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The Jackson argus. (Jackson, Ga.) 189?-1915, September 06, 1894, Image 2

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Ttf E ARGUS. N. J.* ft J. V. HcDONALD, Editor* and Pu blislier*. Entered at the Postoffice at[Jackson as second class mail matter. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY. Vackaoii' Ca.j September 1894. ONU 1)01-LAE PER ANNUM. Democratic Ticket For Governor. HON. W. Y ATKINSON. For Treasurer, It. U. HARDEMAN. For Sec. of Sta'e. A. D. CANDLER. For Com. Agriculture. R. T. NESBIT. For Comp. General. YV. A. WRIGHT. For Congress. C. L. BARTLETT. For State Senate. WALTER C BEEKS. For Representative. T. J. DEMPSEY. For Sheriff. J. O. BEAUCHAMP. For Clerk of Court. JOHN O’REAR. For Tax Receiver. J. H. HAM. For Tax Collector. W. L. CARTER. For Treasurer. T. L. WILLIAMS. For Surveyor. B. J. JINKS. For Coroner. JESSE McKLEROY. Jackson is the best cotton roar ket in this country. Farmers get more on an average for their cotton than at anyother town in this country. The merchants here sell goods cheaper than any other merchants and anything you want is for sale in Jackson cheaper than the same kind of goods at any other place. The truth is when you get a little more for your cotton and get your goods for a little less, the common sense of it all is this: it pays and pays like anything to come to Jackson. The result of the goyerror’s election this year will be liken unto this: Atkinson—l2s,ooo votes. Hines—he ran against him, and the shock was so disastrous that the elec tions will be coutested. It is reported that John Temple Graves lias joined the piano party. All he needs now is a good smelling “coon” to go around with him as a scotch in his stumping campaign. He is not a full fledged “pop” unless he gets him a black key as a companion, for the piano party is made up of a black and white key boardT'fhrd irotif tree- flGg don’t lie, the blamed thing will be badly out~bi t.VLne after the coming election. Democratic speakers are now engaged in tearing down the air castles recently erected by the piauo party, throughout the state. They are shelling the woods .with “Hinesy,” and the poor fellow just keeps dodging around trying to find an open space to yell in, but about the time he pokes his head out some stalwart democrat taps him on the anatomy, and runs him back in his hole. Thomas E. Watson has been noraitated by the piano party to make the race for congress again in the Tenth District. Tom, your name has 13 letters in it! That, of itself, is a Jonah to you! even if your fanatical ideas were correct. Thirteen is an unlucky number, and that coupled with your government ownership of steamboats is enough to collapse a much larger man than you, Thomas! The Chino-Japo-Scrapo is still rushing along at a rapid rate. They have been wanting to fight each other for the past two months, but they don’t exactly know how to get at it They call each other hard names across the water, and then both sides take a running start and get out of the way of each other. For war-s without bloodshed the Cbinee- Japanee fiasco takes the rag off the bush. Both sides are trying to buy up all the war ships on both continents, and when they get well equipped with guns and ammunition, they will make ugly faces at each other, call the fight a draw, and go back to eating rat# and making fire A BAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. Messrs. Editors: —l have noticed with great interest the controversy between “America’’and “Columbia,” anil withuot siding with either will submit a few thoughts tor theirconsd eration. The fihancial and economic conditions of this nation must, to the thoughtful mind, seem alarming. In the banks of the East we tiud a plethora ot money. In New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mas sachusetts the amount of banking capital is greater than any other twenty states combined. Their bank coffers overflowing, while throughout the great arteries and veins of the commercial and industrial body there is but tlie feeblest circulation, and the pulse of trade and rewardol effort if found at all, is felt but as a feeble, flickering and almost expiring gleam of life. This condition in the physi cal body would indicate to the skilled diagnostician a speedy dissolu tion if relict was not obtained. So the economic condition may well awaken grave apprehensions in the minds of patriot*, and at least make the moit heroic mea rsures tending to re store to all j arts ot the system, the motion of the life giving fluid. The condition of the nation today parallels the conditions that have existed at dif ferent epochs of our race. Turn back the panes of history and you will find traced in the overflow and downfall of every nation, conditions similar to those affecting our country. The question arises what has produced it? Our crime is a financial one, commenc ing with tlie Republican policy of con • traction in 18(50; the robbing of the credit strengthening act in ’OK; the grand larceny of ‘73, culminating in the folly of'92. We have legislated ourselves in the condition in violating the pledges and promises made to the people contained in the platforms of either party. Relief can come only by legislating ourselves out of this condition. The debt in the United States, public and private, is $295.00 per capita. The annual interest is $17.00 per capita. The total stock of gold, coin aod bullion, in the world is $2.52 per capita. The total stock of silver, coin and bullion, in the world is $2.58 per capita. The annual out put of gold for the past ten years has been seven and one-half cents per capita; the annual output of silver for the same time has been nine and seven-tenths cents per capita. What a pyramid of deb! is $295.00 pei capi ta with an accumulating interest—is standing inverted so to speak on an apex of seven and one-lialf cents : Can any one believe that with gold redemption for all money, and gold standard for all prices, that this inver ted pyramid can stand with any pet manancy? The national government has a gold reserve of much less than one hundred millions ot gold dollars to redeem eight or ten times this much credit, or paper money. Is it not ap appareut to every one that we need more primary money to redeem credit money with, which can be obtained by restoring silver to its constitu tional rights as a money ot final pay ment. This would reduce gold in its purchasing power, and it being a set tled fixed maxim, when money conies down prices go up, and prosperity is the inevitable result. To complete the whole system we should repeal of the ten percent tax upon the is-ue state banks, reduce the ta tiff to strict ly a revenue basis. All of the legislation for the iaj-t two decades has smacked of paternalism, governmental protection to national banks, bond holders, gold hugs, and doniestjc manufacturers. The result is the wealth of the nation is concen- trated in the hands of a few men, who are the masters of the situation, domi nating congress, shaping legislation, guiding the eld ship oj state. to be stranded at last, I fear, upon the reefs of centralization. Then the capitalist aud the federalist, the monopolist and the centralist, will hold their goulish feast Over the demise of the republic. Yours in liberty. Observer. ONE CENT TO OFT WELL If you are suffering wife Iby’ skin or blood disease, Rheumatism, Catarrb, U 1 cers, Old Fores, General Debility, etc., write on a postal card to the Blood Balm Cos., Atlanta, Ga., for book of wonderful cures free. This book will point the way to speedy lecovery. .Botanic Blood .Balm is manufactured after a long tested pres cription of an eminent physician, and is the best building-up and blood-purfying medicine in the world- Price SI.OO for large bottle. For sale by druggist. See advertisement elsewhere. Lord Aberdeen tells the following story of himself. He left London at midnight in a sleeping car for the North. In the morning when he was awakened he saw a 6tranger opposite him. “Excuse me,” said the stranger, “may I ask if you are rich ?” Somewhat surprised, his lordship re plied that he was tolerably well-to-do. “May I ask,” continued the strang er, “how rich you are?” ‘‘Well, if it will do you any good to know, 5 ' was the reply, “I suppose, I have several hundred thousand pounds.” “Well,” went on the strauger, “if I were as rich as you and snored as loud as you I should take a whole car, so as not to interrupt the sleep of others,” A IN’T YOUR NA M ECU ARLI E ? An Anecdote Recalled by the Nomi nation of Hon. C. L. Bartlett. Although the nomination of the ; brilliant voting Bibb statesman was written in the stars ami a foregone conclusion, saj s the Columbus En quirer Sun, the convention of ihe Sixth district democrats, whi h as sembled the other day at Indian Spring to confer the honors of the party on Charles L. Bartlett, was very enthusiastic. Prominent among Ihe distinguished delegates in the con ventior, physically towering head and j shoulders above them, like a giant was the venable and genial Judge Gib Wright, of Monroe. The judge de lighted the convention with one of his characteristic speeches. He compli mented the delegates on their fine ap pearance, referring pleasantly to the fact that with two exceptions they were all handsome men. The excep tions were himself and Colonel Van MoKibben, the well known Butts lawper, whose friends have never charged him with the fatal guilt of beauty. Judge Wright expressed bis pleas ure to second tlie nomination for Mr. Bartlett. He had known the Bart lett family for many \ears, and lie knew that integrity, absolute and un swerving, had been a characteristic of the family afways. This recalls, an incident that, was said to have hap pened years ago when Judge White was expounding the law on the bench, and Charlie Bartlett was just winning ois spurs as a tolicitor general. In a pending case an old-timer was on the witness stand. He had known the so licitor general all his life, us w ell as his distinguished father, the lamented Judge Bartlett. As the solicitor pro pounded the questions the witness would always reply calling Colonel Bartlett by his given name “(/bar lie.” The solicitor general was on his dignity, and regarded the familiarity as unseemly. After remonstrating with the witness, the solicitor general finally appealed tho the court. Judge Wright, who appreciated the situation, with affected sternness, soft ened by a twinkle of the eye, looked steadily at the solhitor general and then said, in that deep voice so in keeping with his great frame: “Well, ain’t your name Charlie ? Do you want him to call you colonel?” This brought a smile over the court room, and doubtless satisfied the solic itor general that, he was appealing against the impossible. Ills career since that time lias been a brilliant and honorable one. He has sat upon the superior court bench, displaying his ability and winningj-raise as a jurist. lie has been nominated by his party for congress and will be elected. No one who knows Judge Bartlett doubts that in the national capital he will truly and fearlessly il lustrate Democracy and honor his state. Good milk cow for sale. Call on Gilmore & Ilencely. THE BEST Purifier W AND TONIC ‘For Old and Youngf|pßF|| TO QUICKEN I*4 H THE |Rj Hi Appetite, E | REMOVE THAT P* —U Br Tired Feeling And Make the Weak Strong. It enriches the blood 'arid invigorates every organ and,tissue of the body. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla Cures others, will cure you NORTH GEORGIA Agricultural College, DEPARTMENT UP THE UNIVERSITY, At Dahlonega, Georgia. Spring term begins first Monday in February. Fall term begins first Monday In September. FULL LITERARY COURSES. TUITION FREE With ample corps of teachers. THROUGH MILITARY TRAINING tinder a U. S. Army Officer detailed by Secretary of war. Departments of Business, Short hand, Typewriting, Telegraphy, Music and Art. Under competent and thorough instructors. v OUXQ LADIES have equal advantages. CHEAPEST COLLEGE in THE SOOTH For catalogues and full information ad dress Secretary or Treasurer of Board Trustees. A general observation will convince an]y MAN woman or child, though far-sighted, near-sighted or half blind, that for bargains the BLUB FROM STORE of GUN T N, POTTS &CO, on Third ' treet in Jackson, is the place. Twenty dozen hats, cost $12.00 per doz. to sell for 50c each in the next 30 days; worth $1.50 each. JACKSON is the place for cheap goods, and Gunn, Potts & Cos. is par excellence, the ideal place of places; such stocks of goods were never before FOUND in Jackson. Foots, Shoes, Hats, caps clothing dry goods notions, ladies’ and genfs furnishings, etc. A visit from the ladies is invited, for we have a BUSHEL of nice things, and cheaper than you ever saw them. 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