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The Middle Georgia argus. (Indian Springs, Ga.) 18??-1893, December 14, 1893, Image 1

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VuL AAI M, l iMiiBEN, A torney B.t Ld v\ f JACKSON, <R >Eh’(,lA. WRIGHT & REC&, Attorneys at Law. (OFFICE IN COURT HOl BE.) 7AOKSOKT, • - OA M. M. HILLS, ounteUor <4 Attorney at Law. Wl'J practise in all th courts. Mo e* eaoed o r at tU at low ru of Inter M. Long tme granted with small pny want* Money obtain* lat oe witbou May. (osmen n oouar house.) Dr O H. Cantrell DENTIST. J CKm)N. CEO til A. Office on Third and holly nr • . DR T. K. IHA It PE, DENTIST, FLOYILLA, oh.ORG I t. Crown and bridge work and all the latest math da or dt-ntLtrv. Te* th ox* trnctd wttiioui pain. Piices mo aerate. Batiafaction gu ran teed. STOr XT THE Morrison House. E VER YTHING NE W A jVIJFIRST CLASS. Cenveniently Located. Free flack to Depot, ' . R. G **L m. P [in t. r DEMPSEY HOUSE. SOU HIE \ST I ORA IT; PU .1 R -QUAKE, J v 'Ks')X, (J v. Str ct \ fl nt iii all ru- ■ l . tii'*i it f 111 VV • vO t >lll ! • I To* ms m Herat.) \ t et on g 'a-anten I. Tilts. A. IV*. JMST It It, Prop. reel 4-3: u CLEVELAND IIOILE. JACKSON, - G. 4. Til * <•- Iy Hr >' kII >tr*l i*o* - ,* \t , - ta and Macon. B-mls !CO ><*i and y. Ml-rs Jexmk WA.LCAOK P of), duel 4 12tn Ur* have seru rod at leat fifty now, paid-in-advance subscribers, tor the Argus si non wo took hold of it two weeks ago, anil they still continue to arrive daily. DO YOU EXPECT TO BECOME A MOTHER? “ Mothers* Friend” MIKES CHILD BIRTH EUSY. A iii<ti Mitufi, Lcmc&i Diagir, iad Libof. * My wife suffered more in tan minntea /Ith her other children than ahe did all together with her last, after having used four bottles of MOT HUB’S F BLEND," says a customer. Hbsdeesom Dau, Druggist, Cams, 111. Seat by express on receipt of price, #1.60 per bot tle Boos *To Mothers ’’mailed free. •RADFIELD REGULATOR CO., M wu BY Ml MMWTI Atlmtta. Qa. TIS.S.O Mrs. E. J. Rowell, Medford, Mass., says her mother has been cured of Scrofula oy the use of four bottles of rRK| after having had much other treat- mcn t and being reduced to quite a low condition of health, as it was thought she could not live. Cured my little boy .-* ofheredi yyyi Ury scrofula ' whicha P* pea red all over his face. For a year I had given up all hope of his recovery, when finally 1 was induced to use gSjT3KS| Afewbo #J ttleß cured him, and no symptoms of the disease remain. Mrs. T. L. Mathers, Matherville, Miss. Ourbook on Blood Skm mailed fee. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. Atlanta, Ga. FIXK H MSE F>) i >VL Cal .-ii Mr ,T It Thnr-ton .1 ■l. c ‘rria<;t> fa ’ovv and on a *pleMl <1 i tt il V horse*. Y m can m a *• rgiin. dflcl-1-4* NOTICE. I m *r<eicd <> < . tip* i ! Ihx books December 1") h when I' fas tv 11 he issued. Itesp’v, D. G. McMichaf.l, T. R. & .C. Al! subscriptions to the Argus from now n nvit besccomompanied by the cash PI ae remember this aud don’t sk us to credit you, a it takes raonev t ru a paper, and we must hare it. JUBMe #€orgk strips, I*OCAIe ITEMS. llerr**< s id Y’uetday ranging i.i pii, es from 2.3 to *l2l. Della Fears of Hampton is visiting Pauline Thaxton this week. Dung lady, buy a pair of our Dongoia kid button boots at s2.oo—equal t( any $2.50 shoe you ever saw. . Star Store. 1 *pa, what make# your store have so many spider webs in it and Air. A has none m his stored Well, son, h i sweeps his. But B posa.bly tells the little boy the truth, Mr. A advertises in th* Ar gcs. Mr. T. J Lune’s little giant water lifter will raise twenty gallons per min ute sixty feet. Some ol Jackson’s best citi ens are using them an 1 ary they Would not take three limes the pride paid and have it removed. Our next week’s issue will be our Christmas edition and will be read by three or four thousand people. Whoso ever faiieih to plant his business there has dropped his candy. The Star Store’s beautiful wrapping paper, stars and stripes, is the talk of the county—’us seen ever,) where. Dr. W. C. .flryant of Jcnkinsburg is treating a subject m New York. D,. IS is a success at anyihisg. Mrs. Morran has returned to Jackson after haviug been absent several weeks with her little boy, who liaa been severely ill. We are glad to see Johnnie conva lescent and he and hie mother again among our people. J’he last ear of coal received by Ethe lidge A Kiuard is the besl we ever burned. We iegret to learn that Mrs. ISudie i/oen has been very ill for the past lew days* Shu is now a great deal belter, however, and is able to walk aiound. C’ol. B light has a Woild’s Fair walk ing stick that is a curiosity, and you should sec it. Mar M*>re. You know it, be cause “we told you so.” Mr. 2>’ain, who lias been buying cotton for b. At. luman A Cos. at thin place, has beeu moved to tVicDouough, and Mr. Lampkiu will hereafter do the buying himself. li. G. Bi)a t & Cos. will give you tLe bed wine iu the slate for the money. Thu recent legislation by Hon. T. J. Dempsey, making Jackson one of the towns iu which the state deposits its aur* plu-, is not only a great thing for Jackson but for the surrounding country as well. A town so live and energetic a ours de serves tins distinction, iur we have a bank here as sound as the soundest. Our peo pie and the country a. large pulled through the panic with com putative ease. ftfr WINE OF CAROUI, a Tonic lor Women. A pleasant eveniug was most enjoy - ably spent by the \ouiig people at the residence of Air. J. L. Wagner, on Wednesday niglii last week. A num ber of c uples were in attendance and a great time was had by all. It aflliclttt with ecalp diseases, hair (ailing out, and premature baldness, do not grease or alcoholic prepa ( rations, but apply llalle hair renewer. Marriage.- are now almost a daily , occuirence iu our count}, uud it the ' tiling Keeps oil as it has started out, it w ill not b long befor-j—keep \oir e}e ou Cnarlie Smith. How does this strike yow 1 he Argus aud The Weekly Consiiiuilou •kb year tor only $1.25. j fry BLACK-DRAUGHT tea for Dyspepsia. Ou Friday night last at the worri ! son House iu Jackson, ihc \ouug emet of our city congregated for the pur pose of enjoying themselves, lie >reshincuts, etc, were served and uiduy arc the complimentary remarks expressed b> those who attended. The Mon Ison lluu#e aioajs dues Hie thing up 1“ great shape, and w hen it Comes to cnleiiamuieiiU lin \ art* •‘strickly there.’* SLACK-U..AL U.if '--a cures. CoiiSUiiution. Remember lhal om arrangements to club The Aruls ana <'onslttuiiwu fur $1.25 is limited, and you should □ot tube this rare opportunity lo get two papers lor so small a pr ee. We are ©till selling quantities of ladies' cloaks. Star Store. We regret to learn ot the death or the iutanl of Mr. and Mr *. R. E. suu iield, w hich sad event occurred ou last Suuday inoruiug. Thectiild was only tnree days old aud its death is greatly dtplored by a in attitude of frieuds of the bereaved family. It was buried in Jacksou ou M onlay morning. MaELRCE’S ’ ME OF cARCoi for Veok Nerves CORRESPONDENCE. [He are in no wise responsible lor the view- expressed by our correspon dents, be He Democrat, liepubbcan, I’eople s P.rty. *r Prohibitionist; but xv* ar* responsible for all on our edi t' *ial page uucredited and without stg natu res.] —Ens. BLaCK ANKLE. Well, the silver purchasing law has beeu repealed as Mr. Cleveland rec ommeuded and still the price of cot ton is below zero. The average far mer has gathered bis cotteu and told it, at such a low figure that it leaves him w ithout much, or no money, aud • till Mr. Cleveland issued a proclama tion for the people to set apart Nov. 3Uth as Ihauksgiviug day. Tuaukful lor iv ha'. ? I hat we have been filched out ot about fin tee u dollars a hate ou our eottou by his goidbug policy ? It is a settled tact luat oue-hall oi the people lok upon Ihauksgiviug day wnu conietii) t aim mdillereiice, simply because it is proclaimed lay men who claim to be iu sympathy wiili the poor, but, in truth, is a w hopping big at. bo long as our rul er)* lUpis diu io lake all the wealth of this naliou and turow il in the lap of one iiaii of n, ine other half ot the people Will iutK upon them with con tempt, instead oi rsvtreuue. Now these are iacis aud you may call them what you please. Wo are well aware ot the fact that there ate plenty ot peo ple, who iliiiik mat every law ou our statute is antagonistic to them and their interest, And we also know that there are plenty of people that mink they have the pretogalive to live on the sweat cf somebody’s else brow' and today all the laws ou finan ces nave a screen iu it to benefit a few men, who toil not, neither do they spin. With all that is being said by ihe Gtrinocraiic newspapers about there Lein* uu room lor a third pari), ihere are six couuites in Georgia iliat nave iie and elections since January, and live cf mum have swung multisetVc-s out oi ttie democratic columns, and the ode lhal Went democratic only by line majonty. Now to a uiac up a tree it sctuis that it congress don t do something and that mighty good, the ueun-crut party iu Georgia wilt ue iu uaugcr-of actual in the next cam p:t gn. S. J. Smith. Somehow we are thankful that we found a piece ol cloth large enough to patch our pants. We all should give thanks loGod, uo matter who dot-suT do to please Us. — Eds. CHERISHED MEMORIES. Being naturally loud ol Jacksei., ts u strange that my thoughts and sacred recesses ot my heart should go out in thankfulness te the Gieat Giver ol all good lor the many sweet memories, which I am permitted to cherish ot the two years I dwelt among and mingled with her people? During my stay I sipped nectar from n golden urn, and treasured might jt wets in the chain ol iriend ship some ol whom have been trans planted to a fairer clime. Huw vividly I now recall the of little Carter Carmichael, oim of the brightest jewels in the chain, ike sweet little playmate, who you dear childiei:, doubtless missed I rum his class one morning, a lew days latei was laid in a close and nairow grave dose beside little Jimmie Newin. the little compan ion ami relative whom he loved so well Week have past but his merry, holiest laugh still rings in our ears as we write tnese lines, Yen, as we enter the threshold of bis home, we can see him with mother, brothers and sisters ready to give us the sweet kiss of welcome ano entertain us with bis bright bus ol to always listened to with mi b appreciative *ars. We wer. si arrd irmn seeing his little bod racked with pain and treasure the memorv of seeing him in health and beauty. Lne would be two dear weie such sweets permitted to remain. So the great giver ©aw that dregs were needed to tie thrown into our bowl of nectar. Dear be** loved ones, w'tn an eye ol fat h, look beyond the dark river, and behold little Carter as he walks thesneet3 ol the New Jerusalam. his heart beatiDg in unison with the loved one who bad preceded to the home of the redeemed and blest. With heart* sure wi u sympathy we softly breath a prayer that ere long the sun of your aorrow will set to be succeeded by a rosier dawn. | JACKSON, GA., DECEMBER 14, 1893. We still hold in memory another brightly cueriehed gem, Mrs. Silas Thomas, the tender, loving mother or your uoble young u en. We were so associated with three of them as to daily witness the unfolding of those manly traits, which boro such beautiful testimony of the serene, geuie influence of the faithiul true mother, who lived to make lile bright and joyous for her fatherless sons, and hid from sight the sorrow of her own desolate heart that the happiness so natural to youtn, might not be marred by a single cloud. Often with a secret sorrow hang ing with leaden weight over our hearts, have we been so toothed and cheered by the sweet gentle inspira tion ol her presence, as to return to our duties strengtoeued to cope with arduous difficulties. Earth has lest but Heaven has gained a radiant star. No, she in not lost to earth for her fight shiues on and her influence lor good will throb on througn the coming years, Like the light of a blighted star, it will shine ou, auu ou lung years alter the star ltoeli is uiutied out from the heavens for ever. In her matchless character tnere was a symmetrical harmouious blending ol ail that is noble, pure and beautiful iu woman. Her fine ly tuned sympathetic nature caugtit the vibration anti responded te •yery note of sorrow. She keenly appreciated and al ways remembered the duties, re sponsibilities and graudear ot ner high Christian calling. Let us, dear friends aud neighbors, emulate ner example by carrying the Wi lte ban ner ofeur Captain high and to the iroai and when at last, *e are called Upon io lay it down, we may bear ibe welcome plaum; “Well uune thou good and faithful servant.*' You too, have, leit bright and un tarnished memories winch will con mi ue to live long after your bodies nave returned to dust. Daisy * UST FrOM. JENKIiNSBURU. Mr. W. J, Harris of Molena was in town last week. Rev, Joseph Middiebrooks ol Lo cust Grove filled his regular *p poiulmem at this place last Sun day evening. Toe JenkitiSburg ginnery has done a much better business this season than last. Mr. Thoa. Lovell, one of Locust Groye’s most affable and successful young business men, has associated himself with our clever townsman, Mr. J. F. Wnittaker, and together they will open up one of the must complete general merchandise es tablishments that has ever been in this place. They begin with the uew year aud will make thing*, hum. There will be two or three new stores opeued here oy another year. Jenkinsburg is coming in spite ol the hard times. Keep your eye on her. Rev. J, S. Askew was in attend ance at the North Georgia Confer ence in Gainesville this week. Mr. Askew has been a power lor good and has greatly endeared hi self to the people generally. The church is anxious that he be returned to this circuit. Mr. Wilton P. Cobb, our efficient depot agent, is the right man in the right place. Uuder his manage ment the earnings of this office has increased over 50 per cent. The Christmas tide is coming on apace and everywhere vou can hear fhis interrogation : “How are you going <o spend Christmas?” Wrll, he good—ihe truly good—will gather round the glowing Yule log, the Christian tatber and patriarch will take down the old family Bible and with loving hands will turn its well-worn pages till he reachea that portiou which tells bow, over 1800 tiuodred years ago, the faithful snepherds were startled and made afraid as they watched their sheep by night by the appearance of holy angels; h*w the angels calmed their fears aud told them the good tid ings ol great joy ; that in a manger ii- Bethlehem the Savior was oorii. and when he comes to that grand triumphant song of the Heavenly Host, ’ Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will io ward met/' His and theii hearts will thrill with gladness and love. The world will be made better by l he repetition of this beautiful story and on the morrow as the little tots gleefully prattle about the presents old Santa Claus brought them U ni 8 richest blessings will rest on that household. The bad—those who neither fear Ged nor low man—will swagger ofl' to some low down grog shop and there hand over the money *hat a destitute family needs iur “bust heard" whisky aud proceed to "lank” up for the Christmas row that is sure to follow, Shameful contrast. The ludifferent—those who drift aloug in a negative sort of way—will stand around the street corners or country stores aud listen to some amateur saw uu an old squeaky fiddle, iaugti at silly jokes or per haps get up enough enthusiasm to orusn up an old blunderbuss and follow a hall i ur dog all day after a rabbit. “Such funny things a lel fow does see when he hasn’t a gun.” Ait*. J. M. Baukbtou U the proud fa ther ol an* tuer liue boy. Mr. J. W. Ckildd has sold his inter est iu firm ei W hittaker & Child* aud will move out to his farm a lew miles from towu. Air. Childs is a good ousiuess man aud his removal will be a severe loss to our town. Air. Fedx May seu, a prosperous young farmer from the State of Jas per, is iu our midst prospecting fora business location. Jeitkiusburg ex tends a hearty welcome to such men as he. Mr. Biles has sold eut his business in btark aud has associated himself with Mr. J. F. Whittaker in the mer cantile business. Mrs. Baker aud children of Edge wood visited her brother, Di. W. C. Bryant, last iSnuday. The school at this place is in a fine condition. Prof. Thompson and Miss Fou ud are second to none as educa tors aud the people of Jeukiusburg and vicinity appreciate this tact aud are supporting the school handsomely. There are near 100 students iu attend ance at this writing aud the number is increasing every week. Mia Min us Peavv has a fine music class and by ner superior ability as a teacher and lovable disposition has become very popular with the people. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS! All copy for aew advertise uents. and copy for change of ads. must be in the office by Monday of each week, to assuie their appearance in the following issue. Tin- is positive, as we are always crowded with copy and must have ample time te get it up. Please bear this in mind and save a few hard feelings.— [Eds. The Ckattenooga Medicine Company have won a trade-mark lawsuit in the U. <S. Circuit Court at Atlanta, An attempts was made te enjoin them from usiugthe name “Jhedt'ord” and “M. A. 2Bedford & C 0.,” on their liver medicine or Black- Draught, judge Newman dismissed the suit and taxed the plaintiffs with the costs. Tlied ford’s Black Draught nan been in constant use for mere than fifty years and is one of the s andard medicines of the country, thousands ef dollars have been spent in advertising it, and it is known everywhere. The Chattenooga Medicine C*., have an immense laboratory in Chat tenooga, just at the foot of Lookout Moun tain. They have a branch house in St. Louis. This company also makes MC' ELREE’S ITINAGF CaRUUI and have a reputation fer integrity and fair dealing, second to none. A DAILY OCCURRENCE. Now look here! We are no kickers, and none of our ancestors were kickers, bnt, it does try our feelings to have a man prance into our sanc'oinm and rave and rant about “patronizing home mdattries,” “booming our town,” “helping home en terprises,” and printing seven or eight columns about home institutions and then receive a bill on the first of the mouth from this same man, who has his printing done in Atlanta, when he .-‘ould benefit himself and us by having it done at the Argcs office in just as good style and at the same price! No, we are no kickers, but such things as this are rapidly drifting us m that direction. During the CLriatmas holidays is the most important season ot the year to insure your property against lose by fire during the extravagant use ot matches, fire works, etc. Etheridge & Kin ard. The streets are being greatly improved under the supervision of our efficient mar shals Holifield and Arayo. So yon are hereby notified that if you may chance to come intejackson with a “jag” on Christ mas you might be called upon to contrib ute a few days’ work toward* helping o beautify them. BAMNS! A. G. HITCHENS, Jackson, - Georgia. Now is the time to get your goods cheap! I have a large stock, and am Determined to Sell t Crockery, Glass and CMnaware. I have a fow more of those beautiful French Obina Tea Bets (44 please), worth lit, hut I shall olose them out at $7. And those Iron Granite Tea Beta (44 fUeea) handsomely decorated, st $4 and $4.50 —worth $6 to $0 10. I alto have a few handsome Bcd-R *om Sets (10 plroea). rhey are lovely geeda Lateet Styles and Be tutifui Dsngai—-worth $lO sad sl3 They will he asM this week at $8.75 and $4 75 to make room for other good* arriving dally. My Oroekcry Hue le full and complete in all the latest novelties, both hi plain and decorated As 1 dhj them direct, sad in large quantities, I will save yea TEN PER CENT I Lamps! Lamps 1 Lovely Stand Lamps at 85c—worth $1.85. Handsomely decorated Parlor Lama* sl.4s—worth $9.00. Lovely Vae Parlor Lamps.—worth $5.88. Mg stock of Swinging Lamps is perfect, and prices lower than aver. And, rwum ber, I m headquarters for Church and School Lamps, etc., etc. STOTES! STOVES!! STOVES!!! StoTe-Pipe, Tinware, etc., Grates and Grate Fixtvrea. la this department 1 carry the best line ever brought to Jackson, in Eastern and Southern makes, from the finest to the oommon step stove; and I will gaaw tee to sell you as good stores, and as quick to nook, and ia every way to give satisfaction, and save you ten per cent, over any house la Georgia. My Tinware is of beet heavy, double-fumed goods, guaranteed not to leak, and at Prices to suit the times. Oils! Oils! Oils! Georgia Te* E rosane Oil, 15c per gallon. Walter White Hemlig it Oil at Me. GINNERB and MILL MSN: lam headqu <rters for Cylinder 01, Machinery Oil, Harvest ng Oil, Neats-foofc Oii, Black Harness Oil. In tact, I carry a raU stock of oil, and am selling oil from Fc. to 30c. per gallon less than any eta else, If you have not been buying your oils from me, you are the leser. Leather! Leather I Harness Leather, Whang Leather, Sole Leather, Belting, Rubber Hose, Etc., Etc. tam earryiag a full line of Rubber and Leather Belting, and Rubber See* V M will oall I will convince y u that my prices are below Atiaata or Mae®*. 1 buy from the manufacturers and pay spot cash, and my expenses bsiag I am able to sell th-m close. HARDWARE! Nowhere in Georgia is there a oettev assorted stoek than I carry, and as I bap direct and in nua tities with the ready cash, I can assure you that m/ pritnb are right, and '**• meons * big ueving to you. Harness, Sales, flips, Etc. In this Department I will surprise you. I haye one of the Largest and Flmo stocks <>f Single and Double Bu/gy and Wagon Harness It was over my pi MB ore to offr-r >o my customer, end 'hL Is saying a good deal when von Mila aider that I have always carried a Urgi and ft >e stoek of Harnom. But adk and ate me, and you ehali be pleased, both in stylo, quality and arise. iad parts to rep'aoe the old worn-out parts to your harness, yon can lad boos Id lons money than you will hare to pay for having the old one repaired. Bridles, Lines, Halters, Etc. WAGONSI One & Two-Horse Wagons. I soli the oelebra ed White Hickory Wagons, mads of bcrt material aal fatty tm muted to give satisfaction in quality ana workmanship I nave sold hnadredl of them in Butts and ’.djointag conn ies. They have given universal satis faw tion. They are the lightest-running wagon now in use, and are mode Isas Beat of M aterial, and guaranteed for twelve months. Beiiies, Phaetons anfl Carriages. I carry a complete line of all the best makes in Phaetons, Caaopy-Top Sureaw* Open and Top Buggies, made by Sum ner A Morphy, of Barnesvilb. oa. Tm original celebrated Barnesvitl* Buggies: also the fine Indiana went. |sfa e rry a lin of cheaper buggies, every job of which I warrant for WdSS months. See me before you buy. TO SHOPS AND REPAIR MIN: I now have in stock Long an 1 S orfc-Arm Axles, Tlr#*, Bolts, etc., also s oempdafa line of w heels, Spokes, Skeins, and will make it to your interest to sdswasl your trade to sponrsusiNi GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! ETC. In Double and Single-Barrel—both Breech and Musple* Loaders—l am heeled s*d can -uit you in quality and prices. These goods I import and eon save yu money. Itm full up in L*a ed Shells and, in faot, have a full line of Amw> □ition and Sportiag Supplies. Thanking yon for past patron agu, and making ynnr fntare trA| I remain, yonrs respectfully. A. G. HITCHENS. NO 49-