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The Butts County progress. (Jackson, Ga.) 18??-1915, February 20, 1908, Image 1

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BUTTS COUNTY PROGRESS VOLUME 26. COURT Busy Grinding Out Civil Cases. Only a Few Verdicts Rendered Up to Going to Press—Many cases Yet to be Tried- Many Visitors. Butts Superior court convened Monday- The grand jury was promptly sworn in and charged by Jukge Reagan on the subject of intoxicants, concealed weapons and gaming. The judge charged that to these three evils most crimes could be traced and that if they could be abolished the criminal courts of the land would go out of business. Many cases were continued for various reasons, but the court has been busy and will probably work on the civil cases through Saturday. These cases have been tried to date: Kowles vs Knowles, judge ment for defendant. Mallett and Nutt vs B F Wat kins, verdict for defendant. C B Biles vs H L Bledsoe, judgement for plaiutiff, W E Watkins atty for plaintiff Henry Heintz & Cos. vs C A Pittman, verdict for defendant, The plaintiff in this case repre sented a Northern cotton ex change, and eleven of the jury men are members of the Farm ers Union. FUNERAL OF MR. J. 0. BEAUCHAMP On last Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock the funeral services of Mr. J. O. Beauchamp were held at the Methodist church and con ducted by Rev. S. P. Wiggins. The pall bearers were Messrs. T. A. Spencer, H. Thurston, J. R. McCord, S. H. Mays, Preston and Brownlee. Although the weather was ex ceedingly inclement the church was crowded with sympathizing friends and relatives.. NOTICE. By request of the directors of the Farmers Union warehouse, I hereby call a meeting of the stock holders to meet at the warehouse the 3rd Saturday in March, at 2 o’clock p. m. to discuss the ad visability of converting our ware house into a bonded warehouse. S. J. SMITH, Pres. JACKSON R. F. DJO. 2 Everybody is courting this week —some have to and some ror the fun of it. Quite a lot of Valentine Draw ings and social politics this week too numerous to mention. We would like to know what the attractions are at Stark that keeps Messrs. Troy Thomas and Harvey Hodges up there so much. As they tell it on ther bovs, they board at 'home and live at Stai k one half the time, at least and ot course, every Sunday is throw n in extra. We got an eye on you, boys, but say go your route. Mr. D. M. Thornton, of Jack son, Eloise Jones, of Stark, spent last Sunday with Miss Bessie Maddox. Mr. John Thaxton. with Miss Rosa Reeves visited the rami y of Mr. H. M, Reeves last Sunday. The wind last Friday blew the house which S, H. Ala} = was having built off the pillars, not tearing up the framing though. funeral services over BODY OF MR. CARMICHAEL Funeral services over the body of Mr. J. R. Carmichael were held at the residence at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon. Rev. James Bradley, pastor of the Presbyterian church, of which Mr. Carmichael was one of the strongest pillars, conducted the services. The pall bearers were Messrs. L. M. Crawford, Lee Smith, J. H. McKibben, H. L. Daughtry, S. 0. Ham and J. T. Fletcher. In what deep and general af fection Mr. Carmichael was held the large number of friends pres ent at the service and the number of floral offerings bore beautiful testimony. The casket was laden with roses, carnations, violets, hyacinths and the earliest spring blossoms. In their bereavement, the fam ily have the sympathy of the en tire county. The following lines are extracts taken from a letter written by Mr. J. R. Carmichael previous to his death and which he desired published: “My loving devoted wife and my loving and obedient children: “As to my estate, including life insurance, after paying all my debts, it will be worth about $70,000. See recent statement made Bradstreet & Dunn. “Keep Victor in college, and continue my policy to Sister Mary. “In my early school days, I came near drowning twice. From my experience then, I think it is an easy way to die. Hence, you will find, if I am not thwarted in my design, my body in McCord’s mill pond, near the dam. “Please keep the original, but have copy published in each of the Jackson papers, and send one copy to the Atlanta Journal, to be published before a false state ment can go out to the public.” On the door of the First Nat ional Bank, Mr. Carmichael re quested, also, that the following in his own hand-writing, be post ed: “2-13, 1908. “The affairs of the bank are in good condition. , “Depositors and stockholders need not be uneasy. ‘‘We have some past-due notes due the bank, but knowing the people as I do, I don t think there will be as much as SSOO which will not be paid. ‘‘J. R. Oarmichael, Pres. “Paste this on front door of bank.” Mrs W. D. Jolly went to Jen kinsbiirg last Sunday for a few days visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Glass. Mr Harvey Hodges returned one day last week from a pleas ant visit to relatives in Monticel lo. Mr Watkins is erecting a new tenant house on his farm near the Beauchamp place. Mr W. M. Thompson of R. W. Mays' & Cos. of Stark, went to Atlanta Wednesday. Mr W I. Moore moved last Tuesday to his father's, Mr. I. C, Moore, at Hodges mill. Mo ° ’ Rough Rider. NOTICE. Mr J. R. Carmichael’s guano business will be conducted by >. W Carmichael with office at the wun him for collection. JACKSON, GEORGIA. THURSDAY, FEB. 20, 1908. FLOVILLA NO. 1 Correspondent Sends In Newsy Letter. Short and Snappy Paragraphs About People and Things In General—and riany of Them. Mr. R. E. Lavender spent Sun day at Cabiness. Mr. A. H. Lavender was in Jackson Wednesday. Our school at Union continues to grow. There are 33 enrolled at present. Misses Lizzie and Mollie Moss entertained a few friends last Thursday evening* Miss Bell Smith spent Tuesday night with the family of Mr. T. E. Fears. Mr. Van WhiteTspent Thurs day in Jackson, attending the mass meeting. Ocmulgee river has been past crossing for several days, owing to the heavy rains. Mrs* Pope of Flovilla, is visit ng her daughter, Mrs. N. K. Vickers on No. 2. Mr. Cooper of Juliette will preach Sunday at Antioch church. All are invited to hear him. Mr. M. L. Freeman spent Mon day in Jackson attending court and transacting other business. Mr. O. D. Smith, with Glover and Albert, spent Sunday with his father, Hon. Wilson Smith. Miss Ida Lavender is expect ing to have as her guest next week Miss Daisy Tyler of Monti cello. Miss Bessie Waldrop of Jack son, spent the week-end with her paemts, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Waldrop. Mr. H. H. Vickers returned to her home near Monticello after a pleasant week Avith her sister, Mrs. Roy Dodson. Mr. Woody Lavender of Jack son, was seen passing through here last Sunday enroute to Jas per county. Mr. Chas. Maddox, whom we made mention of last week being confined to his bed with pneu monia, we are glad to note is im proving. Rev. Jack Kimbrough of Stark filled his regular monthly appoint ment at U nion last Sun day. The church called Mr. Kimbrough for the ensuing year. You can set your watch by No. IR. F. D. carrier. I doubt whether “Uncle Sam” has a man in his service that is more punct ual than J. S. Cummings. Colonels Duke and Curry have locked horns for the senate, which will be a very interesting race, if some old farmer dont butt in. The old farmer has taken a notion, when he wants anything to go after it himself and not send a lawyer. Let us put our convicts on the public roads of our county. I think this would be a better way to get good roads than by “bonds.” You anc just put No. 1 down against bonds. If our county is absolutely obliged to have money to pay our indebted ness, let us vote to raise it by di rect tax. We noticed in a past issue of The Progress, the February court calender which impressed me with the idea that Butts county MB. WISE TO AODRESS VOT ERS NEXT MONDAY, 24TH. Col. J. W. Wise, candidate for solicitor general of this circuit, will address the voters of Butts county at the courthouse next Monday at noon, February 24th. All are invited to hear him. CARD OF THANKS. We wish to express our heart felt gratitude to the many friends for their kindness and sympathy in our severe affliction, the death of our husband and father, J. R. Carmichael. May our Heavenly Father bless and keep ycu. He only can. Mrs. J. R. Carmichael and Family. CARD OF THANKS. To all those who were so kind in extending to us their assistance at the sickness and death our of husband and father, we wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation. The many little acts of kind ness on the part of our friends and neighbors were truly Chris tian and are inexpressibly appre ciated by, Mrs. J. 0. Beauchamp, C. 0. Beauchamp, C. T. Beauchamp, Mrs. W. A. Winn, RESOLUTIONS Passed by the Board of Directors of The First National Bank In Session Feb. 18,1908. Resolved: We as directors as sembled, do hereby certify that as regards the relation of Mr. J. Matt McMichael with this insti tution he is in possession of only (10) ten shares of the capital stock of this bank, said stock being the only stock of the in stitution which he has ever held or controlled, and that in the di rectors meeting held Thursday afternoon, Feb. 13, that he, J. Matt McMichael and the other members of the board who were present concurred in the sugges tion of the deceased president of the bank as regarded the only business transacted, namely : The calling together of the stock holders of the bank to consider an increase in its capital stock and that as shown by the min utes of said meeting on Feb. 13, there was no mention of any change of officers or policy of this institution. We deplore most deeply the grievous rumor which should name Mr. J. Matt McMichael other than a friend of this insti tution or as of a close and bosom friend of our deceased president. Signed: J. H. Carmichael, W. A. Newton, J. Matt McMichael, Directors. needed a city court. It seems to me the docket is far behind and no hope of ever clearing it with out seme kind of intermediate court. Now lam not telling the people they must have one, but it seems to me as a business propo sition, we need it. If the voter and tax payer will take it on him self to see he will find our Super ior court is causing Butts county yearly about S6OOO. Give us a well regulated city court and you will find it a great saving to the county. Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal and The Butts County Progress '51.50 a year. MASS MEETING Elects New Executive Committee Which Is Called to fleet at Court House Next Honday—May Set Date of County Primary At a mass meeting held Thurs day, Mr. A. H. Ogletree was elected chairman and Col. W. E. Watkins secretary. The meeting then elected the following executive commit tee: Jackson district —0 P Jinks, J M Gaston, T H Buttrill, W E Watkins Indian Springs—W B Dozier, M W Preston, W P Castleberry, Geo F Etheridge Towaliga—W D Compton, S J Foster, R D Ogletree. Worthville—L A Cawthon, A C Aiken, T A Fincher, Buttrill —T W Moore, W E Fos ter, R A Woodward. Iron Springs—W T Cawthon, 0 A Andrews, W M Andrews. Coody’s—J R Hammond, W W Leverette, O L Weaver, Dublin— B C Ward, C A Towles, Robt. Torbett. A meeting of the new commit tee will be held next Monday at 12 o’clock. All members are urgently requested to be pres ent. By order of A. H. Ogletree, Chairman. W. E. Watkins, Secretary. MR. PBWERS LEAVES FOR NEW YORK TO BUY 600DS Mr. W. P. Powers, the popular buyer of the well-known Jackson Mercantile Cos., left Thursday for New York and other eastern markets to purchase a full line of spring and summer goods. Mr. Powers is fortunate in possessing a splendid appreciation of the tasty, the odd, the unique and his many customers need not be informed that he will return with just the proper quantity and Suality of goods that will bring elight to his many customers. STARK. Miss Mervine Jones is spending this week at Jenkinsburg, the guest of Mrs. Russell Merideth. Miss Blanche Barnes was the guest of Dr, and Mrs. Harper Monday. Quite a number of ladies met at the home of Mrs. Sam Cook Monday afternoon and quilted a quilt for the Orphans Home at Hapeville. Messrs. Raleigh Giles and Ar thur McClure went t<J Jackson last week and became members of the Jackson Rifles. Mrs. Louisa Smith Lummus, of Jasper county, who has been visiting relatives here for quite a while, left Monday for a visit to Henry county. Mrs. Ed Hilly, who has been sick for some time, continues very low, to the regret of her many friends. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Maddox and little son, Lamar, of Iron Springs spent Sunday very pleasantly with Mrs. Giddie Cook. The people met at Macedonia last Sunday afternoon and reor ganized the Sunday school there. A large number was present, but we hope still more will come and help carry on the profitable work which has been started. Misses Bessie Kate Thomas, May Stwart and Mr. Troy Thom as, of Base, visited the teachers here Friday. -- Mrs. H. G. McClure spent Sa‘i urday and Sunday in Jackson. NUMBER 8