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The Middle Georgia argus. (Indian Springs, Ga.) 18??-1893, January 27, 1881, Image 3

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Middle Georgia Argus h r j W. P. SMITH, - . EDITOR. THURSDAY MORXIX(t JAN. 27, 1881. SPECIAL MOLIDAY OFFER TO MUSIC BUYERS. lor the Holidays, the Publishers ot the popular Southern Musical Journal make the following aston ishing offer: “To every one send ing them during the months of De cember and January, a Cash Order ior Sheet Music to the amount of *l.o(), they send the Journal Free nt Charge for one YTTir. Music Buyers can thus order such Music as they desire, and in sp doing will get tlie Journal Absolutely Free of Cost. An easy way to secure a valuable am] appropriate Christ mas <e’New Year’s (lift for some musical friend. A specimen copy ot the Journal containing $1,()6 worth of stamp. Address Rudden S: Bates' Southern Music House, Savannah, (ia. Bights Adjured. All busmess intrusted to niy care will receiye i lit mediate attention Cojleetnpns a specialty. Office at Uibson’s store,lndian spring,Ga. JuDe3i-U J. j\ Neal. J.P. itlulcs, iHulcs. 0r load of first class mnles just at r;vJ and on sale for cash at my lot foi the present. TowaUga Ga. R. L. Dagghtr .. UID E> I HID K 6 ! ! 1 will jay the marker price for all ki.pcj ot hides delivered r,t my shop all kind ot harness boot a.d shoe work sot jelled salittaclion guaranteed. li, (J Mjli tf Indian Jpnqg Ga. ATTENTION FAKiWEBS! Cheap fAiasio ! Mr. T. L. Williams is agent for tho sale of a forniaia and right to make a cheap and excellent fertili and ftl! the farmers should give it a trial and save money as the cost does not exceed five dob lars per tor. All wLjq know “Tobe” knows he is/not a man that would deal in a fraud. He can show rificates fiCtn reliable farmers who have trio'J/it with satijjfactmy re suits. Cjil on t.r address him at Indian S"7|Uig Ca. , if LkllFi{s (> ADMINISTRATION, — • ,state* of Georgia, County of Butts, To all whom it may concern, 31. V. MeKibhen of paid State having applied to me for letters of Administra tion with the will annexed on the estate ol Thomas MeKibhen lute of said coun y deceased, this is to cite all and singu lar the creditors and next of Kin :*f said Thomas MeKibhen to be and appear at •he March Term 1881, of the Court of ■ Ordinary of said county and show cause ; any thev ean why letters of Adminis ation with the will annexed •lumld -)t he granted to M. V. MeKibhen on 'homas MrKibbon's estate. Witness my hand and signature this die 25th day of January 1881, Jas. F- Cakmiciiael, Ordinary B. C. T. A. WRIGHT. Attosket ad Coonsilor AT I.AIT, Jackson, • • **'•*• Ofhcs at Court Home. Ail business entrusted to ids car '.vill receive prompt aiteniu i, a. ;uick relurus made. lectio aol claims a epee J y, Fees t ea 30ua'j’e ap.i4-ly W T- DOWGkASS " N. P. & EX. J. P. Indian Spring-, * - • ( Alt busietss int-usted io his f-a? m receive prompt attention and raLstaciior. ** Collection of claims closily looked after and prompt retains made. Cowi-i days thiid I. ondays iu e ch month. 'Qold Ab D ? ILVEF i • Watches ami chains of all grades, and aU the la est novelties in jew elry, silver wi r c for biiual presents, rings of all hit vis,engagement ring, a specialty. A. large stocky of clocks cheaper than ever before offered. Spectacles of all I inds in gold, silver, steel and rubber >ame* to suit all ages. Sewing machim inedlee, oil, attachments, etc., at A. LOWER S, ‘24 Fill St.? Griffin, Ga ocfc’27 4mwtd Fresh Arrivals. Ffesh Arrivals A. SciIiAJEbMAN WITH HIS THIRD STOCK OF FALL and WINILR GOODS At prices that pinbarrass my compeliiorß, ad cacse my cus tomers to i ejoice. One of the Special Fea tures ot my stock is a large ami varieo assortment of •w ioaks and Dolmans I have purchased the above at far Less 'I lian Their Actual Value. and promto give my patrons the benefit of ti e bar gain. Vlso, just received an utisuipassable stock of OR (jcl)01>!8. As 1 fiaye everything in this line that can be ached for from the Oheapesi io tlie high est Price. i would suue l*ai L have just received a beauti ful article ot olue silack Cashmeres From an Assignee’s sale, which I will offer at 45c. well worth 60c. Jusi received a large quantity of Woollen Shawls, Sacques and Opera Cl inks. And remember I um the o< ly one who keeps Hand Kni Work. Just received 200 Overcoats At pricls ranging from $2.50 to S2O each, no one of which can be purchased in the iStaie at the price for which I olloi Ifiiem. Just received. ) 200 (Suits of Clothes To fit any and every size, ad Iprices, some of them being the greatest bargains ever tigered Fn Griffin. In conclusion I wouj-t s<>y that this, my iiiJTiD FALL and WINTER STUCK. is, if possible! more complete tud a* Lower Prices Thau any I bavo heretofore pruehased, and you will be ply repaid if you will only cowe and examine my goods before buying elsewhere, —I have an efficient force of polite sale-men who will al ways be pleased to show you through my stock and give you every attention. Remember mv motto— SCHEIMiIAN C ANNOT PE UNDER-. LD. Improved Excelsior CUKE YOUT f B OK ‘ .Vi i*. And Ml and senses of the Kidney,B a der and Urinary Organs by weaving the IMPROVED EXCELSIOR kidny pad It is a Marvel ol Healing and R ii t SIMPLE, SENSIBLE, DIRECT. PAINLDSS, POWERFUL. It cukes where all else fails. A rev elation and revolution in Mid - cine. Absorbtion or direct applies tion, as opposed to unsatisfactory internal medicines. bend lor our treatise on Kidney troubles, sun tree. Sold by Druggist, or sent by mail, on receipt, ot price,s2 Address It’s is the OvLY'LUN i l Ai> 4 U. Original and WILL I\> S i’L ■( K Genuine Kid. Lu m-ir. ney Pad. Ask -'-.tL. for it and take *o other. #s o li.’-w*-.* At wholesale in Atlanta, tin., !4un;iv, Rankm A* Lamar. 7 *SPAViN CUREfII KENDALL’S SPAVIN CURE. Tbcnioht successful rem niy ever discov ered as it is certain in effects and dees not blistor. Read proof below. Frosts Kev, P. N. Granger, Presiding Elder of the St. Albans District. St. Alban, Vt., Jan. 20 1880. Dr. B. J. Keadall & Cos , Gents ; —ln re ply to your letter 1 will say that my ex perience v.’iri£ Kendall's fepavin Cure* has been very sbtisfu jtory iprieed. Three or f.ur years ..go 1 procured a bottle of your agent, and with it, # cu>ed a horse oflamc uess canaed by a Epavui. Last season my, home became v, rv larpe and I turned him tu* for a levy wtpks w hen he became let i er, bvt when 1 put him on the road he grew wo;se, when i discovered that, a riugboue was tunning, 1 procured a Lot tie ot Kendall’* Spavin Cure and with than a bottle cured hun so that he is not laue, neither can the braucb be founJ. Resptcttull youre, P. N. Granger. Perseverance Will Tell ■Stoughton, Mass., March Kith 1880. Dr. i>. J Kendall k Cos„ Gent.-; —In- justice to you and myself, I think 1 to let yoa know that 1 have re moved two bone spavins with Kendall’s spavin Cure, cue very large one, don’t kuow low long the spavin had been*there 1 have ow.ned the horse eieiip months. It took me tuK nunths to take the large one off and two tor the small one. 1 have used en bottles. duo Uc-'ise is entirely well, not at -ill stiff an J no ouncfl to .ha, seen or fdlt. This‘is a wonderful u.pjicine, li is a lied tin !g he hut if 'it uous fjr all what it hi. s done lor uiu its syle will be v e'y grea:. . li. spec . •.lly y ours, Chao. K; Parker. KeiHlali’s Ci . Keiles’s lsl.nd, Eric Col, Ohio, March 28ih, 1880, Dr. B. J. Ken tall & Cos, Gents; — 1 nave used your Kftudall Sp ivia Cure on a bone spavin and am pleased to report that it his taken tho enlargement completely oil'. It took only one bit Lie to perform Lie ■jure. I . m confident ir it is properly usod it will do till you claim for it. Yours truly, C. M. Lincoln. statement .fiude IJiitiei* Oath, i'o Wuoji It May Concern.—ln the yeai 1875 1 trsateil wihj. Kendall’s Spavin Cure, a bone sp .vin cf tevveral months growth, nearly halt os tar e a?, a hen’s egg, i.ud Completely stepp U llieUanienst'S and ig. the eulargalrnout, 1 Jirve worl’ed the ii\ors© e\dry since Vcpy hard, am he nevurhhrs been lame, not could eve:- see any ia the of the ho3r. jciuts f since 1 tieaLd him with IvrhdaL’fc & t'eb. 2-yt; ‘ i bworn and Subscribe ! to be.ore me G-i* 2AtU day .f Krb. A. D. ItiTJ. <... A. John G. J ENisE, Justice f tho Pe tc&U SpaviA Cute oa ihe a.titsii Fi(**a. Patten’s Mills, Washington Cos., N. Y., February 2 1st, 1878. B. J. Kendall. M. I),, Dear Sir—The particular case on wiiich I used your Spav in Cure was a- malignant eakle spavin, wl t >teen moa jlis’ standing. I had 119 1 many things, but in vain. Your Spavin Cute put the toot to the ground aga/n, ami for the first lime s : nce hitrt. iu & ant ural position. For a family liniment 11 exeeU anything we ever useu: Youss truly, Fey. P. M. Bell. Paster M. E, Church, Patten’s Mills, N. Y. Keudall’s Spavin Cure is sure In ils ef feels, uiild 111 its action 4s it does not blister, 3et it is peuet rating and poweidju to reach every deep seated pain or to e aiv-ve any. bviiy gi ovviii qr other enlarge ment, suca as sp.teuiS, tpiin s. urbs, e i- Lous, spruius, spellings and lain lie s 4. and a t eniai geincuts v f lue joi is or limbs, u rne.niiiisjn iu aian and for ;>uy juiq.-js i'i v. ii 10ii a 1 uut.eui- is us-'d f.*r in n r „e ,s* it s no**" kuo-vu to be u • e l !in - ai t 101 man evp.' used, aqiing uiiti n ,e> c tiaiii ;u a tfieyis. bend i-d. esß tor must rated Ciica.-* tve gives p> siuve 1100! ot i t ..i t .is. No ; eased.. n s ever me 1 w 1 a .11 seh equ ' .lied sues-ss to our knowl djfo. to: bt.4 > • ' w .il as iu 1 1. Pr e 1. ,-v! ov.! ,or 6 botiL s far £O. ill L* ugg* •' n '* jt or Ciu gel 11 foi jon 1 it >vll. s-.. to any aadresf 01. , 1 oi j . neb; *:h pro/-rittors Uk u Kkndadl ( 0,, Luob-nigh YaiJs. Vt L i-i u..-kii- X Laiuur. ag'Utg. At ui'. 1... julyd'd ' " ".Vs. KIDNEY PAD GRAND DISPLAY —OF— PTAPE AND pAJ^CY —AND GROOEBIES v () r stock is im mensi), our Cl od of ihe best quality, our prica s ore the lowest, and o it- must auu will be disposed of. , x mne our stuck, Vt <- warfthn y u the lowest prices Kl . ull A. Me. ONS no’ IC 1\ Jack Mill. Ga. ft* C|l /V Sot |o be paid for until Machines are Apeats Don't Take Tlietn If Wot Better I'l n Agents Wauled Any You fiyer Had. Wanted In every In everv To**". THE imEW L GHT RyNiylNQ Ta-'i.. (owbination Sewing Machine. The Lowest-Priced First-C ass New Sewing Machine Ever Manufactured, A Combination of All the best principles of a Sewing machine, None better made by any company at any price. A Machine you can depend upon every day you use it. A Faithful and Reliable Family Sewing Machine in every dense ot the word. Price only §20,00. Perfect io every feature, complete in ail its details and without. tl;e faults of nit'itty other u;*e >i:n\ strong ami durable it will stand the roughest usige an-i continuos wear without b coming cut o< order cr requiring any repairs, and will last untill the next'century begin-. Is stf.i<jiby miuo upon souu 1 pi-iuei;.les and so simple and easy it is a pleasure, to ran ir. Easy to learn esy to man age, and ALWAYS READY TO DO ITS WORK! All the working parts are nianu.a tutod from the best steal, aud are inter changeable; if one u ”t iv .sa ut or breaks, l'mm any cans.*, another cm be in serted c .<:v M **..iy. \V rkmauahl-. n’6ne as he best skule i labor cui produce, W tu' and no; .uie: ior goods. Every mueume snipped from factory in perfec/cond •iou, and tuoro&gbty warranted to wear for five years. A couipje'e set of'new attachments— .*n pieces—* ilruiui a; s. LLuders, Puckers. Quilters, lluffle s &c., for a . k:ads of vhU'a, g veu ‘i\e vwtu uiidiiue. Extra large sbui.ylfe, with'bobbins rh it bold V u ur 11 ‘l spool o. la. Tae most solid, reliable and satisfacory m .n ven. e*to • 11 Ivm sot Family Work, lr tl \ finest Carp rjc to Lett-hcr, ■' t>* .uud ot . jre: u. it does more wont at luss Cost aud abor than uu, other, adis t'; (Jocipest in the World. Tins machine, so sia.p>e poperlul aud yy ot! ' t ■ •• -'uajitsiu, is the most and (1 tr u>le, and t.- asiest Machinem t;.e iu l r.eo to iSeli—its merits recoin* mt ud it. t once. Machines sh.pped .o .icy j oiut ior examination beiore payment. A/.fcnts Territo'y will he gram \l Free, to good age its, Agents banted in localities not. ...* t ' ■i. Me?ci j ive Wanted iu every Hooks, with engeayia . ~cu m t, p. >oes, iu every Town. and speciiu us •*! s: m i? I -a app.i cation Town. dK)A to :iie otiice of tie Q.)A S4U COM hi a A i'iuN 6MVi:s>i VIAUIUNE, aug-t-ly" 7d7 i mum I way. New York, M. Y. V'.", r ../ -••; '.:}*& ■■ a f^ 7 Wfe'-:@MV§it #\ | f i lS:\!/^f ,i T^^®®^lP% The Eclipse leads the World For Reliable Excellence. TJfO CAMF | General Agent, Covington, Ga. Also Dealer in Saw IVlills, Separators, Cotton Grins. Ktc* Satisfaction fully Guarantee'! m every Transaction. *pri)2l-ly FINE C^^^^^^^^AGONS , OF— UNIFORM EXCELLENCE, Zjiglit 2 Stylish. 2 Warranted, 2 SAVE your MONEY, write for Catalogue and PEICE LIST to The Boston Buckboard Cos., BUOS.BOA.BP or MUBfiAY WAGON. NEW HAVEN, CONN. / •i ?j ..() j,:\SO.S ' , * *' ’ v < ? ?•* * f ' V. *p y CINCINNATI. - OHIO u This Company have just tinisi.ed cumpi le Ki ojj-i wih evv-ry facility ,l the latest i:tiproved machinery, *n<i are pu pared lo manuhtc are STANDARD Tit\ DE V E H ICL ts, Suc-i as Farm wagons, spring wagons, Platform wagons, Ludlow sSpring wage up, Parmer®’ Carriages {Standard Trade Buggies, L eg’S-ii iltUWrd. t iiligg'V etc, etc. Send lor dcsigUH aml pniu**. to KOGIN.-u . WAGON CU., ;;hlfj I It > (> . M ,r^FKw\^. r\ ii'iL c_ p A Cares oy ABSORPTION (Vifure’s wav i a LUNG DISEASES. C ALL Tdiovr Dl>E\SE>, / BREATHING TROUBLES- It drives into the system curative agent and healing medicines. It draws from the diseased parts h p i -'i.s i hat ea i.-e death. >• - iIOUSANS i E.STIKY TO ITS VIRTUE^ Von Can b* It tl loved mid Cured Uon’t despair nndi you havo trie t thb Seusib.e, Easily Applied and radio lly effectual Remedy. Sold by Druggist, or sent by mail on re ceipi of Price, $2,00, by £e* and for testi- THE “ONLY” LUNG menials and our PAD CO. book, *‘T hr e e WILL AMS BLOCK. Millions a yc*r r DLTRoI l\ Mich Heui free. yC!'27'*3ai OSBORN & WOLCOTT. Mauutecturers of the wgia ott COTTAGE Gil \JUS, Dealers in A F UR N I T URJ| Griffin, Ua This chair has stood ud years ard non. \ full liiic t;f furuH on haiul Will keel -r."ck be Gtiiid. k' |H 1 t' Ai'- :'( •• :'u'i , or ■ J ■ .1- life. ' V uhhA'fl i •.IU I v 'nyWiS'":.?-: Millinery At. and ■Ty Ti iftmiiiiig Depimuieiu I cannot be excelled in the S'nte m tiH particular. Now is th-• time in get tv H Nice Hat or Bonnet for litilo ■ Money. Also, r l RIBBONS, FLOWERS, FLATH* Eii3. &c. II TERMS STRICTLY CAS MB MIIS. A. LOWER. ■ 24 Hill St , '■ HOLMAN’S PADS CURE A THE ONLY simply TRUE by rtjQjMMRIM AbsorptionlfwJ Antidote. Trass Mark. Holman’s Acne* Liver and Siomack Pad-For MALARIA, AGUE LIVER and STOMACH TROD BLES. Price $2.00. Holman’s Special Pad— Adapted to old chronic cases. Price $3.00. * Holman’s Spleen Belt—For stubborn cases of Enlarged Spleen and unyielding Liver and Stomach troubles. Price $5.00. Holman’s Infant’s Pad— For ailments o| infants and children. Price $1.50 Holman’s Renal Pad— For Kidney and Bladder Compiainta. Price $2.00. Holman’s UteHne Pad— For Femalf troubles. Price $5.00. Holman’s Absorptive Medicinal Body . Plaster—The best plaster made-, porous on rubber basis. Price 25c, Holman’s Absorptive Medicinal Fool Plasters—Fornumbfeet andslug. gish circulation. Price per pair 25c. Absorption Salt—Medicated Foot Baths- For c Liiia, Obstructions and all cases where a foot bath it . needed. Per half lb. package, For sale by all druggists—or sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt or price. The Absorption Balt is not “mailable” and must be sent by Express at purchaser’s expense. The success of Holman’s Pads has Hi. spired imitators who Oifer Pads similar iq form and odor to the tbub Holmaws, saying, “They are the same, Ac.” Beware of alj Bogus Pads, only gotten up to sell on the repu, tation of the genuine. Bee that each Pad bears the green prtvats RfcVBNUB stamp of the Holman Pad Company with above Trade-Mark. If afflicted with chronic ailments send a con. else description of symptoms, which will re ceive prompt .and careful attention. Dr. Hodman's advice la "free. Full treatise sent free on application. Address, _ „ „ HOLMAN PAH CO., IP. O. Box 2,112) 63 William Street, NewTork, eIT AIR DTEIs the safes) and best; acts instan taneously, producing the most natural shade of block or brown; doe* not stain the skia;easJ ly applied. A standard preparation ; fr-vorlte upon every well ap. pointed toilet for lady or gentleman. Sold by all druggists and ap* plied by all hair dressers. J. CRBTADORO> . 03 William Street, Hew York. YeufiitSJi X J/ S?rr-*' WILL PAY BOARD, TUITI (0 f/J/ Tton, BOOKS A STATION. A ERY FOR 12 WEEKS AT THE &XJ X Business College. y (X (y Tor Colleqo Journal containing f full particulars, address, " ’ . TOLEDO, oma '-W Please u j where you *w this advertiaemeat. TKG LlfiHT-RUNifvd: STILL KEEPB THE LEAD! Because it is the simplest, most reli able, and best Sewing Machine ever In vented. It doe3 its work quickly, qv.! etly and well,and always Rives perfect satisfaction. It is the result of 25 years of patten-: ibbcr and practical experience by sc.: ik.llec ( mechanics. It combines the good j ointsof ) all other machines, wliU none of defects. There aro many Sewing Machines •Of merit In tho market, but nono arc-?' /jmplete and perfect in detail; nono possess the marked udraattpei and superior worth that have rendered the Nrw Homs so famous. It h* won tho confidence of all who hare seen It, being novr beyond doubt the most perfect Sewing Machine in tho market. AGENTS WANTED. Bead for Descriptive Circulars &e JOHNSON, pLARSC & CO. i 30 Union Poaare, 79. T. / ( hiesget *!*.„ *•