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The Jackson progress-argus. (Jackson, Ga.) 1915-current, May 19, 1916, Image 2

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Jackson Progress - Argus Published Every Friday. J. DOYLE JONES, Editor and Pub. Subscription $1 a Year, Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Jackson, Ga. Telephone No. 166. Official Organ Butts County And the City of Jackson. Will you be ready for the boll weevil when he comes? The Eaton ton Messenger is out with a splendid edition of sixteen pages. The Covington News has just issued a most creditable Develop ment Edition of 22 pages. Not only boost the Butts Coun ty Fair but get ready to make a display at the fair in October. Grow peanuts for profit, does not apply to peanut politicians, the number of which is already too large in Georgia. A lot of fat and flabby million aires are playing soldier up at Fort Oglethorpe. The question is. would they fight if the country were plunged into war. Ten of the twelve Georgia con gressmen will have to fight for re-election. J. W. Wise of the sixth and Carl Vinson of the twenth district, will, it appears, be returned without opposition. The Atlanta Constitution is a recent convert to the movement against the sale of the state road. The Atlanta Georgian accuses the venerable Constitution of pussy foot tactics, and what these con temporaries think of each other makes interesting reading. Several papers are trying to belittle Hugh Dorsey’s announce ment for governor. Mr. Dorsey is a splendid young Georgian and has as much right to run for gov ernor as any other citizen. And what is more, he is going to be a factor to be reckoned with. The fact that Macon is being selected regulary for meetings f the state convention, makes Macon want the state capital all the more. Macon has the location all right, and if the people ever get an opportunity to vote on the question, the capital mav be moved to the Central City. Judge Emorv Speer was re versed in the Jim Smith case. In the meantime the lawyers are not letting any grass grow under their feet, and the estate instead of being worth two million dol lars will look like thirty cents with the well known hole in it by the time the litigation is fin ished. i For years and years to come ‘the state road will be in politics. * The demagogues will pull the wool over the “dear people's” eyes, and a lot of hot air will be wasted. What the people want is the truth in the matter, and since there is a commission ap pointed to deal with the state road, why not leave the question to this commission! Progress-Argus Places Subscription on Cash Basis, Beginning June 1 On account of the sensational advance in the cost of paper, The Progress-Argus will, beginning June 1, 1916, adopt the strictly cash-in-advance system for all subscriptions. We were forced to either do this or raise the subscription price to $1.50 a year. Un less conditions in the paper market improve it may yet become nec essary to advance the subscription price to $1.50. Because, it is said, of the European war print paper of all kinds has advanced in price from 50 to 100 per cent. Newspapers have been hard hit; the country journals most of all. Self preservation, the survival of the fittest are forcing the weekly newspapers to place their subscription on a sounder basis. The credit system, bad for any business, has nearly put weekly papers to the wall. The cash system is best for the subscriber and best for the paper. The paper can put forth greater effort, can is sue a larger, better paner, can serve the community more faithful fully when it has the cash to put into the business. The subscriber can pay for what he gets and get what he pays for It is a game two can play and nobody loses. Subscribers, under the present haphazard, run-down-at-the heel system, are divided into several classes. Some pay promptly, some pay when reminded of it, some get as mad as a wet hen when they receive a statement, some get a year or two in arrears and mark the paper “refused,” and some never pay. The editor knows them all. He has them indexed and catalogued. Under the cash system everybody will be on an equal footing. Every man must toe the mark. We don’t doubt any man’s honesty. It is simply a matter of cold, hard, common, horse sense to collect newspaper subscriptions in advance. A dollar in the bank helps to buy paper, oil the ma chinery, repair rollers, replace worn out type, meet payrolls—but a printer’s dollars, scattered from Yucatan to Maine to Hong Kong, as per the present system, are about as valuable as a last year’s bird nest. The subscribers themselves will like the cash-in-advance plan better. A large number have so stated. In fact a considerable percentage of our readers now pay in advance for their paper, but it is the fellow who doesn’t pay that will be affected by the cash plan. The Progress-Argus is putting forth every effort to serve this community better than any newspaper has done before. We want the paper to be representative of Jackson and Butts county. Ev ery issue put out stamps the community for what it is. A town or county is judged by the newspaper it turns out. We want the co operation of the citizens, and we would hate to lose a single sub scriber but after June 1 The Progress-Argus will enforce the cash subscription plan rigidly, honestly and impartially. If your subscription is not paid it will be to your advantage to investigate this matter. t ROYAL BAKING POWDER Absolutely Pure No Alum —No Phosphate EPITAPHS Here lies the clay Of Benny Brandt; He worked in a Munitions plant. —Columbia State. Here rests the dust Of Thomas Root; He didn’t hear The auto toot. —Macon Telegraph. Here reposes the remains Of Johnnie Soule; He misjudged the Kick of a mule. POVERTY AND TUBERCU LOSIS Poverty and tuberculosis—tu berculosis and poverty! These are the essential facts which force themselves to the attention of ev ery investigator who faces the problem of that disease. The ten ement house district of Cincin nati yields a tuberculosis morbid ity just three times as great as the areas where better housing prevails. In 197 families in which tuberculosis existed the average monthly income for a family of four was approximately $57. Af ter paying the prorata share for food and rent, a balance of $5.13 remained for each individual to meet all all other expenses. Such a low subsistence level works like black magic in the spread of tuberculosis. Moreover, and this is a point over which the public should ponder, the home of the average wage earner was found to be far less sanitary than the average factory and workshop. In regard to all the factors which make for healthful living, venti lation, sufficient light, proper temperature and freedom from overcrowding, the score was in favor of the factory in nearly ev ery instance. In Cincinnati the United States Public Health Service made an examination of 19,932 workers in 154 factories. The conclusions reached, point directly to the close connection between poverty and tuberculosis. The great factor underlying the entire problem was seemingly that of economic conditions. One sixth of all tuberculosis cases came from cheap lodging houses. Alcoholism was a prominent cause and often accelerated the course of the disease. Occupational haz ards and bad working conditions were apparently responsible for about 20 per cent of the cases, but in the majority of cases these hazards were not necessarily in herent in the occupation. 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Dis sipation, overcrowding, bad hous ing and innate lack of personal ddddd responsibility, were also listed as causes. You butter your bread when you boost the Butts county fair.