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The Middle Georgia argus. (Indian Springs, Ga.) 18??-1893, September 15, 1881, Image 4

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ACROSS THE STREET. BY THOMAS BAIL&X ALDBXCH. . With lash on cheek she comes and goes; I watch her when she little knows; I wonder if she dreams of it? Bitting and working at my rhymes, 1 weave into my verse at times Her sunny hair, or gleama of it. Upon her window-ledge is set A box of flowering mignonette— Morning and eve she tendH to them— The senseless flowers, that do not care About that loosened strand of hair, As prettily she bends to them. If I could once contrive to get Into that box of mignonette Some morning when she tends to them— She comes 1 I see the rich blood rise From the throat to cheek! —down go the eyes, Demurely, as ahe bends to them. Gen. GArfleld’s Maxims. [Extracted from His Speeches.] “I feel a profounder reverence for a 1 boy than a man. I never meet a ragged boy on the street without feeling that I owe him a salute, for I know not what possibilities may be buttoned up under his shabby coat.” “The privilege of being a young man is a great privilege, and the privilege of growing up to be an independent man in middle life is a greater.” “ Whatever you win in life you must conquer by your own efforts, and then it is yours, a part of yourself. ” “Growth is better than permanence, and permanent growth is better than all.” “If there be one thing upon this earth that mankind love and admire bet ter than another, it is a brave man, a man who dares look the devil in the face and tell him he is a devil.” “The student should study himself, his relation to society, to nature, and to art, and, above all, in all, and through all these, he should study the relations of himself, society, nature and art to God, the author of them all.” “Great ideas travel slowly, and for a time noiselessly, as the gods whose feet were shod with wool.” “Ideas are the great warriors of the world, and a war that has no ideas be hind it is simply a brutality.” “I would rather be defeated than make capital out of my religion.” “After all, territory is but the body of a nation. The people who inhabit its hills and its valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life.” “Tor tho noblest man that lives there still remains a conflict.” “ Come down the glorious steps of our banner. Every great record we have made has been vindicated with our blood and with our truth. It sweeps the ground, and it touches the stars.” Advertising That Paid. Johnny Manning, the Sheriff of Dead wood, Dakota Territory, was in St. Louis on business, and lie remembered that the year before a St. Louis man had been up to Dead wood and left ow ing a man several hundred dollars, w hich was to be paid as soon as lie got home. Manning met the mah in St. Louis, au<l he said he would hand him the money the next day, but the days passed and the money did not come, though the man was amply able to pay. So one morning Manning inserted a per ' flMhal ill a newspaper to the effect that if the man who left Deadwood between two days did not pay the money he forgot to pay, night before, the whole circum stances would be published the next day. The notice was signed “John Manning, Sheriff of Deadwood.” Be fore 9 o’clock, a young man called at Manning’s hotel, and said he had seen the notice and had come to pay $220 he had borrowed to get out of Deadwood. Manning found out who the money was borrowed of, and took it to carry to the Deadwood citizen, remarking that he was not the man the Sheriff' referred to, but it was a mighty mean Sheriff' that would not carry money to a friend. The next man to call was the one he wanted, and he paid the money, and apologized, and begged the Sheriff to say nothing about it. During the day seven citizens of St. Louis called on Manning and raid him money for citizens of Deadwood, believing the Sheriff had reference to them in his notice, and, after he had gone away, another citizen called and asked the clerk for Manning, but the clerk said the other fellows had all been there and paid up, and this man better keep his money. The Sheriff said he always thought advertising paid, but he had never had it demonstrated to his satisfaction before. — Peck's Milwaukee Sun . Put Your Shoulders Back. Much of the proverbial slenderness and physical frailty of our girls, as com pared with those of other countries, has been charged to intellectual habits and overwork in study. It is unquestionable that they need out-door life and more education in development. Many Amer ican girls, through inattention to the way of carrying themselves, uncon sciously contract the habit of bringing the shoulders forward and stooping. This position not only detracts greatly from their appearance, but it is also very pernicious in point of health. The cele brated Aaron Burr, in a letter to his daughter Theodosia, afterward the wife of Gov. Alston, of South Carolina, wrote as follows on this subject: “ Your habit of stooping and bringing ydur shoulders forward upon your breast not only disfigures you, but is alarming on account of your health. The contin uance of this vile habit will certainly produce consumption. Then farewell pleasure, farewell life! This is no ex aggeration, no fiotion to excite your ap prehensions. And, setting aside this distressing consideration, I am aston ished that you have no more pride in your appearance; you will certainly stint your growth and disfigure your person.” There is reason to believe that Miss Burr gave heed to this admonition of her father, for she afterward became re nowned for her beauty as well as for su perior mental endowments and accom plishments. — Exchange. A Fragment of Life. When one breaks camp in the morn ing, he turns back again and again to see what he has left Surely he feels that he something. What is it ? It is oiffv his own thoughts and musings he has left, the fragment of his life he has lived there. Where he hung his coat on a tree, where he slept on the boughs, where he made his coffee or broiled his trout over the coals, where he drank at the little brown pool in thfe spring run, where he looked long and long into the whispering branches ovefc head ; he has left what he cannot bring away with him—the flame and the ashes Of h'niaftlf, A Suggestion to Commisioner Loring. A Nebraska man, ■writing to a New York paper, says he has made chinch bugs a life study, and all his obsevations go to show that" the bugs are becoming more and more numerous and destructive every year, though their operations are confined strictly to spring and not to winter wheat. He predicts that in a few years, if no remedy is discovered for them, almost the whole Northwest will be obliged to give up raising spring wheat and depend on the winter va rieties, which is a more risky and pre carious crop. We trust that the present agricultural commisioner, Mr. Loring, will find some device by which the chinch bugs may be as happily abated as were the potato bugs by commissioner Le Due. When the country was overrun with potato bugs and their destructiveness was increasing year by year, when they had reduced prosperous farms to poverty and the railroad tracks out West were covered with them a foot deep so that travel was impeded, Mr. Le Due an nounced that the thing had gone far enough and he would now give the mat ter his attention. Calling to his aid an eminent chemist, the two devoted sev eral days to making secret experiments with the bugs to see if they could not bo turned to some account as an articlo of commerce. The result of their ex periments was never given out to the public; but it was soon afterwards no ticed that there w'as a great improvement in the quality of western whisky, and the potato bugs gradually disappeared. We have always believed that Commis sioner Loring was a man of fully as much ability as Le Due, and we look for a speedy and satisfactory remedy for the danger that has arisen from chinch bugs.— Peck's Sun. A Young Lady’s Strategy. A level-headed young woman in Mon treal found her way out of a dilemma the other day, and the example ought to be of profit to the young and fair else where. She had aroused an uncontrolla ble passion in the breast of a young law yer, whom, however, she did not care to wed. He grew gloomy and morose, took a trip to Europe, returned to Montreal, fell into lax ways and was going gener ally to the dogs. Meeting the young lady on the street one day she resumed the old acquaintance with warmth. Encour aged by the smiling reception, the young man suggested a drive. This being re fused he proposed a walk instead. To this the lady consented. They walked far, he telling the story of his trip, to which she listened with interest. Fi nally arriving in the limits of Mount Royal Park, where there was no possi bility of interference, the lover drew a pistol, grimly informing the astonished girl that unless she consented to go at once with him to a minister and get mar ried he would blow her brains out and then his own. She seems to have been quite equal to the emergency. Assent ing to visit the minister they set out at once and on arriving the clever girl placed herself under the minister’s pro tection and the lover retired, embittered and vowing destruction upon himself for trusting a woman’s word even at the al tar. A Ministerial (Statement. Rev. C. A. Harvey, D. D., is the popular fi nancial secretary of Howard University, and is specially fitted to judge of merit ami demerit. In a recent letter from Washington to a friend he said : “I have for two years past been ac quainted with the remedy known as Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, and with its re markable curative efficiency in obstinate and 00-callod incurable cases of Bright’s disease in this city. Iu some of these cases, which seemed to be in the last stages, and which had been given up by practicionera of both schools, the speedy change wrought by this remedy seemed but little less than miraculous. lam convinced that for Bright’s Disease in all its stages, in cluding tho first symptoms, which seem so slight, but are so dangerous, no remedy here tofore discovered can be held for one moment in comparison with this.” Some wag in Chicago mailed letters to a score of business men, telling them to look out for a man who would visit their houses that evening to see their wives, and twenty business men surprised their wives by coming home two hours ahead of time. They all begged pardon for the intrusion, and promised never to do so again. The apology was accepted and placed on file. If you want to enjoy a cool, shady, breezy, cosy, sociable, delightful sum mer rest, go to Bailey Springs, Ala. They have a perfect crowd of the nicest sort of people there, and are enjoying themselves hugely. The water w-as never better, the music is delightful, the fare is unexceptionable, the attendance first class, and indeed w r e may truthfully say that Bailey is booming. It is a good thing for both guests and proprietors that the public has decided the conun drum, “where can I get the most benefit and pleasure at the least expense and trouble,” in favor of Bailey Spring*. Cases of dropsy, scrofula, dvspepsia, de bility and disease of the kidneys, blad der and skin, that have defied the doc tors and resisted all other medical springs, are getting well there every week so easily and quickly that the in valids almost come t* the conclusion that there never was much the matter with them. If you are so unfortunate as to be interested in such matters, drop a postal card to Ellis & Cos., and ask for a circular. Then write to the parties whose names are signed to the certifi cate, ana if there is any humbug about it, you’ll soon find it out. Lamentations. Life is a strange mass of contradic tions. When yon expect least enjoyment you obtain the most; where you think you have given most satisfaction, yon have given least. When you are sick, you would be well; when well you try to be sick. When you fancy yourself the wisest of men, you are the dadoist of fools. The girl you are most in love with is least in love with you. What you can not get you would obtain; what you have you do not value. Wicked for Clergymen. Rev. , Washington, D. C., wiites : “I believe it to be all wrong and e\*n wicked for clergymen or other public men to be led into giving testimonials' to quack doctors or vile studs called medicines, but when a really meritorious article made of valuable jremedies known to all, tbat all physicians use and in daily, we should freely commend it. I therefore cheerfully heartily commend Hop Bitters for the they have done me and my friends, firmly believing they have no equal for family use. I will not be without tkeoj-”—-New York Baptist Weekly. Cured of Drinking. A“ young friend of mine was cured of an insatiable thirst for iiquor, which had so prostrated him that he was unable to do any business, fle,.was entirely cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It allayed all that burning thirst ; tooK away the appetite for liqiwpt; made his nervessteady, and be has remained a Bobor and steady man for more than two years, and has no desire to return to bis cups; I know of a number of others that have been cured of drinking by it.”—From a leading R. R. Official, Chicago, 111—Times, Silk first came from China, and the Chinese still have many important secrets connected with it unknown to Europe ans. In a good year they send as much as $25,000,000 worth of raw silk to En gland alone. The “ hanks,” or books as they are called, arrive with caps made of a single cocoon. This is done by a pro cess unknown in Europe. It will be a matter of interest to the stock breeders of our own and neigh boring States to find in our columns an official announcement of the first semi annual fair of the Louisville Fair Asso ciation. With a time selected to avoid any conflict with the interests of our neighbors, and with an organization strong and well ordered, and comprising many of our most successful and influen tial men, no doubt is felt that the Louis ville Fair will promote, in every practi cable way, our stock interests, and, while doing this for the country, will be at the same time for Louisville one of tife most important enterprises ever puvbefore our people. Other great fairs have con tributed largely to the wealth of cities, and ours will do no less. Many thous and strangers will be brought here to withess our exhibition of stock, which it is intended shall excel any ever seen before. The amount of stock any one person is allowed to hold is limited to the sum of three hundred dollars, this being the qualification of membership, and the fair is entirely a people’s enter prise, conducted solely in the public in terest. Maj. Henry C. McDowell, in a letter before us, expresses the opin ion of many of our stock men when lie says: “l believe that the method pro posed by the Louisville Fair Association will make that the great stock fair of the world.” The Arizona Democrat claims that they have neither sun-strokes nor mad dogs in the healthy State of Arizona. Children are cured of bed-wetting by Kid ney-Wort. Sold by all druggists. Our lives are like some complicated machine, working on one side of a wall, and delivering the finished fabric on the other. We cannot cross the barrier and see the end. The work is in our hands —the completion is not. “Diseases of Men.” Giving information greatly desired, bat not attainable from sources whence gener ally sought. “GLAD TIDINGS FOR MOTHERS.” Containing matter ©f highest interest to all who would pass safely and with little pain through the great trial of motherhood. These are the titles of two books, either or both of which is sent for a stamp ad dressed to the author, Dr Stainsack Wil- ON, Atlanta, Georgia. Their truths should be known to all. A candidate wiiose principal support ers are tavern-keepers and ehoepttvlg&rs proudly alludes to them as members of the bar and bench. Mb. Vanderbilt’s income is marvelous; so is JLmberg’s Letter File. Try it. Cameron, Am berg & Cos., Chicago. • There is a difference between the lips of a young man and the lips of a young lady—but sometimes it is a mighty small one. See advertisement of P. O. Vickery for Agents in another column. Mr. Vickery is Mayor of the City of Augusta, Maine, which is a sure guarantee that all will be fairly dealt with. Don’t Die In the Home. Ask Druggists for “Rough on R&ts.” It clears out rats, mice, roaches. flies. bed-bugs. 16a Indigestion, dyspepsia, nervous prostration and all forms of general debility relieved by taking Mensman’s Peptonized Been Tonic, the only preparation of beef containing its entire nutritious properties. It oontains blood-mak ing. force-generating and life-sustaining prop . ertles; is invaluable in all enfeebled conditions, whether the result of exhaustion, nervous pros tration. overwork, or aoute disease, particularly If resulting from pulmonary complaint*. Oaa well, Hazard A Cos., proprietors, New York. BEM UEI) FROM DE H I!, William J. Coughlin, of Somerville, Mass., says: “It the fall of 1376 I was taken with bleedings of the lungs, followed by a severe cough. I lost my appetite and iesh, and was confined to my bed. In 1577 I was ad mitted to the hospital'. The doctors said I had a hole in oay lung as big as half a dollar. At one time a report went around that I was dead. I gave up hope, but a friend told me of Da. William Hall’s Balsam Foa tub Lcmjs. I got a bottle, when, to my surprise, I com menced to leel better, and to-day I feel better than for three years past. I write this hoping every one afflicted with diseased lungs will take Da. William Hall’s Bal aam , and be convinced that consumption can bk cußsm. lean positively say it has done more good than ail lb ather medicines I nave taken since mv sickness.” PERRY DAI7II Pain-Killer RESALE BY ALL DBOGGISTf ...* ’r-j jrv' . fpj jft * 1 ifflSJiTUg! •'TOIUW^^ Malaria is an Unseen .Vaporous) Poison, spreading disease and death m many localities, f* which quinine is no genuine antidote, but for the effects of which Hos t tiers stomach Bitters it not only a thoroug i remedy, but a reliable preventive, lo this fact there is an overwhelming array of tes timony, extending over a period o. t.nrty ears.' All disorders of-the liver, stomach nd bowels are also conqured by the Bitters. For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally. LOUISVILLE HYDRAULIC C€MENT, used for Construction of Cisterns, Sewers and Foundations. Address, Western Cement Association, Louisville,Ky TnilTU MIMTT. !%• fcW S nU in t-lj" I>f. KißTlS&alx.Pia.t / Sp.ui-.ti sr i4 will Sr to •*- J. / SE- \ i *! •*. rrt>4 % tntxta V/ '4~t\s ! rmtv r! nn hiu> iw*4 i vif, <! AA .vtof* i ■! suit, *M. fiM *f > *.!, •■.V Lu rf miiut Mrr.j ril i.ito lil w too****- jgjtr U-inu L UttfM). 10 Utafj tom. If >. <®eßi£3 Reliable, Durable and Economical, irUlfur ittijjk a Jtorw power with lem fue T and water than any oyter Engine built, not fitted with an Automatic Cul-otf. Bend for Illustrated Catalogue “J,” for Inibrnaatioii & Prices. B. W. Pxynk ti Box 86b, Oornmg, N.Y. Wm/m 1 " i GbntuSmen: I wm suffering from general debility to such an extent that my labor was exceedingly bur densome to mo. A vacation of a month did not give me much relief,' but on the contrary, was followed by increased prostration Rnd sinking chills. At this time I began the use of your Ikon Tonic, from which I re alized almost immediate and wonderful results. energy returned and I found that my natural force was not permanently abated, I have used three bottles of the Tonlo. Sinoe using it I have done twice the la bor that I ever did in the same time during my Illness, and with double the ease. With the tranquil nerve and vigor of body, has oome also a clearness of thought never before enjoyed. If the Tonic has not done the work, I know not what. 1 give it the credit, J. P. Watson, Pastor Christian Church, Troy, O. /The Iron Tonic is \ B preparation of Pro-\ 9 ioxide of Iron. Peru- 1 1 vian Bark, and Tfiom- 9 i dpliates, associated I | -eith. the Veaetable I ” s omatics. It seree# I very purpose tcHereJ / Tallin V. rji SY TKE DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO., 10. 013 N9KTK MAIN STREET, ST. LOUIS. 1881. - 1881. THE FIRST SEMI-ANNUAL LOUISVILLE FAIR OPENS TUESDAY, SEP. 27, J^JOTJD CLOSES SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1881 t The Most Attractive Programme Ever Offered to the Public. The Louisville Fair Association will hold its first semi-annualiFair from September 27 to October 1, 1881, both days included. The first Fair will be confined to an exhibition of Horses and Cattle, for the accommodation of which seven hundred stalls will be furnished free of charge. The managers have effected arrangements which will make this the great Stock Fair of the world. No entrance fee will be charged for exhibion of stock, and only five per cent, will he charged for entries in the speed ring. The beautiful of the Association are accessible by railroad and street-cars and well-made roads for carriages. The accommodations for the comfortable seating of visitors and for their refreshment will be ample. Bet ting pool-selling and gambling of everv description wil] be prohibited, and ne sale of intoxicating liquorsbe ofcmitted nn the grounds. Catalogues win be for distribution by August 20, and mar be Jhad on application to the^ Secretary. |j JOHN B, CATTLEMAN, President. SAM’L.J, LOOK, Vice-Prea’t. , J. M. WBIdST. Secretary- i AMERICAN AND rOREICN PATENTS. BEORGE E. LEMON, Att’y at Law, WAJIHINO TON, D. C. csss ts-jt • ta - for IKIDNEY WORT DOES WIVV9 WONDERFUL. If HI { CURES! mmamm Because it acta on the LITER, BOWELS Ind KIDNEYS at the same time. Because It cleanses the system of the poison ous humors that develops in Kidney and Uri nary Diseases .Biliousness, Jaundioe, Consti pation, Piles, or in Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Nervous Disorders and Pern ale Complaints. SEE WHAT PEOPLE SAY s Eugene B. Stork, of Junction City, Kansas, says, Kidney-Wort cured him after regular Phy sicians had been trying for four years. Mrs. John Arnall, of Washington, Ohio, says her boy was given up to die by four prominent physicians and that lie was afterwards cured by Kidney-Wort. M. M. B. Goodwin, an editor in Cbardon, Ohio says be was not expected to live, being bloated beyond belief, but Kldney-Wort cured aim. Anna L. Jarrett of South Salem, N. Y., says that seven years suffering from kidney troubles and other complications was ended by the use of Kidney-Wort. John B. Lawrence of Jackson, Tenn., suffered for years from liver and kidney troubles and after taking “barrels of other medicines,” Kidney-Wort made him well. Michael Coto or Montgomery Center, Vt.. suffered eight years witli kidney difficulty and was unable to work. Kidney-Wort made him “ well as ever.” IKIDNEY-WORT PERMANENTLY CURES KIDNEY DISEASES, LIVER COMPLAINTS, Constipation and Piles. rylt is put up in Dry Vegetable Form in tin cans, one package of which makes six quarts of medicine. Also in Liquid Form, very Con centrated, for those that cannot readily pre pare it. tW" It actg with equal efficiency <n either form. GET IT ATTIIE DRUGGISTS. PRICE. $l.OO WELLS, RICHARDSON A Cos., Prop’s, (Will send the dry post-paid.) M'RMJfITOy, TT. l StHD FQ A CAT AL OG VETS M r PO those afflicted with chronic diseases of i- the liver, kidney, enlarged spleen, rheu matism, chronic diarrhoea and female com- plaints cured. No charge until cured, if de sired. Correspondence solicited with stamp. Address DR J. STOATE, Oxford, Miss. \/mm/£ — - - - -t • ! .JZ v. - C- }. ■T 1 .■_ /Endorsed and recotnA amended by fkcmedi-l Meal profession, form m Dyspepsia, timer al B I Debility, Female Dis- H I eases. Want of Vital- 1 Hffj/, Nervous Prostra-B If ton, and Consoles-W \cencefromPevers,dce.f Cyclopedia War. Tka great 14 Vm*r*ru** K Bowled*, aew completed, larga tfpewtiea, **wlj (O.OQO u urn**, nqarlr lkfl# la Cloth batfi-. SIO,OOO REWARD K?l£,2*V. dnrisj E‘“' ***" , * tak SnßSSSßltfcllßSfi Jen . Aim*, Manage*, 7*4 BiaadwAy, K* Tors. HDjft'sptdmtxfkj s**tppy 'fha /\yZ CK 490 P* r <*•? hom *- Sample* worth $6 fr*. 50 10 54U r AddrM OTMBOX A Cos., Portland,^ MILL and FACTORY SUPPLIES OP ALL KINDS. BELTING. HOSE and PACKING, OILS, PUMfS ALL KINDS, IRON PIPE, FITTINGS, BRASS GOODS, STEAM GAUGES, ENGINE GOVERNORS, Ac. Send for Price- List. W. H. DILLINGHAM A CO., 143 Main Street LOUISVILLE, KY, , OOTTON , 'pRMa "Mgr fe, HeS - raised ready far s.acthf tm. V J Burakle. ' Jl ‘.ban a woodea *cr* prm, TlliPnP(achuiex, Blcafl^aart, Ify* P I- tory of England. IgHng. Literature, 1 l’ge Kg tcrlftm 111 Pee Umo voU, | I lJoio rob hairdaomely II L/clotn;oulj *S.OO*-V bound, for oaly *e ri*. MAjIHATTAH BOOK 00 ■ 14 W. Mtb 8*„ W.Y. T.O. Box un drrOA W*m. tl2 a day *t home eaaily mad*. Cwtly o 1 Outfit free. Addreaa T*o* A oe., Anguita, M* ## For OHIII* and AND ALL Dl*MA*a Csieed By MaliarUtl FBleoßlngof the Bleed. A WARRANTED OUBR. Price, gI.OO. For a*le hr all Drtmlili. WATCHES Aiumieaa Watch Qo.t Pittsburgh, ft f j Jtovolvara. CauJeya* he*. iMm*, U Xh ; Mrat W**a Oaw Tkl* h $lO. BIBLE PRIZE NO. 2. $lO. To the first person telling us how many times the word “ Father ” appears in the New Testament Scripture-, be fore Nov. Ist, 1881, we will send $lO in gold, and atopy ol Shaver’s Monthly Musical Review, containing several pieces of new music, songs, news items, etc. Av our offer is for the purpose of increasing our circulation, each com petitor must send 25 cents for a copy. Time altownuc* given those living at a distance. Address Shaver’s Monthly Musical Review, Erie, Pa. Invest Your Earnings in the stock of the Denver Land and Improvement Coin i- mv. Pi ofiis more than two per cent, per month. Abso lutely Safe. No personal liability. Deal only in .Denver Real Estate. Dividends paid regularly. Organized by prominent business men of Denver. Refer to any of our Banks, or business men of Denver. Any number of shares' at Ten Dollars each, sent by mail on receipt of money. Circulars sent free. Address 3 ARCHIE C. FISIv, President. A, H. Estes, Treasurer j Id. H,. bMixH, Seciekuy, AUCUR.&S W,. are the oldest and largest firm,in America. Addresi United .-bites Manufacturing Company, "■Chicago, HI. vftllMf 4 hcu If von would learn Telegespby in I ULtvll iYlfc.l* fan r months and be certain of a situ ation,-address VALENTINE BROS., Janesville, VM| Encyclopedia^' TiOUETTE S BUSINESS This is the cheapest and only complete and reliable work on Etiquette and Business and Social forms. It tells how to perform all the various duties of life, and how to appear to the best advantage on all occasions. Agents Wanted. —Send for circulars containing a full description of the work.and extra terms to agents. Address National Publishing Cos., Atlanta, Ga. Bin Parsona’ Pur* tlv Pill* make New Rich Blood, and will completely change the Wood in tbo entire system in three months. Any person woo will take one pill each night from 1 to 12 weeks ma,v oa restored to sound health, if such a thing he Sold otervwhere or sent by mail lor K letter stamps. I. K JOHNSON CO., Boston, formerly Bangor, Hie. . l"pK ‘.uouuunfi -*3 uujSujxo'liiF , “OO =? iLXOIHHVPJ j| ; . ntoufOMpu®ii.Huj3unoAijuotsiqT!nßr.QO“ Sf 1 /|t\u[ ( pa.iiiil,.iJaJtpo[.\voaqsiuo;A ■ K I ud o\-> •Ttiounjoad ouioooq uvo ■ n C\ } uo!Jß.>i[ifdr? s.moq n Xq ‘suo RJ j.Cuv •juujunooav Pto nnAq jtnua ■ "<•** ' (j*L |oiqno([iioosnuja^ißOij9B4clTJtiHlß o3TCsdnnqgasspi) 1 WZoOWk .{BIL jot‘prod aSmsod ‘yinra jrTw?’' £ iM# Nf, -fq rms‘poqsnqnd I W >[OOjf mUOTUM.A SU( TANARUS, D/" /' awk In your own town. Terms and #5 outfit free. Add ess H. HallT* St Cos., Portland, Met ever Mail#. Aeolmbinatiou ot Hops, Buchu, Man tJraK 6e and Dandelion, with ail the best and most c%ura tive properties of all other Bitters, makes\tho greatest Blood Purifier, Liver Reg U |Va tO!\ s^ ll3 bite and Health Restoring Agent earth. No disease possibly long exist where Hop Bitters are varied and perfect are tm.r They five new litk?# and vigerto thesgsl and laflnm To all wnose eEmployments cause Irregulari ty o' i IV bowelsorV urinary organs, or who re quire.-.n App andmild*Stlniulont, Hopltitter.- are inval^^ lable - without ntOX- Icating. BIL Koma Iter .. hat your fe\clings or symptoms are what the disease or ailW Q e nt i us ® Hop Bit ters. Don’t wait until youa^re sick hut If you only feel bad or miserable them at once- It may save hasB H a v ed hundreds SSOO will be paid fora caß ß ® they will not cure or help. Do not suffer r h-t your friends suffer,but use and urge UHe Hop B Remember, H p Bitters is drugged drunken nostrum, bu- the u J Re’'* Medicine ever mad ; the rBJEMi and HOPR” and no person Or should be without them. ■MBSrjSßfira an absolute and irrestatihie <mrcff JgjlpqSj for Drunkenness, use of opium, tobacco tui and Kf®*,.X3 narcotics. Ail sold by druggists. Send Mr. A'-i/bl for Circular. Hop nittnr* Tfc. C*., J BISfArJ Rochester.N.V and Toronto. Out. at gtfy. OOTTONIBKINO WT SS? ,rn SMSffi KINO OFCOTTON for Cotton On DM md general plantation purpose*. not found in ftkfr in tkt world r<* Pamphlets and Price Uni Ippbr br nuul to THS AULT MAN & tAYLOR COMPAiiY,MAKSfi*^ Ohio. tndNrtJ Addrew Jay Breiioo, betrolt. Hick. s■* ■ "J A YEAR and expenses to agent*. m M n Outfit free. Address 11l I. O. Vickery, A n****!* Publishers’ Union, Atlanta, Sa. Thirty-six. titlon, and will bale with twice the rapidity of *|}l otber. The only way inferior machines can la to deceive the.inexperienced by ridiculously stAtements, and thus sell without aight or §eei“§ aud swindle the purchaser. Working any Pneee alongside of Dederiek’a always sells the pin ohaser a Dederlck Press, and all know U too welt show np. Address, for circular or Presses, i- fr • Y * or