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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, September 30, 1892, Image 2

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nnR THU GAZETTE: TltTON, GA., FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30. 1802. ft The Tifton ®izette. ITit Oacrttr la nubjSned every Friday morn- Tlft/m, Herritn Hiunty, Georgia. ft In Ink *t Tifi/rn, Herr(c-n i^iunti."Georgia. ft i* Vie- YoUd to the heet lute reel of tlm grouing city of .Tirtoo and the adjacent country, end *s mob MlW thl Support ami encouragement of alia yen- I”" of Berrien anil coutignoiiw counties. i The anbecrlption price of the UAtttrrr Is 11.00 « v year, 60 cents for six month*, ami 26oeiitefor lye month*, payable In advance. The advertising rate* of the UAEKrrr.arerea* •finable and will l»e furnished U|mh» application. - — ... ... ... uiMm application, r ^ u P. Mfter fl f " t Inufftlafiano Will be pro* anted when the money U needed. .. Cnrreppondenre from nelghltorlug town* I* *i»- Molted and cot * - - -*• —*7 —. —1 ootnmunlnatlon* on timely topic* are alwaye welcome. Always write on ono able of the paper. and don’t forget to eh<d'*e your name aa an evidence ef ginxl faith. Xntered at the iNHitiinire, at Tlfton, rieorgls, aa mall matter of the second class. Official Organ of Berrien County. B. T. AI.I.KN, Editor. Noxvh mid VIotVN. rtBgKi The Atlnntu Journal Biiifgitts that "nomebody ought to write a book on ‘The Hide ami Fall of the Weaver boom in (Jeorgio.' ” Weaver and Lcitaeurc receiving no tnore royal reception in North Caro lina than they did in Georgia. He Wan glad to get out of Georgia ami lie'll Ixj glad to leave North Carolina. The Honthcrn Alliance Farmer ticwnpa[ier is reported in straight ened oircninstances and will proba bly Blraigliten itself out in the om- bruee* of death oil November 7tli, if not earlier, 'l’lio God of intelligence, virtue and temperance bo praised ! The Gajskttr congratulates tlie Atluntn Herald iijioii the ncqiiiuilion of Mr. J. 0. McMicluiol aa its husi- ness manager. He is a ripo newspa per man, having an experience of more than twenty-llvo years active i In the various departments of newspaper work. ~~ All Hint is necessary to make every farm in Rout.ii Georgia t he homo of a happy and contented family is a few years of intelligent and earnest labor. Let our farmer friends look around them and consider if this is not true; their successful neighbors are living examples of the truth of this asser tion. The Gazkttk supports the demo cratic) party in this campaign because it is right, anil because it represents till) best interests of nil the people— It represents Intelligence, virtue ami temiHiranea ns primary principles, looking to tile leal Hi and happiness of the |H>ople. Header, don’t forget tills! , Georgia is still contributing to the list of dumonrutio stump speakers in the north ui.d west, Inc latest being Hon: John Temple Graves. There was a ipeoiul demand for Ids services on the stump in New York state, uml ho is now there pouring the oil of conciliation upon the troubled waters as only lie can. To Illustrate the claiming procliv ities of the third party an. exchange mentions this striking example: They claim theirs to lie the old time dem ocratic platform of Thomas Jeffer son; it demands government oivner ship of railroads, a condition tiiat. good old Tom Jefferson never dream ed of as lie died beforo there was siioli a thing as a railroad or locomo tive. Ho you indorse Weaver and his record of oppression in Tennessee! 1 Ho you sanction female suffrage us taught hy Mrs. Mary K. In'iiuo? Ho yon accept the ruinous pension ap propriations its advocated by “Uy olono" Davis? If not you must volo the straight democratic ticket; the third mid republican parties have united in favor of these miserahlu heresies. Labor Coiiinilssloner I’eok, of New York, lias gotten himself in trouble hy burning the record* to cover the falsity of his ro|>o?t concerning the effect of the McKinley tariff on wages. His sin has foiled him out, and the erstwhile triumphant yells of the ro publican leaders over what they hoped was a vindication of their pro tective jxilicy have subsided into groans of disappointment mid olia grin. "Truth is mighty and will prevail." The republican congressional con vention of the second district mot In Albany yesterday. The early hour at which the Gazkttk goes to press prevent* it giving the convention's notion, hut it is safe to say that il broke up in a low, as the republican household of the district seem to bo unalterably divided on ttio question of fusion with the, A largo majority of'the colored contin gent say "that unless they can got a itmlghUmt republican they had rath er take a good democrat whom the best element of their white fellow- citizens, whom they know, arc sup porting." Next Wednesday is the state elec tion. Vote for Northen and the full state ticket; vote for Moore for the senate and Knight for the house. The G azettk has naught to say aguiust the private characters of the third party candidates for the senute and house— Messrs. Bneiul and Huberts—but the people cannot afford to approve their political positions in this cumpuign simply for past friendship. Indeed, they do not expect you todoit. They will think more of you if you sliull stund linn to your convictions of right mid vote with your party. There arc principles involved in the c«m|iaigii which should he esteemed higher than mere jicrsonal friendship. The principles of intelligence, virtue and tcmiieruncc have been thrown into the political scales as against the abstract theories relativo to hind, transportation and finance. lepsls so laid that lie can’t unjuy any'of flu In good tiling* it eomatnaf flu wont linvn ilyincnnl* If lin takes Du Will’* Carly III. llo Karly ItUurn. Dr. J. G. Goodman. Stop unit Think. Tins is the Inst talk the Uaxettk can have with its readers before the slate election. There is much of weal or woe depending upon the re suit of Unit election to the people of Georgia, lienee the extra earnestness of this appeal to them to act in the fear of God when they go to the -poHg- next Wednesday and deposit their votes in the ballot-box will be pardoned. The people of Berrien, Colquitt, i p Ihn whole world and then Iihu tint dys- lions of the government have gone aa fur in fosteiing the cause of temper ance ns our wisest statesmen think it prudent to go in that direction. Third partyism insists that the questions of land, transportation and finance are of vast more Importance to the people than these questions of intelligence, virtue and temperance. The Gazettk repudiates and denies the proposition; but, admitting it to be true, fcllow-oitizuns, can yon ask any purty to do more towards the re clamation of the public domain to tho use of actnul settlers, the govern ment control of railroads (govern- nent ownership of railroads is too impractical u question to discuss here) and to correct the financial system of tiic government than the democratic purty, witli which you have ufliliuled ever since the war, lius showed itself willing to do should it be entrusted with tiis full power of tho govern ment? J)o candid with yourselves and answer this question: is u third |iurty necessary to tiic accomplish ment of these ends? You cun but uuswer, no. 'Then why diyido and lcavo the democratic party for one tlmt has neither power nor prestige, nor can over hope to Imve? Why not como buck to the old purty ami help to destroy that purty which is the au thor of all the unfair and oppressive legislation under which you liavo groaned foi the past thirty years, and from the effects of which you are now sighing for relief? Think on these things nnd then vjte us your hotter impulses dictate is to your interest, und the interest of the country at large. Irwin ami Worth counties have long since repudiated the principles of tho republican purty—as not in har mony with their Interests, as inimical to the progress of religion, morality, education and material prosperity, as not in uccord with the spirit and ad vancemeiit of our free institutions— some of them, good and true men, have |»<rmittod lliemselves to be led off after the uncertain principles of third pnriyism. Tho Gazkttk asks this class of its readers to stop ami think about this matter for a fmv minutes calmly and without, psejit- dloe. Ho you favor free education of tho people? Ho you cherish education as absolutely necessary, ami a para mount policy, to the strength, safety and |ierpetuuiioii of the government? If you do, you must vote for the democratic party which represents tills doctrine. Hon. Win. J, North en, the democratic candidate for gov ernor is tlie very embodiment of the idea of educating tho people. Ha lias udlocated such policy in nearly every county in the state sincu ho was oalled to the giilieriintorial chair. His lirst official act almost was to ward strengthening tlie educational system of Georgia— he cal led a niuii to he slate school commissioner from tho ranks of the state’s foremost ed ucators, a limn whose whole soul, mind uml strength uro enlisted in tho work of education. In conjunc tion witli his chosen lieutenant, Com- nilssionur 8. D. Ilrndwell, lie has done more than any governor Georgia has had since the war in enthusing the people to eduoato their ohildrcn and to restore their cotilldrncc in the public school system of tiic state. Are you going to throw nsidc such a mini for Mr. Pock who, in obedience to orders from third party headquar ters, is uml lias boon dumb on this subject, and who represents a puity tlmt declares in Its platform that the intolliguiioo of the people is a second ary matter? God forbid! Again, do you esteem the morality nnd virtue of the peopio os necessary adjuncts to their happiness and pros perity? Then you must vote for the demojratio party, the only party which represents this principle. Third partyism declares virtue to be a secondary question; the dcroooratio party insists that it is of prime im portance to tho growth and progress of UoorgU as a state, and Ims an swered ovary demand of her people for protection tu institutions estab lished to foster and teach morality ami virtue to all the pcoplu since it ciinie into power in tho state. Third-partyism says the question of temperance Is secondary, while tho democratic party deohuva It to ho primary. Democratic) admiiilitrv TirOnr-StrtnmFUificm _ It is not the custom of the Oa- zkttk to fill its columns with duns to its subscribers, nor do we do it. But we need money. We have car ried hundreds of names on our hooks- through the summer and the time Ims now come when we must he paid or else wo will have to take off tlie mimes of those who Imve not paid. Our terms aa* cash ist aiivakck —not nt tho end of the ycur—urless otherwise arranged. We arc endeavoring to give tho people of Berrien county an accept able newspaper, one of which they can lie proud, but we can’t aitcoccd without prompt payment of subscrip tions. Tiic editor trusts nil who are in arrears will scttlo at once; nt least, meet him at Berrien sa|ierior court and pay the small umounts they arc due. Will yon obligo us by so doing? THIS SPACE BELONGS TO E. P. BOWEN & BRO. DEALERS IN Greneral Merchandise. announce myself as a candidate fur tlie office c Tax Collector of your county, subject to tbe itejftoeratii primary, ami • yonr support* Rhonln 1 l-e elected 1 will discharge the duties of the olfcce tiiliMully and efficiently to the very *- ot uiy ability. W. k. COxjtKU*. Von Tax collrctob. \ Fellow-citizen*: I am a candidate far the , office or Tax Collector of Berrien county, suit- ] Ject to the democratic primary, aud sol loft your i vote*. Should you honor me with the office V FARMERS’ SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY. will endeavor to discharge the duties thereof the entire satisfaction with credit to myself an*. _ of the people. I am your fellow-citizen, T. O. Kkioiit, Country Produce Bought and Sold. licit mo much I hereby announce myself a can- . wince mjH dldate for Uio riezk’s office of Herrfcn_county. and - .have had some experience fn the office i will. If successful, endeavor to fUafce a faithful HiglicHt (sank ju ices prices paid for chickcus and eggs, and farm products generally. Give us a call when you come to Tifton with anything to sell. and prompt publio servant. With this prom be and thankinjf my friends for their support In tb» pastel hereby earnestly solicit jour support lu I Wi Id PLEASE ALL if ill CUSTOMERS. Fok OkUIXART. To the Voters of llerrlen county: I announce myself a candidate for the office of Ordinary of your county subject to tbe democratic prtmayj Thanking the public for a generous jiatronage in the past, we earnestly solicit a continuance of the same in tho future. and earnestly solicit yonr sup|M»rt. will strive to five general satisfaction in my ad ministration of the office. Thanking you for put confluence bestowed on me, I am respectfully, A. W. PA-rxuuoy. E. i-tf. P. BOWEN Ncur the B. & \V. & BRO., Depot, TIKTON, OA. TIFTON DRUG STORE a young man, and Itolieve myself fully competent to discharge the duties of the office to the satis faction of the people. 1 solicit your support and if elected, will try to merit your approval In thn performance of the trust reposed In me. Koueut Ubiffin. If KBPS A Full Sl/PPIT OF- TOILET AND FANCY ARTICLES, Fine Porfumory, School Books and Stationary. Larrps of Every Description. PAINTS, * OILS * AND * VARNISHES. ... The most .fltct vtouk of Tobaccos sod Clear* la tho oily; My cuitomert can be served with good Havana elgara. I call apcctal attention to Prof. Baxter's Catarrh Cure, Magic Balm Kidney and Liver Cure, Lung Itestorer, Mesmeric Blood Cleanser nnd Khcuuiatie Cure. They aro proprietary medicinal that ara raoommandad vary highly for the purposes claimod for them. m- FRESHEST akd BEST GARDEN SEEDS, all tho year rannd. Cull mu! see me. Tifton, Ga., April 22,1891. J. C. GOODMAN. BIGr BA.RGFA.I1SFS ! -IN- Fall and Winter Announcement. Wu know it is curly to comincncu talking to the peopio about buying Fall ami Winter goods, hut ns tlie earliest iiniiressions are tlie most last ing wo desire to impress at once upon tiic people of Berrien, Irwin, Worth, Colquitt and Coffee counties that our store is headquarters for staple and funoy dry goods, notions, clothing, Hate, bootajmJ shoes, in foot a full line of geitonrl meroliuudise. Our Mr. J.Tf. Griffin, with an ex perience of many years in the mer cantile business in Yaldosta, mid ful ly acquainted with the wants of the pcoplu of this particular section of country, Ims just returned from the northen and eastern markets whero he purchased the most complete stock of goods ever presented to the trade hy any merchant or llrm in this section. Our entire stock of goods was purchased at iiiijirrocdentcd bar gains and we arc giving our custom ers the benefit of Mr. Griffin's deal. Wo Imve just occupied our new, elegant und capacious two-story brick building, ami wo invite tlie people to call and see us whether they luiv anything or not. Our clerks uru po lite and attentive, ami arc always willing uml anxious to show you oiir superb stock of goods—confident that our goods and prices cannot be duplicated m this country. When yon come to Valdosta be sure to m- quim for our house and come to see us. Wo want your trade and, consequent ly will he sure to treat you right. Respectfully, GhiFMN liSTATKN. AlaiMTA, ha., March a. tan UMnUSRSSh|lNI DM |>i<?JMUrv fo <tMk« »ffillowinn iUtvnwnt inmp- * “ * th« following sutimrut oontwrnlng *hs cnnbivs )mw«rq()«mr wouibrful KWctrnhMB. I hnvs •iiffiprskl nniuhl nmmjr for th« imi fourttsa yorrx, my ttxrnbW have F«wu o<»nsUt«xtioii. 1 harv spent -ivsml tboossnu dollsr* m IhoeiTort to rwiin ijr honUh, hsvlr ' * * * my. *loUn* North nn<1 n*t Iwn trental lijr omti ont i*h». m«l Sooth. 1 mnttnooil to gst w«»r*e. until flnsttv t wa* clkWit ut» t<» »tlr. Con * L ‘“ “— Rhu •hiUnToil nerve*, I x.•;-»*, i fttfoatbm, torpM liver RPBPffiiiiPIPPiiPBBB wiyt rmlttced aliniMit m skin ami ho*ws. Affsr 1 this stax-e «u alfslr* my frWad,Thomas C. Swift, Kw|.. IMS Vice pn^l loM* or the 8.8. 8.Co,urged tut* to ittM'ouMim* the ums of all tiuslioines and treat myself with yooh rmml rvimoly. I mu*’. Imlmlt I hai nt* htlth In tho Met tnomlw, hut uiy conffiience tn mv fritmt Inthuw*. me to nuke the itri*l. After using the Ki^ troin.!*© three months If wm cfettircd to, und now wvfgh i my frt* ml tmtuxvd me It using the Ktivtrohol««thi to fcrfsot health, und tMPffiMP 1*8 iHmr.tls. I owe It all to yonr Kleutsorobc, Mttxl unhoittaiingly nronmtnce It the moat won- tisrfltl discovery of l!ie age. With t profound i age. Yon re i of gmtttude fwr mjWoveg^f am,' Klcctni|>oa> IV., AU411U, (Is, II kivr.M, Ktra. AlUntle DRY-GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES AND HATS. I carry a full line of Dry-Goods, and am selling Winter Goods a-fray Below Cost to make room for a splendid Rummer Stock. Give Me Yott Patronage aid I Will Save lor Money. DY FANCY GROCERY AND HARDVASE DERARTHBNT Is fully stoolced with the best goods. TIFTON, OA.. August 37, 1801. EE. II. TIFT. M. A.. SEXTON, Fire Insurance Agent, TIFTON, GEORGIA., Represents tho following old, roliablo and popular fire insurance companies and solicits the patronage of the insuring public: Insirucs Caspaay of North Aaortco, “Greenwich," Total Assets, $1,650,035,IS. - • "Hartford," Total assets, $6,576,<16.II. “I'oalral City," of Seim, Ala. Also, write for the "Liverpool aid London and Globe," "Aetna” and "Orient." Fonndtd In I7K. Fonndcd In 1SS4. Fonndcd in 1810. Real Estate and Renting Agent. Hus on his list of Real Estate some very desirable farm lands in the vioinity of the "Gate City to South Georgia and Florida.” Keep yonr eye on it, and don't let it get too high priced before purchasing. Tlieje lauds ate within ouo aud seven miles of town. It yon have any Real Estate—houses or land—for tale or not yott will receive prompt and conrteens service by placing them with me. I am, very respectfully, i-tf M. A . SEXTON. JOHN C. HIND, Contractor and iBuilder, TIFTON-, GEORGIA. AUL KINDS OF WOODWORK DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Political Announcements. Fn« Tax CouAoto*. To the Voter* of Jtorrien^ Coutityj. I lulretyjr Pan Clkmk Bvvekioh covkt. Notvithauntltag my many frfetuls do not so- your 1 lo primary. Respectfully, tffLA* TraART* Fob Tax Collrotob. To the voters of lierrien county llama candi date for Tax Collector of Iterrlen county subjsot to the action of the democratic primary. I i— “hilly comj Fob St'ficR.on Covet. Tho undersigned offers himself as a candidate * for Clork of the Buiwrior Court of liorrlan ooun- ty, subject in tltedeiutHirotlc primary, and aoll8- it the support of my reilow-cittaens. Should l succeed In being nominated and elected I will endeavor to discharge the duties ot tbe office with credit to myself and to the^ejioral satisfac tion of the pub lb 1*. 1‘KKl‘LR*. Fou biiKRirr. To tho Voters of Berrien Coanty: At the oollty i tat Ion of friends I am a candidate for Sherld of Berrien county, subject to tho democratic pri mary. I thank my friends f»r the confidence be- •towed on me in tho past and oak their rapport in the ]>rimaiy. If sleeted I will faith/nUy dls-> ehnnre the duties of the office to tlie best of my ability. Hbxry L. Lovitt. Fob Oudinary. t announce myself a candidate for the office of Ordinary of lierrien county subject to democrat ic nomination, if held, and respectfully solicit tlie suffrage of the people pledging myself if elected to rigidly guard tbe interests of those whom I serve. Respectfully, W. Hxmiy UBirnw. Fob Tax Collxoior. At the solicitation of friends thereby announce myself as a candidate for Tax Colloctor of Ber rien county, subject to the democratic primary, ami earnestly unbelt the support of my fellow- oitnna. If 1 am ratnieted .with the dutlta of the office I will discharge them faUKTunrimd~eflU elently according to my best ability. Allen Hkstbb. Fob Tuuasurbb. I hereby announce myself a candidate for eleo* turn to tlie office of treasurer of lierrien county, subject to democratic primary. Remembering ipectfull^ R.Fuvcit. Fob Bhkuifp. At tbe soDcItstlon of many frlomis I oil or my• self m a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Berrien county, subject to democratic primary. If elected I will discharge tlie duties of the office to the vory best of nnr skill anti ability. Respectfully, jllity. John w.Baxbb. Fob ClbbR Si ckbior Court. I hereby announco invself a candidate for re- ... — *- pf Clork of the Superior •lection to the offleo u. Court of Borrien county, »u)>joot to deraoenuia primary. Thanking the people for their past kindnessaml confidence reposed in me I ear nestly solid their support in tbe coming elec tion, 1 pledge myself, if elected, to a faithful K rformance of the duties of the nffioe to tb* st of my ability. 0. W. Mooue, Fob SitxBifr. To the Voters of lierrien Count}: I offer my* seif as s candidate for re-election to the offloe of Sheriff of said county, subject to the dsmocratio primary. 1 thank you, one and all, for your alle giance to my candidacy two years ago and ear nestly solicit your support at g» ensuing c». Hob. I promise, if elected, to faithfully naffbrm the duties of the offloe to the b^-j^r myiT/lllty. Fob Tax Oollbctob. The undersigned present John G. Graydon te the citizen* of Berrien county si a candidate for Tax Collector* subject to tbe action of the dsmo* eraiie party, and solicit for him the undivided support of the people- We believe him to be competent, faithful and honeit, and worthy the “'ffrage of r~ “* *— suffrage — — worthy the our fellowjcitliena. Voters or Tinox Distbiot. RAIEROAD, Suwance River Route to Florida, 8ohtdnl> In Sff«t Angnit U, 1899, ft«At» UF r.M. A.M. 1 10 561000 At. Palatka hr. on sst too iu *50 540 610, 428 147 2 60 2 15 III A.R. r. u. 1100 1 r.M. • 05 1016 710 A.M. 12 M 130 r.M, 400 Hampton • City Jasper Valdosta Tifton Cordele Macon - Atlanta Chattanooga Kashville Kvansvlllc l.r, Chicago Ar. Ttoirraf. W5b>w* O. B. & F, It r.M. A.M. 445 • 24 740 140 • 60 445 610 ( • 00 1 000 I 1016 t A.M. 1210111 14 C.H.R. W.&A. N.C.ft Bt.L h A N. C., K. « I. 430 745 r.w. 4to 715 A.M. 145 12 65 780 626 A.M. 100 .... 1O40| .... Short Line to World’s Fair. l««ri»0 C*« l'ALATKA TO MaCO*. rallioan Cm Allan), in 8t. Loilx oat Ctunna, »« *«"« with Kuna Anil Nurthem Itailmkl, Omrala lutlnad. CMh tnl Kallnml and ttnntbTMtira tuilmd, north and totith: and In Onion napotnl I-tlnUa wtth *unU?*°* mU> ^ oln " 10 «at, waat and "itnciUM. A. C. KSATT, Tra.. l-aaa. A**., Trafilo M.n'r, Macon, do. MaoeuTda. tST l*l(ui» and furnitthed tm .ippHcfilion. ' A>'i5Mnira« sirZs