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The Carroll free press. (Carrollton, Ga.) 1883-1948, December 13, 1923, Image 1

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TABLISHED 1886 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1923 MRS. J. E. EDMONDSON v DIES WHILE HERE ON VISIT ILMEN WILL HAVE HALF DAY CHRISTMAS m It SUBSCRIPTION, (NOTE:—Wo published an article last week favorable to increasing the taxes foT school purposes and we deem It fair to the peoplo to allow space to tho other side.) It is a dangerous thing to try to fool the people. Tho method employed by the Chairman' of tho School BonTd to mislead tho peoplo and force on them a charter amendment increasing tho taxes which the peoplo of the town think unwise at this timo should bo condemned. He says tho School Board is our “Trustees,” who want to carry ■ ent our wislicB. Our “Trustees” should be fair and honest with the peoplo (their wards.) A Without going into detail tfye ®air- man haB dominated the Board ait by 'mass meetings which ^only bid crowd were given an opportunity tipbe heard, EXCEPT POSSIBLY ONE, and where the whole truth about our finances were withheld, he has porsuaded tho “City Fathers” to call an election on the 19th day of ^December, 1923. The question is not whether we will have better schools. The only question •is. how to raise the money to moot tho expenses of the schools ns they now are and make certain improvements. So, this is not a matter of Bentiment, It is a matter of business, of finances. This- should be - solved by taking the business men and women intoypur con fidence and giving them all tho facts and reach a wise solution, not by call ing mass meetings and giving them a jjjart of tho truth; not by trying to in Eihence the parents by propaganda you are having tho teachers .“hand ottt through the school children,^ Wo do hot Understand, that the tcaqjiers at^-dm •’ i))oy*<i, to wds^'Monfey and ongggo in -politic*; They are to teach the children s|d certainly the children.should not be jfetMgW in their studies by paving all iter the domination of the School Board.' We think the teachers could win .the respect of the Board and main- -tain ’ their self-respect by lotting tho matter of raising money alone. Tho teacheys need not be worried, because if the takes are raised the Board is com mitted to employ good (1) teachers, so they say. They claim in mass meet ings that we have poor teachers because wo hhvc no money to employ good teachers. Therefore, you need not worry, because tho Board is going to . employ good teachers when they get tho money. See! w In order to vote intelligently the pco- Mr. Vptcr, do you know the amount of tho indebtedness tho out-goinglf ad ministration handed over to tho administration that it tkrn *17,000.00 dj Hose, etc., you know thai^jifl^Jibl^pBWRbtednesB in the sum of hmking a total this amount $8,000.00 must be paid this fiscal year, in nddition to the interest, in th sum of $15,420.00, mnking a total of $23,420,06 -'ffiat you must pay in .ljk>4f Dq you. know that onr present bdndod(.u<(i*btttdness is more than 7 per cent Wihe^otai value uf -the prop erty of tho city, which is approximately tlireo and one-half millions of dotfttkjl and that undor no circumstances and for no purpose an additional bond issue could bo voted, inasmuch ns a munici pality may not vote bonds in excess of 7 per cent of its total taxable property t Ho you know that for the past throo years that the total taxable property on tho dlgost has decreased $850,000.00, and this on personal property nlono, oud why? Why didn’t our “Trustees” tell us about these things? The debts of a city must be^paid by its tax payers. An individual may concol HI8 debts in bankruptcy, but a CITY cannot. The Board says that they will have only $29,000.00 for the support of the •schools this yoar and thpt the expense of running tho schools Will amount to $35,000.00 and that, they lack about $6,000.00 having enough money uhd that th’o only way to got it is to raise tho taxes. Atlanta’s schools needed about $200,OOQ.OO this year, just as they have needed the same apiount for the past several years. They raised tho money ithout increasing the taxes. Mrs. J. E. Edmondson, of ’^Omple, Ga., died about soven o’clock Tuesday morning at tho homo of hy*- daughtor, Mrs. J. H. Mosloy, in Tallapoosa. Mrs. Edmondson arrived in TallV poosa Sunday afternoon for a short visit with her had plan ned to go lnteif^^^^^Kher two sons in Annintoy.'_J^^^^^MP\> 'clock Sun- __ day ch,n anJ < iOLDEN RULE CIRCULAR shington, Dee. 13.—There will be ral mail deliveries on Christmas tho Postoffico department an- ced Wednesday. fjjity carriers will deliver until 12 | and then stop for tho day, ro es of whether they have comple te® 1 ' their. Tounds, according to ordors the Postmaster General. at intervals, un- er. dtjaWiinn Tuesday morning. jN’Wfwi' well known in her home ' Yrinuty of Carroll as well as in Haralson county and also in Polk county, whero she was horn. She had a host of friends who join the borenved sons and daughters in their griof. Mrs. Edmondson lived at Temple for about forty years. Sho married man; four sons ednes*> ft in Mt. ;ev. S. O, arm el Moth: iouth, officiate merits "could not be mad# to Obtain the necessary money to run 0)ir ftahools, if it is necessary ttf have that money, but why’ shouldn’t expenses be cut down? Why apt. cut out electric Tanges, and tho touching of cooking? Why could not "about eleven typewrite**, stenog raphy, book-keeping, business courses and sewing machines and tenchers for : these Ithffiffes be eliminated? It might be well to tench tlieso things if wo had, but are they essential to a public school? Could not some of the grades be consolidated, as some of tho teachers arc tolling tire cihldren will * Continued on Pago Four years ago and to th: and five daughtc Funeral service! dgy aftqi jjBartnol Cnmpb Sriif. Mrs. Edmoridion is survived by heft four sons, W. W. Edmondson and -T. M. Edmondson, of Anniston, Ala.; J. W. Edmondson, of Pell City, Ala. and G. C. Edmondson of Temple, Ga., and five daughters Miss Elizabeth Edmondson, of Tomple; Mrs. J. H. Mosley, of Tal lapoosa;. Mrs. J. K. Cochran, of At lanta; Mr?. C. R. Carmichael, of Tert‘ pie, and Mrs. J. W. Mosley, rif Bir mingham. She also loaves twerity-flVe living ■'grandchildren and two great, grandchildren.—Tallapoosa Journal. In th* District Court of th* Uni' States fop the Northern District Georgia. Northern' ■ Division, i— Bankruptcy. No. 9605. In the Matter of Thomas A. M Bankrupt. To thp Creditors-of the,sab of Carrollton, R. F. D., in the of-CanrStip **htTW*] Notlea Themns McLebd was duly adjudged i bankrupt and that tho first meeting of the creditors 1 of-the said bnnkrupt will bo held at tho office of the Roferoe in .Carrollton, Ga., at tho hour of 9 A. M., cm tho 22nd day of December, 1923, at which timo tho creditors of the said bankrupt may attend prove their, claims, examine tho bnnkrupt, elect a trustee nnd transact such other business ns may properly come before such meeting. At Carrollton, Ga., this tho 11th day of December 1923. EtTGENE BPRADLTN, Referee in Bankruptcy. Uncle Sam’s round-the-world cruise usually requires as a preliminary ah en listment in the Navy, but tho scenery is just the same as in the others. i tho Golden Rule Circular a suc re s? It is a success. Some may Bny, ‘h tow do you know it is a success?” nro some of tho facts that will up our statement.. ft December circulars increase ovor imber was moro than ono thousand, then wo did not liavo enough to round. We had a number to call ho office ami ask for a circular. I think, is proof enough that tho liar is growing populnr. Dr. Hamrick Returned Home Thursday Night Grand Master J. D. Hnmrick returned homo Thursday night from Macon and Savannah where ho spent Tuesday nf- ernoon at tho Masonic. Homo at Ma con. Tuesday night ho installed offi- ers of Mabel Lodge No. 26, F. & A. M. ml Wednesday night at Snvnnnah ho installed officers of Clinton Lodgo No. 54, F. & A. M. REACHING PEOPLE OF COMMUNITY FOR SALE Money is irhe Root of all Industry! You are not only benefiting yourself by starting a savings account here. You are doing your bit to promote the industry of the country. Your savings will he wisely ^invested in productive enterprises, ahd if it is loaned to local business men, the benefit you de rive personally will probably be far greater than you realize. Do not allow your savings to lie idle, put your money to work. The First National Bank CarfBllton, Ga. ,10-room house, water, lights and ’Suicncos, close in—suitable for two s, or boarding house. Will sell change for farm.—W. T. Stovons. fnc. District Court of the United fpr th* Northern District of Northern Division. — In nptcy. No. 986. Matter of Duffle Horton, Bank the Creditors of tho said Bankrupt if 'Oarroilton, Ga., in tho County of fcrroll, said District: fOfico is hereby given that on the day of December, 1923, tho sail Hor.ton was duly Adjudged a It nipt arid that the first meeting of Veredltors Of "tljo said bankrupt will #1(1 at the office of tho Reforoe In llton, Ga., at tho hour of 9 A. M., the 82nd day of December, 1923, at , -time 'the creditors of tho said #. may attend* prove tlioii txauine t&o bankrupt, elect 1 bid tiilmi «ue?» l\jnay property- come before' mooting. „ At Carrollton, Ga., this the 11th da* of December, 1923. - EUGENE SPRADLIN, Referee in Bankruptcy. ANNOUNCEMENT Wo nro authorized to nnjiounco W. B. Richnrds ns a candidate for Comma, sionor of Roads and Revenues of Car roll county, subject to primary election. Mr. Business Man, why not make your nppoal for holiday patronage through the columns of this newspapor? With every issue it will carry your mes sage into tho homos of tho best people tho community. Dbn’t blame tho people for flocking to tho storo of your competitor. Tell them nbout your nice holiday goods and If your prices are right, you will got the business. Ad vertising pays whon you use space in this paper. Judge Norman Officiate* At Recent Wedding* Southern May Double Track To Carrollton The Southern Railroad will double track its lino betwoon Atlnnta nnd Bir mingham. It is reported that there uiay be a possible clinnco of following tho Bankhead Highway from Villa Rian to Carrollton, Howdon nnd Heflin, Ala., letting tho present roadbed by Bremen remain. SANTA CLAUS PLACING ORDERS AT FISHERS Tho peoplo of Carrollton nnd sur rounding country aro doing their best this year to help 11s by shopping onrly. Wo have been crowded for to last two weeks, and "wo fool suro that when Christmas Eve comes wo will bo ablo to tako caro of tho Into ones without tho usual stnmpcdo nnd overflow. Wo still huvo a large variety of high grade Holiday merchandise to select lrom nnd it is moving fast. A few moro Velocipedes, Coaster Wagons and ChHdron’s Rooking Chairs nt reduced prices. * ‘ Shop Early. ’ ’—FISHERS 10c STORE. HONOR THIS MAN November 17th, Miss Snvaunah Johns to Mr. Alex Clinton. November 25th, Miss Ruby Jennings to Mr. Walter Sailors. December 8th, Miss Lnvada Hall to Mr. Chnrloy McIntosh. Docombor 9th, Mre. Dool, Miller to Mr. W. T. Godbeo. 1 • December 12th, Miss Annie Loo Tb6m- •isson to Mr. Grover Bloodworth. The mistletoe and holly dr© next in lino for general attention. AH honor to tho man who earns Ids living by honest toil. He, it is, above all others, who is always pulling for bettor things. Ho is always on the front soat of tho community band wagon. He is the first resident to greet tho stranger and tell him that he is vis iting one of the. best towns in the state. 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L. S. S^S, Vice-Prea. GRADY COLE, Cashier.