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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, November 11, 1892, Image 1

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$1.00 l’Mt ANNUM. TIFTON, BERRIEN COUNTY, GEORGIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER II, 1802. VOL. 2-NO. LOCAL HOTCH-POTCH. WHAT BUSINESS MEN AND LOAFERS FIND TO TALK ABOUT. |i'Hv«*iiii‘i)t Parngroplis rit'kfrt Fp wild Veil* alvoly Penned—All fcorUUning to Verging and Tilings. Rev. J. F. Reeves was in the city yesterday in the interest of the great Baptist weekly paper of Georgia tile Christian Index.. *.Prof, Huggins invites tho citizens of Tifton to attend his soliool exhi- tion L*it tho Institute to-night. The entertainment is free. v Mi - . J. L. Herring and family, of Isabella, are visiting at the Iiome of his wife’s parents, Ms. ami Sirs. J. B. Greene, near Tifton. Rev. Dr. C. M, Irwin returned to Tifton yesterday. To-day is his 79th Birthday, and by special request lie will dine with Sirs. IT. II. Tift. ffi-j&a&M'HngM 1 . writes ns Urookfleld, tif,ft he is closing ninth year of snccessful tur tle farming very satifactorily. LT save a then 0 Pad rick tu»k be4 buying. They will tire stock out be! Jami. Lindsey .retired from the 1 ax receiverof Beryren coun- or of John Rf McCrmne, n,'lioe iiy dtir advertising ■columns. '-.-j-rr-'.-a-v The fourth and last quarterly meeting of the AlaptdTs circuit for tins conference year iviii be held with the Enigma Methodist churoli on the ■23d iust. The executive committee, of Mell Baptist association will hohl a busi ness meeting at Brushy Creek church on Saturday before the fourth Sun day iust. Oil, that hat! Pay your loss like a little man. Pudriok Bros, svmpa- \jze with U and will make the ..Taj lit the emotions, Sir. W. Henry Gridin was in the city Tuesday in the interest of his candidacy for ordinary of Berrien county. lie was practicallj unknown in i’ifton until Tuesday. day. These gentlemen are keeping a splendid stock of goods and aro selling them at very reasonable prices." They tuke all kinds of country pro duce in exchange for goods. Give them a eal). -» I guarantee every bottle of Plan tation Chill Cure, and will cheerful ly refund money in cose of failure. Dr. J. (J. Goodman. Air. E. E. Youmans brought to this office yesterday two very fine sugar-cane of tho “green 1 ’ variety. They were twelve feet long ewra and weighed one seven and the oflior sev- en*and one-half poundsi/Both lmd twenty joints. Tliey-wwe grown in pine land, the first year in cultivation, about a mile southwest of Tifton. Why pay other dealers 75c. and ifl for a chill cure when you can get Plantation Chill Cure, a hotter one, for 60o. ? Dr.- J. C. Goodman. Supervisor W. T. Hargett, of tho Brunswick and Western railway, captured a negro Tuesday morning snspieionc-d as the scoundrel who lias been systematically robbing the depot building at McDonald’s mill. He was brought to Tifton and lodged in jail for safe keeping Tuesday night. He was carried to the Beetle of iris depredations Wednesday morning for committal trial. I seii more Plantation Chill Cure inn uny other chill and fever medi- hk> you know why? Be cause it never fails to euro. Dr. J. C. Goodman. The Young Aleu’s .Union Prayer Meeting will hold' public services at Tifton Institute on the third Sunday afternoon in this month at 4 o'clock, and the meeting will be led by Mr. Chas, Hi Goodman. The occasion is the anniversary of the Young Men's Christian Association, of which it is a part. Special prayer and a thank offering will be make for tho success tif the work. Everybody is cordially invited to attend. Wjieu you are tired of having chills get a 60c. bottle of Plantation Chili Curb and stop them. If it fails we will give you your money book. Dr, J. C. Goodman. ITEMS OF LOCAL INTEREST. GARNERED BY THE PENCIL SCISSORS PROCESS. AND id Contractor J. 0. Hind will move back, with his little family, to Tif ton by tile first of December; He as in the oity Tuesday to vote and Iso to make preparations for mov- A light ruin commenced falling early Tuesday morning and contm tied all day, but, at S p. m. it began to fall in, torrents and a fine rain which will bo greatly beneficial to gardens was the result T’iie silver dollar may be a bit off from a politician’s standpoint—but it goes all the same at Padvick Bros, and as fur as$1.50 would elsewhere. Tho Gazette does not wish to bore its readers with duns; but would impress delinquent subscribers with tlie fact thut no business can exist very long without making prompt collections and a priuting office is no exception to the rule. Rev. P. II. Ornmplor, the pastor, d bis regnlur appointments at Methodist church last Sunday, subject at the mornitig service “The patriarchal government, and only government estate the (treat Jehovah.” or and of course Mr. E. A. Eshcywho has been too polite and efficient agent at Tifton of tlie Georgia Southern and Florida railroad, bus severed Ins connection with the road and aocepted a position with tho Louisville and Nashville witli headquarters at Alontgomcry, Ala. Mr. Eslio and family took their leave of Tifton on Tuesday for Way- cross, but he will not enter upon the discharge of his new duties until af ter a respite of eight or ten day6. lie and his family have made themsolves moshttgreoubie citizens and tho poo, pie of Tifton regretted" 'their going away. Do yon know that Plantation Chill Cure is sold under a positive guaran tee ? It costs 50o. per bottle, but if it fails the money will be given back to you. Dr. J. C. Goodman. The colored people, under tlie leadership of Robert 0. Copeland, gave a festival last Saturday night in the Fletcher building on Ruiir oud street for the purpose of raising fund* to build a lodge room at Uu ionviile—an exclusive colored peo ple’s town located about one mile south of Tifton—for tlie I. 0. U. 0. F, order. The entertainment was conducted very orderly and genteel, n tlie Dry, Goods line is PadHek. il win every time—o r. Robert J. Griffin, of near Len- and Prof. 0. L. Smith were in v man to bet, #»<• was liberally patronized by the .... r TE.Ju.1 —L.i,< 'I I... /i.IRah lifts) Ins Hatch of N«nv» from Nel£l»l>orliiK Count le« Deemed of Special Intercut to fluzotlit Meatier*. Coffee superior court convenes next Monday. Piles of people hare piles bat DeWiu's Witch Hazei Salve will cure them. t’aulU & Co The death of Airs. Dr. T. W. 'J'ison of Aslihuru, is imnouneetb 'Sweet broath, sweot ‘stomach, sweet temper, nil result from tho use of Oe- Witt’s Littlp .Karly Risers, the famous little pills, ‘Paulk & Co. Tlie protraoteil meeting at Ash- burn has olosed. All the services were well .attended. Small iu sire, great in results: DeWitt’a Little Early Risers. Heat pills for con stipation, heat for sick hcaducho best for sour stomach. They nevor gripe. Paulk & Co. , Mr. J. P. Land, of the eighth triot of Worth county, fyiM 53 bushels of rice on one acre of land this year. Succors in everything depends largely upon good health. Ru'VHt s Little Ear ly Risers are little heallh producing pills. Hoc the point! Then take an Early Riser, Paulk & Co. The Sycamore News lias already commenced to talk tip mi Invin coun ty exhibit at tlie state fair next year That is right, “begin in time. The wind from the north blown sharp and keen, and had effects of colds me Roen. One Minute cough cuio so safe and sure, will quickly perform a won- droUB cure, Paulk* Co. Bom B. F. Hudspeth, of Baker countyi it is conceded will be senator from tlie ninth district to fill the va cancy made by the death of Hon- Reuben Joiicb. Nothing Is so distressing ns n hacking cough. Nothing so foolish ns to suffer jrom It. Nothing so -dangerous if al lowed to Continue, One .Minute coltgh cure give:) immediate relief. Paulk* Co. Our Sycamore girls and young la dies cun look mighty sweet and bo- liavc mighty nice when they half try. —News. Yon don’t moan to ineinu ate, brother Minimi, lliut they some times don’t half try. Headache Is tho direct result of Indi gnation and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using I Jo Witt's Little Early Risers, aud your headache disappears. Tlie favorite little pills everywhere. Piiuik * Co. The Literary Club of Sumner has been re-organized, with W. W. In gram us president and T. A. Edwards us secretary and treasurer. A series of entertainments are to, be given to raise > money to tiny tor a school utfmo. The undertaking is a laudable one. For instance, M re. Clms. Rogers, of Bay Olty, Mtoh.i accidentally spiilu.1 sodding water oVor her mile boy. like promptly applied DoWitt's Witch llnzcl (Salve, giving Instant relief. It’s a won derfully good salve for hums, bruises, sores, nnu u sure euro fur piles. Paulk * Co. . - Worth comity received a number of premium! for articles on exhibi tion at the state fiiitvbjiL-tffccouiity display received onfyhonorubie men tion. Worth or tiny other comity in south Georgia can carry off first prize if tbuir citizens would only go to work with that end in view. Do not let other merchants palm off other preparations on you because they have not Plantation Chill (Jure in sleek. Apply to ugeni named below, wilt) guarantees iL Dr. J. 0. Goodman. white people. The editor and Ins wi;« were kir.d'y remembered with a platter of^deiicions edibles, for which they lender their colored friends CLEVELAND, RUSSELL AND COUNTRY ARE'SAFE. 30. —L.,— ,ty lost Saturday to the interest shtoeve thanks. * (F- Democrat* Tifton The prrtiatry for llm nomshutioh of democratic candidates for comity of ficers Will be held an Saturday, De cember 3d. let every democratic jtftpr of the, district com* out and t bos de-j express bis choice of, candidates-at j the ballot box. Tbccandldates who. have offered I various officca arc good anil I from among them you Caiidltlfttpa in Is-vVIn. Tlie following tc a liBt of eanrli- dates for tho various offices in Irwin county; Ordinary—If. T. Puitlk, DunioS Tucker, Geo. if. Fietciii-r. Sheriff--Jesse Pauliv, J. J. Wltid- don, C. L. Prescott. Clerk superior court—A, Mclntiss, M. Tucker, J. airpaulki . County treasurer—J. W. Torn her-, Wiit. Pa«lfo; Tax receiver.—J. B. Fletcher, Wm- RosSj.Btttl Mobley, Tax eolh-owr—J..J. Luke, TvJ, Luke, W. if. Weaver, Jos. VV, Paulk. f'W Gwouer—i). C. Half. • At NusKviUc. The editor spent a few hours at tho thriving county seat of Beirien last Monday. lie was rejoiced to learn that the sick ones (Miss Mackio Peeples, B. P. Peeples and W. 11. Morris) were improving. He- regretted to learn, however, that Hon. M. B. Clyatt, is is still quite low with fever. The Nashville'postoffice has just added a “Af, 0. 11," department and tlie genial postmaster, R. K. Turner was handling the “new departure” With a deftness of an old hand at tlie business, whilo the people are taking to it- ns natural as ducks to water. Tlie siitl death of Dr. It. B. Snead was almost the mo!o topical conver sation and nothing but regrets could be heard on every side uml nmuy monru ins untimely end. The citizens arc again agitating the building of a railroad from their town to Alitpah.'i- -they arc consider ing tho feasibility of a dummy line. Also they are happy over the news Unit, work tins been resumed on tlie extension of Gray & Gatohell’s tram roiid, which is heading toward Nash ville Ailhrittou & Son’s new store build ing; which is quite an addition to tlie town, is rapidly approaching completion. It, isoveeiviug a pretty coat of puint from tlie artistio hands of Judge Silas T’ygart, Tho Gazette always takes pleas ure in spesking approvingly of (lie energy and success of the young men of Berrien comity. Tygurt Bros., is a firm composed of two young men still iu their teens; \V. E. Lamb is a young man who has just reached Ids majority. However they are unnmg the prosperous merchants of thut thriving town—having started at tlie bottom round mid workud their way gradually to tlie lop. Merit will al ways assert ilself. Tho RuRairoe of tlie Voice of Ber rien enmity went to Savannah two or three weeks ago and lias not returned and perhaps will not. The citizens do not mourn Ids absence though several of them were left in the soup by lending him money. The Voice, however, oontiuucs lo speak for flie ir repressible Quortertnhh is ut the helm. Tlie (inti of Swindle A Griffin are doing a thriving mercantile business. They buy and ship a large quantity of cotton. Hon. 11. B. Peeples was ut home uml feeling exuberant over Ids tri umphant election to tlie soiiuitor- genoralsliip of the Southern circuit. Ho lias as much appreciation of suc cess as any man with Ahum tile Ga zette is acquainted. Prof. J oil n Powell is at Ids Iiome in Very feeble health. Besides being afflicted witli that dread disease con sumption he is suffering from sorof- ulu and it is probable one of Ids low er limbs will have to be amputated. He ha* the editors sympathy. AFTER THE BATTLE iN WORTH. IildiKimliuu Ovi>f ttw Dirty Work at the Third lleuclmirn. Isaiiklla, Oa., Nov. 11. - Worth hud a pretty hard struggle but managed to give Cleveland mid ■Russell a small majority on Tuesday. At Ty Ty, Dr. Pickett’s homo, mid a third party stronghold, the vote is about evenly divided between Cleve land and Harrison, with only a few votes for tlie third party, they desert ing Weaver and throwing utmost their entire strength to ILarristi, with Hand on tlie ticket for congress. Sumner, a democratic district, gives Bussell 123 and HiimS 173, witli Weaver 73, Harrison' 100 and Cleveland 128. The , third party people oil over the county gave their vote to Hum ,son. A great deal of indignation is felt over some of the dirty work,done by the peoples party H';iiciniK!H, but it is hoped Glut tills is their lost rally. THE AGONY IS NOW OYER. THE ttliul TldlitRN of Un til .Toy from llcfrloo, from fli'orBla nml from tho Whole Country. Tlie election of Tuesday at the Tifton precinct was tho quietest and most orderly we ever witnessed. It was 7 o’clock p. m. before the exact result, was ascertained, viz: Cleveland mid Russell received M3 votes each; Harrison 7 and Weaver 4, Hand received 10 amalgamated votes, “Bohemian” writes' tlie Gazette from Cecil: “Tho election passed off quietly. Total vole polled, 103 ; Cleveland received 79, Harrison S3, Install 05, Party No. 3 came up missing. I saw a largo flock of buz zards mid reckon they had a hog killing time. Somebody did.” Tile Gazette correspondent at Nashville writes: ‘(Tho election passed off ouietly here yesterday witli tlie following result: Cleveland 153, Weaver 44, llarrison C, Russell 153, llmtd 18. “Connell’s Mill distriat gave Cleveland a majority of l for presi dent and Hand 1 majority for con gress.” Notice, to e.Wi out i f are getting homo to the re- j publican fold, whew they properly '(belong, and where their neighbors i liemhmcr. have id negroes ome g ' K St iMi will know them. fe’f The Ti club, with a number of friends from Berrien and adjacent comities, held a grand l'alilioation meeting last highly Their enthusiasm and re juicing over the magnificent; demo oralio victory throughout tlie conn try was unbounded. Mayor Love turned the oity over to tlie ratiflers during the jollification. A torch Iglit procession was on llio program, and was carried out with consummate splendor. Bonfires and other illumi nations, llie materials for which wore at hand and easily procured were also indulged in and tlie clicois for victory were many, long uml loud. Cleveland, democracy and good government are in tho swim! Hip, hip, hurrah! Tlie Gazette foiled to get tho vote of Berrien comity by districts. Notwithstanding the exceeding un favorable weather that prevailed dur ing llie day the democracy of the county did approximately their whole duty, and again sustained Ber rien’s claim as the banner democrat ic county in tlie second congression al district. Cleveland's majority in the county is 937; Russell’s majority 1,202. lion. Ben K. Russell's majority tn tlie second congressional district is not less than 7,000.' Hon. Henry G, Turner has carried the eleventh district by about 5,000 majority. Georgia will be represented in the fifty-third congress by eleven as staunch democrat* as the country cun produce. (Tborgist’s honored sou, Chits. F. Crisp, will lie again elected to preside over the deliberation* of that body. Georgia is decidedly “iu it.” Georgia didn't give as large major ity as in the state election but there is no dark spot on her demoe ratio escutcheon. According io the best information obfuitiabie at the time of going to press tiie tower branch of the house of the. next congress will be composed of 218 democrats,' 127 republicans and 7«alljuncemen. . Lutest advices lead us to believe that the next United ‘States senate will lie under democratic control. The democrats will gain a senator from New York in the place of His- cocfc; one from Nebraska; one from Wisconsin in.lion of Sawyer; Stewart of Nevada, who will tie re-elected as a, jHipulist will also act with the democrats. Then ' the present popu list senators; Kyle . and I’elfsr, will not with the democrats on Hie tariff and all other important.Leues," Thus on the 4th of March t/ext, tlie demo crats will be iu control of belli sen ate. and house and can admit tlie I dntitoeratip territories of New; eo mid Ariaom. wbioii w”’ afar out the aid of tlie populist senators. J , f , , Grover Cleveland will preside over the executive department for the next four years. lie has gained the electoral votes of Alabama, Arkan sas, California, Connecticutt, Dele- ware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, In diana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mary land, Michigau, Mississippi, Missou ri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Ten nessee, Texas, Virginia, West Vir- gina, and Wisconsin—uggregating 301 electoral votes. Tho Gazette desires to carry no better news to its readers this week than that tlie country will have after tlie 4th of March next a democratic president, a democratic senate and a democratic house of representatives. It is glory enough for one day. THE*CHURCH BENEFIT .nut Win!mutiny Night \v»s Tifton’# Rest Knterlntnuifint. Notwithstanding the very threat ening weather last Wednesday night there was it largo and upprooiativo audience present at tiie Institute,.to wltpeBS the most, attractive entertain ment prepared by some of the ladies ami gentlemen of tiie city as u bene fit to the two churches. Ttro exorcises consisted of tab leaus, and instrumental and vocal music. The tableaus were well con ceived and admirably presented. The itongs were appropriately milory- ed and rendered very sweetly, while tlie instrumental ninsio could hardly bo excelled anywhere. The Gazette has heard nothing hut the most complimentary criti cisms passed upon the entertainment as a whole, while tho individual act ing ami singing of Mies Jackson, Mrs, Lipscomb ami Mr. K. IF. Tift have been applauded with encomi ums of praise. Gentlemen present, who have at tended numbers of umutuer enter tainments in our larger cities and aro therefore competent, judges, say they have never attended a more complete or better rendered mimtenr perform ance in their-lives; it would have been creditable to a much larger place tlnm Tifton. The Gazette does not hesitate to say that no city of Georgia, throe times the size and pretentions of Tif- ton, cun present a greater versatility of musical and theatrical talent, than site, or that can prepare and present an entertaining program on shorter notice. Notice. Parlies owing me will find their ac counts in tho hands of an attorney for collection if not settled by tho first day of January, Af. W., Gaskins. Council Proceeding*. Tlie city council wet in tho office of ii. H. Tift November 7th, at 7:30 o'clock, and were culled to order by Mayor IV. If. Love. Present:. Aldermen TifBowen, Allen, Goodman, Alexander and Me- Creu. The minute* of lost meeting were read and approved. The appeal eases of Air. Bilow & Son were brought before the council for trial. After heariug the wit nesses and discussing the case tho doqiston of the mayor protem ivm unstained. Ordered, That Jim Stevenson bo J§S refunded seventy-five cent* street tax ;||8 which was ertiieoted illegally, he uot being a resident of Tifton. Ordered, That the oity buy three deteu zinc buckets to lie owued by|||.’: the city an<l used in the ease of fire, By direction of tlie ctmaeil the, mayor appointed the following comiuittT'e: Messrs. J. A. Alexander. B, T, Alien* W. 0. Tift, Airs. W. 0. Tift, Atttj.- 'Ti. Coin and Miss Kate Goodman. There being no further business the nouncrl adjourned. J. If. C Mr., 0. L. i i*>, for c