to accomplish much with the little fellows thai come in a month late. There is splendid prospect for a good opening, and we hope to have splendid work throughout the entire term. Very truly, W. R. Lanier. Mrs. Verna Wright and her three little children, returned Tuesday night from a most en joyable visit to relatives in Atlan ta and McDonough. NUMBER i