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The Tifton gazette. (Tifton, Berrien County, Ga.) 1891-1974, December 19, 1919, Image 1

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3-YEAR-OLD CHILD' ISFATALLYBURNED TIFTON, Tiinr^b«NTY, : GEORGIA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19,1919. teifed kt their r that' the school* should dore Jar/the Christmas holidays, December 18th. aad re-open December 29th, Some mar think that this is a very abort va cation bat a short vacation is favorable to the best Interest of the schools at JtVStb'--. .. 4*6 “X- -» • 1 Friday, December 19th, is the day set 'by the Board for the ^election or re- . election of all trustees whose terms of ofllce expire on or before December 31st. Notices to this effect have been mailed to, at least, one member of the trustees of each school. This is a small duty on the Itart of the patrons, but nevertheless, It is a duty that only the patrons can perform. -It is hoped that the patroas will meet cat the school houses on date named and elect o r re-elect all trustees > terms alow expire. A. J. Ammons, Superintendent. WILD LIFE OF JUNGLES GIVES COLOR TO FILM "THE ROMANCE OF TARZAN" Chart* Eked, Jr„ Was Playing in Yard When Clethhm Cancht Fro* Fire Under Wnb Pat* Paretos Are Burned ■ Charles, Jr., the little thTre-year-old son of Mr. and Mm. Charlie W.-Elrod was fatally burned Wednesday afternoon when the little fellow’s clothing caught fire from the wash pot while playing in the yard,, at .his parents' home 5 miles Mouth of Tiftoq o B the .National High way. . ^ Mr.. Elrod was sitting on the front porch when he wad attracted by the hor ror-stricken cries of the child, but before the flames could be extinguished he had been burned so aeripualy that death er- sulted two or three hours later. /-Mr. and Mrs. Elrod were both very painfull* burned while trying to save the little one. The inany friends of the bereaved fam ily deeply sympathise with them in their GTYSCHOO CLOSE PopUi aad Taackan Fail TO ADJOURNED TERM TO FALL EXA!| WEEK TRY CRIMINAL CASES THIS W BERRIEN TIMBER SOLD WUUs A Neman Pay $*00,000 for 8,000 Aerim and Will Tnrpentlns It. Valdosta, Dec. 15.—The sale of saw mill and turpentine privileges on the Fisher 11. Gaskins lands la Berrien coun ty,' which has just been consummated, establishes a record price for timber aap disposes of^ne of the finest of the few bodies of round timber now left, In the state.. The lands in question are lo cated a few miles northwest of Nashville —S.OdO acres covered with magnificent long leat yellow pine which has never been worked by turpentine or sawmill inch" ” ‘ .Willis & Norman, turpentine operators „ Chapters of “Torzan of tho who have been located for some time at by Edgar Rlee Burroughs, Mincola In this county, bought the Gas- > Lions, Tigers, Leopards ^kins lands, paying $200,00$ for the saw jniU and turpentine rights on the 8,000 'aortas. / ''My -. It is understood that Willis & Norman will begin operation on the tract as soon as jKMsible, working tile timber for naval stores, first It will require about three years time to complete the turpentine operations attar which a large aaw mill will be boilt, probably at Nashville, to cut the merchantable timber *on the traet The removal of the timber will open farm development a magnificent body of land of unusual fertility and adapted \o a wide range of agriculture. W*. L. Metcalf, of Ashburn, has ji bought the saw mHl> right*- ow * l*i body of land.- in the. Rock Ford district of'this county, belonging to William and Jbmes .Adams,.. T>e price paid for the JTifton Public Schools most soccessfol term in the schools, both from a ance and wprk day afternoon when the . ..— fictafy ends, and the teacben and pu pils take a Christmas vacation of two weeks. The new building was built to mre for Tifton’a children for several years to come, but this year the entire building has been placed in use, including looms that were considered as a reserve for future needs. If this growth should be as pbenomina! for the next two or thru years as it has been during the past W< or three, another building will have\to be added. And if homes could-be cured for those who would move hi there is no questiou as to the growi of the schools. Tiftou has bceu fortunate in being able to retain Prof. A. H. Moon as Su perintendent of her schools and the fac ulties he has under his supervision are as good as can be gotten anywhere. All have labored together for the good of Tifton and the results obtained speak for themselves. x ere wtn MOONSHINERS PLEAD GUILTY J. «— ■ Total of S3 aad Other Denizens of the JV Tropies la Their Na- ftlve Haunts. The many film enthusiasts throughout Tift county who have been waiting for . months to witness the concluding -chap ters of “Tsrssn of the Apes” on the •ron will have their wish* gratified Christmas day when “The Romance [ Tsrssn” will be shown at The Strand, f . This new production, dramatised from r *dgar Rice Burroughs* unusual story ft by Be* Meredyth ang directed by Wil- .fred Lucas, is far and away .the most novel : and exciting presentment of the X adventures of the amasing. ape-man, that \ X has yet been given to the acreem Bigiaalng with the meeting of Tar ns A# .Porter, his predefined Ihtc, t* the heart of the African jungles, » the beautiful American girl has anted htr father in pursuit of i scientific.-atodies, the drama takes its j-foBcWere on the mo 8$ romantic and rllting* Journey through the'land of dieye that the heart could de- ^.fThe same magnificent jungle scenery ~ [gave a background of unique splen- * ^T*rza n of the Abes’* is shown ■■ big scenes of 'The an^ and hundreds of Kjptrds, lions, tigers, 1 man-eating crocodiles, ffand novelty to a | Perhaps the n’s jungl^M^^Ihteresting the uAi^Rricnds, however, ___ noth elephant of intelligence, who rescues . a war party of infuriated s and carries him safety to the Romance of Tarxan" will mas Day at The Strand Ptobcr Ato: i ^Appear Before Judge Evans and Thke Their Medklne. Fifty-three moonshiners stood up in United States district court here' Mon day afternoon and received sentences im posed by Judge Evans, says The Albany Herald. The sentences ranged from one year and one day lu two instances dowu to a simple tint* of .$100 in one < Most of (lieu drew scnteiK'p* of two, threo offour month* In jail and lines of $100 and $300. It was a motley-looking crowd that faced the judge at the close of yester day's buaincas. There were old men and young ones; white men and negroes. Moat of them had pleaded guilty but a law had been convicted at tha afternoon session of court. Tha Utter drew far heavier rsentences than aid those who pleaded guilty. Among those' sentenced were; Dave Bozeman, Worth county, one month and $100. Arthur Bennett, Worth county, $25. Elmer Henderson, Turner county, two months and $100. B. J. Garrett,. Worth county, months and $100, if B. Hammock, Colquitt county, ala said to have been five or six times aa much as the Adams brothers paid for the land it’few years ago. 'My, Metcalf will build a saw mill at Clyattvllle ta the timber. hnt4»J» months and $400. iths Tom Hagan, Worth county, two ind tUO. , Jega. ganders. Worth county, two ntha and $11 Special Session of Tift Superior Court win Be Held Daring Week at VOLUME XXXII.—NUMBER i CLARK ING AGENT following is a copy of the order call ing the December adjourned term of Tift Superior Court, to he held the last week in January, 1020: It appearing to the court that there la, now standing open upon the criminal ,--e of Tift Superior Court annul £7 th . t nt nidmlnal rtaoao maul . the kalww 1 : Important criminal cases, the judgment of the underslgtyfri that it in to the beat interest of the county that these matters be tried and determin ed without further delay, and it further appearing that it is impos sible to try them at the present time. It ia therefore ordered that the ad journed term of Tift Superior Court, the December term thereof, be held dur ing the week commencing Monday, Jan uary Stb, 1920. All graud jurors sworn and serving at the regular December term will report for service at 9 a. m., ou Monday, Jauuary 5th, 1920; it is further ordered that all petit aud trav erse jurors called and sworn for service during the regular December term of court be and appear for service as petit and traverse jurors at the adjourned term of court on the date above set forth. In calling the adjourned term it is the intent and purpose of the court that all criminal canes now open upon the docket and all indictments which may be found by the grand juty to b* impanelled on the date indicated stand fo r trial at the adjourned term. So ordered, this 13th day of December, 1919. R. Eve, J. <8. C. T. C. List of Grand Jurors Grand jurors drawn to serve December, 191*9, adjourned term. Tift Superior Court, to be held first week in January, 1920: A. A. Hutchinson R. H. Hutchinson Henry Sutton H. H. Tift, Jr. L. W. Wbiddon W. H. Collier E. 8. Hand W. T. Greer Jacob Gibbs J. P. Cromer n. H. Abbott J. W. Gauldiug Warren Willis Dempsey Wbiddon E. L. Vance C./1. Jones W. H. Willis W H. Spooner J. M. W. Lyons D. Varner )TS Sold, eh a da; more ac- lout twenty-five I Tift county have r, disagreeable weather aew Ml, rain *» badly aeeded. . Goodman did kot set hU appolnt- ,t Hue Level on account o| rhenma- tisin, hut nay. he will be then the oecond Sunday 1” J*nonnr. providence permit- tijlg, OU Uncle Bob Gay paieed off to his ,P MATBeodman filled tho appointment torjlrother Brewton, os Bro. Bmwton, woo unwell and could not come. Considerable complaining of cold., e tc. lie brethren of the BaptUt church called Brother Steve Bowen aa paotor for another year.. -Brother Brewton wa. returned to the Kith odist paatorage. *■ O. ; OFFICIAlA BE-K1.ECTF.D Nashville, Ga., Dec. 17^-The regular annual'city election Passed off quietly , of the targe tax- here yesterday. There waa but one tlck- fdespltc the faetl M»y® r 3. B. Dube and the present i remain before! b®*” 1 ®* aldannm atandlng for rwHee- j tion. Only twenty-seven votes were poll- N- ! I The kiddles’ fondest wlahea can be ' ro,a « realistic at Bohrman'o 5 andlO , *** [Cent Store. 18dH-wlt inal\l The Teachings of Personal \Exi«Hence come ;too high ip eost for the up-to-date successful man of today. Invariably the strongest advocate of the bank account is the man wWhap' \ V.... Learned by Experience V and then it is often " ^ ) Too Late Prollt by the teacWga of Experience— X&i-. f Start an account today. montliaimd $100, Gieatr WilliamH, Worth county, throe months and $100. China Lightning, Turner county, four months and $300. Acic Cutter, Turner county, two months and $100. Benjamin .T. Willis, Turner county, one month and $200. . * i-o MAN AND GIRL DROWNED Americus, Dec 15.—George Lindley, a white man who moved here recently from North Georgia, waa drowned In the Flint rim,, fifteen miles from here, yes terday afternoon, together with Louise Wright, Ms niece, when he attempted to drive onto the bridle at Hurray’s Fer ry, bis buggy being plunged Into the water wh«* be drove into a washed-out place in the road one hundred feet from shore, PAID $864.80 FOR TICKETS Mr. 0. O. Gilley and family left Thurs day for Oklahoma to make their home. Tifton and Tift county regret to lose thU estimable family. They were splen did people and good oltisehfc. “ As evidence of their big heartedness they deposited with the Georgia South ern and Florida Railway $804.80 fof 1(1 whole and 5 half tickets, making tha largest single day’s ticket sales, in over two years. The G. S. & F. remittance for that day waa $1,100.’ r? - > — MR. MONROE M. THOMPSON Mr. Monroe M. Thompson, of near Shlngler, to Worth county, died Tuesday^ afternoon.- r' " X Mr. Thompson was a brotber-irtfaw of Mr. j. S. Royal, of Tifton. BesickW bis wife he Is survived by several child ren, two brothers and ohe sister. FLORIDA FARM FOR SALE 543 Acres Fine 'Red Pebble Land of which 250 acreh- arc cleared and in cultivation.. 80 acres of this is stumped. Place con tains 30 acros Third Year Japanese Cane Stubble which wfll bring stand with out planting. Contains Water Pow- ec^whicb can be f developed at small expense, and has four settlements of comfortable and roomy tenant bouses. LOCATED in Jackson County, conven ient to school and church, on fine graded roads and within five miles of town of Sneads, on Main Line of Louisville A Nashville Railroad. Price, $15,000.00 Cash, -or reasonable TERMS. Can give immediate poo- For farther information, LUt of Traverse Juror* Jurors drawn to serve December, 1919, adjourned term, 191&, Tift Superior Court, to be held first week in January, 1920: L. KL Bell D. J. Branch We K. Chandler L. L. O’Steen J. Mercer Jones ,[ »• H. Marchapt, Jr. J. H. Miller II. A. Shockley ^ViUisni Higdon Berry ltigdon D. L. Swindall R. Silas Gibbs J. C. Wood C. U. Choate A. O. Nations A; P.7 Cox C. J. WeJmorix B. M. Hancock Warren Tucker C. R. Dyer rn'5^CiV , jn! r ^ OTtw ' W. E. Peek* W. B. Vickers H. White ChrlatOMM HoBitoja Bagla Decvmbtr 20 B ®* fd M_B$»e»tl«a Stlertg M. and Contlaaa to Jannarr S. Eight Pupils Gtt Extra Week of Work. Iqition'v are being glv- be Second District Ag- at Tifton. ‘ A student cent or abosw la a sub- from final examination Eight students were •very subject and were per mitted to go to their homes for an extra week's vacation. Four Tift county students ore among the lucky eight. These are MissrJewel Ford, daughter of G. W. Ford i 'Mi«« Ozella Lswhorn, daughter of E. D. Law- horn, Ty Ty; Mr, Hubert Chapmgn, sou Of J. M. Chapman; Howard Burke, son of J. L. Burk, Tifton. They are at home this week. They are_to be congratulated. The grading ia very strict aad only a good student is able to pass without-a final examination. The others excused are Miss Etta Fitxpatrick, of Mbnroe county; Messrs. Von Wilder and Bascom Bel cher, of Grady county; Jonathan 8mitb, of Criip county. School dbse» for the holidays Satur day, December 20tfi, and opens for the spring term Monday, January 5th. The dormitories have been, full all the fall. Many applicants were turned away In September because of hick of room. A few new students wDt be admitted after Christmas to take the place of those that drop out. '*f : FOR TWENTY-SIX YEARS Dr. Wilcox Has Been a Regular Sub scriber to the Tifton Gazette. Dr. Jefferson Wilcox, of Willacoochec, doesn’t think Commissioner Jehu Brauch has anything on him as u regular sub scriber to the Tifton Guzettc Dr. Wilcox p(\|d his first subscription to the Gazette to B.'T. Allen, May 1893. He has never missed and annual renewal since, and although he is taking the daily now ho is tending the weekly to his brother at Nichols, and says he exacts to keep it up as Tong aa be lives. The Gazette has several subscribers on its list who have been taking the pajier since the year it started and ap preciates each one of them as an old and tried friend. From year *to year a name now and then ha) been dropped from tho roll because the subscriber, of 25 or more yearo standing, had gone to the Groat Beyond. There is something intimate and personal in the relations of a. news- & Patted as Ottctr to Eafproo Cm* polsorjr Atteadiaco Law. A special meeting of tha County Board of Education was hold Thursday morn ing to consider the question of putting on a special • attendance officer to see to the enforcement of tho compulsory school law next poor, and to decide whether or not Tift eoanty would have a canning club agent in 1929. Mr. M. 6. Patten, a member of the Board of Education and a man espe cially fitted to fill the position, waa elected to- the position of Attendance Officer. It is the purpose of the Board of Education to see that the law is rigidly enforced in this county and un less a legal excuse ia rendered every child between the ages of eight and four teen will have to be,in school 120 days next year. It waa also unanimously decided to retain Mra. T. O. Clark aa Canning Club Agent and no better selection could have been made. The work done by the club girls of Tift county is proof ability. Mrs. Clark is attending the Home Economics course at the State College of Agriculture at present, but will return the first ot January to take up the w-ork again in this county. TIFT MCM)N8!!1NER8 CONVICTED J* 8w Young Gets Two Months for Mis use of Postofflce Funds. Jury cases in the United States Court will probably be completed this after noon and* members of the traverse jury will be discharged for the term, says the Albany Herald of December 17. One reason that the adjournment of court has been hastened is that so many persons have pleaded guilty. A number of moonshiners entered pleas this morning and were given shorter sen tences for doing so. Yesterday after noon two Tift county men, John Sea and George Sen, grandson and grandfa ther, respectively, were convicted of il- licit distilling. The young man drew a Sentence of one year and one day, while the older one received a sentence of six months and a fine of $100. Jas. S. Young, a former R. F. D. carrier, from the Tifton pot (office, plead ed goiltt to appropriating to his own use $82.16 entrusted to him to boy mon ey orders. He claimed that he Intended to replace the money, as he had done before, and that he took it to bUy gaso line and pay for repairs on his cap that he might keep going. Postmaster W. paper to,, subscriber of • qhnrter ol . portmaster w. century on «« th.t the .rer*« psrson * ggE' „ M . ^ or newapapy of these days do* not .Mu n . N. D. Pinkston G. N. Blount C. B^ Clements John O. Hnrgrayci J. E. Abbott / H. C. Hardy John P Willis Joo Crum G. P. Met*runic P. H. Gihlis J. M. Denby L. Bowci Guh Adams L. A. I‘arte / W. M. Ponder S. K. Terry D T. Veal J. L. Padrick J. W. Pendley J. L. Pickard W. W. Bryan R. I. S. Blalock John tytemore J. B. Ellis H. F. Johnson F. H. Short Charlie Mathis J. S. Taylor newapk^ understand, v TO ENFORCE SCHOOL LAW. M. L Brittain, State Superintendent of Education, is sending' notice to all county superintendents to make arrange ments for the rigid enforcement, January 1, of the compulsory education act. In his letter he gives specific instruction! for violation, for having the accused bound over to the higher courts and drawing attention of solicitors to the new lie emphasized however, that the purpose is to get all children from 8 to 14 iu school and if, when the first charge is made, the parent or guardian com plies, the individual oas* should not be pushed. A Bank o<= Service v* a 43. Tharp. * Rufus Pennington, lfidltwSt Tallahassee, Fla. -O Safety Bason, maka Ideal rift* for Hen. .Wa hava all the best make*. Ben- oett’e Hardwire, Inc. ^ 15-dwtf Herbert L. Moor, Gfaanato Optometrist. Rerm^yean ot continuous practice ia TOten' and <mt 1,000 case, of Ky> ,tnl» satl.f.iotorlly relieved, I,n’t (b> -moomendatlon rnonth for our.workl 'f yon need Glaives tee me so- day In E. L. Ireland The December term of Tift Superior Court mljourned Friday et 12:30 until the Unit Monday In January, at which time finite Ere wilt convene the same arttnd attd % octit juries to finish cleanlm up the criminal docket. This hte been one ot the moat noted rrlmlnal terms evop held In Tltt county. Judge Eve decided to put a crimp'In tho nawern of the professional law breakers and gave a number of .traiaht chain- gang sentences. The motion amj appearance dorl.?t were called at three o'clock Friday of tarttoon. - - Friday Morning " Tha State va. Frank Moore; burglary; verdict of guilty with recommendation for misdemeanor punishment: sentence 12 months in chain-gai The State vs. Will verdict of not guilty. The Stato vs. All wbiekoy; plea ef-gu months' Ip chain-gang ja«, ■ - --- Thnrsday , _ v«. Ch: T-- Rowland; ntent to mirdcr, verdict of -ten: burglaryf ME. B. L. fiVf, OROtHKFIELD Mr. R. L. .Gay, on^pt the oldest and beat known/itlsens oft Tift couiityl dted nt hla hemi In ItroAMicId tyedWaJftJ night about' 8 Klarf*. ot Pulmondry oedema, liter only/few boors illnhtt. The funeral wai / haf Thursday after noon at Satbaad*. camatary. - Mr. Gay vras.W yean of ag*.and.Join ed tha .Methodist church in early man hood. Ha had lived In Brookfield about 20 yean and waa well beloved by all who knew him: Beside* his Wife, he la aurvived by two aok* Messrs. J. L. and ft. E. Gay, both of-ttrboMiftf; tad one slater, Mite Elba Gay, Mb- son, Lloyd Gay, -ceded Ida' to Hi*' grave last winter. The Gatette' joint in extending gym- •lathy to tha bereated family. Give her a aaf of ( minum ware this Xtek* ware,. Inc, The Board of Qutnty Cbmmlaatonara I meeting ' aidaratlon for tha young man, itel that ha knew that he had had arable expenie with,hla car and that ha draw only $100 a month and had to keep up hla car and support a family ot five out of the meager ram, The young man asked the mercy ot the court. Jndge Evans, stated that the law compelled him to Impose a fine of twice the amount of the defalcation and a jail sentence of some duration. He placed the fine at the minimum and the jail sentence at only two rnbotbu. explaining that he could have given the young man ten CHRISTMAS CANTATA METHODIST CHURCH V-r g. ' ... Will- Be Given Sunday Kv«b»g, Dree*- ber 21, Beginning at T:S6 O’Clo*. Everybody Moit Cem On Tfane. Quo of tile neat tiftjiffpl mhaieal pro grams ever given in Tifton will be ren dered by the chorus choir of the Metho dist church On Sunday night, December 21, beginning at 7:30 o’clock. Mra. Puckett,, bos been training the voice! for the peat two months and every one attending will be assured a rare The program opens with a besuitful in tro at. them entitled “Moat Holy Night,” which portrays excellsntly the exstatic story of the cantiti—“The S*jr of the Essti* which immediately follows. Everybody Tn Tift county should* heap Birth—You will feel more like enter- . this thrilling account of the 'Sartor's ing' into the beautiful celebration, of tb»f Christmas tide. Especially does tho church Invite those who are not in love, and perfect fellowship with God 1 end their neighbor, for wo feel no one' could hear this music ind not be teuebet by its messaged • The program is as follows:: Voluntary—Organ. Anthem—“Most Holy Night'" Prayer—Rev. W. H. Budd > ’' Cantata—“Star of the Esst”' 1. Prelode. ... /. 2. “Arise, Shine"—Tenor solin Mr. ‘ R. M. Lankford, Women's chons and choir. . .J? 3. "The Stranger Stfar”r~C*itralto solo, Mrs. M. E. Hendry; 'Baritone solo, Mr. Julian Peoples, and choir. 4. “The Angel’a Song”—Duet, Mrs. \V. L. Harman, Mr. R. M. Lankford. 5. “Sing O Heavens”—Baritone solo, Mr. Russell Overstreet and choir. 6. “Beautiful Star"—Sol<\ Mrs. W. L. Harman. Awake. Put on Thy Strength”—- Solos and choir. , $V*thldiem'*-—Ladies Quartette, (double) Mesdnmw Harman, Padrick, Brooks, Budd. Clyatt, Hendry, Peterson, Misses Janie Bush, Av« Baker. “Following the 8tar“—Male Qoar- tette. Messrs. Lankford, Kidder, Pro- plea, Overstreet. ' “Lead Thou Me On’’—8olo, Mr7 S. T. Kidder. There Shall Be Night No More’* —Contralto 8olo, Mrs. M. E. Hendry aad choir. 12. “Rejoice Greatly’*—Tenor Solo, Mr. 'R. M. Lankford and choir. Kveryope must be i n their sects V- foVe the cantata starts, as the ushers will be instructed not to interrupt tha/ music by seating lata comers, jlri. Puckett has spared no pains and time in preparing 'this wonderful treat for onr people and you should appreciate ifc by being on time. Every effort will bo midis' to sett the congregation comfortably, HARVEY HALL DEAD Harvey, the six-year old non of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Hall, died Thursday morn ing at 3,o'clock, after several weeks ill ness of malaria. Funeral arangements were tnado at Ilennett’a Undertaking Parlors and in terment took place Thursday afternoon. The boreavod parents have the sym pathy of their friends in their s>rrow. IF WOMENONLYKNEW What a Heap of Happiness It Would Bring to Tifton Horn* Hard to 40 housework with an aching back. Brings you hours of misery at leisure qp at work. if wdincii only knew the cause-— that Backache pains often come from weak kidneyB, ".Twould save much needless woe. Doan's Sidney Pills, are for weak kid beys. Ask your neighbor! Read what a Tifton cltisen says: . Mrs, K. Rowe, 512, 8. Ridge Ave. says f .FM in a bad fix with kidney comp'laiill i if i£' k J*" 1 * cho<i «“<l f*!®' ad constantly. I fiu'fl k «p *« in « and whan I etoftpod ovef. It wfls iajd t0 atralshten up again. My kldncya didn’t act right. JI heard of Doan's Kidney Fills Wsiwr^w. an I UK* ftom, getting my ' supply *Mill. Drug Store. Doan’i proved tHt ju- the thing fnr me! two boxes rid m of the aches and pains and regulated h.y kidney*." , ... Fries fiOc, at gll dealers. ■ Donft> ajinply aak fo r a kldgey remedy—(tat SWi's Kidney Pflla—the ante that Vi hid. Fostcr-MHtmrn On., tdn, N. t.. ETeetrlc Grin<" Klectrict Perco'U’tokl FJcctMc Irons. Let ils show yon Jhl* line.' : Bennett's H*wWa«s, Ine. lMwjf REMOVAL NOTICE I have moved my Market and Grocery Store back to the old stand In the new Goodman Building, corner Third and Railroad Streets, where 1 have a com plete line of Fresh Meats, Family Gro ceries and Feed Stuffs. Deliveries made to any part of the city. Spires Grocery Co., Telephone 76. 18d3twlt After a lingering illness of months, J. T. Brown quietly and peace-, fully departed thi> life on Tuesday moXn- ‘ ing, December 9th, at 1 o'clock, at tho home of hla daughter, Mrs, J, P. Webb* near Ty Ty. Deceased was born in Robeson county, N. C„ Nov. 17th, 1852, coming to tty* 7 state in 1902. He had since 1901 bettfy a member of the International Biblu Htudeals Association, in which hr was a firm believer and loyal worker until- the end. His faith in the promise*, of the Scriptures, which win his only creed —was bright unto the end—peering and comforting him in his last hours. . He leaves to mourn his death, his widow, Mrs. J. T. Brown; out daughter, Mrs. J. P» Webb, of near Ty Tf.$ **d four sons: N. H. and D. T, Bro^n, 0f Macon: J. D. Brown, of Moultrie; and J. K. Brown, of Jacksonville, Fla. AH were at his bedside when tilt end came. Funeral services were conducted by Elder H. Lambert, of Fitsgerald, at • Hickory Springs church, with interment BOND IS NAMED AS MARSHAL Washington, Dec. 11.—President Wil ; son yesterday sent to the Senate for con firmation the appointment of Clande Bond, of Toccoa, to be United States - . - , |r ^- marshal for the North Georgia district,I at Hickory Springs cemetery Wednesday**, succeeding Marshal Thompson, whoso I morning. ^ term has expired. Large fancy vases at half Price at I tag hte headquarters at Bohrm«9*s _ Bankston'* Variety Start. Gwd4tw2t| and 10 Cent Store. . 18dlt-wlt persons anf hereby notified not to t for or negAtate a certain prom- / note, given 'fir August cft Beptom- ber.1019, and dhe October 15, 1010, for! the sum of $250.' Bald n&to made by WflltexSutton, with’Henry ^htton as security and paythlo to J. R. - Mathis. Safa) note has-been -lest’and Is nht now In the hinds of the owner'thereof. TW«,- December 3, lOfh. • . - c-wft • J. E. Maftte. ■ ^ ^ /