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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, July 29, 1892, Image 4

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t ,ar «**& ..*»* #JE GAZETTE i'TU'TGN, G A„ KttliJA V, JULY 6», 1892- JKlVjg$ m izMTt0Sam A RECJSPTICLE FOR THE THOyGKTS 1 OF CORRESPONDENTS. Hewieml Kvenl, of Inlercf. Tmimilrliifr jCJitutilrlod b)a Follliful mi/1 Kffl- f)orp» of Kejiqr let *. Uolioinhui’* Hnclifi-t. Ctfith, July 24,—It rsiu/jd l>Bf<! yc»t,or- flay at U Heliloyji rfluo. 'J'iio /plnww, »r,e Ilf Hie railroad d|left up to Ur#y’« Tlie yofcfi of to /Ittllttiwie of Bergen is Ij.foro fine and Is really wdntyii. 1 stand oonylfrccd by Ilf# man by flu> brineb as to tlie soundness of 4oino<?rat io principles, but the vice versa, vylilg- .democratic cluujging is more than I cun yemember. And yet 1 kfioiv Its so for be - can remember the \Vq»lilpgloi)|*n plat form and 1 cannot. I hail heard it w,»» a port of prohibition doeufiient and that a Certain (.'»lho|lu priest palled Father Matthoiv onpp Ip tlipp stumped the yan- itco atatos In fa»or of It. ijavar It pow, hot being able to effprd to drlpb, and ashamed to aland Idly by and let the tiulmiroUi candidates pul the bottle to fHy mouth. '‘ComO/dlp the M'asblnglonlans, Yc young men bravo and strong. limns join the Washingtonians, And hclp tliu cause ulopg," The above Is all of llio platform I can iememher, and I eonddently believe that all partloa, democrat, republican, prolil- hltiop, people's party and mugwumps all sturnl on tlmt plunk llat-foolnd and pllng to It with (eptb and >oe nulls. Hur- fall for the Wauhlnglonlap because ft Isa union platform and nil who will keep so- iier enough to stand pt all cpn wpi/it on |t. 1 have furnished the (,'lvlllzi'd ( corres pondent of the Vnldustu Times all the documents fipecssaiy to conduct a "ilo- pessful campaign for cither party, lie Is ii politics man, end thup the At]ltnta Journal when It slings inntl at I lip Geor gia farmers hits film anil piisses pm, for 1 am personally opposed to lqlior Slid pply perform H «s n (ipeessliy, Hour yc him. llut this much I say. ilmt who so takes the Journal und farms to prollt ho- Jlttlea |||a calling. Tito Journal docs nut of tlfat county to arrange his Insolvent tax list. Judging by what I hear some of my neighbors say. they are having more hills Pfesepled »t present than they feel will ing to liquidate. They are—mosquito bills, Yesterday waa the first day It didn't rain In a Jong time. Laying by cotton and pulling fodder Is the order of tlm day tmong our far mers. Miss Husle f'rumpjer, who hss been spending a week hero with her friend, Miss Minnie Gunn, returned to her home at Alapaba this morning. Bhe Is pretty and ehtcrjalng and some of our young men are looking despondent since her de parture. The protracted meeting, which began at the Methodist church hare on Wednes day night of last week, and closed last night, was one fraught with much Inter est and good. The Methodlsta and Bap tists ca/no togotner In the true spirit of brotherly love, did away with denomina tional lines and barriers, and had what might he culled with propriety an union mooting. Hnv. It. M. Booth, of Ashhttrn was here In the early part of the meeting and Ids sermons were very much enjoy ed by all who had tho pleasure of hearing them. Kcv. 1’. II. L'rutupler, pastor of the Methodist church, represented that aide of the house, while Elders T B. Cooper and 8. J, Hauls represented the Baptists. A person attending this meet ing felt constrained to say, as one did of old, "Behold, how good and how pleas ant |t Is for bruihrcn to dwall together In Unity," During tlip meeting there wore fpur additions to the Methodist church and eight to the Baptist. Hail pi, Ail. *tanil ()n tho Washlngibnlnu platform or uld |t would rpspect farm laborers. Home Cromwell may Ipok utter his country's good and yet ho gul|tlpss of Idood, Those apeora at tho staple men or Georgia are, to aay the least, unwise. 1 never saw a Church creed nphaeked by He lpline. The Ilnl|lrq ||M||)inirqllp e|ul> at Its Whukly meetfug last night endorsed (Inn. W. W, Weliliex-prpsldont of ths Luwiultn county farmers' alliance for the o|llce of amistnr lor the s|xt|i senatorial dlstrlet. Tills Is a U|ovp In tho r|gl|li|l|fptlop. Mr. W(dib Is emphatically jjjjp of the people, pud Lmvniluu will !|»»or horseir by pro pealing Ida name In Hill uMMfitip voters «f the alaib dlitr|pt, Ail SORTS OF THINGS. GATHERED FROM THE COLUMNS OF OUR EXCHANGES. deep, jtlon of Uootl Look*. flood looks arc mere (ban skip •pending upon a healthy pondii all tlip vital organs. Ir the , live you have a Idillous look, If your stomach he disordered you have a dys- peptic look ami If your kidneys ho affect ed yon have a plBOhpil look. Hecuro good bentll) and you wl|l have good looks. Kleptrlp Billers Is tlw great alter ative und tonic ads directly on these vi tal organs Ciifpn pimples, blotches, bolls and gives II good complexion. Hold llV J. W. I’uiilk & Co., druggists 00c per bottle. Sion Hope (tcma, Zips Units, July £5.—Wo are too wel here for news to circulate much. t|ultu a number of our furiners lmvo failed to finish laying by their corn crops, nol wlthstundlhg they are general ly looking tints. This vicinity was visited on flip 24th instant, by a terrible wind RUil rain storm. Mr. A. M. Hutchinson wan very III just week with an attack of billions fuypr, lint |i« |s now Up and at Ids business Hg'dli. The young people pf this neighborhood enjoy oprmsinttnlly one pf thp old limp Pas ts, Fancies cod News Ilapia JMectcg For lit* Hpcclat fie of the Head er* of th» (liuetu. AVaycw* Headlight: “The odit- or-'A/pVitsUMiBlIiKht Inis been n mcni- liianco for aome Dine, lint lie la not it member of the Third or I'eyple’a party. If lie cannot remain an alllnnoeiimn without being a I’eo- pl’a party man, then lie in neither. Hajoined the alliance and not a po- ej»-, litii rpm tfy." ijfteltl are Hit We truljjTlnllcyo Do Wltt'a Utile Bar- ly Itisors are the most natural, most ef fective, most prompt and economical pill for biliousness, Indigestion and inactive liver. J. C. Goodman. Hev. M. F. Morgan, one of the most prominent preachers in Dooly county, died nt Ilia residence ih Vi enna Wednesday night at 10 o'clock,' in the sixty-second year of Ills nge. Mr. Morgan wns well kiiown in lfer- rien county, and doubtless lias many friends here who will learn of ills de mise wifi) regrets, Bright pooplo arc the quickest to roc- (lood thing and be' ognlr.e a •It. We sell _ y lots of people the Little Early ltlsers. If you are not bright these pills will make ‘ Goodman. you so. J. V Hycamoro News: “Tho Quitman Canning Company is receiving tjn cans by tile carload. Tlteac caps will be filled with Brooks county veg etables and fruits and scut to market. If more nttentipn were paid to rais ing nmi canning fruits and vegetables in (icorgia there would lie fewer complaints of linrd times.’’ If dull, spiritless and stupid; If yolir lek and sluggish; If vour sippe- lilornl Is tiiicl the Is caprtolnun und uncertain, you need a sarsaparilla. For best results take' De Wilt’s J. C. Goodman “Vienna Progress: Prof. If. C, Hi-own und family, of Fuqua, have been visiting relative* in Demon county for tint pust two weeks. Tho Professor l» n great friend to the .Progress and never forgets it. When he was ready to return to Dooly lie picked a few peaches for us. They are very flue ones, too, and if wo are to judge Horrien fruits and crops by these it is a sotyros. i county of wonderful ro- ULnto to hod and snd early tn rLc. shorten the road to tiw"‘ ""'Z — nil Ii II 1 Him i ii i|||l SH'I Will Ilium 'y to bed ami a “Little BARBECUE ANp SPEECHES.’' m r . .* ..." ^ v . ^-^-Hrrrtrortriy io mm mm a "i. apMls—It0|lelntt>k BiJijjifwe tlibal-*~ J '^lKarly Hlscr," the pill that makes A IIII in I in- * ." ... - — Inn,,cl' and better anil wiser. J. O. fl Mr. Webb has ppypr IHniilmil when 1(11- ty palled, but h«a fwmt f ffflffl’WW'" (9«lt in *i>io~lihiT ini- _ pure dotpooraoy, i the nun-political Clement of the ul- Uanco lie stands a very Joshua, haying remained true to first prliimplcs, when It acemtid alt had Hud, Well says the Hjtvthnnli Notvs, CTJio pdkple of Georgia (not tUmiticrsey alone) flivp I Ills ||)i||i a drill," Phis Is high an- Uierlty aud wurtliv of eonaliloratlon. liOIIKMIAN. for lltioklen’a Anilcit Salve. Tun J|asT Hai.vk In thp world Cuts, Britlaps, Holes, Vllcprs, Halt Hlicum, CTylt W-ftti T'ettpr, Ojjahppd (lauils. Vqllulalns; (Urns npd all Hkln Eru itlnps, qnd positively pgrps l’(|p 8 ,,r no ppy re (iulrJil It |s Kpnrnntocd to glvo perfect snllsfaellop, nr money icfniidnL Price M CPUta por box. For sale by Peterson * Paulk- Diilgniij ph hoes, Emioha, July 2T.— Miss Iloilo Greer, pno of Brunswick's charming young la- t|l|"i »pot Ha mfday and Hiimlny |psl In Enigma—tho guest of M|u Minnie nr, Jr. H- GplPt thp llrunawleU dentist, who has bcou spending a week nt $nlg- piu, homo ypulpiilay. Ho la a good, etovor fellow, and Ip his pyciy day |lfe ||| only q Gale hnt whp» In contpany •w , "*WWWqlieyy of pre(ty g|r|a ho bouomps a little cyoloiiDtv Mlai F|or» AJpLpmhm, who |\qs boon visiting (tlptnU hero for s<\m« t'nw, to- tnrnpti yostpfday to hot homo in Alapah*. T, H- WHSi (>f U'vtu WWly, paid Enigma a mV Imi B#‘«fday. l« again JR.IM nw for rpprosontaMve from his county ip thp log|sl(dPte pp. (he dumocrnllc platform- J think our Irwin county frlppd* couhj da go belter I ban yeturn him to the legislature. Ilia friends at Enigma will be pleased to have hint ou ‘bom »gptn. Mr. Henry Hftyps, nf this |\l«ep vUlti-d s Ahipiiba ypllorday and. J think, was very much pleaacd with bin visit. Alins W|U|e Fulwtiotl, of A|apnha, Is yialtlng In EtHRm* thla week, .Mr. John BtnUh {tBd family, of Cu(l[oo V-ounty, Uavp m ovo< J 1° Eulgtca. Our rit- (icon tender ib«(P a hearty wolootnp. Miss Julia Ask.P'v, of Atlanta, l» In Enigma vislUpg ber father, Ml- d- B Askew. We'it’epld mildly auggeat that ‘he Ftlek-Shud Rargntap In Cp'.urs. There very little said about pelltlca Eero, conaldorlPR thp fact that Saturday Is jhe day for thp prlmarlna- Mr. J. H, Whitley let h|s ax glance, while cutting » fodder stack pplo laqi Mondpy, anti inlilctctl a palwful wepud on his foot. ^ , , Mr, W. F, BpUnausS Spent last wopk lp Wp. '!lt y<m;|g people of this vl clnlty mot at the e|iurfljj on the Slid In slant ami put the building and cemetery tn a cleanly .condition. Always have an eye single to Ihc old adage; "Gluanllness Is next to Godliness." K. 0. Vet I’ypppuiieeil llopeleaN, Huved, From p letter written by Airs. Ada E. Hurd, of Groton, h. d„ wu ijiiotei "Was t(tka(i with u bad pu|d wldnli settled on my lungs, cough set In ami finally termi nated l|t ponsumptlon. Four doctors gnve mp qp, saying I could live hut a short time I gave myself up to my Hnv- lor, determined If I cmtld pot stay with my friends op earth, I would meet |py absent ones above. Aly husband was ad vised to get Dr. King's Npw Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds. all tdgld, bottles; It gave It a trial, took Ip It Ills cured mu, anil tlinnk God 1 am now a well anil liuurty woman." Trial bottles free at .! W. Paulk Jfc Co.'s drug store. Regular rite Apr. suit pi, Hpurka 1,elder. Hcauks, July 27.—Our town has re cently enjoyid visits from Judge McffrllT, tylfu and nlcco, of Hnwklnsvllle, also Mrs. Tydlngs and daughter, of Mlnanopy, Flip They were guests of Hev. W, II. Bryant qnd family, Airs. Tydlngs Is Air. Bryant's sister. Air. George I 1 ’. Clark, the ofllclontend obliging tqx assessor of Colquitt eouqty, was In town Tuesday afternoon for the purpose of forwarding Ills digest of tax returns by express to the Comptroller General. Mr. H. Whitehurst Is having Hu, lumber p|at'c\l on Hm ground for a lWn-»tory store building, 40 x HO feet. It wilt lie located on Ids lot, corner of Col quitt and Goodman streets. W. W. Glrhfeos has cpcttotl q stpaR mercaptUo hpslucsa tp Hie MpPopahj store. A hot wave struck us last Huupty, qml since that Umc it sevtps to get kqttef qnd hotter. Thp. t|\qtfie etpiferenco of thv AffjtlxwV- lat Phttreh Is In seaslon at Atlel this week, stpl, Hpnrha Is being cpppllod with night preselling. Ot.p Rqr. II rtuvi'S Up, Ofitltlrpu, Mr. C. II Hlmwcn, Wellsvllfo, Kansas, says; "K Is with pleaanre 1 speak of the good Chamberlain s Colic, Chotcrn and Dlatrhieu ltcmedy lisa douo tpy family during the last fimrtecu years. In tho most obstinate eases of summer com plaint aud illarvhn'a among my children, it acted as a charm, making it never ucc essary to, call In a physio!*#. I can truthfully aay, that In my Judgrpont, based on years of experience, them Is not lunger and better und wiser. J. C. Gootl- mun. We are much pained to know that llfo. 0. M. Ijwln la in quite a feeble state of health. He is with hi* son who live* near the corner of ICuat (Jain and Dunlap streets, Atlanta, (la. While IK't confined to h|s bed, he re main* must of tho time within door*. Hi* condition call* opt tho warm sym pathies and earnest praynrs of Bap tists throughout the Stale. His life has been ope of constant labor and earnest consecration to tho service of tl|e Master.—Christian Index, It Is a llxoil and Immutable law that to have good, sound health one must have pure, rich anil abundant hloni). There Is no shorter nor surer route than hy a course ot Do Witt's Hursugqrlllu. J. C, Goodman. Th" Vienna Drugi'css says, that the good people of Aahlnp'it think tlmt anything that is not worth praying over is pot worth doing at alf. Nome of iliotp open their storea every morn ing \vith prayer. Op last Wednesday Thu Ashbore Atlvunce made it* ttd- venf. Ip keeping wph thp custom of tho (dace, its editors, Messrs. It, S, Bip'tpp it Hen, called a special prayer meeting pt fhu printing otllce on Tptqdqy pight and held a prayer nml Pfaitto avi'vh'1'. Ottr Vienpn content purnry need uof wonder at till*. The Ashbgrp editor* are wi*c in their tiny apd gpliergdon, for a prayer meeting is geperall v the forerunner of a eol- (eeViep.—-Atlanta Constitutioii. J Cares serntehes on horses anti mange on dogs with one or two Iti’xltous. For sale by J. W l’attlk 'o. Ttftqft, Ua Albany News and Advertiser; “Hanging in front of Tift's store Sab urd*y was a long atalk of tolmeeo fvotp The farm of H. II. Tift, at Tift- t-n. This wa* n sample stalk from a crop of between thirty, and forty aero* that average* over six feet in licighf, This tobacco is beginning to mature and Mr. Tift will have it cpred in Spow Imrpa that he has hed ercclet!. He will manufacture his crop hhpseif and hopes for good re sults from his that experiment, Thy tobueoo sent byre is, O.f the plug vari ety, Hd also hh« a, good crop of Roufting- Democrtic li*\ly in the Ktgih DUtrlct «if Wi»KU County. Jrj comjjaiijtjwith abo»]t ihirJy otii- cr stemteh tnemhefs of tig! Tifton Diririot Democrotie Olub, gearing blue ribbon*- -the insignia of victory —the Oazkttj! man look the Bruns wick and Western uccominodatjon train Thursday morning to attend a democratic rally and barbecue up in Worth county, in the Farkervillo set tlement about Bye .miles south pf Willinghuni. -~ Arriving at Willingham we found Alford A Slouii’s' tram engine, Hat cars with improvised seats for the occasion in waiting to take us to ottr destination. Every seat on the curs were soon filled, uml in a few minutes run we were landed on the ground. The place selected for tho 'cue was an elevated plateau, underneath the umbrageous foliage of some wide spreading red oaks. This was thoughtful, owing to the extreme warmness of the weather. The fumes of barbecued mutton and pork met our olfactories aud gave us a foretaxto of the delicious meats with which the people wore to be reguled at the noon hour. The committee in charge of affajrs selected W, A. Allen, editor of the Bocal, to fake charge of the speak jpg and introduce the speakers. He soon had his program arranged and Calling the largo concourse of people —fully 2,000~in front of the stand lie introduced lion. J. F- Stone, of the Savannah News, us the first speaker. This was unexpected to Mr. Stone, hnt ho said he was always willing to say gohjetliiiig iu behalf of pure democracy, lie filled out his forty-five minutes and made some telling poiuts in behalf of local de mperaoy. According to previous announce ment the time was divided with the third party sjienkers present und Dr. J. H. I’ickott.of Ty Ty, wub wxt in troduced. Ho made a rambling iqKsecli of aome thirty-five minutes in length, moat of which wus ex hausted in trying to find his located in uewspu- vfhion seemed to have been lost in the depth of his grip. However, tho Doctor entertained his hoaroii with ludicrous sallies and bousts, but failed to Boore a single point- save tlmt lie wus a faithful represen tative of an unworthy cause. An hour’s respite was then tuken for dinner. Hon. W. 0. Butler, of Atlanta, the nominee for third party elector iu the fifth congressional district, was tho next speaker. He occupied fully ten minutes in telling who lie wus, where lie was from, liia.oocupation in life und that of his ancestors. The next twenty minutes wus Spent in trying to answer the points inode by Capt. Stone, The remainder of the time was devoted to making assertions of which lie lmd no proof uml didn’t try to offer uny. Ho got lost in the labyrinth of hi* thoughts ami forgot to say kind word for (Jen. Weaver or to say why he should be elected president, tho real object of his mis sion lion. IV. E. Wooten, democratic nominee for the state senate from thu tenth district, then concluded the ■peaking. The first part of his speech was as pretty literary effort os we have ever heard aud entirely devoid of political allusion. But tho speaker lost no time during the remuiuiug thirty minutes, and such u scathing arraignment of party, its principles nml advocates we have nevor heard before. The speaker oould -scarcely proceed with his mas terly effort for the lusty cheering of both men aud women- It was a grand vindication of democracy and a withering rebuke to third partyism. Thirl partyitea Were glad when the signal was given to “all aboard” for Willingham. Tiio members of tb» Tifton dis trict democratic club is under obli gations to the management- of the Brunswick and SYestern railroad for their kindness, not only in giving them special rates to Willingham hut hoidiiiR the retaining freight traiu there for half an hour, giving them ample opportunity to hear the 1 enjoy the DEALERS IN General - Merchandise, J3ilOOKFIETJV GKOltOIA, i tea to Inform tlM imWle tUkt w« have on U*nd * «unl *«>ll n**i«:t* 'i ftp k ot n-. x* ilMUtdiie, coroutine tn pi# ol We Herd Dry-Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Staple and .jgfA. Fancy Groceries, Tobacco, ■ Wind, iu; •nc^j St BOOK BOTTOM PJIKTIS, to loll our land* at Wel Etc,, h>» no inx*l to liny or rent tfl fay. sol PRICES TO SUIT THE HARD TIMES CmU to *e tti wJimh you jcouve to Hwokfleld And w§ will convince you that iro yrlll j»pilUv«!y iav;. you mueli money. ’ Wo irlll bo prepAmd to buy cotton and Mil other kinds ot country produce oAd pay thr . ^or tut ma IICHT MARKET PHICEtt. He sure Mnd lot us Wd on your ooCton, »ml Mil you your Si pples/ Trade at the Cheap Cash Store, Ulitru >ou cm buy thu xreatgit quantity *ml l*»t qiullt) of food* X ' far thi least amount of mousy. Pon't forest to mil on us; me will be found st the seme old steml. Voura very respectfully, Brookfield, as., July 20,1692. Joint Ckurchwcl! & Bon. Ty-Ty, Georgia. The people of this delightful little town have been having a most glori ous revival during tlifi post week. Rev. Crawford, of Macon, has bten preaching there all the time, and the fruits of his labors arc manifest. Bro. IVm, Parker, (Sisters Austin and French, of YVaycross, and Bister Turk, of Macon, with the writer thrown in for good measure were there part of the time. The oitizena of Ty Ty opened their homes and hearts to the visiting delegation, and did all in (heir power to make them lmppy, for whioh they have their thanks,—WaySvoss Headlight. ATness. ps., Nov. is, lmn.- Abuut two ye<w* uro 1 AUtfetca itiusumsly ultli ui UqwpU. ?!»*« fortnight Hail not liHL'i) upld to re»t Mt all. Unc uvcnlnp at T o’clock nr. WMIpyaiH’iMtta la^g| tropolRo, and (n two uoum I vran dlecpli Ctly JJUil w MM A olllld. K«r « 1 was no flttllthri.v we re Mbuoak alunni rermlietl, nml wftji m »lwiw foi» fund. pltncu qut- hour! nupit. I awoke » w ipnd. I>r Wba- KloctropoUie with ley continued the uno , _ me for over twq pmuthH, and U cured me. I am now well and attaint* Mm. Ipa Gravcm, OlUFF|N. (1A he Kleot rstjiQlsp, pur* tlou. The To(«c iicUm! like .. first uppHcatlqii. It Meiued to vjtal nenpuB pfustra a charm from the system that my general health had Iwcome al- ^ swrwl. It has lnicn inviMuabla most entirely rest to me, aiui I p... .... whose condition has been *iuil to me, and' 1 cheerfully commend it to those — W; ■■ “ i my own. V. V- A ■iO-pajj^’ book, doscriblnff treatment and uou* lainiiiu leBiimookil# from all woiiona, nudinfr the cure of all «Rmsasee, mailed fres lion. Aihtruiis ATTsAN^t^'^II-^tnrrtmillr.a- If. Oquid J^*^^a^,nrTXKC’THOl*OIHE CO., - (| a> Fon Tam rou.«crroit. The underaittned present .lohn Q. Gray don to ♦he cltArcn* **f Herrlen county mb a candtdatvfoT Taa Collecuir, subject to the .ns Ion of the denw Money! Money! TO I.OAN On real estate, or for improvements, or building promptly ^jfbeOb^ ^ ^m TIFTO m. SALE STABLES. TIFTON. - GEORGIA. <V\. WILLI IMS, Proprietor, Berrien Couqty Shonff’s Sain yOU ATOUPT. QKOEO lA-nxmurs covxtv. WiUbu xold bvtore tbo enuxt bauw ,lo«r In '• ' ‘ idw town ut UMluitlf.nat'WUMtuul th* Input bnurn of Hla on the August next, the fullw-*3* .... ■*•02 iidjiony town; or b**, of lot ot Uml No. SIT, (it of Kdd riiuniy, boumltd on ... _... —county', I , Omklu*. Bdudobitmor of w. W. pMkln». Uvrmjdj aud wturnwl to in* by M, W.IuWUfL.C. Eofoudant Iu uoucwlou uotl- fled Iu millup. lhl» dune (Sib, taw. •rnllo pnrty, end BolluU for him th* undivided mid'ort of “ - - * xopport of the people. We believe him to he competum, faithful and honeHt, und vvnuUf th* vultrage of our tejluw rltircli. VoiKda or Tirros Umiticr. running vrmnoteev, llfty foot eouth of the tw, , t| Iauuted and mi $30 REWARD. We will jay th* above reward for the appre hension and dplivcry to the juUot of Uerriaa the following described eonviers: Sum Klnglcton- Tcry dark glnRorcnke color, 18 tir 10 years old, a)tom live fuct In height* aud wclKhs ahortl 140 nottnds. f law Williams—nark pinporoake color, 28 years •if age, about five feet and three Inches In height and weighs about 188 pounds. Small black mouHtiu’iie. F. H HlRMANS A HIM!., Bar's Mlb g*» Also, at the samo time and place, all-tbafrtatL or parcel of Uud sold anil oonwyad to^fe ’VtSi- ’ srsby Msr^Klnardandsoldby‘"Silasand Wilej* on ths west, WQ feet hy loo fvety three bit which the said r». A. of said lota fast named u of aaid railroad and the other lyfcr \ lot, bot.beinr on the east side ot ivtl rocuU all in the and knows district of scribed on th. J im* 3 blocks and • h'theO.h.&lT feet west, then iUe&JI •JSf&S PRIVATE HALfcJa (1EOBOIA—ncttRlKN Cor.VTY. In accordance with an agreement made by and between the.heir* of Thomas A. Baker, late of Haiti county, deceased, the undersigned are mu* ihorised to oflee at private sale the real estate beloftfetug to Mkht deeattent. kfthl real dtate consistn of 400 acres of land, with all the im provements thereon, iu the Ninth district of Aaid county, and letter diaeril«ed as the place where* mt the said Thomas A. Uaker lived eud died. This .Inly ‘Aid, 18v2. (1. W. Mookg, j. J.Gtnrns. -PlBLlf RALE. -llKRUIKN I’OPKlV S qki mn i a Will lie sold ou the fifteenth (18) day of .Mijmst neat, before the wuitl house door In said county, lietwmm the legal houn of sale, to the highest bidder for cash, the following described proper ty, Nttuatod lying aud bring in tho town of Adel, in said oouty, tn*wle: Tire in hi 2 (two) in block No. d anof “ rue of a monoid, fi.t>. issued from B*rrhm sti jierlor court in favor of Dryfus ltroa. Levy mads this June »th.18«. DANIEL W. TI80N, Sheriff B. C. Commissioner's Sale. UEOBQIA—Briumem County: Hv virtue of a deem of the superior eonrt of Mhl county, 1 win re 11 op the. first Tuesday lot September, at Nashvilto, said county, between the legal hours of Mletbf following property t<v ivlt: Cot of land No. 496 Iu the Tenth district of Aaid county. The above stated decree waa a milt- .... - * - •*d In ths caae of Cox vs. A. W. l’attenum, i istrator ou the estate of J. D. Knight, deceased. ■■■•■*■ U.B.l’LKlW Terms cash. Commissi ?A. Citation. UKOROIA—UKflWFN COUKTY, A26xi A Wake ford LV7V ' ' said town, being a vacant lot and Iiouimws ^ X-A-j the ««Hh by Seven th street, ewt by Farr* plan of said town, on which lot I lug known as the Ya»u^A Wakefoid oQtuem occupied b) John A Wljkaa. I>q. Also fifty] by two hundred and ninety v’hai/ feet of * q oimfivtnc tu tUu market that t* Hi equ.vt. j . . sqlir hy Tifloa j tolaioco, ^nBjt xvhtJlh he ex A Bclolo. L'avfi'. , 1 jieiitH a largo aa<t ^tfrtfitiiiLiq yivid,'' speaking and eni Tliwkuiducss will barbecue. kindness will not be forgotten. ■» X.AUUCS NwdUtt q tunle, nr cSilWrvo <Im wul bund- DHowi'ilK!io« <, wAruiui. (BHJUiXWwTllVl- ‘uIopi2mi' luiil N r urtlj u.’ ■iu*. eouu, trW of Mn. wuiiy »mi (o luWe and popular hro insfironce companies llutehlnmn uvenue. Saiilluia.ta1ieeo)i ’ * , . . ■ . .. .' . iinuertyoftiumfAVfiliifortluuderum'of til# insuring pUblie: r wi&wAws. • Naiiouai Rank ol Valdosta, t«> satisfy sab AIM I* If A * ,576,010.(3. ing aaid bank to self said <& ter advertising thirty days, upon In the payment of tho Imieblodneaa thereby, to aid'ly the proceeds of said s« liqnidaUtig of said indebtodacMa. ““ simple given purchaser free of This July 13* 19X1. D C. A' Prea’t. Fltst Xak Rook of Fonnded tn 1792. Founded In 1834, Founded tn 1810. ol and London and Globe,” -jM Notice to. Ike Public. ilKOtllllA-HnutiKs CoVsTV Rume my (1*. couaty, . _ Then wi« ukeama italic . xml A etui* of iteeUe w mielmnjrr'l and foriy-four Acre*, am re or leM. and “Orient.” af lot of i tn the Mb land (tSlltb miUUa * Berrien county, via: Matthew cawWherry. and berry to <1. W. Mima tand, Matthew Castleberry to M. Mkid 144 surra nf laud—the uxxtcsga taken up but no names baa lawn torn qf al*o, a number of tax retd other rerelpti persona are hereby notified and warned not to trade, in any way, for any of Cw above« property. O. W. Adel, tf, July tltb, KW9, Notice of Dlsselotion. Th* finn of ftwlodl*. ririflln * Co., (W. t* Bwtndlo.T. A. tirlttn amt A. VT. l*attenKin)of NasbviUe, <!a., has this day diarolved by inntaol consent'*A. W. Fattereou relitiug. W. L. Swin* die and T. I ilrUHn will continue the tmainres under the firm name efSatudbi a tlriffie; they assume all lirhilitiea and will coiler* all debts due the old Ann. Mi. L. swindlt, T. I. otimF. A. \X. YAfiihaou. NanhviUe, (2a., July 5th, IMS. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. — — ■, i. . UWIlBHi OEonilU -Browsv »'OVXTV. All I»rvyu iMk'Ou.t to tta esuio of Nuwy Baker, lot* or raid ,-ooaty Oectawd. an nqvioet- ofi to utki liurw>U»lv pay TKcut, inJ At\ pttMta bxvloc cU.n-j Apitmt »w estate am requlra.11« III* litem «ltl> von witslo tta Itnii to* “ ” law w till, notice wU> be i.lcart in tat 4AMt,> \K YALlluR.«, Ord«f to / Perfect Service iu-Bwri«x COOStVl ;> M&ri “S35H“ , o tv. ClMlt fcjr Ue jfi» ,ta tta Star, (Kitea raw, t <l<Ma not rtilOo In Mid ta . r.«»*«>“« ”>*t Ita Owe tec* i Itte Mm, or* • ta pirtecied ots !*»« tkU enter once a mmik tatnwtta ««« cf t6UO,n«arftti Vxswssa A IMtoh. mtiilooere Atti Granted: Am. U. lUscau.. JcSr, s A ««,»i(tc.a from (lit mlmttea of Boptrlor Court. Mart* Term, IWJ. cm Twelve Months’ Support, OCOIMUA—BkWtia Cocyr.-r: Tjn^tamamayeotawnt eud county 4 SKiS! •nScr iwy Ixinil a ™ Sri*--