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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, September 03, 1892, Image 1

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D U Kit ANNUM. L HOTCH-POTCH. sta -USINESS MEN AND LOAFERS Mo.4INDTO TALK ABOUT. |t ParagrAph* Hckfd U|> ami I’ew- ijy Penned--All PvrtnlnliiR to | l’ononi ami Thing*. Die / 0; A. Williams and Miss Lri- com] visiting relatives in Dooly The Tifton Gazette. TIFTON, BERRIEN COUNTY, GEORGIA, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 3, 1892. VOL. 2-NO. 21. lioing young tliiiv. TV. W. Webb is _ the arrival o£ a 12-poum inn, at bis borne. Rev. p. H. Grumpier will All bis ular appointments at the Mctlio charoh next Sunday. o'to.Griffin & Staten, Valdosta, youi clothing. Suits from $1 to IJ. P. Peeples, of Nashville, de a pleasant call at the Ga office yesterday. .He was in city on business. There were two accessions to the ton .Baptist church last Jb e by letter ami one on profession faith and baptism. The meeting of tho Tifton district democratic chib went by default last Tuesday night. Only a few of the 'jntWwra were present. Mr. li&ul E. Patterson, of reprcs&pted Berrien county iu the piio^^ piu'ty congressional - con veil- tidn'&t Albany yesterday. lion. W ; VV. Webb, of Lowndes county, will be present and address 15 Tifton district democratic club ' its meeting next Monday night. Griffin & Staton, Valdosta, are tf:. quarters for dress goods and tfitmot®, ■Mr. W. lb C. Oliver is building liimself a cottage home on (Antral .VfeSUB between Fourth and Sixth tivcts, lie will soon have it com pieteiL Mr. /V. 0. Tift left Wednesday irmiig for Mystic, Conn., where lie will spend his summer vacation. The Gakicttk wishes him an enjoy able time, | Capt. II. II. Tift returned Sunday from his six weeks' vacation, suent ViV the Coimecticut coast yachting mid enjoying the sights of that beau tlful sea coast The rain has held up; summer is virtually gone; the weather ctiol, cs pcclatly at night; and Tifton has ex perienced a remarkable degreo of health. Mr. Whitaker, ot Tennille, was in the city tho first of the week the guest of Mr, B. T. Cole. He was here prospecting and will doubtless locate iu Tifton. Contractor S. G. Slack completed the Corbett two-story brick building * at Valdosta to-day. It is a first-class job of work and the proprietor is well pleased with it Mr. J. II. Knight is at home again from the Indian Springs, but he does not think his visit to the spring was beneficial. He can go about but not able to work yet Griffin & Staten’s handsome two Btory building, Valdosta, is tho place to get your fall goods. lion. II. IL Knight, the democrat ic candidate for representative in the dature from Berrien county, will commence ar, active canvas* will visit every district in tho Bounty. There will be preaching at the Tifton Baptist church on the second Sunday in September by Itev. G. n; ire cordially invited to attend service. The little girls and boys of Tifton will rescue their school books Mon day morning from the trash pile of dust uud cobwebs wtyjre they have rested all summer and betake them selves to the opening of the fall ses sion of Tifton Institute. v • Hev. J*. L. Underwood preached 8unday morning and night at tho Tifton Baptist church. His sermons were exceedingly practical ones, and well received by the congregations. Ho mode an appointment for the fourth Sunday in September. Contractor J. 0. Hind lias for sale large Bupply of first-class lime, linglesand laths. shingles an I Mr. H. 0. McCreary, the civjl en gineer, arrived yesterday to do some engineering for Capt. H. H: Tift on the Tifton und NorjlyriSistern rail road. An unauthenticated report is current' that Cupt, Tift will now move rapidly forward with the work ou his road. The report is giTen merely for what it is worth. The tobacco curing season is about oyer for this section, and the experts say that the yield and the success in coring is very satisfactory. ;I*is not knowu whether the owners of the weed will place it on the market or It m GARNERED BY THE PEN1L SCISSORS PROCESS. Botch of News from Neighboring. Count lot Deemed ot Special Interest to Gazette Uoiulcr*. The. Will High School 22d, with Prdf' 136 nold it to bo manufactured here, is quite probable, however, that the Sveg . yester- 1 the Albany oon l a candidate ■names rad <uidN.K|' I party oi ■ %mii latter course will be pursued. Owing to the inclemency of the weather there was only a meagre at tendance at the meeting in the inter est of the Taboruaole Association. The object of the meeting was ex plained by Itev, P. II. Grumpier, af ter which an'adjournment was or dered until to-night with tho hope there will be a large turnout of citi zens present. The Masonic fraternity of Adel mil Sparks are making an effort to raise funds to build a home for Mr. II, M. Knight, who is and has been prostrated by paralysis for a long time, arid to that end will give nn entertainment- in a few days—dne notice of which will be published in tho Gazette—-and they invite ail who are iu sympathy with their pur pose to atteud. The chandeliers and lumps to be used in lighting the Baptist church will be qhipped frdrn Now York early next week, and wilKcost about $100, They are wp resent 'to the congrega tion from tli^t most liberal-hearted gentleman,SSftpt. J. A. Lennon, of Irwin county. The Gazette knows that the congregation will appreciate the gift very highly and takes pleas ure, in tbeir behalf, of tendciing Capt. Lennon many thanks iu ad vaticc. The democrats of Alapaha district will have a grand barbecue and rally on Saturday, September 10th. The Tifton district democratic olub is in vited to attend in a body. A general invitation is extended to every voter in Berrien and adjoining counties to attend and enjoy, as well os the toothsome barbecue, soma pure dem ocratic doctrine from Hons. J. W. Walters and W. 15. Wooten, of Alba ny, and perhaps Hon. Ben E. Bus sell, the democratic nominee for con gress amt Capt. W. M. Hammond, of Thomas ville. A visit toAJogal last week demon strated to the Gazette man that the proprietor of theplaoa, Capt. 8. Har rell, is doing much to keep it abreast with the times. First and foremeet lie carries one of the largest stock* of general merchandise in the conn ty, then he lies the beet equipped ginnery and gristmill in all Mi sec tion, and will add at once one of ties latest improved rice mill*. He bas in operation saw and planing mill* with capacity to fill ail local outers. He has alto a farm that is a paying property under his administration; his watermelon crop from thirty acre* yielded him more than a thou sand dollars nek He informed ns he was constructing two fish pomls and to engage :n pisciculture. TEMS OF LOCAL INTEREST. AND Normal and ned on August J, K. Overman as students in attend- THIRD PARTY CONVENTION. principal, and mice, Gubernatorial candidate Peek has an appointment to speak at Ty Ty, Worth county,'on Saturday, tho 10th inat. He gives Berrien county the go by; it is well! The Douglas Breeze is now all home print, four six column pages, and is quite an improvement on the old patent issues. Success to Bro. Sweat and the Broese. Our citizens have hod fine weather for the past two or three days, for saving the flno quantities of hay that was allowed to grow in their gardens and small patches during the post sixty days flood.—Sycamore News. Go to Dr. J. C. Goodman’s for summer drinks-—oooa-cola, milk shakes, lemonades and the best of soda watei always 011 drau W. L. Thomas has (cWhito doer in his park in ValllosUyn is solid white from the nook Tho little ani mal was caught on Pumpkin swamp, in LaFayettc county, Florida, a few months ago, and friend scoured it for Mr. Thomas. The Isabella correspondent of the Sumner Local says! “Soro-eyon, bad colds, summer complaints and occa sional oases of typhoid fever art com bining with the three P’s to keep this section from being too near the millonuinm.” Singing mice make their habitation in the hardware store of W./fe. Briggs, Valdosta. Oui attentioj/waa called to it the othor day while in that city, and when we listened we heard them distinctly imitating the tw'ttor of various birds, particularly the canary. “Solomon” declines the democrat ic nomination for representative in the legislature from Worth county. He says: “I believe in the eternal fit ness of things, and cannot help but thluk that the wisdom of Solomon would be out of plaoe iu the Georgia legislature.” It is told on little Alex Jones, of Thomasville, a third party candidate for congressional honors, that he was at the Isabella mooting that put out a candidate for representative from Worth county in tho legislature, and had to take up a collection to pay his expenses back home. I sell more Plantation Chill Cure than any other chill i;tid fever medicine, and do you know why? Because it never fuits to cure. Dr. J. C. Goodman. . “Solomon,” of the Worth Connty Local, assures us that “the president of tho W. C. S. S. A, says ho will be too glad to shake with Col. Ben Allen if be will extend his whole hand, in stead of pointing one finger.” He must want the world, we extended a whole fist! What more- could he ask? OoL W. A. Harris, In a letter to the Macon Telegraph, says that there are 1,072 white voters in Worth county, according to the poll taxes, and TOO negro voter*. It is estimated that there will not be over 300 third party vote* polled, and as the negro vote is likely to be divided, it is safe to promise that Worth will be in the democratic column. Gen. Weaver, third party candidate for president of these United States, will speak at Wayoross on the 17 th and Albany on the 18th of Septem ber. Hon. H. G. Turner, nominee for congress in the eleventh district, will meet the would-be president at WnycroM and exhibit his misleading sophistries in their true light, Hon. W, M. Hammond, the silvery-tonguod * !il - wotmd; djftih'ot will n Al&g itto a Held In & Hotel Boom In Albany—Dp, Hand Nominated for Congrotiu From the Albany Herald.] The third party convention of tho seepud congressional district, wluoh was called to meet in this oity to-day instead of being a convention, mate rialised in a secret caucus held in a room at the Central Hotel. It was given out by the leaders this morning that the convention would meet at- the court house at 2 o’olock. Dr. J. 11. Piokett, -of Worth chairman of tho third party execu tive committee, bo informed a repre sentative of the Herald ot 10 o'clock, but it seems that when tho orowd got together for a sort of prelimina ry caucus in a room at tho Oentral Hotel they felt ashamed of them selves and of each other, and decided to nominate their candidate for con gress then ami there, thus avoiding an exhibition at the court house. Most of the counties of the district were represented by one or more del egates, but when the little crowd looked at itself, all presont or ac counted for, and assembled in a hotel room, it doubtless occurred to the leaders of the littlf band that they would bo laughed at if they went to tho court house and appeared before the pnblio as a district convention. It didn’t take them long to do what they had to do. Dr. 1.11. Hand, of Baker county, was nominated; Weaver, Peok and Watson wore indorsed, und a commit tee was up (jointed to arrange for third party organ in tho district. That’s all. I / K*' HAS VUIta North Cartitlna unit Florida—Fig ure* showing What floor*!* Can Do In Comparison With TIiuh State*, cure Fall nml 'Winter Announcement. We know it is early to commence talking to the people about buying Fall and Winter goods, but os' the earliest impressions are the most last iDg we desire to impress atoncc upon tho people of Berrien, Irwin, Worth, Colquitt and Coffee counties that our store is headquarters for staple and fancy dry goods, notions, clothing hate, boots and slices, in foot a full lino of general merchandise. Our Air. J. N. Griffin, with an ex perience of many years in the mer cantile business in Vuldosta, and ful )y acquainted with tbo wants of the people of this particular section of ooutry, has just returned from the northou and eastern markets where he purchased the most oomplete stock of goods ever presented to the trade by any merchant or tlrm in this section. Our entire stock of goods was purchased at unprecedented bur gains and we are giving our custom ere Die benefit of Mr. Griffin’s deal We have just occupied our new, elegant and capacious two-story brick, building, and wo invite the people to call and see us whether they buy anything or not. Our clerks are po lite unu attentive, and uro always willing and anxious to show you our superb stock of goods—confident that our goods and prices cannot be duplicated m this country. When you ooine to Vuldosta bo sure to in quire for our house and come to see us. We want your trade and, consequent ly will be sure to treat you right. Respectfully, OlllFFIN « ; Staten. TOBACCO CULTURE. BEEN THOROUGHLY STUDIED BY MAJOR GLESSNER. Attention Democratic Commit teemen. Col. J. M. Griggs, of Dawson, member of the state oentral demo- cruth committee for the second dis (riot, desires to be kept posted witb reference to the movements of Cot, Peek or any of the third party cam paigners in this district, and tb* Ga zette is requested'to ask the chair men of the democratic executive committees to advise him of all third party appointments that are made in their respective counties. Col. Origgs proposes to have third party campaigners met by democrat ic speakers'fit every stand they make in this district. .Whenever it- is pos sible fur him to do so CoL Griggs will meet them himself, and be is particularly anxious to have atilt with CoL Peek, In case It is so Col. Griggs cannot be on hand himself at any of the third party meetings and speakings, he will have some one else to represent tho democracy. Let the democratic executive com mittees of thecoisoties of the district EShbB Maooh, August 25.—Majol W. L. Glessner, commissionr of immigra tion, of the Georgia Southern and Florida railroad, has just returned from u two weeks’ trip through tho tobacco sections of Florida and North Carolina, whore I10 went to investi gate tho tobacco crops, methods of cultivation and curing, yield, cost- of production, prioes and profits as com pared with the Georgia orop. In Florida he found the industry confined to the cultivation of cigar leaf tobacco from Cuban seed ami so successful and profitable was the cul tivation proven to be that last year, in the county of Gadsden, about 2, 000 acres were planted in plats rang ing from one to forty acres each. The average yield per aore was about 430 pounds ami the prioo realised averaged about 31 cents per pound, or $138.30 per aore, the cost of pro duotion boing estimated at $50 per acre, leaving a net profit of $83 per acre. In Decatur nnd Thomas coun ties, Georgia, there has also lieon a considerable acreage of cigar tobacco planted, the quality and yield being about the Bamc as that of Gadsden county, fn Columbia connty, Flor ida, near Lake City, on the Georgia Southern road, Major Glessuer found a Massachusetts man who had this year raised 700 pounds of cigar leaf per acre and the quality of it was fully equal, if not superior to the finest raised in Gadsden county. This would give a net profit of $101 per aoic. In Georgia, at Valdosta, Tifton and Cyolonet* a small uereago of oi- gar leaf tobacco was planted this year, which has been pronounced by expert* to bo equal in quality to the average Florida tobacco, while tho yield jier aore was from 800 to 1,000 pounds per acre, from which it will bs seen that Georgia leads in the matter of profit In other wordB the yield in Ooorgia this year is double the average yield in Florida, while Die cost of production is substantial ly the same, leaving a net profit of neurly three tiinos as much as that of Florida—at least Gadsden county. But while these figures show tin's favorable comparison this year, tt is not claimed that they will hold good for a scries of years, although they may do so. Enough, however, is shown to dearly prove that south Georgia can always fairly oompete with any other section In the produc tion of cigar tobacco. Iu North Carolina Atajor Glessner visited those sections where plug nnd smoking tobacco is raised exclusive ly, taking iu Die country around Durham mid Greensboro, famed for it bright leaf tobacco. The cropB in that sect ion are very poor uud far below an average iu quality and yield, in coiisequcce of a severe drought for the post six weeks which has cheesed the development of the leaf at the most critical period and fired the leaves half way op the stalk. In conversation witb the growers, manufacturers and warehousemen, it was learned that the average yield of plug and smoking tobacoo in that section is from 40ft. to 500 pounds per acre, the average cost of produc tion is $86 per aore, the average price 20 cent* per pound, leaving a net profit of 365 per acre. Major Glcss nor carried-with him samples of ping tobacoo raised at Tifton, Ga^ which averaged a yield of 1,200 pbuuds per acre oil ten acres. These samples were pronounced by the Carblimans M finer in quality tfian^that gen erally raised in South Carolina, and the prioe pat on them wss from 26 to 40 cents per ponud. While a comparison on this basis might be more favorablo to Gocigvt than an Without claiming any advantage in quality or price this comparison 1 would show a net profit of *125 per acre for Georgia os against *55 per aore for North Carolina. From tlieso comparisons it will be seen that south Georgia presents on inviting field for tobacoo growing, offering onr farmers a staple crop which will bring them more money from less noreage than any product they have oyer cultivated. Mr. W. E. Warren, a successful nnd practical former of Houston connty, yesterday brought into the Georgia Southern office some samples of his this year’s orop of plug tobac co, which wore of fine quality, show ing good texture and handsome col or. He has ton acres from which ho will reulizo about 800 pounds per aore, and which will probably bring him 20 cents per pound. His crop whs raised on now ground nnd he es timates the cost of the crop, includ ing tho clearing of the ground at $40 por aore. This would leave him a net profit of *120 per acre or the neat little sum of *1,200 on ton acres. Ho says lie can raise a pound of to- biicco as cheaply as lie oan a pound of cotton, while it will bring three times as much money in the market. DIED.—In Hits city of consumption. A familiar hcmlllna isn't 111 It’s pretty risky to neglect a cole or cough. Onq Minute Cough Cure is plaasam, safe and ». Dr. J. 0, Goodman. Tobacco tn I)oaly County. Onr fejlow-townsnmn, Mr. B. 8. Middleton has been busily, engaged for tho past few weeks curing his orop of tobaoco. lie lias also bought nearly all of the tobacco oropa made in Dooly. He seonred Capt Johns, on expert from High Point, N. C., who is hore superintending the cur ing. A fews days since CapL Johns jent 0 sample of the Dooly product to some tobacco manufacturers at his old home and the following week a notice appeared in' the High Point Enterprise whioh read as follows: “We are in reoeipt of a beautiful specimen of the Georgia bright leaf tobacco, sent us by our worthy towns man, Capt. Johns, who knows how to manipulate the weed. We are satis fied now tlmt Georgia and Louisiana are destined to beoomc tobacco grow ing states; and that this crop will al most (if not entirely) supercede cot ton, wliioh has heretofore been the staple growth of these two states. Capt. Johns, of Georgia, and W. F. Clark, of Louisiana, are developing this fact beyond a doubt As we have received from cacli of these gen tlemen specimens of the yellow leaf cured by tho Snow barn process, which cannot be surpassed in any of ' ' ' This Die tobacco growing states. This tobaoco we have ehowu to several of our citizens engaged in the nmnnfaa- turo of tobaoco, ail of whom seemed favorably impressed with the sample, but no one more cuthnscd. than the venorabio patentee of Die modern to bacco burn, Capt W. H. Snow, who olainied Dint these samples have ful ly demonstrated the foot that Geor gia can grow as fine tobacoo as an; state in the nnlon.—Vienna Progress, Have trictl almost every known reme dy for Itching Pile* without success, Bu sily bought s box of De 'A'tit'a Win ‘ s box of De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, aud It has cured mr. C. D. Haskins, Peoria, IU. Dr. J. C. Goodman. Commissioner of liunugrntton. Afaj. W. L. Glessner, of Americas, bas been appointed commissioner of immigration for the Georgia South ern railroad. wS it is the turn of this bureau to call the attention of the people of sections to the advantages of the country along the line of the Geor gia Southern, with a view to invite J ythis ..jif . the district. average would Bhow, wo mm justly baseacothporiaon on a yield ot 800 ■*' 'ls.per.itcrew' ‘ them to invest and settle here. Fttirtkif having lands -for rale or f|i|l§S!| rent in this section are requested to . ; send description of them to Maj. W, ; ' L. Glessner, Macon, Ga. From several yearn acquaintaue#|^^?^ with Alaj. Glt»su& we : assure out. ... i 8 j readers that he is courteous, eh and obliging aud their dealings wit! him will be fair and pleasant No bettor man oould have t cured for this work as Maj. G kuows this belt of country ti Great Lakes to the Gulf. i i tatimi