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The Middle Georgia argus. (Indian Springs, Ga.) 18??-1893, March 10, 1881, Image 2

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Middle Georgia Argus PCRLISHED EVERY Til CKSDAY I . MORNING. KNTKRhI) AS SK( C)Vt)-( J.\S* \| VI II It \T THE < l'0!T0I F|<T, \T TxiifW v l'i I\t., <A. INDIAN SPRING, GA., MUCH 10,18*1 LOCAL MATTER. Not. long since tin .my York Herald recei wxMbjO.OCif) a t iiigle advcrtisijLHcnt. Dr. Kobt Bryan h f *s ictijrned from New York and will iWiTnn* liis prae in .1 nek son. - ~ Joe \\ 1 1 itc cm i< red of St< wart coun ty killed Mr. D: Brown, near Lump kin, Kdunjay evening last by drain- witli picceof timber. Probably one of tlie most trying times in a man’s life is when lie in trolmces Ins second wile. 17 years old to his eldest and Tighter win* is past 55. * ' •• dm ojAidpird dl-elnred by the lees e£B*o*f the Western end Atlantic railroad sit their vee id meeting was live IhouHand for each snare. On twenty shares they paid out one hundred thousand dollars. 11. E. Hodge, Cambridge, Midi., says: —I liavtf l teen atllicteil#witli Asth ma for m:a. ‘.mi gUnly Lung I’ad" gave np i/flyut?<lj i ;>tV Olid. I can reccomcnd ir*'"* ~*tho'greatest remedy evd produced .—See Advert iscinetit. A Baltimore journalist has com mitted suicide in a tit of depression. It is a little curious that the Haiti more papers are not all victims of the same trouble ; but fjtev sc*m to smvux : *** . .it. - ■ —s -i flu* i f j\ by the lesseotl l f J:lic \Y ester and Atlantic railroad al tfieir' recent meeting was live thousand for each share. On twoty shares they paid one htm. died tlio Usand dollars. The 1 mjus?:, where {Sherman reeei\ fcd Jijlmsifcii.s surrender fifteen years Ago Was been converted into a town of .‘>,500 inhabiiaus and fartor ins 'naving $1)00,000 annual : reven us tax S" cl low tobacco has'done if. fke Itogcrs ol Henry county was aycidentTy killed while topping some trees last Wednesday. Me was. in the top of a tree, wdicn the limb broke, md.ict liii.i tall some twenty or ♦Turly feet ifcwati killed instantly Young trier ; hopld l*c earetul how thee candy around tor rfiylf ‘/s\Vt-Tricarl, It you want to give her a heart of candy, don’t leave it with a friend but walk up like a man and “face the. must* such busings wont do to trust to others young men. On Wednesday last ilnocnt curreu rnpittsburs ‘P-m : one ot -l 11<>>v1j<>rri able miilip the sym pathetic hearidHirk, A pnig. store in that city was burned, and with it £ight out ot' ten member* of a family living in it. Only the hither and one qhj.ld which he carried out in hi*ar tp? eaeapod, ■ .* - Wa'.-learn, tUsd, ripalt colored byv about 12 years of. ngy. v;as so rb pslx; cut by <p.e George Byars 4*)h4 : eit'C4Vthe premises of Mr. loc in this county, on Sunday qveiling last. This was a dcstard* act, as the perpetrator was a grown young man, and his conduct should receive the full measure, of tthc law. (M d k ‘hmnt u I -V py Itnndnek col ored Svite orohVman- ( vasor Hen drick col. who is well* known through this section as Preacher **Geasoi*” died on Monday morning Ip si,- her death will he regretted by Iter* rrtcc as well as by many white frien*ls v who yet entertain a warm feeling tor thymid aunties wlm served us so faithtnlty huthe ante I.KLLI'M times. Two important failures are announ ced that of Robertson Leslicfc Oo yr oprictors of the Troup faetorvand Z T. M anson, of Ilnmpten a dealer-in general meivhandise The most im portant of these is that of Robertson Leiliotfc Cos whose liabilities are esti mated at from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. The best estimates however put rhe {iadilities at l*rtw.oei| and: seventy tliou safcTdt>W ars which is principally due in Troup county. Pink Pratte was hung in Mariet ta on Friday last. in the presence of fully seven thousand |KOpit'fo* a- crime com* li it ted on the ‘24th: of August, ISso. t 'rioii that day litile Maggie Wat kUis. a twelve year old white child was brutally outraged and left upon tlie side of tlmroad iu an almost lileless condition. Fortunately life was not taken by the ruthless hand that despoiled the ehi<stity of the inoUensive child, auit when she again became wearily dragged her bruised body home and notified herparents<4*wh‘it*luul khjrpened to her. A warrant was issued Is was-' ;\r tri•! and convicted and o\,*- • . >•'— ——-1 - - eul. fi a .ihove statf-d he confessed hi.- guilt and warned all his fpends agaipst titling ash done. DIED. *•1- L. . <*n Sunday nii*hii ll ;• la a Mr . Mary t‘ol< imin. N I' 1 : 11 1 \i* wHe *d Mr. WiDon Giiii man. alter a f rig piotraeted term of >utTering. with •m u option breathed her last and pa-sod otiiet 1 \ mU-de. Lapps sja.- it land, she was buried at Sandy , Creek Church on Monday evening last atti lA'ed by a large binge of friends'. Rev. Mcßae <’ our- tewn '■ondnrtod the religiplM exorcise* in -ome ti rifely an feeling remarks. She was a eonsistatant follower of Christ and although’ she left a large family’ of little eHhwc’n to morn her liis'. We rejoioe ttokpow ante tool that. t heir loss ’is her trails arid the .one who has blessed her will bless the bereaved ones. V, WHAT <>F Ii A < ialeston man deposte.fsevi real thousand dollars in a j< cal bank and I l ew on it as’lid lieeddd IT. YeJfbriTaC he happened to meet his hanker md said rather excitedly : “You have overdrawn a* count by sevral hundred dollars. “Well suppose I did You owed me ten times as much tor ever so long T didn’t make a fuss'about it/. The depositor passed on leaving tlw' hanker on tin 1 sidewSrik nVa lazed cenditon of mind, WILL THERE BE AN.\liJ k T.. We have dieussed flu matter tyitli collie of i >1; v Citizi l- An lvijvnee to adjourning'the March te'i’ii’ ot our Superior ( ‘ouri riidll July 'add the general opinion’ Ys’ih; d it wasuwise leeisioii in Judge Stewart to ad joiiru murt in L.ors v ;h, and think j tortile sang* reason it shoidfl he. lone in Butts, as a majm jtv of the families have sickness of's.ouie kind, oesidi's tlie rarmers are lurtlier he tii> 1 wish their farm work than ov ■r knowai hefoiv. We think as our law makers see proper to adjourn to July to toast around the Kimball Mousy during 4 '' , i t t 4 the leisure season. <d hummer, to make our piws, vy <! t i ' , ;'. t ; kce Why i,ur farmers i annot te;hi mviuol 1 1 1 v P.oii'on House in their hjsure' time to execute the laws SHALL WE HAVE A RAI PER FARM. We find there is a strong senti inon in our county in favor of es- a ..pauner hirro and *ho question will occupy a consiihwahh* time before oiii next ujam’iF d-ury. \\s‘ uno4 lpuaim-tlu,. s.\ *tim works well in,Spi.pldiug county, as it is more tlipn sell.sustaining. W’c don t prctcipli to sav w hat would ly h( st, hi}t we do hope our .Grand Jury will give the matter their careful consideration, looking to tlii* benefit of eur. uj Kattmate citizen and the best pj- our tax payers, we sliould udver des pise the poor, and we consider that eharitv which enables others tojgdp themselves the true wav of lies tow ing charity, and it'the pauper farm will make a home w here opr needy ones can earn a support ;}n<] he happy ] ; :'t us have it. r J he Differeiii'u.g Tennyson can take a worthless; sheet of paper and* by writing a p^cm n it make it worth OOU. Tout’s oGonius At r , andei hilt cap write few-: erwords un a similar sheet a.pdm ;.k,\; it worth (HK)j(H jt), That s Cap- ; ital.— And the Fipt<;d.2tut*} cat] take i an ounce and a ipiartei: of geld ami i stamp an Kaglehird’ainl‘lhv entv Pollers. — r Hiat.s Money The mechanic can take-.the material! wor th fifty dollars mid m.ktv it iiito.a watch worth •'F4<K) That.s Skill The merchant can,hike an twenty five cents.. aut-sell, it to .mi for SIOO Tliat,s Business A lady ,an purchase a bonnet for ten dollars hut prefers to pay $-100 lor one.because it is more.stylish That.s foolishness The ditch diggr wofkten. hours a day and shovel- nut three or four tons of earth i< r one dollar: That.* Lndor. a p kai yv [LLE~\VO>f A Mrs. Sarah Ray, the lirst white woman who ever ventured into Pcadville. is to-day possessed of a fortune that pays her an income of s:*<>,(HiP- ;r yVipr Mrs. Ray has a hist on which. if ptrklrshcd, would read like'a rotusrmv. Fhc helped to tound HuOt v- of Lead v ill *e; tnapjied i *it romls and built houses and al one* Dime took in washing from Lead.vilk* miners,, To a re porter who interviewed, her recently she told how in Lra'dvillo she braved the danger and storms ol winter before there, were building there hi inhabit ; how fter daughter 'had to he wrapped irp iiV heavy blankets to keej> her f-ionr freezing, while she pursued the ft*k o* build iug.a hut. how, when- the place be came settled, she saw the land she had taken up turned.Ato a fortune, etc. owns kuildiiig* in Loud vi 11* tksit rent for 2/fff a month. She is- vi* W nO’ Md. weighs about? 11* v and nmdk;. juid ; id ruggc< 1. uvi * **hippi *: |or WILSON (’AETCItEh AND IN IKONS UEYONH ALL DoVBT. Tin* hiiig ahauiUiaement in Tia.Kouam l the 4-i.. arc of I '.*■ M il s.mi t*as(sil g?i*at i I'meilt. 'W. NVliut secured lm.x pture wy the |*lt>'i<graplis iiii 1 d.-a liption oi VS ilson \la vr < | '• t • Lf liooA .1 o>- ilic Cumlrv. Mfdi'hwhut tfnly eom in%ii'iii!. And even •i I son . nearest trieiwis-i'oinitiend the ZSl*tion of Mayor .L’oej'itt, {iiid say lice. , not have done li ' . The nogroes ktfvAv lull well that Ma.lor Corpnt’s ideas oi right, truth and itist ice, would cause u. to M il* son against all U'-atilf iViyn (‘iiemies, iinil would make it his cam* t<* sliiehl him troiii tin* hands ol passion, aud thf was eviilcjiced !>v the course Mayor ( orput tollo\vet, aud which tis sd highly ap provtai lv allot our citizens who knew it I Joe Wilson was by Thebalil, of ( ‘luittaluvichee eouiAy, in the town of Apalachicola. Florida.‘jnst as D>v was ,;i the eve of embark tXg on a li tuber vessel hound for Kostoivi • lie was j*!ac t'd op a boat plving between Apalachico la and Columbus.’ Ga.. heavily ironcil and well guarded. When tin* boat touched at l’.ainbndge Mayor t ’orput was Tetogi iplied the ahoveand additional fact by t!c MKivor of Hainhridge and others. VLivar (’orput replied t< *ake W ilsoii on to < ’olumbns. ~r Sheriff WYscott, of Hjhb, Chief of ro* lice, iJohn Hurlev. and S’ lu-itur Gerhral lla!<leinan. left last night’tor Colnmbns, and ore another issue o* tpe I Kl.l-s;ll.xl’H, Doe Wilson will be in Wir hands .and taken to Atlanta and confined in the jail of that town for sate keeping. lie will not piss through Mae:Jf at all. flic above are the only particulars. We are premitted to give before next week. WHAT A BOV KNOWS A BOLT Girls ar? nii'-st' i'caeeountaldest ’things lif ’Uif * wbi’ t Fd 1; - , -ex(*hpt wo ifieii. Like the v.p’kVd Ilea, when you’have tliern tj.oy ain t there. I can cipher clean the ijnprcn er transactions, ami the tt'aclier says 1 do first rate/ hi)i T can’t ci}>her out a gill proper ‘hr imnroper, and you ean.'t either.Tlici’ule i t the arith metic that, their evades is the dou ble rule of three : O golly, they can't stanb that. They as full of Old Nick as their skiiL eah hold, and they would die" if;AJiCv eould not torment somehoiL When they trv to he mean, they •ti*e as mean as pusly though th'e.v auYt as mean as they let on, exee\*t’ sometimes, and then they are H 4<>M Real fileantr. The only .way, t<’ get along with a . ii '* when s]ie cojnmto y;m with hep fuu|seVis:; is to uiv\ hyv - ior tat. and that 'will 'ftiiiumux. her ami when vou got a gnA Buminuxed she is its uieo as a pin. A girl can sow more wild oats in a week than a hoy can sow* in forty years, hut girls g<*t their wild- ipits sowed alter awhile/which hpys never do,' and fhßv settle dowi. c.ijt >1 • :”\;l php id Js a ii*u<Dpuddle. Bill I likg,the giViCfifVf rate,'and 1 guess SpL' the.ho):* *h, l don’t care how nuiny.tricks lljey pluyAm me—and they don’t (*are either. The lioit vttdl.yest girl in the world can al ways boil over like a glass of so da’. By and by they get into the i traces with somebody they like, and .piilLas steady as lip oid stagt* horse. /That is the beady "< J J yh ,• let : tlipm wave, 1 say ; tneywynl pay for : thpiii sonic ihiy, sowing <>n.huttons and trying to make a man out of a fellow they have spliced to and ten chances to one if they get tin* worst of it. O, 1 wouldn’t ]))e a girl for anyrhing-—I cried six months be i fore I was horn for tear I would he a gal and 1 haven’t quite gotten over it. Hi’m.-i boy. ' A MKRCITANTti (■vUvKKR. FI.OM KHHANI) ROY TO o;vt.d,lFA I.AHC.E We clip the follow ing extract, show ing the way in which son.e of our nier chalTfs liave risen,‘from an humble, non* remunerative, that of wealth and prominence: A few ye ears ago •. large drug linn ad vertised tor a hoy". " The next tiny tho store -was tlironghed. with applicants, among them a queer-lf joking little fel low, aecnmpaiimd by a woman, who proved mhe his aunt, in lieu of father less parents, hv whom fm had been aban doned. Looking at this little waif, the merchant in his store* said, “Can’t take him : plapes all lull; la jitjes, he is too small. 17 “I know Iyft,\g small, said the woman, ,‘lmt he is,>C]!jngand faithful.” There was. 4 twinkle. ;n the hoy’s eye which made thp merchant thfuk again. A partner in the firm volunteered to re mark that “he did not see that they wan ted such a boy—he wasn t bigger than a pint of eider,’’ after consultation the 1 m>y was set to work, A few days la ter a call was made on, the boys ill the store for sqifte ouc to st jy all night The pioiupt ti*spouse oi the Ujt-tle fellow eon trasted s*j well with tl’o. reluctance of others. In the middje r>f the night the merchant l*x>ked in t<> see if all was right in the store, and presently discovered his youthful protege busy scissoring la bels. “ What are y*m doing !” said he. “I did not tell you to work nights.” “1 kupw you difl not tell me s*r. but I ; ihougVJ might as well be doing some thing.’’ fn the morning the got orders to “ilimhJe that boy’s wagt'-', for he is willing. '* hdy a few w eeks elaps ed ly'toro a show of \vjll beasts passed through the streers, and. very naturally, all hands in store-i*n.'*s*ed t<> w itness the spectacle. A thief saw his opportunity, and orrrered tlw rare :fenr t< seize some thing. but in a twinkling found himself firmly clutched by the diminuttve clerk a tore sapid*, ami, after a.struggle, "as cap iirre'l. Not nly a r<>W>erv v, as jneven te,h. Wit x aluable artichis taken from oth er s were re* >vcKt ii. When asked by ?! <*tu(*:vhant why V • ,-tayed behind ■ v ’ i; i r . ;s T. I* :*oyAe-'y “You ,g*.? bevet to u?'*vn-’cite rhe wi-.ei? others wei; *-.-ent. f i *1 - ——• — -- - * . . Orders wore iiumematt .*v n once—“Double Hint buy y- *• bo is wiling uik! t"ail4iful.'' that l“*y in getting $2,-XXX and uoMt i r y.i* ary ho wifi liovome auuembor of tin r- • •*•' V FIHOHTFrr, <i’b w. e.y. i IN will! II UIK KDITOJ- fi Till-: <;i;ts painfi i!,v ’ 1U : H-N Hi >. ANt*THKH I.vrllil'NT WlfK’lf STIIKM> THKXS THK U! MI-AT yi vi ■ iikhi: is sum upm i\ 1 4 Dll KAM^, Op Thursdav night m-t Morgan Maddn.k who had his Teats;"* binn ed a lew weeks ago. hay ,i dream that jire broke out h. U e oast idom of the iiper story e| out* dwelling, and we were notifbu ot the fact, that jMr. Maddox ’was so forcibly impressed of iiidream tid'd’ he helij Ved it would actually Su eur. Inn we thought nut fifth 1 of it.' un til Sunday night .between the hours ot Si juuHt o’clock, little “Mamie’’ who is aho at seven years old. was allowed to go with snae'! brass hmij). "up stairs.' h.nyUK; purpose o{ seiyig her little Imu per (who is al way i afraid-of ' bugbears,/)-*to bed, and‘while the famdy Svith some visit jug ladies, was conversing around the fire-side they wen starti ed by the screaming -children who had allowed the 1 laze of the lamp to touch‘the combustible matter of an unfinLshcU inatross, and upon rushing Uj ijo scone, our e ves rested upon if scene that almost paralyzed our lie: txs'with fear, in the fright ful gh?ra ot light stood the little ones almost enveloped in flic flames that luaj reached the ovoj..hoad ceil ing, and • not ha ving the necessary ton‘thought', so essential in an em ergency, we grahed the burng mass in 0111 .UIIIIS without throwing any thing oyer the roaripg Janies, and in attempting to deeeiu*, .the stair way was >o seyereiy burned as to have to* throw fT *' whole mass down tii( steps., t hits* seat tcring the hre all") fie way fromwhere it first caught , into the IfaJ I below, at this oppmupe time \lis, Smith with a remarkable presence* of mind, threw a bed <piilt over the largest flame, thus sjjr 'thering jh until all the small er ones ’could 1 be kicked down in- to_ tlio hall and out into the yard, without further loss than painful burns, wlijic we write this the outside of the hands is almost a solid blister. It is a, remarkable fact that Mr. Maddox heard ilie alarm in time to help extinguish the flames just as he had dreamed, and tlu fh-e caught in the identical room. ayid whether their is anything in dreams u;\j * -we t hi> ’was a pppm kablo yaso, and the sercamang of the frightened children and screaks of.the (crofted ladies, .commingling with the roaring and lurie.i}' flames'made one of the most frightful scenes we,ever witnessed. TWO PREACHERS, Rev. Air. Ajuj 1 >en;v, a,, Presbvte terinn. iijiileister, and. U*,'v. ?Tr„ Swing; a Methodist circuit rider, stopped at a hotel in Little Rock, Ark. The two men had held union meetings togotbother and were friends. They had agreed to occupy thy same the same .loom, and when, they had been "shown a pleasant con versation on the general wad fare of the elmreli was UitrndyigeJ by Mul berry. "Acs,' said Brother Sassafrass Swing, placinghj*s lent nil tbe.rqjLijids ot the elpiir, and beginning the work of removing his tones, -it is good that preachers pf different de nominations take to eaeli other.” “It advances the eg use,” replied Mr. Mulberry Mtunoves the gos pel ear with more celerity for min isters exchange ideas.” “Mt. Mulberry, why is it vou al lers say minister? You ain’t as hameirof preacher, are von?" “I say minister because it is cor rect. I was taught at college to speak-correctly and I intend to do so. “IV-fcUi, the. iis}nnan. didn't have no such foolishness." “Ado. and Peter could not present tin' gospel as eloquently-and feel ingly 3? Paul." "Paul might have had’more hook learnin’ luit when you struck him on the subject of horse sense, Peter was the Captain. 1 have said it many a time, and 1-exyx'ct to sav it many g time.more-, a-ud I’m glad 1 never rubbed my back my back agin pw college wall.” “Tlpat’s intended as ailing at me,” said Air. Mulberry,.emphatically. “Anybody can discover the feet in a moment, Mr. Swing that you never rubbed' your head against a college wait/' "I can. jweach around yound you. all tho siwacJ ‘‘You couldn't preach a genuine serin.m to-sawvy>ur life.” ‘'Wi-fi 1 , IT! just l>ct you 1..”>00 bun dle* of fodder that 1 can preach the socks* right often you. And don’t you; forget it. I’ve rid a circuit too ng to he bull-raggen h,y a sclrof-4lmusc top knot. Ak: Alulberry’s face Hushed-. He 1“< krd at liis companion for tno ii‘*e -t. arose and. mi id • ' -ils.iivo *■' ,'ic .r • j j ' 1 ■--As -n •> i#y! Jlrotb • Sassafas S.Vprung/O his* feet, Ht'ked his slices on* id’ the wav, shoveV up his ghd ex claimed ; and . . Mdidn* wag 4 'no vnh you i hut vou have i- s-vi j: * ... *, •* f ; Vi*lll C;l] H']' - , ■•**•*• *'• The two men dived at ouch oilier. | Mr. Mulberry jammed his thumb [ in Swing s *-vcs andcxclaine u : “He ifipt hgtji eyes pi sp***|et him i seed * ■* • r Mr. Swim.* reach < around caught ' Mulberry’!- *Var b</fweon his teeth, I*and muttered ; * “Hu that hgfh ears j,; .pear let | him heard’ i la ported heard toe racket, rush ed info the room, ana attempted to seperatg the two men. j' ut Swing hit Idm in tin leg,— lyually the clerk and two drd.'n'iors rushed in and dragged the two men into the hall. “The mlediu:.tied brittf ! ' panted Mr. Mulberry ’The school house lop knot! puffed brotherSassaft-a.ySwing. “1 can fan the'-soeks otb i. him any time. ' ‘ ‘ It was eons idt red hest not t• > take tin* ea'c into e<*ui t. FISH TO Fin Henry Grady the bm-u vialcr in the South, wamlers tliro'itghs the market house* ot New York *.ity, ta king nott's of FpceudiditfSm from which we t*li| the f<*l]pwu g : The two big mtaiof Fujtu 1 t igaikct are Kugt'tH* Illaekt’onl, tip- )‘aogr‘.st Ifsii dealer in America, and Mr lbTjins, \vl;<> han fles more game T-tSa'n any man in the world. They are n< Ii dii< naires and ia\e both made t |*i|ltoii narket. 1 hmehe<d on vesferdav, with Mr. I’.laekl’oitt, h , ‘ sl,:<>\\*d me tlimugl) his iee vaults he hasdm’ns 1 11 >>n tons of frozeTi In can keep por t'd*'!y I‘re di For Vt-ars. i1; > y-. and t!trough an* ia' the vaults and Wm’-e la’ycr upon layer of saliiiotiV 'btuegvl'i, bass and mackerel I'ruv n lt.ini racks. “1 have a freezing station ill f ’-.pjadad he said. “\, hero lie .sai. e r y are In>zen is fast as t}i< y re er.uglit. f'hey are then jtackl'd in rhfrigeVatoj yes and sent Tiny iee vaults. \\ la n-u v arc want ad for ust, they an* pul old water — hot water woidd parHoiftoem before it thawed them —and thawed, out. “They ire then oerfeetlv fivsb jpA ite.r not a bit of fh’ vor. V * f “Can you. tve<./.e and keep j tliein ?’ ’ “All except spuyann p m.pano. They will not keep well. 4he Spanish mack erel —the best liso in Uy world —we han dle very carefully. i,s >‘ >u si i e.’’ and •juaiing anptl.ii i ;,aalt 1 saw iiiousands if Spanish, (.u.ii w rapped in a s*perate shueh of paper. tin some *ln.dyes.abn\e the mack<*rel T noticial ,h;c.o,!< afler j la toon of small tin buckets,’ T;.iking anydo\vn 1 onened , it.. y- . ;d u ’th y Stuff! with an olive' given enjoy like l>as ilicon ointinimt, Ip z< n m jTecilv Solid. “What is that.?; 0 ,1 ' ’ : '" “That is green turtle sou-*, needing nothing to tit it for fhe_ table Irnf to melt it, warm it and add a little wine. We sell lmmfVedsof these buckets' ‘daily.” In another vault wen* iung i-ows of thin zinc boxes, about fen leet. long, r>ne umit wide and f<ini’ inehes d(*ep.‘ l <ipeucd out* of these and fond it full of thin rakes of iee. Scattered through the ice •akes were what a! first glaurC (linked iik(‘ (diicken’s legs. “ What are those ■ ' . . .... “Those sue frogs’ legs. We freeze them in water to keep tnoin irom shrink ing.” "I>ut do you have a regular, demand tor frogs?’• "Why New York consumes more frogs to-day than Puri*. We ntly sell to our own customers over :'oo pounds of frog logs a <lay. They are on the hills >i our Jiotels and restaurants; andarc in ■ircat esteem among (picures. A nav body ecu cat then): —for they are just like •hirken, in tin- fact they have no pecu liartasfe. can eat chicken, *o evervbody con cat frogs?” "When* do vou get frogs?” "Mainly iron; Canada, when- they are raised in great ijuajit-ti< < for city mar kets. A frog pond is a good invest 1 uent and frog catchci.t- make money. Hirer frogs yi” publish, a pound ot meat, and we,get \M to t>• eqnls a pound —suit pays well to raise them. Wo keep a large supply on hand all tie dime. They ai:e caught in net;s.or with hooks haited with a hit of red flannel. 7 < >ll to the vaults were large tanks, something tike tie- bmfsnsi-d in a brew ery. 4 ■ Wha t are tle \ e yd "They arr.our <•-■! tanks. Wc s<>me ;im<‘s have on hand 10.(too pounds < .-els a! oik .tin p. Vgry few people liav any idea of the demand for eels. At the seaside rg soots.. tip- two big items are eels and hfue fish. There is nothing that so tickles the popular palate as fried osls. The < ierm.iipi consume vast quantities of them in piekin sections about as long as your finger, and eating them at all seasons with gusto. Kels are now raised for market, and are made to grow very 'large, hjtt moderate sized eels are considered ipe best.” Now. ! !;ave no wish to offend a pop ular u,ste, but if any man, who ever saw a snake, could eat an eel after lie had looked into that tank as i did, it would simply lie because his stomach had no confidence in his eyes. .Mindful of the great demand m-ytarra pin of of late. I asked: ‘‘Where do you get your Uti^apins?” "We don’t get chough at. all. The demand for good terrapins .siways ex ceeds the supply. Figi Vr+'apijis com mand from S4O to S4O a doz-.n here. The best we get now comes ;j;oh*:< Chesapeake bay; but tin* host that come to the mar ket are the bong Inland terrepins. I frequently have t/> buy from. Mobile and New Orleans, hut havg the terrapin snipped fronsthere are not up to the : best standard. It is almost impossible to overstock New York with any delica cy. provided, it is of good' qualify.” On the floor of vaults were solid piles ’ of frozen turtles, thefr white, bottles glis tening in the dim 1 light, ami \vvfting for * yt‘-u I? wa- a ghost v-, : *h't alto - y ■- .v \ : ntek-iushv gariilg vauf..- Mlrav>ecd nr A -* vhiil IMedi-aboy; . fijmunkncwu \re he region. S'. •“ . ; 1 NK\(*iaK! I j;,ye now opened my new bar in tfn Mcliftiis!'J louse at Indian Spring and am readv .tw serve the public, I will keep on har?d the very and finest !>rabd - ef ilet:o2S v :i:c-s> s.ial taur’dirs the market af'brds. ehoko Mr. McCory faiuihaidy knoNvif fis “(Tmk'’ sfei!'oii| will preside as “mixologist” I will also continue to serve the public at hii old stand in .Jackson. tf - J. ,J. K\STD\. AIM’I.teATIOX i:OF! I.KTTERs OT DISMISSION Slate of Georgia, founty of liutp*. W!n*reas, Henry 11. Higgins, adminis trator of David Higgins, represents to tin court in bis petition, dul\ fbed and enb * red on re'iipil. that* he -ha* fwlly admiui'-. to red David H r ggin*s estate;. This‘S - tliercforo, to <‘ife*al! persons eo;i<*erie*d * licirs and f lii,oi>, to showeaii.<<,> ;i n tlu*\- can, why said adn iV nut la* Vis*’Harged fronf ! is admini tra ‘ tit*n, and receive letters **l*lismission, o flu* lirsl Monday in thine IXKI. -Thwh March Hu* Isj isk|. ' Tl A*'. K. G VKMM H.u I Jn, tdrdinarv. It. ( ***** SMMHJMMO t.i * 1 l’a Icksmithijig dene to order. ' r, 11;. i ■ I havc enijiioved a tils' class smith ang atu prepared to 'do vi oi*k uromptlv, aid kind of biaek-smith w ’nk jsi|iiej|pd for' cash or on account ,iuc 1 a tola r.I t* L '<) at Iron Spring'. - ’ 1 t 1 I h<*S. < i pi t > W’e have two Sduilttishijis lor t term in two ehflie'llyuling aipl mo.y’ v eminent <A'j!iegts >; i4 t^ ,( -- I nited .States' and .Tlul youuv! man who' desires to ”01 iter' h firs? class business college' can make i/ J to their int< i; st tb’yoiisult us IxTV .y pu r< 1 1 asiy g a.p ! t k t j a i sl l ij >. jT *' A F AIH K. iii r: n \.vn Tit •: •) -WK.vtA One day a .1 roup of jnckaly \<y,o astonislual .1 leym.d ti,t tin appearance ot <1 lion' in thit.r ,m!<b,i f, and their sui p.Wse eould'riot he mi agined when his coimtenanee as sumed a olesant eyoress '>ll audio 1 T ’ '* ro mar key! • ‘■Friends, l have come tp among von and he a neighbor, t wani to he frien.dlv toeadiand rwry out, and tliij(iV’well <d adl and t; list v,V will (Iwell together ,in'barymYv.* 1 I looray fi,y Jh y f! deny! dd-urra),. for the oid ;XtU#•-?“ I *,*'e<l lf,< 4 jackals and they were tickled fn. death at their lueK. But the hop had eeaveHv got. his. den in ordof wla>n one of tUy jtu Jyal,*‘ came sneaking ami degau ; —f- :-t hill is—flelu-ate subject von know— >mtan,ra, .sed ah* 4,11^ ~M vrli ii-iiT it \ .ih kI. Sil tosav to me he a,t your ea--e', r<*p)ieo; ; the lion. “\V 1.1,1. siin.ply waydey t<; von a hud I-V >l l l fop y weet e,U jolity daeka !. Mis great gran banished for cause, apo his wife.i^ ; second eousdn is wall-eyed, villain' The linn received tin.' infromatim, with out n'leark.* ynd Hye went awav elitlfddmg n\e.; the ideo that lie liad good seed Ne.xt day a second- jiu.knl Apppposf WtU aroun the. bush tor gwhite and tfieix, observe!!;. H feel it my <luiy to warn you., against Joe daektil, win lives oven. tin* erei'k. Me heats his wife, neigh boi'S and is a double hvpoeriti* by the watch/ Soon another appeare<f vjtl\ similar story sonu uw cdse,. in the eom.nmnibv*and in the euorsu. if fortnight* trte liQn.ffch il his duty to call a ]).uljrie meeting When the,, jackals gathered ripomid him lun said • ,1 Ti 1 i*l.. l/.v > (.Oji. syaupnents tha.y von area eommnnitv thievA‘s, riar^ ; dead bep/fc aiujow. itnd!ers,and hence forth \'ott can fight ypur owiy 'battles and hunt your nwn holie% Sneaks skulks vagabond*, fa re wed 1 ! 'i nir \ f. ; • Me who tries to etin j* pv p.r’Jlfayv. I I in neighhii]-. pool' ho;pfi wav K.AlfcS; roa rpi; MllddO.N \ Foo ClillUS l’;\!+S\ v \! Ol SiIAI.-kY Oil Positively U*. st tho.l fearjijg. and i.A he Only .'A cv-J‘Oa (‘ore Ihr K lgwvti This Oil is ox|rai t f l , fi'oii) small spe- . vies of small Whit< ';jughi in tic. Yellow Sea, kmiyym as (’arcarodoc. Itondelctii,. Fyery (,’hin(so lislu-rmar knows if. JfyA.y’ture.s a.s a restorative if heal ing v.a re (!jseovfcrcd hy a Rudd-* liist Priest a bruit Hie vt<ar 1410. fts enre were ntiwerous aluP lnany so seeniingh miraculous, that the remedy w asoflii-ial-. iy ]>rM-Uiimod g*vw the- entire Ivmpire'. Its use heeame so iWijyersal that for* over .‘UMiyeijrs no, l kia’hiess has existed among the (Miiuesi pieople. Sent eliarg * es prcqigjd, to atp, :r fttress at $1 per hot a tie. ' Only impo! ted Uv 1 i A Y 1 M M ' K <y (’<)., SO!.i; biKXls I |lll \MKUte V 7 hey, r tre -t, New York N. Y. Its viitmys ;rve uur|Uestionalle until its curative chg-raeter absolute, as tie-> writer ran personally testify, both fron t experience- inuHobservat ion. Aniong*trte Aiany rt atlers of the He view iicorfc-part ami other of the com. try, it is probable that numbers arc attlic ted with.deftness, ami. to such it may he saidq "Write-at once to lbvydoek ? (’0.,7 J.V-p Street,. New. York, enclosing sl, and;you will l receive by return a rum edy tla4 wvill emdde you-to hear like any hotly elsk, and’whose curative effects wil he permanent Y-niwil! neve-- ;-egv' , doiiei; Icdito-M-.f, New Y: -A* Met* 'cantiTj- .i- ierv. oept.-2.V ih.m>