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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, March 11, 1892, Image 3

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Till-; (JA-ZKiTK: TIFTON, GA„ FRIDAY, MARCH H, 1802. ALL SORTS OF THINGS. FOUND GOING THE ROUNDS OF THE GEORGIA PRESS. h, Fancies uml Hrwra Items taeoiiloAlljt HtttUd—Something of Interest to Krerjf GiUfcttw ltcailcr. Turn to the right and don’t jostle ip against your neighbor. The high ly of life is a broad olio, broad enough for all to liave elbow room. Titles are very easily earned in .rgia, says an exchange. Every ttle lawyer is a colonel and every railway conductor is a captain. The average newspaper man gets off with none but plain ‘‘Air.’’ Lucky chap is he. jfSPiSJ-WIHE OF CABMII, * Tonic for Women. The democratic creed says: “Let the farmer buy in the best atld ciicap- cat market. Cut the tariff for that purpose. Let the farmers sell in the highest and best markets. Revise tho tariff with that end in view. Re-^ ducc taxation to tho actual expenses of the government economically ad ministered.’’ tsr BLACK-DRAUGHT tea cures CoMtlpaUon. A Liverpool cotton expert, who \ has facilities for knowing the supply | and demand of cotton, soys that the opening of the next cotton season Will find a surplus of two aud a half iillion bales on hand to commence ,-?thv. That im*»ps_fiye cents for cot ton, if anything more than half a crop is made this year. McELREE’S WINE OF CSROUI for Weak Nerve* A correspondent' of the Dawson News suggests that Terrell county’s two candidates for Congress, lion. 0, B. Stevens and Judge J. H. Guerry, submit their claims to tho voters of Terrell eounty in a primary election, and that the one rccei' oigtlie highest vote stay in the race to the finish and the other withdraw in the interest of harmony. The suggestion is not a had one.—-Albany llorald. HcElrat'a WISE OF CASOUI for fcmalo dUcawa. The Hsfnbridgo Democrat gives the people this wise and timely coun sel: “If them was ever a time when democrats should stick close together that time is now. Tho old party is assailed from within and without; hut the wisdom of her great leaders and the patriotism of her rank and fije will enablo her to weather tho storm safely. It is tlm democratic party alone that will save our great repub lie.” Tn BLACK-OHAUOWT t«a for Djapcpalt. 'Hie National Economist, edited by an ox-republican from the north west, advises the alliance to “boycott the political proas.” Yes, this old South hater wants the farmers to shut themselves up in dark comors, and got no light exeept such distort ed rays as he may condescend to t urn in on them, Just enough to poison their minds against true and tried Southern leaders. No doubt this Would W a fat tilling for tlie Econo mist, but tlm farmers are not built that way- l’ar-a sUi-cldu cuts* Itch !u HO lutnutOB. Price SOcts. Sohl by J. C. Goodman. Vno More Onions. >. It is related of a country physician '-'’"Tt’iat as l.e passed a farm house, here- marked: “I shall not have many calls from tliere this year.” The reason for this remark was a thrifty onion patch which he saw in the side yard. It is true that onions are about the most healthful vcgctaldc that the housewife can use. If it were not for tainting the breath, they would be much more generally used than they are. They are extremely easy of digestion, and to this fact part of ifflf'their nu'dica! virtue is due. They give the over-taxed s.tonmch a rest Wa digesting themselves and absorbing | cITi-naive (Batters that previous ill- feeding had left, which the digestive is wen, unable to dispose of. A who had long experience teU* lie cures colds by eating a very ^JgfiSjjpner, and st night taking a bowl of wumsmcooked as soft, as they be. Then going to bed he, be ns to perspire, sleeps soundly till morning, and in then a new man, with not a trace of the coid that, no- eared for, might have developed into dangerous disease. •b Wine oV Cardul S BLACK-DRAUGHT are folio wins: merchants hi THE ALLIANCE CANDIDATE. Formal Announcement of Hon. O. JJ, ,Steven* for Congress. To Tim Pkui-i.u ok tub jjtecasb CoNoiiKustouAi. Djhtkkt: Wo, tho delegates to a convention assembled by authority of the district alliance, for tho purpose of selecting and roc- ommetiding a suitable person as a candidate for congressman for said district, in the 58d congress, have seen propor to present tlie- iianio of Hon. O. B. Stevens, of Terrell coun ty, as a man fully qualified for tlie position. We ask your oo-oporation securing his nomination by thu democratic convention. Believing that tlie agricultural in terest 1ms been almost totally ignored iu onr national balls of congress, wo have decided to take this step, and, in doing so, desire to say that wo nre not acting in a dictatorial spirit, but wishing to promote the best interest of the masses. We recommend that the wishes of tho voters be expressed by primary elections. J. T. Klim, N. II. Sasdkiis, Baker county. AL S. CiiiumntE, W. J. Kni.t/v, Colquitt eounty. R. M. Buow.v, G. W. Crai-s, Clay eounty. G. W. Wwoi.VB, G. W. Wabk, Calhoun county. E. C. Mosklv, E. M. D.Littlkkiku), Decatur county. G. W. Rilbv, W. J. Dickson, Miller county. W. II. Joxks, J. B. Thomas, Mitchell county. A. C. Strvkxsox, Leon Nuai., Tbonms county. J. B. Watson, C. F. B.iimv, Randolph county. J. E. Jav, Terrell county. 0. R. Naukmorr, Early county. J. J. Williams, J. 1*'. Colkman, Worth county. .1. W. Stkihikxs, \V. O. Watson, Dougherty county. W. F. Rutukiikoui), J. S., Qu itnum county. “I have just recovered from a second attack of the grip this year,” says Nr. (ns. O. Jones, publisher of the Leader. Mexia, Texas. “In tho latter caso I used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and I think with considerable success, only bo- lug in lied a little over two days ugalnsl ten days for the first attack. Tho second attack I am satisfied would liave liecu equally as had os the first but for the use ■>t this remedy, as I had to go to bed In about six hours after being struck with it, whllu In tho first case I was able to at tend to liualiiesg about two days before getting down." SO cent bottles forsalo by Tlfton Drug Store, and Peters & lie- lote, CeclL ALBANY, GA f Special Schools open March 7th, Assembly on March 27tb, Brilliant Program. Studded with nitistrl- ou* Nanffca of Literary Lights, linn been Prepnrefl^k* TIiIm tfreat Moral anti Etltica- ttonal Institution Offers oji|M)rtunitles never before surpassed, If equalled, for the Instruction aud entertainment I WHIMPIE. Hon. If. P. Work Place* a New Word In the Political Vocabulary. The press has been fishing for sonic time for a word expansive enough to contain every variety of political kickers and contortionists, such as mugwumps, soreheads, growlers, howlers, etc. I will cast the word Whimpie and see if it will float A Whimpie Is a croaker full of political whims—one who erics out against his party A or ail political parties in a whiqing, broken voice, One whd makes complaint in a shrill drawling tone, and in an unmanly criss-cross way. A self-styled polit ical saint who whines out his affected grievaiiccs in a mean complaint Let me suggest to those mongrels who arc posing as tlie scif-consecrntcd patriots and statesmen of this emm try and have been in labor on at least two occasions attempting to give birth to a pure political party, or a no-party party, that should they lie successful in the accouchement in their next struggle in July that they narao their baby the Whimpian Par ty. Tlie proposed name of the Peo ple's Party, given ante-birth to tlie sickly promise of an offspring, carries its own ridicule, for it is evident that miscegenation Will never become popular in this country to tho extent of,any very groat'number of the peo ple joining them in their visionary and impm-tica! schemes,—I/miaville Courier-Journal. «: ANNUAL M. W. GASKINS, GENERAL : : MERCHANT, Extends a Most Cordial Invitation To tlie People of the Town anti the Surrounding Country to Pay Him a Visit at Hia New and Elegant Store. " siw 1 ‘ His Specialties will be— CROCKERY the people. HU no Influence more widely felt or generally fcitijriifocd, and all are Invited to enjoy Uto sym posium of litcratnro, muolu and art. PROGRAM IN DETAIL. Sunday, March *7. 11:09 a. m—Hcrtuou by Ilov. I. j. Laming, of Worcester, Mum. 4: SO p. m.—Vespers. 8:00 it. iu.~Tift Memorial. Col. C. II. Wooten, Hon. Cbarlee Wessolow*ky. Monday, Mrtroh SO. 3rfK) p. m.—Hoc.Itntlons, Rev. A. 8. Durstnn. Address, l»r. 0. 8. ITesbree. 1m11tor l*nbltc Opin ion, Washington, I). C., Subject:—"Tlie Wvet," 8HW p. in.—Opening 4th Annual AMcmldy. Music, Glees# Uccltatums and Rpeoches. Tuesday, March 90. II KM a. m.—Addrew by P. H. Mcliardson. .1:oo p. m.—AddrcMand Recitations by Rev. A. . Hurston. 8.00p, in.—Address Rev. t. J, Lansing. Wednesday, March 90. 11 KMT a. in.—J. L, M. Curry, D. 11. and 8. IK llradwell, State School Commissioner. 3 MO p. iu.—AddreM. 8M0 p. m.—Mu*it’ul Concert, I’rof. C. C. Ca»o and Chautauqua Chorus. Thursday, March .11 11 KM'a. rn.—Rev. I. J. Lansing, Wnreeetcr, [tuw. 3 MO n. H.—Bell Ringing, W. I). Kolierteon and . K. Brooke, Recitation*. 8 K« p. m.—Lev. J. R. Hawibornc.AtlantA, (la. 0.00 p. m.—American Columbian Tableaux. Friday# April 1* 10 MO a. m.-Goverivir's pdy. . 10.09 a, m.—Concert. Cliautguqua Chortle, Prof. C. C. Case, conductor. . 3 KM p. m.~Address.- Horn W. J. Northen, Oovcroor of Heoriria with Staff and Military es* tiort by F. a. dnlflrmm. 3 MO p. hi.—Hell Ringing, W. D. Rotorison. Recitations, F. E. Brooks. 8 M0 p. hi.—Hterwrptifjui, C. E. Bolton, Cleve land, Ohio. Beautiful Switzerland. Saturday, April V, 11 KM a. m.-Children bay. Music and Short VsftJpTm.—Athletic Exhibition!, W. (I* Au- deraon and cle«w*sj Kmiduy, April 3. 3KM p. ui.- Intonmtloiml S. S. Work# II. F( •laeoba, of Chicago, 111. 11 KM a- hi.—Scnuon by Dr. A. K# Dunning, D, Monday# April 4, R :00 p. in.—fitercnptb’an Ixoture, )Tof. C. K. Bolton. Kugluml aud 1/mtlon. Tueeday, April ft. KlKWp. m.—Stereoptlcau Lecture, l'rof.C Bolton. lUly. .-.THE.*. DEPARTMENTS/ Will lio under the direction of tlie ablcat eiamlal- lata In America, and will airordopivirtiiultlai for euktum that r Tliere is Do House in Town having such a Complete Assortment and Carefully Selected Stock of Goods. lie carrlea nearly everything which eonatltuto a genera) Mock of Dry Oood«, Notion*, Heavy (lrooeriea,ete. ilia stock In all frealt and a vbdt lo hto store will be mutually beneflcfctl to pur chaser and seller. Send to him for any and everything you need. Mitchell W. Graekins, TIFTOIST, GEORGIA. solves to all. must thoroughly ix>iiuuctul them W. O. Amhuikon, M. D., of ilw Adclidil Acad emy, of Brooklyn, will again I* ITosIdent of the Ctiantauqua rfiyslcal School, with an able Corps of nsslstaiitu, All within reaiih of AUauy should give their children the advantage of this train ing. l*nor. 0. It. WkmS* tint |»«rlcss iwnincn and uastor of Uio liestand simplest nietfuKls of Issik (eejdngand lieat mcthodn of Inislnoss, will again m in charge of tho Commercial Department, which fact guarantees advantages In this lint equal in all respeota to tlm sqlioots of l*ougb- keapste. l'l’or. C. C. Cass, will l» in chslge of the . uhool of Music, which insures musical advan tages that can only lie equated at the best Con servatories of Boston, or the old world. ami Teicte’ Normal Qm Will enjoy the rich exposltlon of lllldlcal truths * ~ *•“" * ** “* *>lUhodschol— ig Is editor IkWi by Hev/A*. K. Dunning, the aoconipiishiMi scholar and tender Christian. Dr. Dunnlnr ‘ " the oldest and meet widely circulated religion* , ournala of America# and It Is a triumph worthy of Chautauqua to soenre bis efltciont services. IF* Half r&to# round trip fare, on all the roll* roods. Grand Military Conclave I'wlr commtnd of Col. Bd. L. WlRht for clover- nor's ll»r—Frlflftf, April 1,1. Confederate! veteran, end *11 eoldlen under their old leaden. Twenty cntuiwuilce In line to eet ae eaeort of hnnor to Governor W. J. Northen, IV* Pnr tnetnictlon and entertainment, for nditor oh-uMira, the Foi htii Asm ai. Hmios Iriuoia CnAITAtMHtA hae never had an equal. R. Iloiin., 1-re.lilonL JMt. I>AV|«, Huperliitenrlent, A. W. Mu«r„ Be,!retary. W. A. Dose AN, Superintendent of In.truetlon, TIFTON DRUG STORE Kkkph a Full Scki-i.v ok TOILET AND FANCY ARTICLES, Fine Perfumery, School Books and Stationary. Lamps of Every Deseription. PAINTS, * OILS * AND * VARNISHES. Tlie moil Hioct nock ot Tobaccos anil Cigar* in the city. My cuatomera can bo nerved with good Havana cigar*. I call apodal attention to l'rttf, Dcxtcr’aCntui-rli Cure, MurIc Dnlnt, Kidney mill Idvor Caro, Lung llostoror, Mosmcrlc Ulood Cleutiaei and lllNaitiiatle Cum. They aro proprietary modidnea that are recommended very highly for the purpose, claimed for them. Mr FRESHEST and BEST GARDEN SEEDS, all the year round. Call and km tne. Tifton, Go., April 22, 1801. J. C. G OODM ATST. Lv Wsycmss.... “ Warcsburo.. Mill wood., Mi'Uinalit l*carsim . KlrkUud WostonU. 08 Mite dray's..... WIllaiNMMTl Alapaha.. finlfnna.. " HnsikflolU Ar Tifton.... Lv Tifton Tr-ty Huumcr IWtllM (Mlwlla Willingham.. pflefa::::: 11 ar. pm 2 60 pm , 3 07 pm . 3 iu pm . 3 2ft put . 3 37 pill . 3 M pm . tijsa T Aeaf station. f Btup on signal. • Dally, except Hunday. i iOatn Connect* at Altmny with Central rallruatl uiir Utorula, Columbus Houtheru railway, and Bavan- nab, Florida and Western railway. CumuH’U at Wayt rtvsa wlUt Bavannah, Florida and Western railway. Jaoksonvlllo and Bt. lamls l*ultman i*alac« sleeping car u|mui trains Nos. 3 and 4. C. D.dwknw. J. A. Iltiu m* Tronic Manager. U. 1*. A. T. W. Anoikh, A. (1. I*. A. ga souint in nm RAILROAD. suwannee Driver route. Bche&ni, la Sftct January 3,1891. OOIUU SOCTIL BIGF BARGAINS! :IN>- l(NV« Cflriil Tifton.... Valdosta.. daspsr lake City. a;;®.::::::: "KSTl Won India fast Mall., 2 KM p. m. i^S •* 5114 •* f»:17 " 7:W '• 10:13 Ho.™ Kxpresa _ Mall. • Aft pT“Sv llflft •» 1 KM a. u, 2:4ft »* 3 AS » 4M *» DRY-GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES AND HATS. tnornli gla, No, I leaves Macon after arrival of Tmomlnw rrnlng trains on Central. Southwestern, rieur« .._i, Kosk TeiiitMsee, Virginia and Ucorgia amk daoon and Birmingham railroads. No. I leaves Moron after arrival of Incoming afternoon trains on the Central, Bouthwesteru, Miteiii aud Northern anil Ueoigla railroads, and rotiuects at l*«latka for Ht. Augustine and all points In Hast and Booth Florida, and with Uoa the Ht. Johns ai * ‘ k aoiwi mtttTK. L#uve l'slatlu r. and (k'klawaha river smamers. r HZ%~ Lxiirees Mall. 1 crti'ry a full line of Dry-G-oodf, and am Belling Winter Goods away Below Cost to make room for a splendid Summer Stock. 7:40 p. tul 8KS6 *• XQM *• M39 " 12M4 0. ». 44 ,4M7 « J C Aft «< No. 2 leaves l*alatha after arrival fttit Wwsi In dia mall from Taiiijw and connects at Mac<vn with all outgoing afterwion trains on Ceutral, Honthweatem, Macon and Northern, OcorttU, Hampton lake City Jasper..... j Valdosta Tifton Cordete ........... Arrive Macon No. J, , West India Fast Mall, i MTni; 8:60 •• 8 KM « UKB •• U»:13 " It Mi 44 1:1ft p. nr 4:10 * Give Ic tar Pataage aii I Will Save You Money Iff FANCY GROCERY AND-HARDWARE DERARTIEHT Is fully stocked with the best goods. with all outgoing afternoon trains un Ceutral, •4tern, Macon and Northern, Georgia, Hast Tetmossce, Virginia and Oeurgta and Macou and lUnnhigham railroads. No. 4 lentee I’abtka after arrival uf trains from Ht. Atiguatlnc and iwlnts In Rostand South “* hbi and connects at Macon with all nut coin* ning trainson Ontral, tkmthwMtem, mocms and Northen " ‘ TIFTON, OA., August 87. II. II. TIFT. Klorhbi ami counects nvoniing trains on Oi and Northern, Georgia, ami Kaat Trm glnls ami Georgia railroads. f<Htne«3knt for vcstlbulwi trstn between Atlanta and Washing, ton. 11. (\ All trains arrive and depart from union depota at liacfin aud Palatka. Rlegant sleeping oar* will be run on trains No* 3 and No. 4. For further information apply to agents M Junction iiotntt or to L. J. IIARHIA LC.CANOVA, Ticket Agent, Macon. Ticket AeenL PslaUok* II. BV'RNH, JAH- MfcNXIKB. True. Bass. Act. Moron. Urn'l Agt, PalatkO. A.€. KNA — The Singer Manufacturing Company, THE 8EWXH0 XAOHIHE MAN0FAOTUEER3 Of THI WORLD. With Record of 9,000,000 INTade and Bold. Now offer three entirely different Kow Family Sewing Machines— Ohcillator, Vhuiatoh a»i> AifTOStATic (single thread). Ohurotiorluin’.-* Kyo «u<J Skill Ointment. A certain vure for Chronic Sore Eye*, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ota Chmnlo Sore*, Fever Bares, Ecxenta, Jteb, I'rairle Scratches, 9»wi Nippta* ami FiJea. It Is cooling and wolUnii. Hire- rireit. irfcaacs hare l«en wired by U after ati odifer tmtaiost itad failed, tt is put !»i> tit SS'.ihd^euaf.W**;. —— HKAIHlUAUTKlt* VOX Creckery, China and (Bass Ware Lamps of Every DestrlyUen, Tinwai-e, HoUowware, Wood ware. A.lso Stoves, Pram ibe ehnqnM to tlttck*. HrUtlAot, nvwwM '.nl» tho lost l» the vrarld, tho, atwAutely have o>.eqnal Iu ths «oHA Maaulhctow. all kit Tinware, 8t*v« Plye/unttm, E:e H»“ Rpeclat voire, auule to hr.<»!» «“» IwanL toi Write er call toiwwhon In wed uf tnytiilon liuar <tae; w,' xuwnotoe t” oavejfrei wtiiaty, tJt, liofti a Blto-, 1 W Wt t'»ltOJtK-u VJIMU, MstimSsL In elegant, convenient anil artistic cabinet work, with new |uitenU-<l stand aud oil the latest attachment* and modem improvements. TIFTON, GEORGIA, A'jent for Berrien, Colquitt, Worth and Irwin COUNTIES.