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The Jackson progress-argus. (Jackson, Ga.) 1915-current, March 17, 1916, Image 4

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REACHING k MAN I IN THE FIELD Andrew M. Soule, President Georgia State College Of Agriculture. r Teaching” is the term Commonly applied to carrying agricul tural information out from an agricul tural college to the farmer. Extension teaching wqultl soon end in failure if ,a college did not prove that it had -practical knowledge to give to the farmer. During the last eight years the Georgia State College of Agricul ture has boon doing extension teach ing, that is, it has been going out to meet the farmer in institutes, field (meetings, farmers' schools, educational trains, etc. The figures will tell the story more forcibly than words wheth er or not the farmers of Georgia arc finding the services of the College ac ceptable or not. In the last eight years 5,179 exten sion schools, field and miscellaneous meetings have been held through the influence of our extension depart ment, In co-operation with railroads, boards of trade, chambers of com merce, farmers’ organizations, boards of education, fair associations, wom en’s clubs, churches, schools and in dividuals. In all 1,282,088 persons, calculating attendance on the num ber of sessions held, have been reached. Extension Attendance Summary. Educational Trains. Number Attend- Miles Year. Meetings. ance. Traveled. 1908. . . 150 150,000 5,000 1911. . . 150 350,000 5,500 Extension Schools, Field Meetings, Etc. 1908. . . 42 10,000 15,400 1909. . . 144 17,330 35,500 1910. . . 200 42,200 05,900 1911. . . 209 47,201 95,700 1912. . . 479 98,470 109,730 1913. . . 1,090 120,150 139,000 1914. . . 949 218,003 188,300 1915. . . 1,752 228,008 188,000 Total . 5,179 1,282,088 809,302 The individuals reached constitute about one-half the population of our state, and it is safe to say that the great majority of the progressive citi zens and boys and girls living in the Open country have been brought direct ly or indirectly in touch with the work of the college through its associated activities. Early Hatching Means Winter Eggs More eggs can be obtained in the late fall and early winter when the prices are highest by hatching the young chicks early. Pullets of the heavier breeds, as the Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Wyan dottes and Orpingtons, begin laying when about six months old. They should be hatched during February in Georgia. The smaller breeds, such as the Leghorns, Anconas and Minor cas, begin laying in a shorter time, about five months, and should be hatched during the month of March. It pays to hatch early, feed well and have the young birds matured and laying when next winter's highest prices are paid for eggs. The male birds should be mated with the females at least two weeks before eggs are saved for hatching. Small, weak or sickly birds should be culled out of the breeding flock. Only healthy, vigorous males and females, with well developed heads and bodies, should be used. Low vitality parents mean low vitality cjjicka. a larger Wood's Productive Seed Corns. Our Virginia-grown Seed Corns have an established reputation for superiority in productiveness and germina ting qualities. Wood’s Descriptive Catalog tell# about the beat of prize-win ning and profit-making varieties in both Whit* and Yallow Corns. Cotton Seed. We offer the beat and most Im proved varieties, grown in sections absolutely free from boll wec\ il. Our Catalog glvea prices and infor mation, and tella about the best of Southern Seeda, 100-DAY VELVET BEANS. Soja Beans, SUDAN GRASS. Dalits Grass and all Sorghums and Millets. Catalog mailed free on request. T.W.WOOD Cf SONS. SEEDSMEN. - Richmond, Va. Recent Bulletins of College The College of Agriculture is almost j constantly issuing circulars, bulletins and other forms of publications, all of which are free. They are made j as timely as possible and applicable to conditions in existence now. The fertilizer situation has developed cir culars on potash and rock phosphate. What to do for potash, of course, is a vital question. Warning is issued in this circular against use of caustic soda for potash, efforts being made by some people to sell such materials in Georgia as a substitute for pot ash. The bulletin on the use of rock i phosphate as a substitute for phos phoric acid tells what may be expect ed and warns farmers not to expect immediate results from it. Circulars on lime have been issued from time to time, and one is in course of preparation touching new phases of the lime question as devel oped recently in the state. Particu larly for the use of corn clubs and demonstration agents, a circular has been issued on corn cultivation. "Farm Management Under 801 l Weevil Conditions” is the subject of a timely and important bulletin issued to tell how farmers can cautiously change their farm practices, but urges them to keep on growing cotton to a limited extent. ACUTE CATARRH OF PIGS Dr. W. M. Burson, Veterinarian, Geor gia State College Of Agriculture. Cold in the head often occurs in pigs during cold, wet weather. The disease is frequently seen among pigs not properly sheltered, or which are overcrowded in insanitary surround ings. Pigs that burrow under piles of manure or stacks of forage are most commonly affected. Exposure to cold rains and draughts and dipping during cold weather are other causes. Symptoms. Frequent sneezing, dullness, inactivity, reduced appetite, eyes watery and inflamed, cough, dif ficult breathing, discharge from nos trils. Treatment. Correct the in sanitary conditions, provide prop er shelter, prevent overcrowding. Feed on warm slop of bran or shorts. Give a laxative dose of epsom salts or castor oil in the feed. If nasal passages are clogged and breathing is difficult, steam with hot water to which turpentine has been added. CHICHESTER SPILLS DIAMOND BRAND LADIES t Ak jot, r Hruiflat for CHI-CHES-TER S A DIAMOND BRAND TILLS in Red and/AA GovA metallic boxes, sealed with Bluet Ribbon. Takb no otbh. Bay of 7®ur V/ Drafalit sad aak for CIII-OHKS-T f-KS V DIAMOND BBAND PILLS, for twentv-fitj yeas regarded as Best,Safest, Always Reliable. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE TESTED number of mierine eggs, dead cmcks in the shell, weak, crippled chicks and chicks that die soon after being hatched. Stronger chicks are obtain ed from hens than from pullets, the best mating being yearling hens and matured cockerels. Best Yielding Varieties of Com John R. Fain, Profeasor Of Agronomy, College Of Agriculture Variety tests of corn have been conducted at the College plats for seven years on soil typical of the north Georgia or the entire piedmont region. The yields for the year 1915, the number of years tried and the average for all triala are given here with : Whatley’s Prolific 39.72 bushels, seven years, average 64.33 bushels; Marlborough Prolific 42.10, aeven years, average 52.44 bushels; Has tings Prolific 38.38 bushels, seven years, average 61.35 bushels; Cocke’s Prolific 44.82 bushels, seven years, average 46.68 bushels; Shaw's Improv ed 41.65 bushels, seven years, aver age 43.70 bushels; Henry Grady 43.27 bushels, seven years, 41,17 bushels; Sanders Improved 43.4S bushels, six years, average 46.34 bushels; Batt's Prolific 60.41, five years, average 47.26 bushels; Spark’s Prolific 43.65, five years, 38.68 bushels; Albermarle 48.55 bushels, five years, average 38.28 bush els; Harley's Two-eared 46.41 bushels, 4 years, 43 92 bushels; Yate's Choice 40.20 bushels, four years, 40.08 bush els; Reid’s Y-Dent 41.75 bushels, three years, average 30.39 bushels; College Cross 62.65, two years, average 42.62 bushels; South Georgia 38.41 bushels, two years, average 33.63 bushels; Puckett’s Improved 49.79, one year; White Dent 33.45, one year. OHIO WOMAN’S WISH For Tired, Weak, Nervous Women Bellefontaine, Ohio —“I wish every tired, weak, nervous woman could have Vinol, for I never spent any money m my life that did me so much good as that I spent for Vinol. I was weak, tired, worn out and nervous, and Vinol made me strong, well and vigorous after everything else had failed to help me, and I can now do my housework with pleasure.”—Mrs. J. F. LAMBORN. We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod liver and iron tonic, for all weak, run down, nervous, debilitated conditions, Woods-Carmichael Drug & Book Cos. Jackson, Ga. LEGAL ADVERTISE MENTS FOR YEAR’S SUPPORT Georgia—Butts County. Mrs. J. J?. Thaxton having made ap plication for twelve month’s support out of the estate of J. B. Thaxton, de ceased, and the appraisers duly ap pointed to set apart the same having tiled their return, all persons concern ed are hereby required to show cause before the Court of Ordinary of said county on the first Monday in April, 1916, why said application should not be granted for the benefit of two minor children of the said J. B. Thaxton. This 6 day of March, 1916. J. H. Ham, Ordinary. SHERIFF’S SALE Georgia, Butts County. Will be sold on the first Tuesday in April, next, at public outcry at the court house in said county, within the legal hours of sale, to the lnghest bid der for cash, the following described property, to-wit: Two city lots in the City of Jackson, fronting Mallet street and bounded on north by lands of Mrs. Leila Kinsman, on east by lot of Mar tha Banks, on the south by Mallet street and on west by Spencer street, the same being lots Nos. 1 and 3, as designated by plat of McCord old brick yard property. Said property levied on as the prop erty of Pye Flemister to satisfy an exe cution issued from the Superior Court of said county in favor of Bailey A Jones Cos. against said Pye Flemister; said property being in possession o f Pve Flemister. This March Btli, 1916. L. M. CRAWFORD, Sheriff. PETITION FOR CHARTER Georgia, Butts County. To the Superior Court of said County: The petition of J. D Jones. L. M. Crawford. F. S. Etheridge. J. H. Mills, S. H. Mays, of said state and county, respectfully shows: 1. That they desire for themselves, their as sociates. successors and assigns, to be incor porated and made a body politic under the name and style of-BUTTS COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION” for a period of twenty years. 2. The principal offieeof satdcompany shall he in the City of Jackson, said state and coun ty aforesaid. S. The object of said corporation is pecu niary gain to Itself and its shareholders. 4. The business to be carried on by said corporation is the promulgation of education al ideas pertaining to agricultural pursuits, stock raising and allied subjects, manufacttir ing. home industriesand all kindred subjects, by means of assembling the same together un der proper regulations and restrictions in the manner and according to the methods ordi narily adopted by carrying on what is com monly known as a fair. 6 The capital stock of said corporation shall be five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars, with the privilege of increasing the same to the sum of fifty thousand ($5.0000 00) dollars or any sum less than fifty thousand dollars, by a majority vote of the stockholders, said stock to be divided into shares of five ($5.00) dollars each. Ten per cent of the amount of capital stock has been actually paid in. 6. Petitioners desire the right to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to have and use a common seal, to make all necessary by laws and regulations, and do all things that may be necessary for the successful cariying on af said business, including the right to buy. hold, lease, and sell real estate and per sonal property suitable to the purposes of the corporation, and to execute notes and bonds as evidence of indebtedness incurred, or which may be incurred, in the conduct of the affairs of the corporation and to secure the same by mortgage security deed orotherforms of lien, under existing laws. 7 They deal re for ssid corporation the pow er and authority to apply for and accept amendments to its charter of either form or substance by a majority vote of its stock out standing at the time They also ask authority to wind up its affairs, liquidate and discon tinue its business at any time It may determine to do so by a vote of two-thirds of its stock outstanding at the time. 8. They desire to have and exercise all such other rights, powers and nrlvileges and im munities as are incident to like incorporations or permissible under the laws of Georgia. Wherefore, petitioners pray to be incorpora ted under the name and style aforesaid with the powers, privileges and immunities herein aet forth, and as are now. or may hereafter be. allowed a corporation of similar character un der the laws of Georgia Petitioner's Attorney. Georgia. Butts County. I S I Foster. Clerk Superior Court of said county .do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of appli cation for charter of J D. Jones. L. M. Craw ford. F.S Etheridge. J. H Mills and S. H. Mars, as appears of file in this office. Witness my hand and official seal of said Court. This 11th day of March. 1916. S. J. FOSTER. Clerk Superior Court. Call 114 when you want a good Conner’s Market. MOTE WATTS UNDERTAKER Curry Building Phones Day 61 Night 149 NOTICE To every person who owns a hog inside the city limits of Jack son: There is an ordinance giving the sizes of your pen, lot or barn, as follows: Each pen, lot or barn shall not be less than 30 feet square or equivalent to that, and same shall be kept in a sanitary condition. We take this method to notify each and every person as there are some who are not complying with this ordinance and from the first day of April we will be com pelled to rigidly enforce that or dinance, and we sincerely hope that each and eyery person will comply with ordinance. J, E. McNair, Chief of Police. J. B. Settle, Chairman. 100 dozen Mill End Tow els, Bed Spread goods, Toweling, etc., going cheap at Smith & Cos. Corn Club Organized At Union Ridge The following are the names of the members of the Boys Corn Club of the Union Ridge commu nity: Lewis Dodson, Leonard Dodson, W. D. Norsworthy. RECIPE FOR GRAY HAIR. To half pint of water add 1 oi. Bay jfcum, a small box of Barbo Compound, and % oz. of glycerine. Apply to the hair twice a week until it becomes the desired shade. Any druggist can put this up or you can mix It at home at very little cost. Full directions for making and use come In each box of Barbo Compound. It will gradually darken streaked, faded gray hair, and removes dandruff. It is excel lent for falling hair and will make harsh hair soft and glossy. It will not color the scalp, is not sticky or greasy, and does no rub off. Civilians Military Training Camp Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., Near Chattanooga, Tenn. April, May, June and July, 1916 Reduced Fares Via Southern Railway For Complete information Address J. S. Bloodworth, T. P. A. Macon, Georgia Terrible Croup Attack Quickly Repulsed By Old Reliable Remedy Well known Georgia store keeper ha mas tered croup and colds for His family of ten with Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound. The minute that hoarse terrifying croupy cough is heard in the home of T. J. Barber, of Jefferson, Ga., ot comes Foley’s Honey and Tar Com pound—there’s always a bottle ready, Here’s what he says: "Two of my children, one boy and a girl, aged eight and six years respectively, had terrible attacks of croup last winter and I completely cured them with Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound. 1 have ten in family and for years I’ve used Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound &nd It never fails.” Banish worry and save doctor bills —keep Foley’s Honey and Tar Com pound always on hand, in your home. One bottle lasts a long time —it s reliable ana safe —and the last dose is as good as the first. Get the genuine. THE OWL PHARMACY The boll weevil is going to get a lot of people who think there is no such animal. Preparedness pays. Out Of The Race When one wakes with stiff back, pains in muscles, aches in joints, or rheumatic twinges, lie cannot do his best. If you feel out of the race, tired, languid, or have symtoms of kidney trouble, act promptly, Foley Kidney Pills help the kidneys get rid of pois onous waste matter that causes trouble. The Owl Pharmacy, adv. “All the world loves a lover” has been changed to read 4 4 All the candidates love all the people all the time”—before the election. Whenever You Need a General Tonic Take Grove’s The Old Standard Grove’s Tasteless chill Tonic is equally valuable as a General Tonic because it contains the well known tonic properties of QUININE and IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds up the Whole System. 50 cents. LISTEN Till further notice I will make pictures Friday and Saturday only. J. B. GUTHRIE.