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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, January 22, 1892, Image 1

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/ ’ i * TIFTON, BERRIEN COUNTY, GEORGIA, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 22, 18,02, LET US AGITATE ——■ ' i h all o ( hr oitiiens'ttBtj^# examples bi energy iynd answer to the charges preferred against him of embezzling govern- mentfundsdnringhis offloial career, and intimates that he will also di- vulge Bpnia very sensational political nows. f. The people are taking ml vantage of the room-making sale Padrick Mr. Cawly has moved to his new home and is said to be t good man nilJ imllioLLt oilison GARNERED BY THE PENCIL AND SCISSORS PROCESS. Batch of New* from Neighboring Count lew Deemed of Hpeelnl Intercut to ‘ Gnxett o It® adorn, Mr, Geo. S. McOratiie was elected mayor of Ty Ty and Mr. J. A. JSof-. roll of Sumner on Wednesday of last week. The Banner prophesies, "It will not be more than twelve months be fore the locomotive whistle will be beard in Moultrie.' 1 . Sycamore high school opened with something near fifty pupils, and is progresing nicely under the administration of Prof. J. J. Hug gins. Mr. W. C. Spuriln has sold his mercantile business at Sumner to Mr. M. 0. Lemons, and it is rumor ed he will hecomo a railroad am - .ploye. The first quarterly conference foi the,Sycamore circuit will bo hold with the. OyoKmeta ohuroh on the second Monday and Sunday before fANlZATION OF A ISOClATlON BRIEF ITpS GATHERED BY THE GAZETTE REPORTERS. Perional and Im’pornoftut Paragraph*—A Bird** By® View of t he City of Tifton ttml County of Berrien. _ It is wonderful—-the bargains at and valuable citizen. Concord Snb-Allianco of county has adopted longl YlftvyVio?jnnnJ Acrv* r.ltofofi -T!i»> AwwoflnlKitl. ® (ViiVcmiuii Ilf ly||9K owners along the Western railroad was gj^RmCapt. II. 11. Tiff’s BiPcity of Tiftou. ■Ay of last week was the clay S'for the meeting; but, owing exceeding inclemency of the w, it was thinly attended and _j lengthy and strong resolutions condemnatory of the American Book Oompany, which Padrick Bros. , Don’t forget that Contractor Hind itolaims hits a monopoly of tho soliool book business of the United States. These resolutions will be submitted to the Colquitt County Alliance with the request that they be adopt ed by that body; they will also be submitted to the beard of. education of that county with the request v that tliCy.ndopt fornse in the schools of the county other books than those published by said American W Boiik Company.' The resolution guarantees satisfaction, Mr. and Airs. W. O..Tift were vis iting in Albany last Saturday. The culture of tobacco bids fair to become a very important industry in this section. Streams in this section ore swollen imd almost Impassable, owing to the incessant raining of the past two or three week. Call at the store of Capt. H. H. Tift and pay your tuition to Mr. James Carswell, and don’t wait to be asked for it. •- t 1 \ . v -. .i The Gazkttb is published for "gain" and not. ^kno for "glory.” It seems bard for some people to re alize the foot The editor tenders thanks to the management of the Brunswick and Western railway for an exchange of courtesies for 1892. Pino $20 dress suits for'$18.80 at Padrick Bros. Contractor J. C. Hind will build you a house at lowest figures. , Berrien comity court held its reg ular session last .Monday. Tho in clement weather clogged its machin ery bo that yory little business was transacted. .. The Board of Stewards of the Morfhodist' church met ami elected Dr. J. 0. Goodman clmtrmauahd W. 0. Padrick secretory and treas urer for the year, Mr, \Ym. Lhzaron, vice-president churoh at Sparks next Thursday night and continue through Sunday. Iter. A. J. Parrish will provide dele gates with homes during their stay at Sparks. Let every local preacher go, and—bi? prompt in attendance. ItlgraliDO la quick to giro relief In severe ensos of headache or neuralgia, at Dr. J.O. Goodman's. Prof. J. H. Chcsnnttjtif Sparks’ Academy, has returned to his first love. He says he is going to wrk and he vvapts the 'people to know it. He Hit it precisely right when he chose tho Gazette as a medium to convey ; the information, for—all tho people road it. See what Prof. Cliosnutt has to say in .our advertis ing columns to-day. Airs. Bowen, mother of the Bowen brothers of this city, will move from Brookfield to Tifton in the near fu ture and keep house for her sou, Isaao—ooonpyiug the apartments The Gazette welt -finest pine forests in Georgia, if not, in the Uuited States,and the freights that would be derived from carrying the output of turpentine, rosin and lumber to market would alono pay for the building, equipping and op erating the road-in a Bhovt time. It realty speins to us that the best interests of the owners of the road, the beat interests of the people of Tifton, of Tbomasville, and of those living along the line in Berrien, Worth, Colquitt and Thomas coun ties, demands its Immediate complc- ti°n. . / The Gazette iwftully impressed with the importance of the Tifton and Thomasv ilk). ruil road, and pro- boycott said concern. ' ■ ■ ^ Mr. William T. Price, it Justice of the Pence, nt Itlchmoiul, Nel flnert to lilt bed last wlat attack of lumbago; but plication of Cluntiherisin's Pain Ilalm onnbled him to got up and go. to work. Mr, Price says; “Tho Hcmcdy control bo recommended too highly!' Lei any ono troubled with rheumatism, neuralgia or lama back give It a trltflMid thej^wlH be of tho sarao opinion; * ho TSejtf-Jwihles for sale by tho 'Won Drbg Store, TiT' ton, alto Pot ore * Iloiote Cecil, Ga. Hymeneal, Tho Gazette notes the following marriages which have occurred in Berrien county recently: At the residence of 10. Z. Hosier, on Tuesday, the 10th instant, Air. Richard Vaughn and Miss Alary Ithodes, by the ttev. S. W. Brovyn. At the residouoe of Hon. JosiaL Purrisli, tho bride’s grandfollmjjJffiS in March. Judge W.B. Stallings, of Colquitt culture this year. The necessary Bood for four acres have been forwnfded him. The Breeze expresses tho opinion that Douglass will have more mil- roads in two years than she will want There ore quite a number proposing to give bora call, Tho Dorminoy Mills correspond ent of the Irwin County News, says; “The young men of Irwin county are getting to be bod, they have got to stealing: but tiiev sav there Jbjiq. over-his store, feme* her ns araoBt valuableacquish lion to the social olroles of the fast; growing youngcity. XlfflimilHj urmngei the man who lms nothing'to sell hut muscle must sell it for very littlo puy. It is skill that brings the money, and money brings the comforts, and every boy who aspires to have more pay than the ordinary laborer, should learn to do well some special line of work. A dollar a day is a small sum to sup port a family on, but many men get no more than that because they have no trades. The advantage of high-priced, skilled labor to a city is great in comparison with the unskilled; The difference la that the skilled laborer earns uiI.. uik return uie nimrw, in tho uhovo ri tat tod cams, that the de fendant dooa rurt roHl.le in said county; and it further anj/cftrlnc- that ho dooa not reside in Haiti Htato: It Is thcrefnro ordered hy tho Court, that Wfrviee lie jwr/ecled on tho itofowlum hy the publication of this order onoo a month for four months Iwfuro the next term of tills Court, in tho Tiftok ciapf.ttk, a iiewsjitipor tmbllaboil Inlier- rl«i tHiunty, (leorula. ! VttKvi.m & lim it, I’otitlunora AttomoTS. (Irantod: Aun, H. Hasmki.l, Judno »*. v, H.C. A true extract from tlw mlnutea of Ik'rrlen ftHporlor Court, petolwr Term, lttfl. „ . . r l. W, MOOHR, Clerk- Tlds Novombor 4th, S8D1. Arrivr \ No. 1 leaven Muf rii'nfieT'arri inormiiif trains on l, MouthleetoSTSS^HH K|a, Kant Temmssoe, Virginia and awntguTSt Map«m and lUmiinKham railroads. * Ao. 3 leaves Maeon after arrival of incoming afternoon trains on the Central, Mmith^torn, Macon aw) .Wthem and Hairak rafltnaiia, and conneoti at 1’aUtka for rtu luteSBiSantfali ]J?liite In Kiwi and Houth Kloiiib, and with tho the Ht- dohns ami Ockhnyuha river sUaiuers. Extends a Most Cordial Invitation To tho People of tho Town nnri tile. Sim omidln^ Country to I’ny Him n Visit itt Ills New nml Kiegnnt Store. Order to Perfect Service. O KOimiA-IlHiiHin.s County. W. J. Connbu., ) J.ilx‘1 for Divorce In Her- YS. 1 i'Jen Huperior Court, DoNAtoxNKi.i..) OuUihcr Term, lain. It appearing to tho Court hy the return of tho BherjlT, in the above stated case, that the defend ant docs not reside in said county; and It, further appearing that ho riot* not reside in wild KUtos It Ih therefore ordered by tho Court, that servloe bo tmltx'iotl an tho defendant by tboimblfmtfon of this order once a month, for four inontlisiH 1 ,- foro the noxt term of thin Court, in the Tifton Oazkttb, a nowsiiaimr liuhiuib^d in llorrlnn county, Georgia, VKKrt.nn & lurnn. I’otltfoticr's Attorneys. Grnbied- 4 **’‘ " “ *• • tiOIKO MOUTH, His Specialties will bo loave I’nlntCn Hiun|>ioti I( tty electoral votes for Presidents forthe past 50 years, raws of postage, logal BllOER, ;; •• in at 3 “ Vahlost-a 10:13 “ jis»:44 a. i “ Tifton U;4tj m 1 M i *• Cordeie i:W i». m. 4 .-ox «. ArriveMaeon, 4no •• 'daft, ’ No. J leu veil'Vajafta after mlvailai)t \\>irt dmiiiau from Tamiw and tonneeta at Bam with ail outgoing afternoon trains on Cctmi Mouthweaiern, M/teou add Northern, Georgi Ixoa Tcmu ^e, YlrttUdaand (lixirgluand Mac< and Jllnuinghiim mUroadft. - >. no. 4 leaves l*alatku after arrival of. tmj fn>ii» Mi. Augustine amt imUHa ih KaHtkndiknt J- lotion and vuiitwct* nt Ma<s,n with ail mi mu Inonilug trains on Ceidrut, MoutltWsumt. M4»« holidays in various States, and a ijUAiitity of useful muoelhmeoos in- •for/uation that is daily needed. 1‘cnalona to Soldiers and Wid ows offloSdier*. Capt Harrison, pension clerk of the executive department, has sent ont to the clerk of the superior court of each county a complete list of all tho soldiers imd widows of sol diers residing in each county, as their names appear on the pension HARDWARE lUiKHH mono/ and is able to own a home and raise a family in So he is a more de- (1001)8, *« 1 wiitiMiicr a AunrncvH. Apr. II. llAKi’Ki.b, Judge h. c. h. 0. A true extract from the luliiutcx of Rt-riien Sujxirlor Court, Ootobor term, 18UI. Ih W* Mnuuttf Clerk. TltU Novemlrer 2nd, 1801. a decent sirablo citizen. Groat effort should be made to iucrease the number of suoh citizens by encouraging the special lipes of work in which they engage and by encouraging boys to learn good trades. Another thing about skilled and There is no House in Town having such a Complete Assortment and Carefully Selected Stock of Goods, He ortlM nearly urocjUiIBg welch conallUito * general „( Dry (lw„!>, Nntlnn*, n M ij- icerlCT, ate. !l(» «lw:k I. all fresh ami a visit to Ma' More will l*s mutually twnufloial ui imr- lutV anil SnIU* 1 ujtnjuhnl train butween Atlanta and Waabl All tmlns arrive and dciwkrt fn>m union dei it Mjicoji and IVdarka. KU-gant Bleeping cars will bo run ou trains ,1 and No. 4. For further Information aindy to agon to jnncUnii nolnts or to . I.. J. HAR1118. f.. C\ CANOVA, unskilled lubor is that skilled labor, having a monopoly in its skill, can protect itself, while unskilled labor is at tho mercy of whoever sees fit to employ it Skill is the thing that counts. Everybody should climb upward. The crowd is at the bottom. There is plenty of room at the top. niiowawtHn^wrrnM'ijJBAKAO ConlAln. On* Wandnd Raelpre f or ma*. Inc dellclou. Canily choaply and qulaklv at homo. Thl> bookUtlvaaam?atom* nao f enora; store*. Georgia Fanners. Col. Nesbitt; the State Agricul tural Cotnmiesioner, has the follow ing to say regarding tbe condition of thfi farmers of Georgia : “Although two good cotton crops have been made, the general depres sion among all classes is painful to contemplate. The comingyear will be a hard one for farmers, and more es- JVXitcliell Graskins TIFTOISr, GEORGIA. ii. nrnxH, jm, mCn/ii Trav. raw. ^»t, Maetm. (Im'l A*t, ■V C. hSAlT,Tn»« MaiwSvr. Ml I Sl it is tho duty of the clerks of the superior courts to deliver this list of pensioners to the grand juries. The grand juries will inspect and examine the lists, and report on the same in their general presentments, TIFTON DRUG STORE Sohsiult in Effort Janjii SOmwn! Bf.vViuNH.' S?W ft. m. «#0 “ MoOvCe.....] ? **»*' « “ Ujwllft 10A« •• Moutwllw... JM “ « CttUmlw •ti® ** “ '•...Yatcuvllte,..., Pttfi “ “ ’‘...TlDmuMiim,.,, “ : l Tb«nd* W m* Kkkph’.i Feu. Scm.v Ok- stating whetherall tlte persons whose nuiiics aptiear are entitled to receive IienBioiiB. The clerks of tlie courts will transmit to the governor a copy of that portion of the presentments of ®ie grand jury which refers to ma sions, and ;tlm govcinor will then ciiuise Additional proofs to be .given ,fu all are reported as Unless the n^w^s supported by -#& f ii4tory‘ !Wp -it sB) be disal- i j edges of ttm superior courts required «iute|/Jte new tew to C. H. Coi.k, ) Libel f«>r IN vote® In Jk rricn W. i HuMtrktr CnctrL J Ootolior Term. 1891, D Wjitowing tst the Oneri by tho mlurtt of the SlujrlfT, in tlio ftlwYfe Atalerf tlmt Urn tlcfcml- nut <1om not mide In mb! county; am) it f*nUMr ftnraariug tbftt he do» not nmidtt in MtUl RtftMu U la there for a nrdrtt*<] by the Court that Mervk® ho nerfcvUxl au Uiwclc-femUttf by tbe imMfrmiftm of tbls ordcr once « month, for four month* t*- fore tSio next term of tbh Court, m tho Tipton fiJSSUgL*Jfwrtper iwimatoa lu r&Au& tore«. IVtllirnwr', -Utoreyy,. llranUHl: Ai:u. ri. IIa^.ku,,.liiilyos.c.B.O. A uti« Mltact fn,m Uw lalnarea ul lfarrlan fluiairtov Court. October t*m, u»i. „ . , ■ O. w. M/war, Cl<rk. Tliki awtmlwtSiH), ism. TOILET AND FANCY ARTICLES^ Pints Perfumery, School Books ami Stationary Ar. Aart tinmgft!; Lr. Ountn'tl tu in t/uhvn l. 6. & V. It. R- tor *tk3, ML Atiiftwiino am U fnrMavftn.wh, Mtllrtl P. H. K- for Americas, : N. It. H. for JrtftdUon •Ante lifyimil; UlkN^cvlbc ntul Jg of Every Twelve Month's Support. O Y.( IA—n m m *rc joptnifr. To ftll wham it tnfty conerm s Tho, ftputwiaora epfNsinteo to mt «j*rjrt s twelve aujnmn b; tho wi.byw ami mJn./r clifWren «.f Mxlwlm McMillan, late coiinuy. tlwMuu il, <;nt of UU maui, hxv® ftletl tHOir report, ami I will vnnn h**o» tin* wutw ttft'f»6nm at my ofttm in K**U- vfti« on kb® Um Monvlay in FchmHty iityNt. Given under my bAtwi and.-oflieial ftlgftatnfc, this JMtf-wbor i>vth t Wui. PAINTS, Iran be served with to Prof. f. M. fljiCIZU, oj(linSr)', IcsUapeeb Kidney arid* and Rtteuton Leave to Sc'1. nuoftoiA—Vuuttm Coi;vr., Til all when It way enurem; M .t.Crlwr, aiiwarer atUm f»taaMrf,minlfl Orlnof, »te«l MW remit, dareawa, siwkre amitmq«tt« l» lire- !*( (»rm, /ur time !« »»lt tlM. I-"'", jwfeluilliiMri