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ffINL OH OF THE CITY. vol xxi r. Goecif ® |tems. TRAIN ARRIVALS: eoiNfl north 12: 05 p. m. 6: 30 p. m. aoixo south 9 : 45 a m 1893 had 52 Sundays In it. Steve Kinard didn’t get married by January 1, 1894. The w nouses have resumed op eratiems a t after a week of idle ue&f. Misa EflL Harris who has been visiting reia/ves at her home near Stark has returned to Jackson. The flying jennies have ceased ep. (•rations in Jackso i and gone into winter quarters. Carmichael's PiMs cure grip. Only 15c. n box. I uesriay of this week was sale day but the usual sales did not result as advertised, they were compromised and postponed to a future date. A number of cieiks were thrown out f employment by tin* business c.liansres u lii. h w* n i into effect <.n Ja ii.-rt I*l. *‘' 1 • as ,i I)>tlIi in kson • t*ek be ’ elt t i.i,i no burial has yet re sit! ed imui it. Mr .1. M. C- I'll ixloii, who is 56 years old, is the grand father ot ten children, eight of whom we"ft born ou the same day ot the week, namely, Satn riiav. We are printing the by-laws of the St. J' Ini’s Masonic Lodge of this city and it will be a book of some twenty pa -es. bring your job work to the Argus office. “Kangaroo Scott,” is still with the New York Store selling shoes. Carmichael’s Pills the best on the market Hundreds will tes tify to it. Mr J. 11. MeCallum tendere bis .ii un y fr ends an elegant turkey din - uer at his home in this city one day last week. The festivities of * lie holiday* are now over ami our farmers will pro ceed to haul home guano for the en suing years’s crop. Scvevu 1 . targe young liens of good breed for sale. Dr. J. L. Mai*p. I-4-2t Rev. 4V\ T. Bell delivered an elegant and impressive sermon at the Meth odist church on Sunday morning last, and a large congregation gave audience to his words. LOST—On Tuesday Januart 2nd a plain double-case gold watch with a black silk cord attachod to it, made in chain shape. Lost on the read lead ing to WortnviHe, between the resi dence of Mr. Reeves and Jackson. > reward is offered by the owner T. J. Christian, Worthville, Ga., or return to i’n* Argus and receive reward. Go to IV L. Carmichael’s, where you will find Drugs, Med icines, Paints, Oils, Window Glass, {stationery, Brushes, Combs, Perfumery; the very best Tobaccos, Cigars, and many oth er articles as cheap as can be bought in town. Why send t Atlanta for your job Drin tiiig when J. G. McDonald, an Atlanta ptinUr, is aiTe *o duplicate all work done in an> city at city prices. He has worked in a.most every city office in the state and stands among the best of his juok Sion as au artistic w >rkman. GWc in n trial, or come around to The office and see samples. Rev. Mr McConnell, who was pastor of the Gainesville chinch last year, preach ed .* si.ul-stirriug seriuon at the Baptist euiuch, in this city, on Sunday last. Mi. Gard er. who will preside here as the permanent pastor of the Baptist chure.., is expec.ed to arrive by Sunday lu-xt. * Mrs, S. U. McCandless “baked” a 15C pound turkey Christmas, which *!ie raised, and Air. G. W. Kav “boiieii” one which weighed 15 pounds. The Superior court of this county lias been changed back to the old days. Thi- year the court will con vene ou the 3rd Mondays iu February and August. Miss Elia Pound met the sehool at Jenkiusburg Monday and adjourned it to Monday the Bth on recount ot Prof. C. P. Thompson’s illness. A large lot of fresh Garden Seeds direct from the eastern seed growers to arrive soon, at W. L Carmichael’s. llarp it Winant. Jackson, Ga., next door to post-office, will pay highest market price for Hides, yfepeswax, and tallow. Ml’ HI P w ini W %m p tpi m *** ® si AhHo if iM i! M lug, LYONS—GIBBS. On Thursday December 21. 1893 af tlie Morrison House in this city. Mr. Jobn L. Lyons and Miss Cleora Gibbs were united in the holy bans of mat rimouy, by Rev. J. J*. Lakes, of this city. Mr. Lyons is a young man of strict business integrity, and a gentleman of tact and energy. For a number of } ears he has been connected with the Western L nion telegraph company, at this piace, as its manager, and to day stands a most honored and trust ed employe, with a host of friends who congratulate him upon his uew venture in life. Misa Gibbs is a sister to the late Mrs. Morrison, and is a young lady of a most lovable disposition, and well worthy of the gentleman she has chos eu as a partner in life. Loved by ev ery acquaintance, he enters the mar* riage state with the most hearty wish es ef a multitude of friends whose soul desire is tuat her life may be as a bed of rose? —one perpetual dream of loveliness. The Argus congratulates these young people in their undertaking and wishes them a long life of useful ness. After the ceremony the happy couple left for Cedartown, where Ihev spent a week visiting relatives and friends in that city. They have since returned home, however, and it pleases us to state that they intend making Jackson their futur* home. TURNER— ELLIS. At tlie residence of Mr. J. 11. Ham, near Cedar Rock, in this count} 7 , on Sunday, Dec. 23, Mr. Oscar Turner was united n marriage to Miss Phoe be Ellis, bo'.h of this count}-, “Rev.” Howard Ham officiating. The Ar gus extends its happiest wishes for a continued life' of prosperity to this happy couj 10, and our junior pokes out his “paw” in congratulation. FRANKLIN—ROGERS. Last night at the Methodist church, at Barnesville, Mr. 11. M. Franklin, of rennille, Ga., w as united in marriage to Miss Helen Rogers, of that city. Miss Helen, as is well known, is the daughter of Mrs. L. K. Rogers, of Gor don Institute. She is a highly cultured and gifted young lady and is well known over the state. For the past two years she hag hs:d charge cf the music ment of Jackson Institute, of this city, and by her gifted talent and lady-like deportment has won many friends and admirers. Mr. Franklin is a gentleman of line presence, and of superior social and business standing, being one of the most enterprising young merchants of South ern Georgia. This couple lias hosts of friends here and elsewhere who join us in extending congratulations. May their future life be an untarnished dream of prosperity and happiness, and may their fondest expectations be realized is tlie wish of the J ack sox Argus, and the pupils and faculty of Jackson Institute. Married on the 31st day of December, 1803, J. H. Ham, Esq., officiating, Mr. Jessie Holilield to Miss Laura Duke. The Argus extends congratulations. A GIFTED LADY. As Jackson is tlie home of Miss Leo noia Deck, the Argus takes great pleas ure in publishing such high testimonials of her merit, especially so, when it comes from such authority as the people of Atlauta. We copy from the Constitu tion: “Miss Leonora Beck’s many friends will be delighted to know that she has refused the magnificent offer of the presidency of one of the noted col leges of the north and will remain in charge of the excellent institution of which she is now president, and whose success is due to her owu efforts. It was a high compliment to be called to 6ueli a fine position, but Miss Beck has a natural pride in Uie Capital college and it is her aim to make it fully the equal of any of the great institutions for tlie education of women in New York or New England. A J of us who feel deep interested in the educational welfare of Atlanta and of Georgia are grateful to her for her de cision to remain here.” This week millions of bright-eyed children meet thousands of competent teachers and the good work of the new term begius with the new year. The power and influence of the teacheis of this country is uot definitely known for it can uot be measured by enumeration nor expressed in language, nor compre hended by tbe most towering intellect, until the great account is made out in eternity. When we bring the question down home we can but wouder what Jackson would be without the lustitute, and we can measure the real prosperity of eyery other town by character of its its institution of learning. The agricultural club at Fletcher’s Institute have more comfortable homes, more hogs and corn and fertile fields than auy like iustitutious of its numbers in the state and Col. M. Y. McKLbben ia not afraid of such men a compose it which means they will never be out of money on which to run their business. Professors Woodward of Milledgeville, and Fletcher of Barnesville, visited Jackson last week. Chaa. Beauchamp of Oxford spent Christmas with his parents of this place. Mr. W. M. Grisenger of Lanark. 111., was the guest of Mr. M. J. Clifford last week. Mr. S. M. Harris and Miss Belle Skin ner were monied last Thursday, we hope for them a prosperous Me and thatall their troubles will be little ones. Henry Morgan is now with the Star Store. The lower extremities of the young man who acted Santaelaus at the Christ mas tree at .Jenkinsburg, were not so large as he wished them, and he wrap ped them around with cotton, which took fire, causing some old scratching, etc. lie was not hurt, however. There is more evidence in the scrip ture that Christ was born on the 25th day of December than there is that the day we keep or the Sabbath is the one on which God rested from his labors. In either case it docsen’t matter, since any day set apart to commemorate an event is as good as any other day. The important point in this matter is to keep the day in a becoming way. fry pIACK-D^AUC-.S. tea for Dyspepsia. Xhe Floridians are speaking of martial 1;w in Jacksonville if necessary to pre vent the Corbett-Mitchell fight. That's nothing: we have one common marshal and one double Marshall May-o! inay they keep us quiet. I uiitf p< oplo- of Jackson kV ‘ " *• ,; <1 red a sociable at Ihe resi 'l oi Hon. TJ. Demps:v on Monda\ night oi this wn-k, and o large crowd was in a'.tend ance. lief-esh men is w* re Served and Use young people enjoyed IbemseivKS to their hearts content. No more inviting home than Col. T. J. Dempsey *s exists lor occasions of this kind, and it onTy t ends men tioning that a reception is to he ten dered at the hospitable residence to insure a jolly crowd of attendants. Those who \vt re prese lit are loud in (heir praise of the excelh nt manner in which they were received. Just received—one car load of Old Hickory and Tennessee, wagons, at the Jackson Carriage Factory, The many friends of Mr. S. 11. Morgan will be pleased to know that he is now with the Jackson Mercantile company, where he will be pleased to wait ou all who desire his services. Mr. Morgan is one of the best combination book-keep ers and salesmen in the state, and has won many friends by his courteous man ners and fair dealing. We wish him suc cess with his present firm, and assure the Star Store that they have gained a most valuable acquisition to their corps of employees. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS The regular annual stock hold ers’ meeting of the Jackson Bank ing Cos. will be held at the Bank office on Tuesday, January 9th, 1594, at II o’cl <ck am. A full representation is desired. L D Watson, Cashier. Our offer to give the Weekly Constitu tion and the Argus one year for only $1.25 will last but a few days longer, so now is the time to avail yourself of tke opponunity. Mr. S. H. Morgan’s friends will now find him at the Star Store. “Orange Blossom” is safe and harmless as a flax seed poultice. Any lady can use it herself. Sold by W. L. Carmichael. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Al! persons are hereby notified not io extend an\ credit to my wife, Mrs. Mattie Bryant, formerly Miss Matt e Swint. 1 will pay no bills contracted by her. J. W. Bryant. Dec. 13, 1893. 4t. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS! All copy for new advertisements, and copy for change of ads. must be in the office by Monday of each week, to assuie their appearance in the foil;-wing issue. I his is positive, as we are always crowded with copy and must have ample time to get it up. Please bear this in mind and save a few hard feelings.— [Eds. ATTENTON F ARMERS! A long needed machine, “The Eagle Stalk Cutler.’, Henry, Spalding and other county rights for sale on good terms. Address, J. G. Ramsey, Agent, Athens, Ga. FINE HORSE FOES ALE. Cail on Air, J. R, Thurston at the carriage factory and buy a splendid f am ily horse. You can get a bargain. decl4-4t JACKSON, GA., JANUARY 4, 1894. CORRESPONDENCE. [We are in no wise responsible for ihe view* expressed by oi.r correspon dents, be he Democrat, Repubhcan, People’s P>rty. or Prohibitionist; but vv are responsible for ali on our edi t ii a I page uie rediied and wifhoui i nature-.] —Eds. JUST FROM JENKINSBURG. Mr. R. G. McCurdy of Flovilla w as visiting here last Sunday. Rev. J. S. Askew spent several days in Coweta county last wick. Prof- G. L. Harris will teach a' Phillippi this year. Mi-s Fannie Meriwether of Newtian is visiting Mrs. Askew. Lagi ipp is raging in the “burg.” Prof. Thompson, Miss Lola Childs, M. L. Harris and others a.e laid up with it. Miss Lillie Moore spent Christmas with her parents. She is attending the Capitol F male Seminary of At lanta and is making an enviable rec ord. There was not a single row in Jenkinsburg Christmas week. let some people think that the majority of “toughs” from the “heail-walei s of bitter creek” make this piace their favorite stamping ground. Pof. Charlie Woodwvtiu of Milledge ville came up to see his p: t ents Christ mas. The Christmas tree went off smooth ly ad everybody got a present—“if they didn’t they most.” The young people have had parties, dinners, rte. galore. Sp: -e forbids a special write-up. John Moore came over from Oxford to spend Christmas with ids parents— and ot hers. 3he new- year lias come—tiie time when every fool, nearly, does his an nual “swearing off." Better not do it Buddie—nobody will t aeve you; besidss, what’s (lie use going around croaking your big resolutions in every one’s ear that will listen to you ? The best plan is to get off to yourself and do some real, hard down thinking. Then, after you have summed tip the past, and h&ve found -a, most ot us tv ill—a big row of goose eggs to your credit you better stop, look at ’em thoroughly and do some private “rcs olutin’ , but dou’t go to blabing about it lor, if you imp; he world will “catch on,” and if you don’t you’ll have nobody to tell ' you that you “broke over.” Be careful about swearing off—the people are thread bare on it and the. world generally is tired of hearing folks talk like philoso phers and act like “blamed” tools. Henry Morgan is now at the Star Store where he will be glad to see you. The offer made in this issue of a free scholarship in the Georgia-Al abama Business College, of Macon, Ga. is a rt re opportunity for some one ot our young friends to secure an education in the test institution of its kind in the South.. The prin cipals stand at the head of their pro fession and their declared purpose to educate some worthy bhy ©r girl in every county cannot fail to com mand the highest piaise. GOES TO DR. PRICE. World’s Fair Jury Decides in His Favor. Chicago, Jan. 3.—On the analysis and recommendation of Dr. Wiley, Chief United States Government Chemist at Washington, and greatest living authority on food products, the World’s Fair jury to-day gave the highest award to Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder foi strength, purity and excellence. This conclusively settles the question of superiority. Dr. Wiley rejected the alum powders, stating to the .World’s Fair jury that he considered them unwholesome. ACCEPT OUR THANKS. We cannot but feel grateful tor such flattering testimonials, especially when they come from such high sourc es of authority as the following pa pers : “The Christmas edition of the Jackson Argus was a beauty."— Pike Connlv Journal. “The Jacksox Argus came out in pink with brown covers for Christ mas. It was one ot the prettiest holi day editions that have 'cached the exchange table.”—Atlanta Journal. CONTRACTORS NOTICE. Any person wanting first-class work, by a workman of 20 year - experience in stone cr bn. k, such as darns built, blasting, where dyna mite is used, or in all such work as lock houses or piers, Call on G. VV. Watkins, Decl-lyr Jackson, Ga. THE ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE. Looking Afbr the Alum and Ammonia Baking Powders. (Chicago Zuter-Ocean.) A bill for an act entitled ‘‘An act to Regulate*:he Traffic iu Baking Powder, ’’ has been introduced in the legislature at Spiingfield, by Mr. iVbhe The bill is in tended to prevent the adulteration of bak ing powders with ammonia or alum, im posing proper penalties to enforce the law. etc. Jhis shows an earnest desire on the part of our representatives to protect their constituent;. 7he Chicago Tribune referring to the question of legislation of alum aud ammo nia baking powders, says. “It deals in a direct manner with an evil that must he cut down.” “Following is a partial list of the names of the brands sold iu this state that liar,, been examined aud found to contain either ammonia or alum. Many of the alum and ammonia powders are labeled aud ad vertised as “absolutely pure” to mislead the public. “Calumet,” “Forest City.” “Chicago Feast," “Grant’s Bon /Ion,” “Hotel,” “Taylor's One Apoon,” “Taj lor’s Double Strength,” “Climax,” “Bon Jon," “Town Talk, “Manhattan,” “Avans,” “Dob son & Hill's” “Shepard's” “7>ain*s” “Kenton,” “K. C.” “Loyal,/ “Double Logie,” Iu addition to the above list there is a multitude of brands sold with a prize. It is safe to reject all baking powders sold v ith a prize, as the tests shaw they are composed largely of alum and costs but a few cents per pound. Also refuse any baking powder sold at twenty-five cents a pound, or less; ids sure to contain alum. Surely nothing but their cheapness could induce the public to expeiiment with these impure powders at the risk ot health. Aside from the question of health or the JACK FROST PARTY. We barn that on Tuesday night of last week, at the residence of Mr. Alex At kinson, of this county, his daughter, Miss Minnie, extended to her friends and acquaintances, a Jack Frost Party, and from those in attendance, we learn that from point of loveliness and pure una dulterated enjoyment, no such occasion has yet been chronicled. The parlor was festooned with decorations suited to the occasion, and abundant refreshments were served in bountiful profusion, -hiss Minnie acted as hostess in a manner that won for herself many friends and admirers, A number of couples were present, aud to only mention the names of those in attendence is a sufficient guarantee that a more enjoyable time was never spent. We learn that thoss present were: Mr. A. F. Whitney, Miss Martha Jane Carmichael; Mr. W. 11. Higgins, Miss Clyde MeCallum; Mr. J. M. Kinard, Miss Carrie Hitchins; Mr. S. B. Kinard, Miss Myrtle Pound; Mr. Robert Carmichael, Miss Lizzie Slaughter; C. P. Carmichael, Miss Estelle Carmichael; Mr. Tom P. Atkinson, Miss Elia Pound; Mr. Sowell, Miss Alma Atkinson; Mr. C. C. Ray, Miss Glass: Mr. Claude Gray, Miss Clyde Gray; Messrs. C, Pinkney, Walter Moore and W. F. Lee. The Chattenooga Medicine Company have won a trade-mark lawsuit in the U. &. Circuit Court at Atlanta. An attempts was made t® enjoin them from usiugthe name “7hedford” and “M. A. 7hedford & C 0.,” on their liver medicine or Black- Draught. Judge Newman dismissed the suit and taxed the plaintiffs with the costs. Thedford’s Black-Draught nas beeu in constant use for mere than fifty years and is one of the standard medicines of the country, thousands ef dollars have been spent in advertising it, and it is known everywhere. The Chatteuooga 3/cdicine C®., have an immense laboratory in Chat tenooga, just at the foot of Lookout Moun tain. They have a branch house in St. Louis. This company also makes MG' ELREE'S IFTNA Gh' CaRDUI and have a reputation for integrity and fair dealing, second to none. A NEW ENTERPRISE. Jackson will have a soda water factory some time this month, and Mr. J. W. Francis, of Eastman, Ga., is the gentle man who will manijmlatfc the business. He was in Jackson a week ago looking for a suitable place to locate, and has de cided to erect his plant in the brick building opposite Almand, Moon & Co’s. This new industry will add greatly to the interest of Jackson and her citizens should lend their help towards fostering it on to prosperity. Mr. Francis is a genial, whole souled gentlemen, and is capable of making friends of all acquaintance. lie is also an excellent musieian and is now leader of the brass baud at Eastman. Come on, Mr. Francis, Tiie Argus is with you, heart, soul and empty pocket book. The.Cleve’and Hotel served an elegant Christina® dinner to a number of invited guests, who ate heartily of the viands placed before them. Col. F. Z. Curry and J. H. Carmichael went up to Atlanta on Sunday night. jricElre s WINE OF CARDUI for female diseases A. G. HITCHENS, Jackson, - Georgia, Now is the time to get your goods cheap i I have a large stock, and am Determined to Sell! Crockery, Glass and Chinawars. I have a few more of those beautiful French China Tea Sets (44 pieces), wor'di $lO, but I shall close them out at $7. And those Iron Granite 'lea Sets (44 pieoc*. l handsomely decorated, at $1 and $1.50 —worth $8 to $6 50. I also have a few handsome Bed-R >osu Sets (10 pieces). They are lovely Latest Styles and Be.utifu! I>.signs—worth SLO and sl2 They will ba s*M this week at $3.75 and $4 75 to make room for oth r goods arriving daily. My Crockery li e is full and complete in all the latest novelties, both in plain an ! decor ited As T nn v them direct," aid in large quantities, I will sav* you TEN PER CENT ! Lamps! Lamps! Lovely Stand Lamps at Sic —worth $1.25. Handsomely decorated Parlor Lamps $1.45 —worth $2.00. Lovely Vso Parlor Lamps, $2.50 —worth $5.04). My stock of Swinging Lain, s is perfect, ami prices lower than ever. And, remem ber, I am headquarters for Church and School Lamps, etc., etc. STOTES! STOVES!! STATES!!! Stove-Pipe, Tinware, etc., Orates and Grate Fixtures. In this department I car y the last, line ever brought to Jackson, in Eastern and Southern makes, from the fi est to the common step stove; and I will guaran tee to sell you as goo 1 stoves, and as quick to cook, and in every way to g4fo satisfaction, and save you ten per cent , over any house in Georgia. My Tinware is of best heavy, double-tirtne I goods, guaranteed not to leak, and at Price® to suit the times. * Oils! Oils! Oils I Georgia Test Kerosene Oil, 15c per gallon. Walter White Headlight Oil at 2s©. GINNEItS and MILL TEN: lam headquarters for Cylinder Od, Machintyv Oii, Harvesting Oil, Neats-foot Oil, Black Harness Oil. In fact, I carry a Fill stock of oil, and am selling oil from fc. to 20c. per gallon less than any mi else, If you have not been buying your ols from me, you are the loser. Leather! Leather! Harness Leather, Whang Leather, Sole Leather, Helling, Kubber Hose, Etc., Etc. lam carrying a full line <-f Rubber and Leather Belting, and Rubber Hose. U will call I will convince you that my prices are below Atlanta or Mactft, 1 buy from the manufacturers and pay spot cash, and my expenses being I am able to sell tli rn close. HARDWARE! Nowhere in Georgia r here a netkr assorted stock than I carry, and as J, taf direct and in qua- '‘ -with the te,ady cash, I can assure you that mf prieX are right, and •' : s ns a nig saving to you. Harness, Sales, flips, Elc. In this Department 1 will .surprise you. I haye one of the Largest and Fiyfrt stocks of Single and Double Buggy and Wagon Harness it was ever cay ptMp* ure to offer to my customer®, and this is saying a good deal when you eider that I have always carried a Urge and fine stock of Harness. But (JH and see me, and you shall be pleased, both in style, quality and price. Ajm parts to rep’ace the old worn-out p irts to your harness, you can find here for less money than you will have to pay for having the old one repaired. Bridles, Lines, Halters, Etc. W A G ONS ! One Sc Two*Horse Wagons. I sell the celebrated White Hickory W.igons, male of best material and fully ranted to give satisfaction in quality and workmanship. I have sold huadff# of them in Butts and adjoining counties. They have given universal nutlinfafi tion. They are the lightest-running wagon now in use, and are mad# fnofi Best of Materia!, and guaranteed for twelve months. Blips, Pliaetons aii Carriages. I carry a complete line of all the best makes ia Phaetons, Canopy-Top Barren Open and Top Buggies, made by Summer & Murphy, of Barnesville, Qa. Tm original celebrated Barnesville Buggies: also the fine Indiana work. { carry a line of cheaper buggies, every job of which I warrant for months. See me before you buy. TO SHOPS AND REPAIR MEN: I now have in stock Long an 1 Sort-Arm Axles, Tires, Bolts, etc., also a oomplgflb line of Wheels, Spokes, Skeins, and will make it to your interest to your trade TO SPORTSMEN: GUNS! SUNS! GUNS! ETG. In Doable and Single-Barrel—both Breech and Muzzle-Loaders— l am heeled can suit ton in quality and prices. These goods I import and can save money. lam full up in Loaled Shells and, in fact, have a full line of Aaia nition and Sporing Supplies. Thanking yon for past patronage, and asking your future tra*®, I remain, yours respectfully. A. G. HITCHENS. OFFICIAL CRMH OF THE COUNT' NO I